The Straight Pipes: RUINED or REINVENTED? 2023 Mercedes-AMG SL63 Review

RUINED or REINVENTED? 2023 Mercedes-AMG SL63 Review

Posted: 2023-05-02 11:59:49
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Mercedes AMG SL63 review by The Straight Pipes. The Mercedes SL63 AMG is putting down 577 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque from a Twin Turbo 4L V8. At $226,500 CAD, would you take it over the Lexus LC500 Convertible, BMW M8 Cabriolet, used AMG GT Roadster?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Foreign Mercedes AMG SL63 4matic plus with race start oh God damn it second gear was gone [Applause] Horsepower in store 577 horsepower 590 pound-feet of torque from a twin turbo 4-liter V8 there is no electricity in this vehicle this is not eqs of any sort okay that one I was an S Plus I think in race motor would have done even better I’ll do race mode later then oh yeah

This is the only SL it’s all-wheel drive for the first time it’s got four seats I’m gonna rip through cliche okay there’s a lot of first a lot of differences in holy crap the handling I had the handling the rear wheel steering and the tires are a little cold but I’m

Still like just flying through here wow the SL is a monster now this is one of the best handling cars I’ve ever driven it feels like I can put myself anywhere I need to be in the lane that I’m in it doesn’t feel sketchy to go quick at all

It is shockingly good so this is now a full out AMG AMG developed this to be the AMG GT so this is now the convertible version of the AMG GT aka the SL63 so the GT is gone yes but it’s going to come back as a hard top this

Exactly you know I kind of like the GT the older one more than the idea and looks of this so let’s talk about the looks of the new SL first of all we have CLA headlights ish we got the new everything looks like new Mercedes nothing looks like different along the

Mercedes lineup but it does look really good it looks really good we got this goddamn Nardo gray paint I’m sick of it I saw a cool yellow one and you were sick of it of the pain no I said I was sick of it oh okay I was on board with

You end it but like the nice thing is you don’t really need to wash this car it rained for a couple days and it still looks clean but I slide yellow one and I like that yeah yeah but I mean this gray does look still pretty good but if it

Was the Mercedes gray like the silver would have been really nice in class yeah yeah definitely looks better than the last gen SL that we drove because even that last one had the number dial infotainment where this is like the all-new interior with this cool screen that tilts and everything like there’s a

Lot of cool stuff okay back to the outside smooth body lines on the side and then really nice Wheels I love these wheels Mercedes does not screw up wheels yeah with the yellow brake calipers it’s great and what would be the Continental recommended tire for an SL the extreme

Contact sport O2 exactly what I just put on my own Mercedes AMG E55 wagon too bad this doesn’t have those cool wheels that you just bought for yours because yours are like those are really sick I did get SL wheels for my wagon so shout out me a

New version of that would be sick yes also if anyone wants to sell me an r129 SL500 let me know DM me I’m actually dead serious right now because I just sold my Fiesta you know I was gonna make a joke at the beginning of this video

Where I hold up a piece of paper that says like I’m thinking about buying like a 2000s SL and if Jacob says this you have to subscribe I forgot I like legit was thinking that I thought you’d have one that says like if Yuri mentions he likes the convertible because he owns a

Convertible ah okay you just know each other too well how about the fact that this is a soft top okay I really miss having the hard top foldable Coop because I think it just looks so much better when the Top’s up I’m cool with the soft toppness I feel like that’s

Cool to have a soft top uh it just looks so much more put together when it’s a hard top Coupe like the S cab I feel like it forces people to be like yeah you should have the top down that’s why it’s cloth and not hard

See the S Coupe I think is still more gangster than this oh for sure but this will out handle the ass out of it yes uh and then yeah we have back seats for the first time I think in a long time because the r129 did have back seats in

Europe but these ones are basically unusable yeah but uh I was thinking about putting my child seat in here I’m like nah I don’t know any of this is going to work I just avoided it all okay so how about the back end I think it

Looks proper SL yeah the tail lights are pretty nice nothing too crazy we got the squared off AMG exhaust tips the tail lights are really they’re like cool LEDs it’s like it’s nice when you get close the details are like very close up yes but let’s listen to the back end

And just put it into race mode downshift downshift yeah predictable it’s probably as good as we can get in 2023 with regulations and whatnot oh that’s so fast I’m not in manual mode so it’s just Auto upshifting for me oh man okay but the back we got a little wing a

Little spoiled it’ll come up and you can control that too with all your AMG Dynamic buttons and stuff and it’s it looks nice it suits it I like the no spoiler look of the SL yeah for sure and I like how the bumper rats are very very small it’s like they considered that

Ahead of time before they brought it into America yeah and there’s still like a lot going on with this car which I’ll talk about but I feel like the SLS kind of lost its way with this car there’s there’s just a lot going on okay before

We get to that the trunk space is very usable we’ve got two carry-ons in there and a backpack it’s got a little flap that will come down and tell you exactly how much room it needs for the top three track which I think is a very very great

Feature like more usable than I thought it would be so then to finish off the looks would you take this looks wise over an AMG GT any any version like say the bassist AMG GT uh looks wise I mean yeah it does look really good like those

AMG GTC convertibles that we drove would you take that or this oh that’s that’s that’s tough because I would go AMG GTC I would probably actually go with the previous one that previous style was The Sweet Spot but I think this looks great but I think it’s a little bit ruined by

Everything and Mercedes looking good yeah like in the corporate lineup by making everything kind of the same they’ve kind of ruined things even though it does look good exactly and before you drive I want to talk about the infotainment because I know it’s probably kind of boring for you no dude

That’s part of the ruining this car that I want to talk about we’ve got the screen that moves for you so it doesn’t have a glare or at least it’ll reduce the glare when you have the top up you can automatically have it angle up like

That I’m not sure if it shows up in this camera or not and it actually works pretty well to reduce the glare it does work for that but it’s just this complex mechanism in what should be a relatively simple-ish car oh no these cars are not going to

Stay on the road no for a very long time there they are here for now and I don’t know else about that not like the r129 which is like a cockroach so my favorite part about this infotainment is the AMG button which gets us to all of the

Settings we just click that and everything is so clear like what your traction is if you’re in manual mode or not your exhaust sport Master raise all the dynamic stuff like yeah everything shows up so clearly and I really like that you can get there with just this

AMG button yeah and then the other way to get to most of those settings and even more of those are on your steering wheel buttons which we’ve seen on other amg’s as well you can program that using the select steering Button as well so you’ve actually programmed your rear

Spoiler to one of those buttons as well I don’t even know what I programmed to it I actually don’t really use this at all compared to just using the screen yeah and then the next thing that I love about this is the gauge cluster and the head up display it’s so customizable you

Just click this home button on the steering wheel and you get so many different modes I think classic is probably the best for normal cruising it’s the only one where you can see the odometer in the middle which we had to get this to 1501 kilometers before we

Could enable launch control it literally would not work at 1500 which is pretty funny just like the sticker up here says yeah we’ve actually broken in a lot of amg’s thank you AMG for allowing us to do that Foreign cool modes like sport looks cool but super sport and track pace is great and track Pace will show you all of your racing stuff on the left and right and you can set that up to track Pace In Your Head Up Display so it just goes red

When it’s time to shift I think if you’re actually on the track it would be totally awesome like really great even though this is like a weird Luxury Grand Tour well exactly and like I think classic is the best because I find it really difficult to even just see what

Your RPMs are at and when to shift really in any other mode I just I love the two normal dials and I love that they just kept that exactly but for the track to have the thing pop up but you also get stuff like okay what what

Kilometer how many kilometers an hour am I going right now I mean from 60s ish 57 right okay but if I’m in track Pace I am going 57.3 56.850 oh that’s insane there’s a lot of details and the cool thing about trackface is usually the app doesn’t

Work you try to connect it it aired out for the last couple years it all works now I’ve got it working through my phone it’s synced up perfectly right away you’ve got drag race modes and everything you can see from your iPhone or whatever how fast you’re going and

Like overlays it’s finally all sorted and I’m so happy for it in the car that it really does not belong in but it’s good now for everything like for the I guess they needed to have it ready for the GT yeah yeah all right your turn to

Launch it with full race mode and everything send it race Sport Plus suspension Master Dynamics instead of just Sport Plus drive mode like me and traction fully off race start oh my God yeah dude It’s just first for some reason all-wheel drive there’s still it’s it’s slipping in the front hey maybe that’s just like how much power it is or whatever I don’t know okay they do that to stop it from Just spinning yeah but I mean it is a cold day and uh we do have

The top down which you can operate the top at I believe up to 60 kph’s so that’s pretty cool that you can actually do that you can do it by double clicking this button or you click the button once and you go to like the slider on the

Screen which is pretty cool but I prefer hard buttons yeah and I know a lot of like journalists when they first got this they didn’t know about the double slides so luckily we’re super late to the game so we were able to watch everybody else’s video so now we know

Thank you Doug dimiro yeah so anyways this has a nine speed transmission it’s a multi-plate clutch system just like they’ve previously had in other cars and it does work pretty well although Yuri and I have had some problems with downshifting sometimes where you’ll ask it to downshift with the paddle and it

Just won’t give it to you sometimes you’ll have to like double click and you’ll get it and this is even in full manual mode which you are not in currently because you just did launch control yeah so uh let’s just send this through cliche Corner suspension pretty

Good for being in a full stiff mode dude this handles like it’s on Rails the Turning is holy crap good like unbelievable I don’t know how they did this but it’s just instant and the rear wheel steering is like God level yeah for both like while you’re driving and

Like in a parking lot at slow speeds going like the opposite way like this is incredible like this would be an autocross monster I’ve never been able to place myself in a lane as well as I have been in this car man like I just the the Precision that you feel from the

Steering wheel the instant response kind of feels porsche-like but still like this weighted heavy AMG like this kind of thing like this feels more Nimble than a Turbo S yes like way more Nimble than the AMG GTS of the previous generation like even the GTR probably like yeah it’s it’s insane with their

Magic able to do with this new chassis so I’m going to dial the suspension into comfort with my touch screen uh the one cool thing about this touch screen while we do have it angled towards us is I barely have to move my hand to get there

That is nice but it’s still overwhelming having this massive tablet beside me in a what should be a classy vehicle but unless you don’t have to like reach like exactly to do anything like you would in a lot of other cars yeah so now in Comfort mode I don’t notice that much of

A difference but it wasn’t even uncomfortable in the sportiest mode and Mercedes does say that this is the most comfortable SL of all time I don’t know if I believe that I wouldn’t doubt it man this is black pretty sweet it’s nice but the most comfortable I’m not really

Sure about that and the fact that they change so much stuff the fact this is all-wheel drive like I really think that this car has lost touch with what it should be it’s just it’s overwhelming just sitting here and staring at all this stuff the way the steering wheel

Looks and functions with all the touch buttons that they’ve put into all the other Mercedes I feel like they should have just differentiated this one maybe dialed it back simplified it not saying you should add like a telephone dial pad back but like you know what I mean it’s

Just a little bit extra in too many ways I get what they’re doing with this this is like a technology showcase and if you’re an old dude with a whole bunch of money and it’s hard for you to use they don’t care and that’s the thing you got

To show it off you are right because the SL has always been a technology showpiece but like this is just like a little bit beyond but with this tablet in the op mode have you ever noticed that like you kind of rub your hand against it when you’re going for the

Shifter or anything yeah my Knuckles can kind of touch when I’m using the uh the shifter yeah and there you go yeah so that’s better it’s better but then there’s glitter it’s not the end of the world it’s not most days yes and like it’s so big that I don’t even want to

Use this like I just want to drive this chill and just you know go get groceries go golfing I think I think this is less for driving chill and more for like just bombing down highways on the October yeah it’s become that but one thing that

They did not change they did not lose their way is we still have a twin turbo V8 in here and it is still lightning fast like still the same horsepower number but less torque but it doesn’t feel any slower at all like this is so fast

Yeah it’s okay it’s really fast but like aren’t you getting bored of everything having like the same good motor yeah like like the crappier motors that sound different because the last one had the 5.5 this has the four liter that’s like across the board now yeah it’s it’s very

Like all right but at the same time I’m like thank you Mercedes for putting the V8 in here which the C63 is now a four-cylinder so it’s like if you like an older motor old car still exists yes so anyone with an r29 you could probably

Buy a pretty nasty like older SL like nasty in a good way yeah yeah for less than this totally yeah for sure so it’s like oh I want this power it’s like it exists go buy it yeah yeah but I mean this as a technological showpiece I

Think they did get it but it’s just it’s so much going on at once that it wasn’t before to me that it’s like it’s kind of crazy and by the way if you want to go find it a cool old SL hit up let me know what you

Find there yes discounted price offers I’ve looked but uh I’m just gonna stick to buying a Canadian one it’s an SLR considered an SL uh I’m not sure I guess so because it’s like sports leaked race yeah I don’t know yeah yeah a couple other little things this has door

Handles that pop out right yes and it’s like all like digital but it’s not a real thing when I come to the car every time the handles are already popping out from like the farthest distance ever like I’ve never seen them pop out on me they’re always just like ready yeah yeah

So it’s extra sensitive but the one thing that I notice is like opening and closing the door feels kind of like it’s heavy but it feels and sounds cheap I see what you’re saying there yeah yeah weird a little clinky we can roll up all of the windows if we

Click the all button and it controls the back wants to roll them all up or down just with a clip of one that’s pretty convenient okay uh other cool thing you can control this seat from the side on that seat and we got neck scarfs ventilated heated it’s all nice

Why aren’t there air scarves in uh Coupes yeah I like it I would love some like heat down my neck in a coop why not why why yeah give it to me exactly maybe the AMG GT will have it maybe probably not wireless carplay it all worked

Really well but I prefer plug-in carplay personally Android auto as well cup holders they uh this is a small just fine just fine it’s just fine that’s barely that you can get it out I don’t know I feel like you’ve called something like that similar yeah you can get

Around it from 180 degrees what about the visors doubt it but maybe three two one oh oh wow SL okay let’s see if we can get a little drift here yeah yeah that’s fun to drive and these seats are actually really comfortable and the fact

That I can get them so low that my hair and the top of my head is not cold yeah is probably the first time that’s happened in a convertible well the last SL would the seats could go back so far in my head I’m always like this is the

Car for basketball players yeah and the materials on this interior are fantastic other than the swaths of gloss black everywhere but there still are a lot of like silver touches and just like leather everywhere which is nice what kind of floor mats would you get to really pop off an interior like this

Said a tux mat would be fantastic for any vehicle go to the straight pipes I have some in my E55 AMG wagon and then sound system it’s obviously really good really good firm Easter I had my kid in here and I was playing like really loud um baby shark

For her and she like that but then I also rev the car for her and she does not like loud cars foreign do you like that oh my kid loves it I feel like my kid just she wants cars to go faster she yells at me when I’m

Stopped at stop lights but I think she wants electric oh my kid just loves to turn on cars rev them and whatnot like little hezboola that’s your baby just yeah exactly yeah this car kind of actually feels sort of more BMW M8 like now I know that that car doesn’t exist

Anymore I think they canceled it like this isn’t my favorite there’s things I like about it but it wouldn’t be top of my list at all we should probably get to the price let’s get to the price this one starts at 215 000 Canadian and this

One is 226 500 that is a whole lot of money and I know we say that a lot but this definitely is considering how used SLS are very cheap and considering there are other competitors to this lots of them cheaper and more expensive and an

LC 500 would be my pick over this for like half the price from that LC 500 F-Type review I think that makes me like f-types more than the LC 500 and even this so then this or an M8 Cabriolet oh yeah I mean I’d still go with this

Probably this is cooler the thing is like I just don’t know if SL is me yeah I mean this SL I don’t think is me all that sells is me it’s me too I could see myself in like a 2001 yeah so overall really cool car not our taste but really

Cool handle’s amazing but just not our taste yes I would love an older SL500 and I know you would too and that’s probably about it yeah thanks for watching and uh thanks Mercedes for making such a crazy handle I guess AMG for making crazy handling cool you’ve

Made an AMG SL like a real one