The Straight Pipes: THE BEST CAR IN THE WORLD! 2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre Review

Reading Time: 14 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-05 11:59:50
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre review by The Straight Pipes. The Electric Rolls Royce Spectre is putting down 584 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque from a 102KW Battery and 2 electric motors. At $630k CAD, would you take it over any other Rolls Royce?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign Ride 2024 fully electric Rolls-Royce Specter without launch control amazing horsepower and torque 584 horsepower 664 pound-feet of torque from a 102 kilowatt hour battery and two electric motors so this is the first fully electric Rolls-Royce you can buy yes and Rolls-Royce is fully transitioning to

EVS by 2030 there will be no v12s no gas engines and this is not an electric car first Rolls-Royce is telling us this is a Rolls-Royce first just happens to be electric and they are 100 correct on that yeah I’m just going to say this that this is the world’s greatest car

And we will give you the points as to why that is first of all the sound it is so quiet in here the quietest car and we’ve driven numerous rolls royces this is the quietest car we’ve ever been in yeah and I think the batteries work is

Sound deadening and then they added more sound deadening yeah there’s like 700 kilograms of sound deadening AKA through the battery below us and I’m gonna give a little gentle boot through cliche Corner dude you can give it a good one this thing actually rips yeah yeah

Is this is so weird how it’s so quiet but just rip it through and that sound is like a um or like a viking thing I don’t know it’s it’s kind of an interesting sound so they decided to do a two-door electric Rolls Royce to start off yeah

Rather than like an SUV or something like that this is a super Coop and it’s the same dimensions as the Phantom Coupe from back in the day it’s the successor to the Phantom Coupe and kind of The Wraith because you can no longer buy The Wraith but this is not above the phantom

No in the hierarchy of rolls royces yeah Phantom is still top yeah I feel like this is too quiet I know we’re too common here it feels weird it’s so it’s unnervingly quiet almost is there anything you don’t like about the looks do you like the new split headlight

Design I really like it it’s it’s futuristic but still completely Rolls Royce like there’s nothing about it that doesn’t say Rolls-Royce from the front end and if you’re wondering why we’re driving a pink one it’s because I got to pick my spec throttle house got to pick

Their spec they went with gold yeah I wanted this because I got the shoes to match I got the shirt to match I let Yuri have at it I’m like you’re you pick this is a what’s the this color is called Morganite yes and it’s uh based off some crystals yeah something like

That it is very very cool hard for it to pop in all lights because it’s not metallicy but it looks so nice and then we got a nice white interior in here with a lot of like Maroon burgundy purplish especially like on the dash it matches the steering wheel and the side

View mirror and then also the trunk it’s got that nice fabric that’s on the floor and on the carpets it looks like something out of the 70s yeah yeah but in a high quality fancy good way exactly uh this is a very interesting spec not the one that I would purchase but I

Completely understand why you already picked this one and then we’ve got really nice probably the nicest floor mats of all time in here I mean a set of tux mat would be nice if you want to make your car into a Rolls-Royce go ahead the straight pipes to

See what they have for your car I don’t know how to best describe the pumpkin sound so I’m going to floor it and whoever has the best comment describing it will get pinned I’m going yoga Viking yeah I don’t know it’s not offensive and you can easily turn it off here let me

Oh that’s pretty cool with it off nothing that make okay the weirdest part about this car or it’s also the best part of this car it’s an experience that you can’t get from any other car ever nope and that’s why it’s the coolest like there’s some odd stuff like you’re so floaty

But nothing else feels like that it’s so quiet but nothing else on the road is this quiet especially combined with the speed handling and comfort yeah so the Comfort the ride quality is unparalleled so the ghost already had that suspension for the suspension but this apparently

Is like 30 percent stiffer it’s I think the stiffest Rolls Royce they’ve ever made because of the battery and it was integrated into the architecture from the architecture of luxury it was always meant to have both an ice powertrain and a battery so this is like extremely floaty and they didn’t need the

Suspension for the suspension on the upper control arm or the upper whatever part of the suspension it’s just it’s insanely comfortable okay back to the looks do you love love love how there’s no B pillars oh yeah it’s the best part all the windows down this looks absolutely

Amazing and then we do not have the two-tone version there are a bunch of two-tone versions and they design every Rolls-Royce to have a two-tone version in the and these wheels are also pretty sick they’re like not electricy at all nothing about this says electric from the exterior yeah the wheels are great

And what would be the Continental recommended tire for a Rolls-Royce the Conti sport contact 5 would be the one that we had on the Phantom when we drove that earlier this year and then moving on to the rear no exhaustive because it’s electric we should probably listen to it from the outside Every electric car is a little spooky and then the last thing besides the spirit of ecstasy which pops in and out which is very cool and now also more aerodynamic yes the most aerodynamic Spirit of ecstasy they’ve ever made well I guess not the last thing I like that I

Want to talk about the tail lights how they pop out that’s pretty cool they’re they’re small I don’t mind them they’re pretty nice and then how about the grill yeah the grill is the widest one they’ve ever put on a Rolls-Royce and the slats are kind of at Angles so depending on

Where you’re standing different things are being reflected it’s pretty interesting all right step in the wolf your turn to drive do you understand that reference no Magic Carpet Ride oh got me because the ride is called that okay all right so it turns out you need to walk in front of

The car to switch drivers and hands-free using my foot to close that door I’m going to pull this little button here and the car is now off which you can barely tell when this thing is running and it actually says start engine to turn it on even though we don’t have an

Engine and Rolls-Royce purposely did that so that people wouldn’t be confused by a motor or something like that they did so much stuff to keep this normal car and I I appreciate it more than all the other companies screwing stuff up oh yeah you’re I don’t even know if I’m

Gonna floor this car but I will oh my God let’s get that sound back on why isn’t it mine meltingly fast like a Tesla where I get a concussion well because they specifically tune this to feel like the V12 which makes complete sense and that is what I watch from all these

Companies because every company’s gonna have to figure out a way to differentiate themselves once they have these EV powertrains obviously Rolls-Royce went for the extremely luxurious not neck joggering uh version of that yeah and I love it I’ve always told you I’m like why can’t an electric

Car company program the exact speed of light and shift points that a Camaro would do back in the day or like an 80s Camaro or like a Mustang and they are programming their electric to feel a lot like a V12 yeah and then if you roll into the throttle that’s when it really

Feels like uh almost a traditional gas engine when you mat it that’s when you like it actually gives you the instant Torx all floor it once we get straight here but it’s still so smooth but it’s it’s not uh nauseating in any way compared to

A lot of electric cars although I was a little bit nauseous when I got in here because it was so quiet and so comfortable I’ve never experienced anything like this yeah but that’s like it takes a second and then it’s like wow this is so relaxed so let’s get into the

Secondary part of this car uh it is an EV it does have a range 260 miles nice which is who cares because I’m gonna be honest nobody is gonna charge one of these publicly everybody’s got a butler everybody’s got a charging station at home or whatever it is the person that

Owns this isn’t the person that’s going to plug it in and charge it I saw another review and it said Rolls-Royce owner drives more than 300 miles in a day they’ll just take a jet yeah exactly that’s like that is 100 right and I think Rolls Royce says that the average

Rolls-Royce customer for someone that’s shopping for this has seven cars at their disposal at any time and probably a jet and a boat and whatnot I don’t even know maybe a rocket ship but it is it is I would love to see this at a public charger yeah yeah it’d be

Interesting I just don’t think we’ll ever see one to be honest no and then the zero to 60 this being an electric car is 4.4 seconds which is they wanted it to be on par with their V12 ghost the black badge which makes again total

Sense I’d love to see like a fully tuned up one oh yeah we’re racing this one it’s gonna do yeah yeah uh and then this does have four wheel steering and it shortens this massive wheelbase so much like you feel like you’re driving such a small car even though this thing is

Absolutely massive the one weird part for me about driving this that I don’t like is that the steering wheel is thicker than previous Rolls-Royce steering wheel I did notice that I do prefer the thinner steering wheel of the Phantom it just there’s nothing wrong

With this no it’s just I I like that yes and it just feels more luxurious to have a thinner wheel for some reason in a Rolls-Royce I don’t know why that’s my only complaint I fully understand that and I know you do like uh one pedal

Driving this does have it if you press the a b button on your drive stock so now we’re using one pedal driving down the road and it will actually if you’re not going down a hill it will come to a complete stop and it Regens a lot too

Yeah and it’s very nice very natural feeling electric car nothing weird about the driving part yeah like when you let off the the throttle it does feel like a regular gas car at no point when I’m driving this am I thinking about the propulsion system not once you forget

That it’s electric and you’re just like I’m just driving a soup it’s like wow they made this rolls quiet and you’re like oh yeah yeah yeah yes and it is obviously all-wheel drive with the dual motor so you could drive this thing year round and have no issues but back to the

Doors so yes you can open and close them with some buttons you can also close them from the outside if you just touch the outside button and then we do still have the umbrellas in the doors but they’re in the front fenders which is so cool like those umbrellas are huge like

The fact that there’s that much space there and they match yeah of course which is obviously an option um so you still have all that regular traditional Rolls-Royce stuff including our San enter stack all here everything here looks the same as a ghost even though because it’s electric car they

Could have made it blank in the middle they didn’t want to make it weird electrically just what their customers wanted including the one to eight hard buttons which BMW has deleted does that mean I have permission to talk about the infotainment full permission the infotainment it is based off the newer

BMW infotainment they got rid of their one to eight so we still have that that is the best thing ever number eight as always all the customers know makes the spirit of XT go up and down and this infotainment now you know it’s called yes you know it’s called Spirit yeah

It’s called Spirit which is perfect to me I feel like it’s a it’s a magic Genie like you can say in a BMW hate BMW you can’t say hey Rolls-Royce but you can do is click this button play SiriusXM 90s on nine You are listening to channel 90s on nine there you go those sounds like the in and outs out everything about it it’s like my personal magic Genie in the Rolls-Royce I love it and it does work really well massage seats Turned it off because she’s already off that outro I like this is the coolest yeah so that’s great and then we also have a full digital display in front of the driver obviously because everything’s digital at this point but it does mimic a traditional display but

They actually put like a little bit of a color tint to the gauges depending on the spec of your car and you can’t change it after the fact even though it’s digital yeah because it’s done at the factory and I love how you still have your power Reserve which is not

Your battery Reserve you have your like battery percentage on the right the graphic design is amazing and I would just like to say the graphic design the marketing the video Everything the website about Rolls Royce is so perfect yes it’s unreal no car company either comes close to having as good like

Footage for like nothing is ever bad from them no exactly and then the fact that this is displayed all my information is displayed so clearly like the range is right there and the battery’s right there that’s all we ever want from a car why is that so difficult

For every other company to get wrong okay back to the infotainment more cool stuff that this has Apple carplay wireless it works great and then we also have some really fun things that are also in BMWs we have drive recorder which cool which we can set to our

Favorites here yeah yeah yeah and then we also have the backup assistant yeah we got the 360 stuff we have really good adaptive cruise Lane keep which I don’t think Rolls-Royce has had before yeah at least not this good it’s really really good yeah it’s proper like similar to

Newer BMW stuff yep and then our climate controls are traditional we have red or blue blue and then we have soft medium high and Max because this is exactly just the Rolls-Royce yeah I guess if you want the air to go different spots you have to plug these things oh and then

You get ping ping which is also yeah the turn signals are variations of the pings pings yeah so they recorded the ping ping sound from all the metal and then digitized that which is pretty cool do you like our door cards because you can now get Starry Night Starry light

Headliner and door card for the first time ever yeah we don’t have them but it’s so cool that there’s now an option uh we have this like crazy wood panel thing which this looks like a yacht yeah this is just full yacht spec it looks it

Looks really cool I don’t think I would need the starry light door panels but I also can never afford one so it really does not matter I mean I would go for the starting night panels the starry night or Starry light uh Starlight star okay so it’s all Starlight I’m sorry oh

Yeah you’re poor it’s okay so we have Starlight headliner which obviously still has a shooting star and then we can change the brightness of the stars and we can actually turn them off if we wanted to but why would you ever want to so they’re going very back on uh and I

Could look at those stars in the back seat where both of us fit behind ourselves very comfortably yeah it’s really nice back there there’s no adjustment when you’re back there yeah and you can’t control the front infotain but you don’t need to because this is like this is a foreign

Car Rolls Royce not a phantom it’s so nice back there and then when you drop all the B pillars and all the windows like that is really cool like you’re very cocooned in here but the coolest part is like sitting back there you can actually like put your elbow up there

Because it’s just with no B pillars it’s so nice I forgot about something yeah you can pop the Bonnet and what’s under there a gigantic aluminum panel yeah that covers the electronics that we were too scared to lift yeah because it is Aluminum and it’s very expensive and we

Don’t want to break it and another thing with the interior it says Specter in front of you on the passenger side and when it lights up we have the night sky and there’s over I think 5500 individual LEDs that took I don’t even know how many hours to develop but it looks

Incredible and we got a little clock next to it yes which is obviously a very expensive clock okay are they expensive visors I’m sure they are will they slide uh probably three two one no no oh no interesting interesting maybe because it’s a coupe interesting and the cup

Holders uh they totally pass they’ll fit whatever espresso machine you should have you get right from friendly Butler exactly okay how about these front seats are they not the most comfortable seats ever they’re so comfortable and you can get a massage no complaints at all although one thing that I’ve noticed is

That you know Rolls Royce always has effortless steering I feel like there’s slightly more effort into this car for some reason maybe it’s because of the thicker thicker it’s extra weight but it’s still basically there’s like really that is like the miners nitpick and it doesn’t really matter and you were

Saying when you had all the windows down in your driving it was so quiet what did you hear I heard the wind from this car brushing against the bushes along the side and I heard leaves yeah I’ve never heard that in my life I’ve always heard just like because all loud exhaust and

Stuff but even in EVS I don’t hear that sound it’s a an experience I haven’t had before and it’s just very very cool yeah so I think for all of those reasons that we’ve listed this is literally the world’s best car and if you couldn’t afford the world’s best car we’ll get to

The price in a second what would you get off uh I don’t know maybe a Corvette Z06 I go for an older Rolls-Royce that I could afford yeah I mean I do still want a Rolls-Royce at one point in my lifetime whether it’s a ghost or a phantom I think because

They’re getting a little bit more affordable on the youth side one day maybe one day hopefully so is this your favorite looking Rolls-Royce right now your favorite Rolls-Royce it’s up there um it’s just hard to say no to a top of the line Phantom exactly but if if it

Wasn’t for Top Line Phantom like this is probably the coolest thing it’s my favorite Coupe Yuri what color would you have gone or like what color of all your imagination would you pick for something like this I don’t even know I’d have to sit down with the Rolls-Royce person

They would just have to tell me what would look good because I I’m not good like if there’s not a color palette that I could just I’ll take a yellow or a green or a blue I don’t want like 52 million shades of blue I don’t know I

Think I think this is a great great spec and I’m very very happy with it so I got my purple shirt purple shoes and I think with all that out of the way it’s time we get to the price I do think a blue would look really good for me in this

This starts at 420 000 US Dollars and this one is 534 575 us or 630 800 Canadian I mean I get it it’s not for us but for the people who can afford it they will love it yes and apparently they’re attracting newer buyers and they consulted with their

Existing clients and were asking them when they wanted an EV and they said we want an EV now this makes sense yeah it’s great if you’re buying one enjoy it send a photo of it to us yes use so we know you bought one yeah I don’t even think it’ll I

Don’t know let us know how you spec your Rolls Royce out and did you trade in a gas Rolls Royce to get this Rolls Royce and what’s your favorite feature of this Rolls-Royce yes this is such a nice car mine is the infotainment in spirit that’s the

Coolest thing I want to be a spirit yeah