The Straight Pipes: THANKS V10! 2023 Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Review & Ice Drifting

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Posted: 2023-02-21 13:00:25
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Tecnica review by The Straight Pipes. The Huracan Tecniica is putting down 631 horsepower and 417 lb-ft of torque from a 5.2l NA V10. At $330,095 USD, would you take it over another Huracan, Ferrari 296 GTB or a Mclaren Artura?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign Technica with race start Oh oh this is so good horsepower and door 631 horsepower 417 pound-feet of torque from a 5.2 liter naturally aspirated V10 so we’re in these Malibu canyons and let’s see what this thing can do out here and I am so excited to drive this because I think this is the first time

We’ve really been able to push our Huracan in terms of handling so far so good Yuri you sound a little silent over there I don’t like this one bit this is my favorite thing ever Yuri I think I want to buy one right now I’m sold I also I need to buy some real estate in California I think do me a favor and like legit just take it easy okay I do not like this at all I like Ontario roads I don’t like these

Turns in the passenger seat anyone who lives here and takes a ride along is a freaking psycho okay anyways get that out of the way so handling wise this is incredible steering is amazing this feels so light like ridiculous because this is an all-wheel drive it’s just

Rear wheel but with rear wheel steering like this is amazing yeah when I was ripping through I mean I was probably just like what as fast as I felt comfortable oh I was also equally terrified in the past you just got a better poker face and I can’t hide it at

All I do not like dude I like hey we got this lovely seven-speed dual clutch transmission it shifts so fast this is straight up lightning like I you can’t say anything bad about this car well one thing you can the suspension is a little bit firm yes it’s a Lamborghini

Yes it’s the touring but it’s still a Lamborghini so you know okay so it would be nice if there was a way to like soft and soften it up but if you put this thing in like strata strata an automatic like it actually becomes like pretty chill and a lot more reasonable it

Really does it does soften the suspension the exhaust valves close it puts it into automatic and everything for you it’s it’s actually Pleasant to drive this especially if you’re cruising around down the PCH you just you don’t want to bother anybody don’t want to bother your passenger with sensitivity

You can like have some fun but like also not scare the the bejesus out of everyone and although we’re enjoying the lovely weather and canyons of California we actually have a chance to drive some Lamborghinis on some ice in Quebec oh so it turns out Lamborghinis are

Actually really good at ice drifting who would have thought they would let us do this and at the winter Academia you get to drive the uruses around a figure eight track you get to do circles you get to do it in the rear wheel drive

Evos as well and these cars are all from like 300 000 up to like just over five hundred thousand that’s how much they cost and they’re letting us drive here what happens if we wreck one of them I don’t even want to know we don’t we

Don’t want to know we don’t want to find out but the fact that they have an sto here for us to drive the sto absolutely rips no this is not a Technica but like we said this is actually the track version which we’re driving on an ice track in Quebec

Yeah we got studded tires on here it handled it so well I love rear wheel drive ice drifting nasty there you go perfect foreign out here which are all-wheel drive so we got a lot of cool stuff and with the performante as well yeah so we drove the

Regular Oris the S and the performante and the performante stood out the most because it was so stiff it’s kind of a race SUV and what else did we drive I mean this snowmobile oh yeah snowmobile don’t forget the snowmobiles snowmobiles were sick but especially this yeah it’s

Wonderful up here at Lake sakakomi uh if you got a chance to come to one of these winter driving experiences you should definitely do it because it’s like really really cool as much fun as we had driving the Technica in the Malibu Canyons this is pretty fun out here as a

Canadian I’m at home here you can also go to Italy to do this as well highly recommend wherever you can get your hands on one of these programs now the question is STO or Technica back to the video so back into sport mode or Corsa Yuri

Okay okay I’m not gonna do that to you so I’m gonna put it back into sport which might frighten you a little bit more because sport actually allows for more slip angle than Corsa courses like race track mode for faster lap Times sports for more fun yeah everything

I feel like in sport mode the exhaust valve like kind of doesn’t fully open up until you’re past like 3 000 RPM yeah so if I really chill it out right now no exhaust valve call it the RPMs area while I drive three thousand

Three and a half four so it opens up at four yeah so otherwise it’s pretty reasonable unless you go to nine thousand And it will automatically upshift for you if you are in sport mode even if you press the manual button but you have to go to Corsa to then have full mail but I kind of like doing it yeah I mean it always option even if you miss as

Long as it doesn’t overlap I just I like sport mode and then we don’t have an individual mode like we do in a Aventador or even a horse I believe and I like how the gauge cluster pretty much stays the same throughout all the modes it doesn’t feel

Like you’re missing out on a cool gauge cluster by not driving in race mode with everything off in the stiffest suspension right because this is big this is still basically a track car just softened up a little bit and the brakes are carbon Ceramics like they work really well

Yeah so the Huracan Technica is like the 911 GT3 touring whereas the sto is like the GT3 so this has been softened up a little bit and it looks a little bit less crazy and this one is rear wheel drive with rear wheel steering yeah so it makes it pretty Nimble through these

Canyons and there’s some other erykons like the Evo Evo rear wheel drive spider and then the Serato and the sgo we’ve driven basically all of them at this point except the Serato which is the off-road version so this is one of the last V10 naturally aspirated Lamborghinis that you can buy and this

Is actually probably the last one that’s road going that isn’t the sterado and there’s a bunch of Lamborghinis on big shout out to TrueCar for hosting us in California so we could drive a bunch of cars down here that we can’t because it’s winter in Toronto

Yeah there’s actually a lot of used huracans on so let us know the best deal that you guys can find on one of these in the comments below I wouldn’t mind a used 2014 in yellow I wouldn’t either like any Huracan is a good one because they all

Have this V10 downshift tunnel that’s so good California new tunnels hear everything out here mountains Canyons oceans this is a big culture shock for me yeah this is insane supercars in California so sick no wonder everyone buys them out here on but I haven’t seen a Technica out on California yet no

We did see an sto on Ocean Avenue so that was pretty cool another tunnel sorry okay those breaks are good let’s get to the looks I like the front end I think it looks cool the way they made it the black part go like diagonals it looks

Like the the seon yes so mitia borkert who is the head designer he actually gave me a tour of one of these of the green one in Toronto when it launched so he pointed a lot of interesting things in terms of design elements with the hexagons like the exhaust for example

The exhaust is hexagons which is really cool yeah well Lamborghini loves their hexagons yeah and they move them up just kind of similar to the performante but not like the regular hurcons where they were lower down I think it’s pretty cool how they took the Huracan shape that’s

Been around for a while and then kind of blacked it out right down the center and then added the black on the hood to make it look a lot tighter exactly and then they also lengthen the front end just a little bit to give it a just a totally

Different shape they also changed a lot of crazy stuff around the side like the air intakes behind the windows which is totally different than other regular huracans yeah got this like flat piece of window there instead of it going all the way down so that you can get a

Closer look at the engine bay yeah he wanted children to be able to press their faces up for the glass and see the engine and that is the coolest thing I’ve heard any designer ever say so what you’re saying is Lamborghinis need to let kids crawl over their cars yes when

They’re cool yeah when they’re hot yeah I would definitely know when they’re hot do you like the wheels I love the wheels and they are Center lock as well and what would be the Continental recommended tire for a Lamborghini the extreme contact sport O2 do you like

That little red strip all along the bottom I’m not in love with it but it makes sense for the spec with all the red on the interior as well do you like this gray color of the paint yeah this Grigio acheso I’m probably pronouncing that incorrectly 16 500 for this matte

Paint that’s a lot of money I’m not in love with it however because everything is matte like there’s not a single gloss part of the front if the headlights are glossy yeah it kind of looks cool it looks like fake video game car I can see if you’ve had your bright Lamborghini

You would go with a more muted Lamborghini yes but the green is that’s that’s nice yeah that green one you had in Toronto was live yeah that the launch spec is the one to get pretty much always even though you can customize the heck out of these things okay do you

Like the wing on the back yeah it’s fitting it’s not too big not too small it’s not as crazy as the sto it’s good but yeah for real I do like the look of the stos and I love that stripe that goes along like the bumper at the front

It almost looks like lips or whatever I think those look so cool and back to the front end of this one there’s actually like there’s no grill or anything like that so I I’m a little bit worried with like Stone chips and stuff but I think

It’ll be okay like the RADS are back here yeah but I mean I’m sure there’s more rides there probably RADS everywhere yeah it’s Gotta gotta keep this V10 cool and one of the cooler parts for me of the rear bumper is how they kind of took away some of the body

Panels so you can see more of the tires from the rear end kind of Countach ish but not oh by the way a new Countach I love it that thing is sick after seeing all like the deliveries online yeah and there’s like man like when it launched I

Was like okay that’s pretty cool and then I kind of God about it and then I saw the deliveries to him like damn that is sick What colors would you take white yeah 100 this is so classic yeah sorry Matt Farrell with your uh red Countach of the

Original Kunta I go I go red original quintosh white new Queen touch so from that fair I got a Kunta she would have to get into white to match his red one that’s the perfect garage so enough with the driving and the exterior let’s get you behind the wheel of this lovely

Technica but first don’t forget to subscribe yes definitely subscribe so that we can keep going to California for more trips I want to get out here and do a Buick really wow we haven’t done a Buick yet yeah okay I’d like to get back out here to do an Aventador and scare

The living F out of you Normal launch Something about Lamborghini oh I know what it is it’s the V10 yeah that’s what it is so to get into actual race start mode I had to turn off the traction fully so you actually got a better launch because you had ESC sport yeah

And I fed it in I didn’t just floor it look man there’s like a lot of car that I’m not used to driving all right so I’m gonna rip through a bit in strata and automatic to see what it’s like if you’re just like you know maybe bored of

Lamborghinis all the time and just wanted to take an easy stroll through the mountains okay I’m gonna attempt to not fall asleep and it definitely doesn’t downshift as fast as like I kind of want to well that’s why you have the other modes I know that’s what I’m saying strata is

Like so after this corner I was like you know what I am a little bit more awake let’s go to sport uh here we go wake me up send it Yuri I’m going it’s dusty I don’t know how this dust reacts how does it handle here it handles

Perfect I don’t know man chill out all right like there’s like what am I supposed to say about handling everything you want we’re in the canyons this is in cliche corner I am just enjoying myself and I definitely can’t go as fast as these canyons are capable of how good is this

Thing sound though V10 it’s it’s perfect like there are other um Supercar competitors and I don’t know if they’re gonna sound as good no a lot of them have turbos at this point so and I really like the sounds of McLarens and stuff so I think this sounds better

Than a McLaren to me too oh yeah V10 for Life there we go Yeah come on it’s perfect I like there’s nothing I can say besides it’s really fun if anyone can hear anything at this point and I’m not a race car driver the best part of this is like the sound is just reverberating in here so I actually when I was driving

By myself earlier I noticed it reverberating off these carbon fiber interior panels and then the engine configuration is a little bit different than other huracans so we actually have the glass over here Feels so not sketchy at all no not at all I I really enjoy this I think this is like a great all-around for handling and I don’t know what other car I could go faster through there in like personally yeah maybe an RS6 I just like that all-wheel drive all-wheel drive

Yeah all right so then this interior very similar to the Huracan Evo that we drove yeah relatively similar other than the swath of carbon fiber everywhere and these door pulls come on yeah so that’s an option you can get like normal really fabric door panels interesting and these

Floors are full out carbon fiber you can actually see the carbon fiber but if you didn’t want to see the carbon fiber you can get yourself a set of tux mat for a Huracan go to the spray pipes and then these seats are the sport seats and yeah real talk they’re like

Pretty aggressive they are pretty aggressive but they’re not that bad my back is not in as much pain as I thought it would be considering I have back pain issue yeah like they’re still padded and they’re obviously well bolstered like no real problem with this and then this

Scanjo I believe is how you pronounce that although that kind of put a Mexican Twist on it obviously it’s Italian uh it means release so basically that’s how you move the seat it makes sense that it’s all manual adjustment seats but if it was like a touring car it’s kind of

The touring version like you know full comfort and electronic seats would be my preference I get that so then this infotainment too it’s just like the hurricane Evo we got the vertical screen this one actually has Alexa which would be pretty cool I guess if you got like

Your whole house wired up and if you’re super rich you probably do yeah and then we have apple carplay as well I believe we have Android auto yeah vertical one satellite radio all the good stuff and then pretty much nothing else like no filler nothing you don’t need in here

Yeah and then you have hard buttons like you have in all the other hercons and the most important one in this car being the nose lift which we have the option of and you 100 have to get that yeah especially in California Yes actually I don’t know where you wouldn’t either

Maybe Arizona is Arizona chill I don’t really know I feel like they had really nice roads when we went yeah and then another fun thing that I noticed in here we have a fire extinguisher yes we do right behind me I I feel like that’s a

Valid thing to have does that make you feel more comfortable or less comfortable man I think every guy should have a fire yeah I think more comfortable as well okay sound system pretty alright gets the job done sound systems back here Yuri okay carbon fiber you must love it love

It and red come on very similar spec to that Bentley we also drove on our trip out here yes watch some of our other videos from our California trip and there’s no storage for pretty much anything I got to put my stuff in a fanny pack and wedge it between the seat

Yes and then we don’t have any couples there’s uh no we don’t so I have my water bottle down here do you like this does it fit yes it does down here the coffee won’t fit no visors oh yeah let’s just oh as everyone knows we’ve tested the

Huracan multiple times it is a Supercar and then again I love the gauge cluster I like that you’ve got the reverse camera in there and that you don’t have carplay in there I like when they’re both separate yeah and no head up display don’t want it don’t need it love

The Alcantara so there’s no reflections of black unlike Corvettes which have like bright red which is like yeah reflects into your eyes exactly and then the steering wheel is Alcantara as well with the red stripe and then the steering wheel also has your turn signals and all that fun stuff it’s

Really well laid out and then if you can spec out your own Technica would you do door pulls or would you prefer just a normal handle 100 door pulls make people you know that this is a lightweight race car and even though you have nowhere to

Put your elbow on the left except for this hard thing yeah yeah I I did notice that as well I was like uh you know what it’s a race car like I’m starting to think that if I was a Lamborghini owner I’d be like on the softer side you know

And then front space we actually have like a pretty decent sized frog if there’s nothing in there you could probably fit a carry-on just fine in there for sure you could so with actually being able to drive it in proper canyons and more than one turn

Let’s get to the price this one starts at 239 000 American and this one is sitting at 330 0.95 that’s pretty reasonable I think d10 yeah V10 I I like this you can’t put a price on this smile out of all of the huracans which one

Would you take would you take this over an sto or a storato I haven’t driven an sto what is your imagination butt or EVO this suspension being already as stiff as it is and the S2 apparently is even stiffer this is kind of the perfect Huracan although I would be totally fine

With like a rear wheel drive regular Huracan from anyone before yeah we’re fun to use one on yeah like a performante that was sick I I think I’d have to go Serrato even though it’s ridiculous like it’s kind of the point of it that’s I think that’s just

Like way cooler yeah I get anything ever yeah so let us know which one you guys would take any version of the Huracan and how upset are you that this might be one of the last V10 naturally yes created Lamborghinis ever laughs Foreign