The Straight Pipes: The ONLY Good Electric Car! (For Rich People) 2023 Audi RS e-tron GT Review

The ONLY Good Electric Car! (For Rich People) 2023 Audi RS e-tron GT Review

Posted: 2023-08-11 12:01:01
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Audi Etron GT RS review by The Straight Pipes. The RS e tron Gt is putting down 590 horsepower and 612 lb-ft of torque from an 84kwh battery with 2 electric motors and a 2 speed transmission. At $195,740 CAD, would you take it over the Porsche Taycan?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Drive 2023 Audi RS e-tron GT with launch control okay that’s fast but not as fast as these Sanders professional SSD drives we use these all the time for all of our data transfer on this channel this has USBC 3 and Thunderbolt and up to 3000 megabytes per second read and 25 000

Right so that’s probably faster than this and big shout out to SanDisk professional ndv shop for making sure we always have good drives for all our stuff and make sure you get some SanDisk professional drives too for all of your backup needs whether it’s family photos

Or work and should we get to the horsepower and torque horsepower and torque 590 horsepower 612 pound-feet of torque from an 84 kilowatt hour battery with two electric motors and a two-speed transmission and up to 637 horsepower during launch control that was pretty impressive look look yeah it doesn’t

Stay when we’re not launching you’re floor it right now floor it okay so this whole video is going to be us defending why the Audi RS e-tron GT is the best electric car ever and you should buy it over everything else and we’re gonna give you all the reasons why

Yeah so we drove this about a year ago maybe a little bit uh longer than that but since then a lot more EVS have come out so we have a lot more EV experience from luxury Brands like Mercedes with the eqs products and this somehow is still the best let’s start with the

Looks does it look like a Batmobile yes does everybody love the looks of it I think so I do in Black it is like the most low-key unoffensive cool fast electric car ever and we have different wheels on this one and Audi wheels are always really nice but I think I like

The ones that we had previously more than these ones these ones Match the black Audi pretty much never misses no they’re great and right now there’s a continental promotion going on for truck and suv tires so click the link in the description below for more details for your Continental recommended attire I

Don’t know which ones I like more but I love them they don’t look as good spinning ah yes that’s exactly it and if then it’s cool having black on black because the front bumper is black on the RS e-tron GT is where it’s gray on the

Not fast ones yeah and I think those can look kind of awkward sometimes but all blacked out this looks perfect yeah and then we also have a front up front and it’s not very large but it does exist and then our trunk is not a hatch yeah

It’s a it’s pretty small back there with the Home Depot could barely fit some stuff in there but you fold the seats down it’s good and the front opens up with a button on the side of the door which is really interesting so if you put stuff there a would-be thief might

Not be able to find it because we needed to YouTube how to find it to open it we completely forgot even though we already reviewed this car that’s the extent of our memories but uh the whole car just generally looks really really good especially the headlights you keep

Saying that it kind of reminds you of a Camaro yeah and I can kind of see that the new ugly Camaro that Panther Camaro that’s riping that nobody likes yeah but I mean this looks really good look this looks great and then I love that we have

A sunroof now instead of a carbon fiber roof yeah I mean I would have loved the carbon but it’s nice um but this one’s also a zero dollar option so you can delete a lot of car it probably saves the company money if you option this and we’ve got a ton of

Carbon fiber yes oh matte which you like I mean on the outside okay but it’s Matt there too isn’t it damn it it’s gloss right there open your eyes but okay and then we should probably listen to it from the inside outside outside inside Not offensive inside oh it’s nice it’s just normal thing and you can tone that down and turn it off through your individual modes and all that stuff and then that launch was with 50 battery left yeah so it’s still launching very hard yeah and then with 50 battery if I floor and dynamic

Still totally annoying as the passenger and if I put it to uh efficiency oh much less much more reasonable and then no pumped and audio listen just sounds like a very natural electric worrying okay and then what is the range of this up to 373 kilometers and it’s

The 800 volt architecture like the taikon so it can charge really fast on level three right can theoretically and then as always as always I go to the Electrify Canada trout prove outlets and they’re repairing it and then the guy was telling me he’s like yeah there’s a

Guy from California here fixing it I’m like oh that’s interesting he’s like it’s been out for the last three months I’m like that’s interesting he’s like they always overheat because people charge and they can’t keep up and the parts brick I’m like that’s interesting and he’s like that guy doesn’t have the

Part here he’s just investigating I’m like wow and he’s like we repaired these more than anyone else I’m like what yeah this is okay you’re not going to be able to charge these in real life ever they always break every charger they go to it’s like never working I went to an

Electrified Canada in Hamilton with the Aria remember that I charge next to a guy in an RS e-tron GT who is on the 350. he was getting like 80 kilowatt an hour and I was getting like 113. yeah and he was paying the full rate and I

Was paying the discount rate if not free but he’s rich and I asked him I’m like why are you charging here at 8 in the morning he’s like oh they’re redoing my driveway so I couldn’t leave it in the garage I figured I’d charge you and get

A coffee so like if you’re redoing your driveway and you own an RS e-tron GT that’s like a hundred fifty thousand dollar job so like rich people don’t care no probably not just charge it home or don’t care at all I don’t know yeah

And to be fair uh to no one is that the charger that Yuri goes to that we go to is the only 350 charger in a reasonable distance from us yeah there’s not many of these things around here we just drove by Buick yes we did yeah dude I

Told you one Buick today yeah so that’s my charging ramp like you’re not going to be able to charge it anywhere and don’t bother I don’t even know if they’ve switched to test later they’re going to twist no they’re probably not going to because it’s Volkswagen companies exactly electrified Canada

They probably want to stay to their standard or something who knows yeah but uh yeah you know what rich people don’t care they’re gonna drive it that far you know they take one of their other cars yeah exactly for a road trip yeah all right now like 70 through cliche Corner

70 of your driving not the battery charger how much I want to put into it yeah okay yeah it’s definitely pretty quick lots of tire squeal some understeer there oh yeah it’s like the same electric car thing where you like blast through and slow down and blast out yeah

What I much preferred that RS6 I was thinking about that like that but I love I love gas Audis RS Audis through cliche Corner exactly but I mean these launches are killer in non-gas Audi so I guess it’s your turn to launch it launch it as always Audi cup holders are too grippy

It is very inconvenient but let’s see if the Audi can hold it to my chest sideways oh okay ready no no no oh I spilled it on my shirt wow that is dedication to the bit Howdy You Let Me Down okay so zero to sixty zero to 100 in

Around the lowest three second range and it’ll do that all day probably until Turtle mode or whatever it goes into until you get stuck at a 350 charge yeah yeah you just go home charge on your uh rich people charger because you probably have electric charger at home anyways uh

But yeah this car is great and why it’s the best one that we’ve driven I’ve got so many ways okay the infotainment normally I don’t like to talk about that but in Audis I love to talk about that especially in e-tron GTS because we’ve got the climate controls it’s all hard

Buttons everything that every other company screws up they get right in this car and in comparison to its sister car the ticon we can actually control our vents which I actually did like nine times today because it’s hot and you just wanted like the perfect you don’t

Want too much cold yeah and then we got to blow air onto our cameras you don’t want to do that through the infotainment like it’s it’s really well laid out we got Apple carplay Android auto wired Wireless thank you for the option that is literally Perfection you can change

How the gauge cluster looks through the infotainment here you got your charging settings you got so much good stuff you can change your uh recuperation and all that that stuff dude a hard button in an electric car right down no for turning off traction control that’s what I meant

Yeah traction control right there and then drive select like all the stuff that every company screws up like look at a Mercedes eqs the amount of screens like you’d have a screen over there showing some like Hunchback car that doesn’t even exist and then this one

Just like I don’t even know I know it’s actually so perfect and like the steering wheel buttons even though they’re gloss black you’re rich you don’t care and like they’re they work really well and we have two hard buttons for a parking assist and we have a hard

Button for parking like the shifter thing it I got used to it and then this gloss black does suck but again you’re rich it would still bother me just saying the volume thing is kind of weird how you spin it like an iPod yes and

Then uh both our cell phones now fit in this cell phone holder because now you have a smaller cell phone exactly they didn’t change the size the next thing I love about this car is the paddles we have plus and minus for the regenerative braking it is not one pedal driving

Recuperative whatever regenerative same thing and it works really well it’s not very aggressive at all because uh Audi Porsche has determined that apparently hosting is the way to go and I like coasting it’s like it’s a pleasant experience in an electric car I set it

To Auto and I accept that when I’m in a tycon or an RS e-tron GT that there is no one pedal driving and that’s fine and the next best part is cliche Corner in electric cars that are Audis because they handle so well they do tend to

Understeer but they are still so fast and it’s just the old stab and go in electric cars that just hear the tire squeal and here we go it just understood love Pleasant man it’s like it’s not pleasant it’s not compared to a gas car but compared to other EVS yeah I mean

The yeah I don’t know that’s the thing like give me that ev6 GT instead of this oh because drift mode yeah that was cool and then this was great though I was on the highway and there was like a truck turning and I’m like ah before he turns

I’ll just split the Gap with his power and that’s nice and I did see a Prowler on the road first time I’ve seen a Prowler since I bought my Prowler while driving and I ripped up to him he gave me a thumbs up and I gave him a thumbs

Up and then he ripped it it didn’t really sound that good it didn’t go that fast out but then I pulled up next to Heaven I tried to floor it out but I was already going like pretty fast so like it didn’t have that like V8 you know if

It was an RS6 it would have pulled harder yeah yeah exactly because at highway speeds a little bit slower yeah yeah you’re like oh what the hell is that initial head speaking of Highways and distances um one of my friends who is a real estate agent bought a tycon now he had

He had some problems with it over the winter wouldn’t charge here and there and then distance wise his distance was cut so hard in the winter that he couldn’t make it to certain client meetings and so like he potentially well not yet but he’s thinking about getting

A gas car now he really likes the car like a lot but it’s just the distance thing if these things had more range I think he would be okay with it because you got to cut that not in half but like quite a lot in the winter you don’t know

What my real estate buddy bought what’s that manual zl11le oh sick all right all right your agent wins over mine in terms of car buying sorry but let’s get him let’s give them their shout outs their uh put their business cards yeah we’ve got the better Real Estate photos And I guess let’s see if these visors oh God I feel actually so sick no I gotta hate electric cars three I thought you’re gonna throw up there I was gonna let you about to throw up with the heat it is hot

Oh no I will I will if you do no I don’t want to throw it away I don’t want to clean I could probably throw off if you didn’t if we had a set of tux mad in here I would just keep doing it yeah

I’ll throw up on the trucks in that and then this Audi has adaptive air suspension which is very comfortable we’re in Dynamic right now and it’s just it’s glorious super coffee nothing weird and then I forgot to mention that we got two charge ports one for faster one for

Slower at the front yes oh and then the steering is also great this car is just overall better than a tycon and every other EV for practical reasons because this feels like a normal car that just happens to be electric kind of like a BMW I4 except this does that even better

For rich people practicalness exactly whereas if you were like normal money practical mess like bull TV yeah yeah that was pretty good for what it cost so Jacob do you fit in the back of this car not really although it feels like I might have slightly more room for my

Head with this uh panel roof but then my head still hits in the driver’s seat oh it’s great here these seats are great we got massage we got heat and cooled lovely and if you are daily driving one of these things or a tycon or whatever in the winter you definitely want to

Protect your carpets with a set of tux mat and I guess you would daily drive one of these or a tiecon in the winter because a lot of them are all-wheel drive well looks like these are all-wheel drive the ticons are wheel drive except for that one special ticon

That’s not in Canada yeah yeah yeah so if you’re driving these in Canada I definitely get a set of tux mat or even in the States because yes United States still has sand still has mud so that’s dirt yeah they have snow too I know I’m

Just saying they got it they got lizards they probably we have lizards in Canada I don’t think we do we got snakes poisonous ones let us know let us know if we have lizards in Canada and also if you’re leaving a comment I guess it’s too late in the video go back

And edit your comment and put the Emoji flag of whatever country you’re from so we know where you’re commenting from shout out that guy who shout outs from Jamaica yes Portland Jamaica in the house we see your comments uh so I think that’s it with this card Still Remains

The best EV that you can buy in our opinion if I was rich and didn’t want to be flashy and need an electric car 100 this same let’s get to the price this one starts at 188 350 Canadian and this one is 195 740. that’s like pretty much the same

Price as repaving your driveway if you’re rich enough to own one of these I mean yeah it would also probably end up with a pretty nice driveway we probably don’t use asphalt they probably use like nice Stone designs oh and they probably have like heated uh concrete and they’re

Probably a spinning table yeah yeah this is our imaginations of yeah what rich people look like exactly but if you are that kind of person or maybe you’re shopping for something a little bit cheaper go to for discounted price offers so over a year

Later would you take this over an R8 no I switched my decision to ra I I said all right then and I’m still saying all right all day yes over at tycon wait the thing that sucks is that the R8 is actually gone well I meant like an all

That right okay but like the new R8 is now gone like v10s are gone Challenger V8s have gone like next year everything’s gone is it 23 yeah 23 verse 23. I’m just I’m just saying that it sucks that everything’s gone yeah old car still exists yeah they

Shouldn’t get cheaper we can afford them then they’re only gonna get more expensive Bro you’ve never even bought a brand new car at all in your life of anywhere exactly so it doesn’t matter to us yeah laughs