The Straight Pipes: SUV OF THE YEAR! 2023 Maserati Grecale Trofeo Review

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-03-08 13:00:36
Author: TheStraightPipes
23 Maserati Grecale Trofeo review by The Straight Pipes. The Grecale Trofero is putting down 523 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque from a 3.0L Twin Turbo V6. At $145,500 CAD, would you take it over a Porsche, BMW or Mercedes??

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] I’m Jacob and I’m going for a drive I know you’re gonna have fun 2023 Maserati gricola Trofeo with launch control I did not expect that horsepower and torque 523 horsepower 457 pound-feet of torque from a three liter twin turbo V6 derived from the mc20 [Applause] okay Corsa mode just gonna floor it automatic Oh God [Applause] this is my numbingly fast where’s Jacob I’m on the trail end of being sick so I don’t feel like getting him sick so I’m doing a solar he’s doing another solo review this is a limited trim we’ll be back together next week what is this

This is the new Maserati SUV that is the gracale which goes below the Levante this one is the Trofeo so it’s the top trim there’s also a GT and a Modena which are four cylinder mild hybrids this is the twin turbo V6 so it’s like obviously the sickest one and then this

Competes kind of with like an x4m and a Macon turbo or would it be a Macan GTS since the turbo is now the GTS anyways you know me I love Maseratis let’s start with the looks oh and I’m trying out some new thumbnail ideas you know I’m

Never gonna fully bail on the original ones that we came up with but uh let me know if you like them in the comments below looks like all the current Maseratis kind of like the mc20 front end I think everything’s starting to look like that even the new Gran Turismo

Kind of looks more like that the headlights look alright I do think they look like some Ford SUV that people have been showing on the internet you know kind of true but we got that Maserati Grill got a bunch of cool carbon fiber at the bottom because this is the Trofeo

This one’s in blue I would prefer the yellow launch one but I mean this is still pretty cool subtle we got the three things on the fender we’ve got Trofeo with a red outline then we got a red outline on the Trident on the c-pillar and then Body Lines nice and

Smooth carbon fiber at the bottom we’ve got cool 21 inch wheels they look kind of tridenty in their pattern yellow brake calipers drilled rotors and what would be the Continental recommended tire the extreme contact DWS or six plus I think it’s a pretty sweet wheel but I

Still think you know comparing it to other Italian companies I like the Alfa Romeo stelvio Wheels more for that but I don’t know if those would suit this anyways moving on to the back end the tail lights are kind of supposed to be upside down Boomerang things kind of

Like the 3200 GT tail lights which I see it I totally get it below that we got really cool exhaust tips let’s listen to it from the outside foreign You can like properly rev it out in Corsa it sounds great especially when you’re on it let me give it a little my goodness by the way that we got a zf8 speed in here and it’s perfect perfect perfect perfect perfect it was perfect everything down to the last minute details

Back to the Lux cool carbon fiber diffuser at the bottom Maserati across we got the name grecale there on the batch what does gracali mean it’s the name of a wind a wind that goes to the Mediterranean and the Ghibli is also the name of a wind I didn’t know that about

Maserati names I think that’s pretty cool like those winds mean nothing to me but I guess it makes sense for like Europe stuff anyways overall looks I think it looks great it makes perfect sense for a Maserati SUV do I think it looks better than the stelvio quad

Maybe a little bit better than the X4 100 better than the pneumocon 100 my favorite yes do I like Italian cars a lot more than maybe I should yes but you saw that launch like I have a reason [Applause] foreign and then back to the looks you can also

Raise and dump this thing it’s got air ride suspension because we’re in the Trofeo you’ve got three inches I’m going up and down which is pretty cool like that’s pretty good and because it’s the truffeo not the GT or the Modena you don’t get Chrome at the front it’s all

Blacked out which you know that’s that’s the sporty look I totally get it so before I dabble with the interior I’m just going to slow down put it into manual mode Okay driving it shifting it it sounds perfect it feels perfect this is perfect perfect we’ve got the paddles mounted to the column not the steering wheel because Italian stuff it’s great shift light in the head up display when you’re in Corso mode it’s so great it shows it in your

Gauge cluster as well the gauge clusters change up between modes too so it’s just everything about this matches perfectly let’s show the inside quickly we’ve got a new infotainment It’s All Digital it’s based off Android automotive so it goes down and like oh like this I think it looks fantastic and

Here let me actually put into Comfort mode GT mode so it’s nice and quiet or should I go through cliche Corner first let’s do a cliche Corner first back to Corsa oh okay well it’s yes the back end wants to kick out holy crap you have so much power and

This is so fast but like loosey-goosey Fast oh dude dude dude okay this feels uh a lot like the um Levante trophya where it just wants to get the back and out more this is just man this perfect handling like hoonigan Italian SUV hooligan Italian SUV are we let’s Say hoon again it’s

Just it’s exactly what I want out of a fun little SUV and I bet you it’s super fast on a racetrack uh I obviously am not driving on a race track and it’s winter so we got Winters on right now but it felt great but less on the

Easy fast and more on the hold on to your horse as fast where you’re constantly over correcting which is you know kind of what you want you don’t get that out of SUVs this is man now let’s talk about this infotainment Apple carplay Android auto that’s good we got

SiriusXM it’ll rewind we’ve got our screen up at the top everything’s touched but we have menus that they’ve shown on the left side so we can get to a lot of our shortcuts we can also slide from the top to get the shortcuts and then add those to the very top left

Which is where I added my 360 camera which is nice except there’s no option to specifically show like the the tire along the curb so you don’t scratch anything while trying to park but besides that really good everything is pretty smooth we even have performance Pages like a friggin Dodge Charger so we

Can check out our drag times and stuff and you know this is stalantis based so like we it makes sense that it kind of has all that stuff the sound system sonus Faber I think that’s how you pronounce it really really good and then also other things like the turn signal

Sounds cool listen to this it’s a very solid fancy sounding sound and then with that there’s a couple sounds that I don’t like anytime you try to open the door close the door or get in or out I feel like the car honks at you a whole bunch more than it should

But speaking of those door handles sorry I keep forgetting about the infotainment I don’t have Jacob to keep me on track to unlock the handle doesn’t like lift up it’s kind of like a little button under there and then to lock it you just click on the middle bottom part in a

Lock so that’s kind of cool not my style but like whatever but what’s cool is when you Pop the trunk you’ve got a lock and close trunk button which is my style all right I’m in Comfort chilling super hard I’m going to floor it to see if we

Can just giddy up whenever we want well much much more muted than I would have expected now let’s try that same thing in GT we’re cruising we’re chilling Florida yeah in GT the normal startup mode if you just float out of nowhere it’ll still go I’ve heard no pumpkin audio in here

Which is fantastic and I can hear that every time perfect inside there is nothing to not like about this what was I talking about before I got trailed off I think infotainment below the infotainment we have a separate screen for climate control is it my favorite no

But is it easy to use actually yes you got heated seats ventilated seats heated steering wheel which is super nice you have your ESC off at the bottom right and then at the left you can control your headlights which is kind of weird but like whatever then you can control

Your clock from there which is right here and it’s a digital clock and you can put like your brake on your gas pedal stuff your compass your G meter I just keep it on the clock I think it looks really nice and then here’s my here’s my thing with Italian infotainments

I didn’t mind in the Ferrari I don’t mind it in this in mind in the alphas I think Italian cars are allowed to have weird infotainments just because whatever that’s the thing about Italian cars it’s so exotic in Canada North America that they’re allowed as long as it works and this to me

It’s not even that weird works so much better than the new BMW stuff and then compared to the eqs stuff I feel like this works better too because it’s just still normalized it’s just no hard buttons no volume knob no uh tuning so it’s got a little like touch buttons

Here but it has the best feature ever that my Plymouth Prowler and my Fiat 500 of Barth yes I love Italian cars has the buttons behind the steering wheel to control the radio stations so that’s fantastic oh I should probably get back to comfort or Jacob’s gonna get mad at

Me this car is very comfortable I’m in GT mode it’s chill it’s chill with my drive mode selector I also have off-road Comfort GT Sport and Corsa sewing comfort with the air suspension that was very nice and then if I go to sport or Corsa

It’s a lot bouncier but even then if I go click the middle button in my drive mode there’s a suspension thing I can go from hard to soft which is good it is a very very compliant car overall good amount of sportiness and comfort not too hard according to my standards

Of a bouncy suspension in cars and it doesn’t feel like it’s over damper and it just feels perfect I’m very very happy with it Jacob might have something different to say if he was driving but fortunately he does not have the chance to and he’s missing out on all the

Goodness of this before I talk about all the nice interior materials because they are super nice we have a full digital gauge cluster and a head-up display the head-up display is great got shift lights in Corsa mode which is perfect the gauge cluster is great too

You can control what shows up in the left bubble by pressing this left button bubble button on the steering wheel and then we can also go up and down and through the settings we’ve got navigation that can show on the inside which you can pay to have a Hi-Fi

Hotspot in here that can control that and give you live traffic updates and with all that connected stuff you can have like Amazon Alexa in your car too which is cool not my style whatever and then this also does have hey Mercedes no hey Maserati turn temperature to 21 degrees

I’ve set the temperature to 21 degrees and it makes the little clock bubble like the the Siri voice command thing which is pretty cool this infotainment is actually called the Maserati intelligent infotainment no something like that M.I.A and then the gauge cluster modes as you go through

Your drive modes they change with sport you’ll actually get like the full tack on the left and then with coresight you get in the center and then you can change if you get your turbo torque oil pressure or you can get like your brake pressure and everything on the right you

Can change that in the infotainment if you dig through it there is a lot to go through and a lot you can find so it is a good experience I think if you buy this car to really dig through in your apps because you can control so much you

Can control obviously your lane departure assist how it vibrates and stuff you can turn that on or off on the very left of the turn stock within this also it does have really good Maserati radar Cruise Lane keep that you only need to have your fingers touching the wheel

For it to know your hands on the wheel it senses it like that we spoke about this years ago with the old Maseratis and I love it just as much with this Maserati like such a good radar Cruise Lane keep system probably my favorite just because some of them you put your

Hands on and it’s like it’s still like put your hands on and then you got to shake it all the time but this has like a sensor that knows it’s excellent excellent then our start stop button on the steering wheel pretty cool but it doesn’t light up all the time so if like

You haven’t been driving for like sitting in your car and haven’t started it it’s black took me a while because I was looking for like the this power button maybe I’m like no is there a button there no is there a button here no but that’s fine uh moving on to the

Interior and materials we got yellow stitching I think you can also get red stitching for the Trofeo we got it on the headrest too and everywhere it looks very nice we’ve got this exposed carbon fiber which I love I think this looks fantastic I do not like glossy carbon fiber

We can pop this open here and that’s where our car play cable goes and there’s a nice little pass-through behind that we have cup holders that will not fit a small cup it just sinks down to the bottom like it’s yeah that’s a fail but like it’s an Italian car I am

Surprised that it actually has a cup holder to begin with so that’s fine let’s do a quick visor test three two one Full Pass oh my God this thing keeps impressing we got a very cool uh moon roof so you slide it back far there oh look at all that light and then

Apparently this has the most leg room and sitting behind myself I have so much leg room I’m sure Jacob could fit I am sure that this does have some of the best leg room in the class especially compared to like a Macan and then even with that the trunk room is amazing

So that is good too on the inside I think Jacob would have had a great time driving around in this we don’t have door handles to exit the car we’ve got this little button to press to get out which I think is cool I think people who

Buy these kind of cars want little features like that so I’m happy with that too and I like the grilles for the vents on the inside I think it looks very premium matches the clock really well Noah piano black in here which is a little bit on the

Doors where you got your window switches and stuff and then again I guess a little on the steering wheel we have a nice black Maserati logo on the steering wheel which I like I don’t mind this amount of piano black at all and especially at this price because this is

Pretty expensive I think it’s totally reasonable but this one does not have winter floor mats inside I did mess up the floor mats a little bit with my dirty feet but I haven’t messed up the floors in my Mazda CX-5 because I’ve had my amazing tux mat in there and if you

Want to set a tux mat for your personal car hit up the straight pipes you don’t want to muddy up your floors for your personal car so overall thoughts on this before I get to the price do I the way this SUV drives more than every other SUV in this class yes

It’s it’s more rear-wheel drive and more kicks out obviously it’s an all-wheel drive system I don’t know if I mentioned that before but it is we got lsds back there and stuff too this drives better to me the power is better to me like here let me go to

Corsa and give it a little like it just in automatic just grab me and pulled me so hard and just that’s what I want that’s all I want in a fast SUV and it’s just a different sound than the same old BMW or Mercedes feels a little more crazy than an Audi

This is my style and then definitely way crazier than a Porsche which wouldn’t sound good but it would probably handle I’d probably be faster in a Porsche looks wise I think this looks way cooler I actually had a neighbor come on my driveway and like walk behind the car to

Take a look at what model it was and nobody’s ever done that that it definitely doesn’t get attention from random people but like people who like cars are way more stoked to see Maserati so I like it that way and then interior wise controlling this infotainment it may be mostly touch but

I feel like it’s mostly touch in a good way and if they can stick with this for the next six years while everyone else does crazy stuff I think Maserati might come out a little bit more on top because like there’s a lot of those infotainments that I really don’t like

And this is very easy to grasp so now with all that out of the way I think it’s time to get to the price the gracali starts at the GT level it’s 75 200 Canadian and this Trofeo optioned up is 145 500 Canadian [Applause] Porsche is expensive yes our BMW is

Getting expensive yes Mercedes Audis too I get this I like this if I had the money to spend like that I would pick this one because it just makes me the happiest you get the most emotion out of it the coolest sound a lot of room it’s different

And I just I like using the infotainment too it’s not even that it’s different in one good way and then everything else is bad I legitimately feel that everything is better in this than all the competition I like this more everything about the way I drive and like cars is better in this

And I just think it’s great just an awesome Maserati so if you’re looking to get one for yourself hit up Jacob’s gonna be back next week with me and I’m going to end off this video with a launch control I hope you guys like this It’s melted so much hey quick this video right here I said it to be best for viewer leave a comment below which video did YouTube decide was the best for you the viewer foreign