The Straight Pipes: THE ONE TO GET? 2023 Porsche Macan T Review

THE ONE TO GET? 2023 Porsche Macan T Review

Posted: 2023-05-31 11:59:32
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Porsche Macan T review by The Straight Pipes. The Porsche Macan is putting down 261 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque from a 2L 4 cylinder turbo. At $90,150 CAD, would you take it over the Porsche Macan, Porsche Macan S, Porsche Macan GTS, BMW X4, BMW X3, Mercedes GLC, Audi SQ5?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign We’re going for a drive 2023 Porsche Macan t with launch control that’s pretty good [Applause] horsepower and torque 261 horsepower 295 pound-feet of torque from a 2-liter four-cylinder Turbo super hard launch and then it’s not like the fastest to 100 or whatever yeah because the Macan T which is sort of a special maccon gets the sport Chronos package included not like an option on

The base model so basically the Macan T exists to have cheaper options than if you option them individually on the base model and it’s also kind of special because it gets some special accents on the outside okay but if this is a t then where’s my door pulls I mean it’s not a

911 T it still has to be a macons no no sunroof that makes it lighter yeah I don’t think we have lightweight glass like we had on the 911t as well okay well yeah yeah look at T is a cool letter let’s put this into Sport Plus

And send it through cliche Corners see if it’s still a Macan uh yes it is Yuri this is definitely still a Macan this is still cheater mode for an SUV still one of the best handling SUVs it’s just so small so Nimble love it yo why is your

Pedal so squeaky uh I think it’s the amount of tire shine combined with my Continental rubber soled shoes okay is this a cheap version of the Macan like there’s a GTS the S base T yes I’m gonna say it is because this is essentially a base model it has the base

Engine nothing special with the engine you just get the exterior accents and like you know the packaging that’s slightly uh more affordable for the options that you would probably want on the base model anyways like black exhaust tips with the sport exhaust that actually sounds pretty decent from the outside

I think the sickest part is that it’s got launch control yes the sport Chrono package is is necessary so then what’s up with this yellow clear coat okay so this is a paint to sample yeah thirteen thousand dollar paint which when we get to the price this is about 20 of the

Car’s base price which is insane it’s a mathematician viewers doing the math real quick yeah it looks cool I’m not gonna lie and then you do get the gray accents which is a t exclusive so you get them on the mirrors you get them on the front bumper you get them on the

Rear wing and then you also get the wheels in that color and then the side blades as well I really really like the gray accents against yellow and I liked how it says mccanty on the door thing but back to the wheels love the wheels I think they look great here especially

When you lower the car what would be the Continental recommended tire for a maccanty the extreme contact dws06 and like you said lower the car yes it does have air suspension so you can raise and lower that is optional and then we also have Porsche torque vectoring plus we

Have all those fun Porsche acronyms and it definitely helps it with handling for sure yeah it’s like cheater mode SUV it’s nice and it’s like a good balance considering you don’t have like the craziest power but you have like good handling yeah and I mean unfortunately

With that uh paint to sample and all the other options like it brings this price to the point that like you can definitely get an S with the V6 twin turbo and like over a hundred extra horsepower for less than this one’s option two I have a theory a really good

Theory about that which will get you with the prize you do have a good theory everybody should follow along for that theory but uh looks wise I mean it does look pretty good still like pretty crazy color I don’t know I would personally get it but you know I obviously would

Personally you have a yellow car you’re already yeah but not an SUV okay I hate the front end of macons yeah I’m just gonna say it it’s like that big like black opening at the front like I just it the older Macan look better it’s just

It had a little bit more of the body colors paint and it was a little bit more broken up it just looks like kind of like that lazy Square thing to me where I think the older one looked better and like I don’t know kind of the

Way that you photoshop the GTS thumbnail yeah like I can’t like Nazi unless you get in like a dark color then yeah looks great Bob’s your uncle get this in Black get in dark blue you want to find one in dark blue or black instead of paint the

Sample head of I’m sure they got a ton of them yeah discounted price offers and then I think on this one we also have blacked out trim which looks pretty sweet kind of have to go blackout trim right imagine Chrome on this yellow oh yeah no it would not work

You know what would really pop off this car is a continental valve stem covers like I got on my car yes or even just the large Continental logo on the side hello how about how about the Continental Banner on the on the glass like in fast X yeah

Datsun we did go see fast X so that was pretty cool family although one thing about this car when I looked at it from the side profile is that it reminded me of another car called the Fiat 500x I believe yeah spot on I’ve seen them in

Yellow and I like I couldn’t not see it with the black accents and stuff so I mean there’s also that yeah you could save money and get one of those instead yeah but I mean I feel like this would run more considering your engine’s already blown so you know sorry about

That yeah if you have problems so looks of this compared to an X4 oh this for sure you don’t like the koopy BMWs shocker Jacob doesn’t like cookie BMW or Mercedes wait till they make the X4 look as bad as the new five high five dude oh that’ll be Horizon no Odyssey BMW

Mercedes like you guys gotta like you just like stop anyways enough of the looks this thing does look pretty good uh suspension before you drive I think it’s actually really good Porsche never really screws it up we do have the adaptive air suspension it is really

Good I’ve got in the stiffest mode and like we’re not bouncing around in here you could daily this in the stiffest mode and you can also just put it in Comfort mode and enjoy your ride no problem yeah this is pretty good for the stiffest moment go back to the softest

Mode oh yeah oh yeah we also have our drive mode uh dial on the steering wheel which you get on you know very special Porsches always we’ve got that simple Porsche steering wheel and then we also do have a seven speed pdk and it does shift like lightning class like this is

This is crazy fast and the way the needle moves because we have these analog gauges love it let’s get you in here now so that I can stop squeaking my foot on this brake pedal let’s see if my shoes are a squeaky 20 inch gray five spokes just like my Prowler It’s good and that’s really good your launch was actually better than mine because I launched it in normal mode you’re actually in sport plus you got an extra thousand RPM heck yeah I’m surprised like this thing launches at 5000 RPM imagine if you tried to do that in a manual car

All right manual mode Let’s see if it automatically up shifts you will because you’d hit the kick down pedal if you don’t hit the kick down it won’t actually up shift automatically okay uh let’s talk about interior stuff before I do my handling bro carbon fiber

I love this looks like a race flag pattern gloss you know how much I like gloss I love this don’t care for gloss carbon fiber what I really like is that we’ve got the old gauge cluster yeah I know you mentioned that earlier but like I don’t like new Porsche gauge cluster

As much as old portion gauge cluster I’m with you on that 991.2 right yes Peak yes Peak 911 slash Porsche because it’s basically what this is because you have all the analogs with a little bit of digital and with all the carbon fiber on the interior a set of tux mat would

Actually look fantastic in this Macan hit up straight pipes to find the perfect tux mat for your car okay I’m gonna try to bang it off the limiter no kick down it’ll let you there which is nice so you just need to kick down belief yeah because by the way to

Get to manual shifting mode you have to press the minus M plus button on the steering wheel because you can’t move the shifter left or right yeah they probably were like oh Yuri’s right we can’t have up for up and down for down and SUVs but down for up and up for down

In 911 so let’s just get rid of it and put in a button yeah by the way that biker just uh took a photo of us so I mean that’s what you pay for with uh 13 000 in yellow paint on your maccon he’s sending it to the Fiat XL group

That’s another one of us yeah okay other interior stuff no uh presets for my seat yeah lightweight bro we gotta save on a lightweight yeah so I mean honestly in a Porsche like I feel like that should be standard that’s the door pull gimmick that they’re missing

Uh another thing is that we don’t have lumbar which kind of sucks but the seat is very comfortable with a nice bucketing like comfy we got this cool like material I actually really really like the seat so do I yeah all right advisors okay three two one nope fail and uh cup

Holders still good it is good yeah we got the two levels so we could fit a small easier on the right side I like that yeah totally fine it’s just a brake pedal yeah it squeaks a little bit Yeah my shoes aren’t nice no need that Continental right there

Continental rubber just look on the tires literally the same rubber you’ve seen videos of airbags going off while people have their feet up oh yeah apparently the leg ends up back here I was actually listening to uh Spike’s car radio and they were talking about uh Zucker moon was uh because he’s a

Personal injury lawyer or whatever so uh he’s gotten like a lot of claims and stuff from people sitting too close to steering wheels and getting like their faces like mangled yeah so don’t sit too close to steering wheels don’t put your feet up and stuff like that

That’s our PSA for the day yeah I mean you can do it it’s just gonna be bad yeah okay other cool interior stuff I fit behind myself and I fit behind you here just fine and I uh fit okay my knees hit the front of the seat trunk

Room is really good yeah pretty good for the size of the car and then this does not have radar Crews or adaptive cruise this doesn’t have Lane centering but like it’s the sporty lightweight one so I kind of get it yeah and it has like Lane uh departure uh help all right

Cliche Corner yeah dude a little bit oversteer yeah it’s great very nice yeah it’s sending all the power to the back well the majority of the power to the back which you can see through your torque distribution gauge it’s a nice composed car I think it’d be a great beginner

Porsche for somebody right oh for sure like if they’re coming from if you’re coming from like a BMW or Mercedes Acura yeah Acura for sure yeah I think there’s like a step up from like an Acura Lexus 100 it is we’re not even like a BMW like

An X3 or something which is great or an X4 which is like I feel like it’s like a lateral move though I still think it’s like a little bit of a notch up for handling yeah if you want to like get a 911 one day you got to buy a couple of

These yeah I think I think that’s how it works I believe so with no yeah no don’t want a 911 not yet just to use 911 GT3 so let’s just dial you into boost mode floor it it’s like decent amount of power to the point that it doesn’t feel slow or

Anything yeah I think I’m spoiled by like how fast every Porsche can be yes so like I know but I think like yeah if you’re upgrading from Lexis or Acura it’s gonna be like and considering this is base model power it is right on where

It should be yeah I feel like this feels faster than the bass but I don’t know just that launch that launch control was like the best part yeah this thing launches really really okay yo Apple carplay Android auto we got like the newer style infotainment it’s pretty good like everything’s like really small

If you have big fingers if you’re a basketball player you’re gonna hate this car yeah it’s wireless Wireless oh hey Wireless just give me wired and then we don’t have a 360 camera we just have a backup camera but we do have parking sensors and then we

Got this gloss black area here instead of all the hard buttons from the old Macon the the crazy stack yeah I don’t mind it I don’t know yeah and we’ve got heated seats no cooled in this uh but the way they do the blank switches and stuff is really good because you can’t

Really see them uh and then we do have an off-road mode as well which I forgot to mention which will jack up the air suspension so yo it’s a pretty simple car I think that’s about it it’s simple because we’ve reviewed the Macan so many times yeah I

Think it’s time we get to the price okay so this one starts at 66 200 Canadian and this one is optioned out to 90 150 because of the paint the paint and you know a couple other things sprinkled in so I mean you can get an S for less

Money which has a twin turbo V6 and then since you’re already springing for all these options you’re at this price you can spring for a base GTS which is the old turbo motor which has so much more power for an extra nine thousand dollars so here’s my theory about this

With fancy paint is a car you’re buying for someone who’s not an experienced driver because and you’re rich and they need to have a rich car I agree with this it’s a very specific circumstance it can be you want to buy a car for your kid they’re a new driver like 16 years

Old but you’re rich they’re rich all their friends are rich they need to have like a hundred thousand dollar car or else they’re going to look poor right yes but you’re not poor so you throw out all this paint and then they got a hundred thousand dollar car that’s not

Too fast because you don’t want to start a kid off in something that’s like 400 horsepower right you are correct yeah yeah no I I get that scenario and I mean even if you’re not buying for someone else you’re just not the type of person that wants all that power but you want

The flashiness that you’re still in a Porsche I do get this for that person I’m just not that person I think this is a car you buy for someone in this pack you don’t buy it for yourself okay let us know what you think of your theory in the comments below 100 right