The Straight Pipes: SO FAST! 2024 BMW X6 M60i Review

Posted: 2023-06-09 11:59:26
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 BMW X6 M60i review by The Straight Pipes. The BMW X6 M60i is putting down 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque from a 4.4L Twin Turbo V8 48v mild hybrid. At $127,500 CAD, would you take it over the Mercedes GLE53 Coupe, Porsche Cayenne Coupe, Audi SQ8?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign I’m Jacob and we’re going for a drive 2024 BMW X6 m60i with launch control building boost I think Oh my god oh holy oh yeah yeah yeah give me a high five horsepower and dark 523 horsepower 553 pound-feet of torque from a 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 with a 48 volt mile hybrid system I thought it was gonna do it for me but holy crap that initial like right off

The line was insane yeah that was good okay this one is green yes I love man green which we previously had on the M3 that we drove we also got a bunch of different looks for this and then m60i I don’t think existed before it was like

For the 50 yeah they rebranded the 50 to a 60 for some reason I probably put that mild hybrid in it maybe but um yeah it’s an LCI so a life cycle refresh AKA or impulse or whatever which is a refresh okay I want to start with the looks

Starting with the front we’ve got different headlights that’s the thing I noticed right away like I think they’re like snake eye-ish yeah or alligator eye or something but I think they’re like officially or unofficially called Chevrons which makes sense I call them the opposite turn signals uh why do you

Call them night because when you look at it from the side it’s like oh the turn signal to turn backwards of the car it looks a little weird from the side but it does look cool I mean not my ideal BMW look but I don’t hate it I’m gonna

Say that they could have ruined it worse but they didn’t and it’s okay is it better than the previous generation no okay Mike gave back this my theory is that last generation was perfect like absolutely everything was nailed across the whole BMW lineup you can’t expect

Them to get better than that it has to be different and then maybe in 10 years it’ll be better again but I can’t expect them to get better like Porsche does but see Porsche Porsche is going gradual yes and they’re kind of ruining it with their bumpers too right like compared to

Like Elder 911 but the headlights are still the same basically every time oh okay so identifiable so from the front end now we have black stuff there and then like uh from the the grill coming up to the headlights and stuff the bumper shape has been changed but the

Actual Grille itself is the same as the pool but then like below that it’s blacked out yeah so I guess where before it would be color matched from the side pretty much exactly the same as far as I can tell except the notice on the side skirts they’re now using uh like gray

Metallic gray rather in Black like a uh Porsche T yes so I do really like that gray I do really like how it’s gray at the back too around the exhaust tips and stuff and how it’s color matched at the bottom of the diffuser they actually fixed the exhaust tips on this

Generation because it looks like two duels rather than like massive openings with no Center divider and you can actually see the correct exhaust tip circles inside and then the separate ones in the bumper what should we do next listen to it from the outside foreign let’s see the backfires nothing really

Yeah I mean it’s a lot Chiller on the backfires than BMWs used to be yeah there’s no crackles or pops uh probably on the uh M version of this and then uh iconic sounds pumped in audio Florida not the worst no it’s just looking all right like throaty-ish v8-ish sound okay

Let’s go to Eco Pro and see if we get any of that uh because we don’t actually have an exhaust button it’s just that uh whatever it’s called iconic sounds oh yeah that’s way more chill yeah and it’s all right and you can turn it off in the

Infotainment or at least turn off a bit of it yeah there’s a button for iconic sounds that can toggle yes okay so back to the looks because we kind of missed a couple things the wheels they are black wheels again there is optional nicer Wheels I think which are like a machined

Uh look and I think you should just probably get those you know what option I would never change what the tires that are on it that’s right the Continental Premium Contact six and right now there’s a great promo happening on the website so go to the link in the top

Comment with the purchase of four qualifying passenger Continental Tires now through June 30th 2023 you can get a 110 rebate and then the tail lights seem like they’re exactly the same I think they updated them slightly can’t tell would you take oh and then we got the

BMW M mirrors as a real M mirror car which they’re giving to all the uh M performance cars now and then since it’s a 24 I guess we can’t get that cool uh Heritage Edition badge that everything in 23 is getting right the 50-year anniversary whatever it was and this

Color specific for this trim only right yes you can’t get it on the base model you can only get it for a zero dollar option which is amazing on this m60i so many compliments from this car color the the paint color is unreal I loved it on

The M3 I loved it when I got to do burnouts at the hoonigan burnout yard it was amazing this is the way you should spec it out on when you go and buy one absolutely you should discount a price offers so then this

Versus an X5 for Lux what would you do I mean obviously I hate this compared to an X5 like the koopy thing not my thing I get it some people like it not for me that’s I’m just gonna end it there let’s look at the trunk space a ton of trunk

Space considering how goopy this is what if you had a tall plant sunroof in the back you don’t do that you do tall plants out the sunroof and then you go slow what if you had your wife kid and uh grandmother in the car they would fit do you fit in the back

Seat no but with a tall plant maybe our definition of tall plants is different perhaps I had a fiddle leaf tree hanging out of my I had to pick up in my Prowler because it was like eight feet tall and then for technology one of my least

Favorite things is the new iDrive 8 where we get rid of all of our hard buttons for climates and we got it all our infotainment which you’ve seen me operate which was a little frustrating I’ve gotten used to it so I know how to scroll to get my cooled seats my heated

Seats all that stuff on which is nice that we have that kind of thing we also have massage seats with a physical button which is awesome yeah yeah that’s great uh we do have a BMW and it is the worst I cannot get 90s on nine to play

On Sirius XM at all it just throws me at AM radio so here we go hey BMW play 90s on nine Sirius XM try again hey BMW play 90s on nine which station would you like to listen to nine unfortunately the vehicle is not equipped with that function it is saying

This to my face while I have Sirius XM up so like anyone who’s like we got rid of hard buttons we’re going to have let you talk to the car it’s better it’s not and when you said nine it actually displayed the correct nine yeah so like

It knew you were saying nine and besides that we got a wireless Apple carplay that also has a lag whenever you’re trying to watch something on your phone and Blasting it through your speakers so even though you have a nice sound system you paid for you’re still blasting out

Of a little little tiny speaker while you’re chilling somewhere and then you have a really nice display which would be nice if it was just wired but whatever uh the display resolution is awesome like it is in every other BMW with this generation infotainment yeah

It’s nice to play but we got a cool rotary dial the whole Command Center that used to how do you get to your shortcut your favorites how would you get to carplay I’d slide down from the top which is currently so the little line is right there oh that’s where you

Have to go yeah carplay boom but then you could still slide out of carplay with your shortcuts if you were in it and then we have 360 cameras which are very high res I actually use the car wash mode because as I was coming into car wash like those little like bars I

Didn’t want to scratch the wheels on I mean I didn’t want to scratch the Continental Tires on I actually used it to look down and it worked pretty well there you go all right your turn to drive I hate Yuri I hate Yuri I got him to do

It I tricked his brain brain I already did a hard loss control so can you just do it in Eco sport please no oh Jesus that is oh God it is honestly that initial dude let’s just do it again who cares yeah yeah we’ll see if it’ll let

Us because BMWs don’t really let you do many in a row okay I put you in sport now yeah yeah oh my okay let’s see how many we can do oh that that initial jump is crazy like I don’t know if we felt that in many other cars like that that initial zero

To one foot that a lot of Manu magazines would not record and there’s zero to 60 time some people say we’re Jaded by fast cars but then you give us this this feels faster than whatever number I yelled yeah exactly you’re allowed to have the mirrors x6m comp is gonna be nuts

Okay so uh Drive modes so we have sports 4 plus sport individual then Comfort Eco Pro you had some problems in Comfort Eco Pro with the brake pedal and with the mild hybrid system anytime it’s like a hybridy system this end Mercedes it just does almost every brand it does weird

Stuff and I just don’t like it and I know the previous gen had non-hybrid heading better infotainment so it’s hard for me to like detach myself from something that I thought was perfect and since this has several M badges on it I drove it in Sport Plus exclusively with

The paddles all the time and I had zero problems with any of that stuff I just kind of noticed like a little bit of torque fill here and there and it’s like this this car is so fast like weird parking lot stuff it’s annoying yeah I

Could see that but uh driving it like it should be driven as a coupe SUV uh it’s it’s pretty good this is a fashion car it probably is for a lot of people and I could see why people would specifically want the m60i just to get this paint

Color because we have to State this paint is amazing again uh I could see why people do that I met some people at car meets with like Coupe SUVs and their subscribers so thank you so everyone that comes up to us it meets it’s amazing but like I’ve noticed people

Buying Coop SUVs and treating them like like coupe cars both four doors I’m like okay and like lowering them and like modding them like this kind of makes sense they’re hoping to meet me at the Meetup so I can tell them how great their koopy SUV was they’re like just

Jacob’s here he’s gonna yell at me for not getting the normal kind yeah they just whisper under their breath like I got the coop but I appreciate when people like dump their Coop SUVs and do like crazy stuff and treat them as like a like a car because that’s like the ridiculous part

That I I like so are you saying a coop sedan is better than a coupe SUV uh Coupe sedan is always better than acoustic okay so so you’re saying that that old weird looking five BMW Coupe so that thing is better looking than this yeah the weird one you know yeah yeah

The uh I know which one yeah okay very interesting interesting Jacob yeah uh so anyways eight speed ZF Auto shifts pretty quickly it’s no dual clutch but it doesn’t really need to be because it’s nice and smooth uh X drive all-wheel drive this will do 0-60 in

Like four seconds but it honestly feels faster than that yeah it’s a good thrill it’s a good thrill yeah like if you actually want to drive this thing this is great like it is the suspension is also really good it’s definitely not too stiff we’re driving around in Sport Plus

This whole time I did almost roll an x6m on the tracks uh you did when it comes to like if you really want to drive it like no I do not really want to drive any of these let’s go cliche Corner yeah there’s body roll of course uh that

Differential you could actually feel it doing stuff which is awesome there’s a little bit of understeer there because this thing weighs so much gets through there no problem well real real steer yes rear steer as well but it doesn’t feel as planted or as Nimble as

The makan tea even for handling but it’s nice for u-turns yeah but yo give me an Italian SUV through cliche Corner any day of the week it’ll make all the right sounds yeah yeah this is just like not middle of the road in a bad way but in like a

Good way where it kind of does everything really well because this has that really good uh adaptive cruise Lane centering that you can like click with there it’s got this that weird mode where it’s like Auto distance but like it works well yep and then this also has

Cool stuff like that backup assist and it’ll record paths so you can like have it automatically drive itself down driveways and cool stuff like that and then in terms of interior look and everything I love this optional carbon fiber it is the most expensive uh trim

That you can get in here which is about a thousand dollars it definitely looks impressive what I really like is the lighting in here so we got normal BMW ambient lighting but this m thing like gradually goes in and out and stuff like that that’s very cool and then these

Seats are also really comfortable and then I actually fit behind myself in the back of this no problem like Headroom and leg room and what about the cup holder do we have heated and cooled cup holders yes heck yes we do and if it’s a small yeah it’s good same old BMW stuff

We got our wireless charger right in front of that for your wireless carplay so we can overheat your phone so you can’t use it when you need to yes apparently BMW is sort of aware of this sure how about the visors let’s find out three two one we’ll pass and my head is

Actually quite close to that visor and then how about the box I’m thinking we should bring that back when we hit 2 million subscribers if we can hit 2 million subscribers in the next year I say we bring back the Box test two million subscribers in the next year okay

This is an agreement for the viewers if we can hit 2 million this year 365 days oh okay that’s even better and don’t forget guys if you have one of these get a set of tux mat for them definitely protect your carpets with a set of talk smack go to

The straight pipes so I feel like that’s pretty much everything yeah with this LCI let’s get to the price so this one starts at 108 000 Canadian and this one is optioned out to 127 500 the only thing that this doesn’t have that I would like to have is the drive recorder

Yeah and I mean I feel like that’s a lot of money considering this isn’t a official real M model and I can only imagine what that one’s gonna cost probably at least 150 plus but you know what if the official M model is like way firmer yeah and this is almost like too

Fast as it is true this is probably a lot of people who get M something cars as far as most people that they tell they tell them it’s an M car anyways I mean it has the badge on it and none the wiser yeah that’s what I’m

Saying so like this is this is a good car and I’m looking forward to also driving the X5 because I just like the X5 over the X6 and they’re the same car if I was in the market for this I would go previous gen for my touch buttons and

For my non-hybrid motor I would as well because they also offered that really nice blue color I think and I was very happy with the previous X6 m50i power yes so let us know what you guys think of the new X6 do you like the new headlights and the overall new design

And all the updates great job on this zero charge color yes thanks for watching two million two million box test