The Straight Pipes: RIP TESLA MODEL Y? 2023 Genesis GV70 Electrified Review

RIP TESLA MODEL Y? 2023 Genesis GV70 Electrified Review

Posted: 2023-05-05 11:58:00
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Genesis GV70 Electrified review by The Straight Pipes. The GV70 EV is putting down 429(483 in boost) horsepower and 516 lb-ft of torque from 2 electric motors and a 77kwh battery. At $84,000 CAD, would you take it over the GV60, Tesla Model Y, Chevy Bolt EUV, BMW i4?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign we’re going for a drive [Applause] 2023 Genesis gv70 electrified with boost mode that’s quick foreign dork 429 horsepower 516 pound-feet of torque from two electric motors and a 77 kilowatt hour battery and 483 horsepower in boost mode so we’ve previously driven the gv70 we’ve previously driven the gv60 so I guess they just made the gv60

Drivetrain in the gb70. you got it it’s basically the exact same drivetrain from the electric gv60 because it’s the same kilowatt hour battery I believe and the horsepower and torque numbers are like shuffled around so the gv60 has like a little bit less but when you get them

Both into boost mode they have the same numbers and how about range the range for this one is 383 kilometers or 238 miles and this also has the 800 volt charging architecture so you can charge it from 10 to 80 percent in 18 minutes in theoretical perfect conditions which

We have not yet to get and the gv60 has 378 kilometers of range so a little bit less of this yep you know what other differences this has with the gv60s because I feel like that’s the most interesting part is that this is normal car with electric drivetraining gv60 is

A full electric platform we’ve got a rear wiper yes we do may not seem like a crazy deal but it kind of is because those windows get really muddied up on the ev6 the ionic 5 and the gv60 not that that’s the reason but this is actually my favorite electric car I

Think I’ve ever driven it is so luxurious so nice I everything about this is great I love that it’s just car that happens to be electric just like the electrified G80 that we drove which was sedan that happens to be electric I do have a couple deal breakers in this

Car though I don’t but before we get into that let’s talk about the looks because it does look different than the gv70 but you probably wouldn’t be able to tell from our thumbnail because we had the exact same color car and they look probably exactly the same yeah

There’s really no difference unless you see them back to back like it’s basically The Grille which is the same shape but now it’s all filled in yeah it actually looks great because you can barely tell that the charge port is there yeah but the only problem with the

Charge port is it’s a little finicky to use it doesn’t feel very premium maybe it’s because it’s on this particular model but as far as I know this is a production model so it’s just a little difficult to open a little fiddly with the with the ports is it hard to charge

Because Chargers are kind of set up for side charging yes and no it just really depends on the charger and like an IV charger for example is probably sort of from the front depending on where it is and then Petra Canada’s on the side I I just every it’s different every time

Okay and then the rear end we got no large oval exhaust pipes yeah which actually I think looks a lot better because I didn’t love them on the regular gv70 and besides that yeah I can’t really uh we have white calipers calipers and electricy wheels yeah ish not really

They’re kind of electric they’re like electricy enough barely and you can’t get them on the regular gb70 and the Continental recommended tire would be the Conti sport contact 6. and the cool thing about Continental is if you go to the website put in your information and

Find the tires you’ll see which ones are good for electric cars by looking at the little EV logo so I personally like the look books of the gv60 a little more than this because it’s more funky and everything and I assume since you don’t like funky cars you just like the look

Of this yeah this one looks way better to me I think it looks just fantastic because it’s just the electric equivalent of the gas car and this is the Hideous Car over here yeah id4 and then five in front of us what is this world where it’s like I’ll take every

Opportunity why are there so many electric cars on the road at once yeah where are you charging and then we also have a very small frunk on this one which basically is just for a sandwich or your wallet or something like that it can have a use

Yes but it’s not like super usable like in a 911 or a Tesla yeah exactly trunk space is also good because yes this is an SUV it’s fairly small but it’s kind of like macan-ish and the Macan is going to be an EV very soon so I think the

Macan already has a competitor except that’s going to be probably amazing handling and rear wheel drive is where this is front wheel driveish and understeers but we got the Boost button yes so this is all-wheel drive it is dual motor and the motors are the same

Output on both axles but it does tend to understeer which I will prove through cliche Corner in a second but the suspension is really comfortable in this it is not air suspension but it is adaptive suspension and it also has a rode preview so it should be able to use

The topography from the GPS as well as the actual camera to check for that bump right there I don’t know man maybe in rolls royces oh I tried to downshift idiot okay here we go cliche Corner understeer City like sort of can like a little bit you know what ev6 GT

Drift mode Dynamics that’s what I like yeah for if you value driving Dynamics this is just okay the gv60 is very similar to this the what you just said the Kia ev6 and GT was fantastic so the ionic 5n is going to be probably really

Good and then what I really need to know is can this light up the tires like the gv60 when you traction control off steering wheel turn all the way boost mode and floor it even though now we are at what level of battery 54 you can sort of do that uh let me

Just show you that crank to the right traction off [Applause] holy crap that stinks like uh tires okay boost mode in electric Genesis is so far so good on all of them I love it by the way that was just in sport mode I didn’t even hit the Boost button you didn’t hit

The Boost button okay the Boost would have been like a hundred times more and the good part about this suspension is that it doesn’t bounce around like most other EVS it’s just they got it right without having to go to air suspension which is really impressive and it’s

Probably due to that camera system probably actually doing something but they did change some suspension parts for the EV compared to the regular gv70 they probably did need to do that it also has really good adaptive cruise and Lane keep assist like very very good to

The point that I actually forgot it was on I was like oh yeah and then it prompted me I’m like I probably should pay a little bit more attention when it’s on because it’s that good but that’s good good Lane keep assist is yes one of my favorites and then we have

Normal paddles Which I love because the left paddle will get you down into your three different regen levels and then you also have eye pedal which will take you to a complete stop and then you can just change your regen with the right paddle is it is it four gen four modes

Of regen is it zero one two three and then I pedal sure but it says level zero so I mean you don’t count zero as a it does does zero come to full stop or does it go neutral like will it go to charge if you let off in zero no Zero’s just

Coasting so yeah that’s nice one two three and then Max awesome an iPad will come to a full stop it will and that’s a lot better than I guess the bolt me having to click uh neutral to Coast rip the bolt honestly GM you guys betrayed

You had this nice cheap electric car now it’s just expensive freaking electric cars for everyone like you’re driving me crazy it turns out I killed the car by saying that it shouldn’t exist the both EV should no longer exist when all I really meant was just the regular bolts

Shouldn’t exist okay so now let’s talk about this interior audio that you guys have probably been hearing it’s currently in futuristic mode I’ve also maxed out the volume of what it sounds like so I’m just gonna floor it and futuristic okay now S engine okay an e-motor

Kind of cool they’re all they’re all cool boost mode e-motor didn’t really change but it kind of changes in futuristic it goes like extra heavy that’s good that’s a good amount of electric noise you can turn it down so it’s not annoying your whole life just

When you pick up someone new and you’re like and you can also turn it fully off which is awesome so I’m going to just turn off the audio for the rest of this video for it and that’s what it sounds like very pleasant very quiet in here we also have

Active road noise cancellation all that good stuff and the power in this is fantastic like this thing is quick this is all even more than you ever need like boost mode it’s fast with low battery percentage too which is cool yeah and this feels obviously a lot faster than the gas gv70

As well yeah and 0-60 is like in the four second-ish range like in boost mode this is this is a great car to drive okay let’s get you to drive this car boost control that lights it up so much faster okay I’m just going to normal flora with no pumpkin audio I guess

Oh my God towards near Central hell yeah this is a very fast electric almost too fast for me it’s it’s nice but yeah it’s it’s on the fast side really put it back into iPad all right there we go all right I can’t oh there’s and now we’re cruising we’re gonna talk

About next this whatever you want this interior this interior yeah it’s a normal gv70 yeah this is nice this is a luxurious interior I would love to have like a like a proper leather daddy in here leather daddy oh is there such a thing to tell us about the letters of

Interior you know with like the leather hats the leather chaps mind if I squeeze in here for a moment oh you do you man I want to know what they think because they’re leather enthusiasts I’m really into leather it’s unlike is this nice okay what’s your favorite part of the

Interior I saw you using this rotary dial a whole bunch meanwhile you were complaining about it in the cx90 yeah I didn’t see you touched the screen once while you’re operating this what’s the what’s the deal bruh it actually works really well in this car yeah there’s only been certain occasions where I’ve

Had to touch the screen and I greatly appreciated that I’m able to yeah yeah interesting so it does have Apple carplay Android auto and you can’t touch the screen whenever you would like just a heads up guys for everyone out there especially everyone on Twitter if you’re using Apple carplay while you’re

Recording the Apple carplay you can until you’re recording because that thing is orange it’ll be laggy but once you stop recording it won’t be laggy it’s not the fault of the infotainment it’s just a car play thing not wireless which is cool yeah and I noticed there’s no gloss black pretty

Much anywhere except for here yeah which I mean those are screens so that’s okay but they’re touching yeah yeah they’ll even like I guess here yeah but everything else like look the steering wheel it’s just matte here’s like this could definitely be piano black yeah in an alternate universe I know that’s why

I like I love this thing uh the materials other than your leather desk stuff dad likes leather it was all really good the textures of some of this stuff is also really cool oh I love how it lights up we have ambient lighting that we can customize and it looks

Really cool at night even during the day like I can actually see some of this red under here that is a very cool touch I see that we do not have the bulbs in the radio for the infotainment just normal nice radio station stuff that’s right I

Think that Palisade we had still had the bulbs but that’ll probably get software updated out because I feel like most of Hyundai yeah changed it yeah so then with our infotainment we also have the really good 360 camera stuff and all the smart Park which is really nice remote

Key fob parking which is super nice to have but one thing about all these rotary dials that I still can’t get used to is there’s been a number of instances where I’ve gone for the wrong rotary knob to do the wrong thing yeah but like once you’re an owner of this car it’s

Probably second nature yeah I would hope so and then we also have our Drive modes up here so we have a bunch of them and then we also have our terrain modes which I believe is a first for Genesis so that’s pretty cool you just push that

Button and you get them all there nah other Genesis have it for sure if they had to have had it I guess the gv80 I feel like that’s like a USA doesn’t get it it’s the first for an electric car that’s what it is uh you redone the

Press release I I read it somewhere or something that’s why it’s like in my brain okay gauge cluster we got the 3D gauge cluster everything changes just like the gv70 I love it uh Jacob doesn’t really like the 3dness but you can turn off the 3dness yeah it just it always

Looks kind of blurry to me where it’s kind of cool though I do not see a percentage in my gauge cluster for how much charge I have I just see the high to low electricity gauge yes you have to get that through your infotainment in the EV menu which is quite clear there

It’s just a little weird that they didn’t put in both and we got hard buttons for Royal art infotainment stuff and we got the shortcut button to get to our phone projection and even though we don’t have a tuning knob we’ve got the volume and tuning roller which is

Fantastic that’s something I wish Mazda would have yeah that would make it so much better and then cup holders perfect pass no problem over here yeah for the small how about the visors they’re probably gonna perfect pass yeah three two one full pass and I love the white

Suede headliner or Alcantara you can also get a full white interior in this I feel like the full White’s only for the electric too which is pretty cool probably probably to battle Tesla with other yeah cool white Interiors it all makes sense for EVS let’s be real every

Time I see like a model y or like a model X with the white interior I’m like oh that looks so safe it does I can only imagine trying to maintain that though the trick is to just not maintain it yes that’s a good trick yeah you have to

Worry about it yeah I’m not worried about it I’m not worried about it I’m not worried about any of this so then something I don’t like about this that I did like about the gv60 is the seats okay like all other genesis’s besides the gv60 I still feel like I get that

Pressure point into my back with the inflated Lumbar and I just don’t like it that is my Genesis deal breaker and these seats are really comfortable for me I don’t really notice that too much uh the adjustable bolsters is also really nice hit your Boost button right

Now and then your bolsters are gonna tighten they didn’t tighten oh they should have oh yeah that’s why do I look like a sport mode not at all no I I get one little and then I’m done um done an electric cars yeah the only

Sport mode we need is the drift mode in the ev6 GT does Jacob fit in the back seat at six foot one and a half he sort of not really does my knees kind of hit but they’re kind of scooped out in the front but I have tons of Headroom if

You’re sitting behind yourself and you were driving and you cared about yourself you’d be fine as a driver and the rear passenger right I would have to suffer as the driver slightly but it’s like barely still suffering barely then you can lean the uh the back rests back

On the back seat that’s pretty cool yeah yeah that’s cool in the back and then we got our charging stuff in the back I feel like we didn’t lose any room by having this being electric no because like the G80 electrified had like a higher floor this one I’m still

Comfortable in the back I guess when they built this they probably planned for it I would have hoped so yeah not like the electric Focus which was definitely not planned ahead of time but I love those butterflies someone please bring back butterflies that’s the best

And then one thing I do did notice with this car the floor mat did creep up towards my pedals a little bit I don’t know why but in this version it kind of did I kind of noticed that as well like my heel was catching it a little bit and

Completely unrelated to that if you’re looking for a nice set of floor mats for your car go to the straight pipes to see what they have available and they are coming for this car very soon but yo these pedals are pretty cool they don’t look cool I don’t know what

That pattern is but I like it I could I feel like I can almost 3D print those pedals if they ever broke okay uh other cool things we have a fully heated steering wheel all the way around yeah Mazda looking at you come on and then we also have this fingerprint reader over

Here which yeah I guess if you have an account or you like I don’t even want to instead of like pressing the one preset if like you just trade with your spouses it’s like you put your fingerprint and then they put their fingerprints like all right as a livable thing it probably

Works really well as us getting out of multiple cars I don’t want to touch that unless you work with your hands or do a lot of gardening or construction then your finger’s gonna get scratched out it’s never going to work and before we get to the price we’ve got a little

Charging experience stuff to talk about I warned Electrify Canada yesterday on LinkedIn I’m like I am going to this charger Toronto Premium Outlets tomorrow at three o’clock have it working yeah the guy messaged me today and he’s like it’s not working maybe tomorrow but it hasn’t been working since I assume since

I went to Chevy bolt like two weeks ago yeah electric charging Electrify can’t Electrify America personally I think it’s all a joke they’re giving the government is giving 13 billion to Volkswagen to build batteries yeah but that’s also the company that’s in charge of making Chargers work and they’re not working

Just saying the track record I don’t know if that money is going to make it the word should make it I uh I totally agree with that I had a medium experience out of 10 today at Petro Canada trying to charge this it charged no problem the only problem was I wasn’t

Getting the advertised not even close to those numbers so I was getting like 40 45 kilowatts of charging speed where it’s a 200 kilowatt charger and I did even put the location into the GPS so that it knew I was coming so it could precondition the battery and it’s not

That cold today so I don’t know what’s going on if it’s the car or the station and that’s the problem with all this stuff is you never actually know what the problem is so you ended up going from 52 to 80 that cost you 17 Canadian

And you got 72 kilometers almost 18 so that comes out to 4 0.35 kilometers per dollar at Petro Canada at the charge the way you did seems pretty expensive so the gv70 gas gets about 10 liters per 100 kilometers combined if we were to

Put in gas at 150 per liter to get the same 74 kilometers would be about 11 and 10 cents that’s cheaper yeah okay and that’s because we’re still getting charged by the minute not by kilowatt so I feel like it would have been cheaper had we actually been charged by kilowatt

Which Canada now allows but no charging station has done yet yeah we’ve encountered everything’s kind of a joke anyways let’s get to the price so Canada only has one trim the prestige which is the top trim it is 84 000 all in Canadian in the US you can get a lower

Priced Advanced trim you know I’d go with the gv60 I’d 100 go with this because it’s only slightly more expensive and I like everything about it more I like the color options more for the gv60 I like the seats more and I like the funkiness of it being an

Electric platform don’t forget that little shifter thing too yeah oh yeah I mean I don’t know yes yeah no there’s a lot of cool going on with that I’m gb70 I think either way you go you’ll be fine there’s still two of the best non-tesla EVS that you can get as long

As you charge them at home though and if you like front wheel drive SUVs yes and then go to Discount price offers if you are shopping for any Vehicles see you guys in the next video foreign