The Straight Pipes: RIP In Peace X3, Macan & GLC! 2023 Maserati Grecale Modena Review

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-01 11:59:09
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Maserati Grecale Modena review by The Straight Pipes. The Grecale Modena is putting down 325 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque from a 2.0L Turbo 4 Cylinder with a 48V Mild Hybrid. At $109,00 CAD, would you take it over the Alfra, X3, Macan or GLC.

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m hearing I’m Jacob we’re going for a drive 2023 Maserati Modena with no launch control interesting sound Nice little Orchestra there Horsepower burnt torque 325 horsepower 332 pound-feet of torque from a four-cylinder 2-liter Turbo with a 48 volt mild hybrid system I want to talk about why this is better than any equivalent comparable BMW Porsche or Benz and I’m going to prove myself writing you wrong in every single

Way yeah I’m going to actually start with the price because this is 109 000 wow Canadian with the option for a four-cylinder yes so then this competes price wise with the Macon GTS which is an old Macon turbo x3m and one at GLC 63 used to have cost except that doesn’t

Exist right now right because there’s a V8 yeah because those are all like 100 910 and you can get a Alfa Romeo stelvio quadrifoglio for that price too okay so even though the Trofeo would compete with those directly performance wise all right that one’s like 145 Canadian

Which is way more yes but Maserati is one of those brands that people get because it’s cooler than having a Benz a Macan or a BMW right I agree so okay I want to start with that although the price is a lot for a four-cylinder yeah

So it still rips do you think it rips it does and then my next thing is the reason people buy the most expensive cars usually for those is because they need to look rich they need to buy the most expensive car so like say a real estate agent they may not need 500

Horsepower but they just need to have the top trim or at least something that costs over a hundred thousand dollars this is over a hundred thousand dollars and it’s cooler than having a BMW or Mercedes or a Porsche because it’s a Maserati can’t argue with that although

A white 3 Series base model is pretty sick uh yeah all right back to the power and normal stuff that I forgot to talk about this has an 8-speed ZF and when you shift at Redline it goes yeah great it’s all that matters we always love it I love the does it

Have a good sounding exhaust let’s take a listen to the outside foreign it’s pretty okay I would say it’s actually really good for a four cylinder but it’s hard to say that it’s good for a Maserati okay my next thing why it’s better than BMW Porsche or Mercedes okay

Are the upshift slash downshift slash burbles repetitive annoying and the same old thing at every one of those cars you know they can be is this not a refreshing sound yeah it is it’s it’s a very Dodge sound because it’s exactly the sound the chainsaw shifts that all

These EFS make yes and you know what sure under the hood it says Mopar but Mopar no car baby this is a motor that’s shared with the Alfa Romeo stelvio the lower ones yeah Mopar no car speaking of that European Automotive is currently swapping Yuri’s engine which is blown in his Fiat

Mopar no car baby that’s right but fun fact if you do a brake boost launch even though this has no launch control it’ll go faster but it won’t go it’s almost a full second faster when we tested it through the infotainment which has a drag race mode okay it’s got

Performance Pages heck yeah Mopar no car baby I want okay let’s go to the infotainment go for it is this better than a BMW Porsche or a new Mercedes uh better than BMW and Mercedes I don’t know if it’s better than Porsche okay check this out I have favorites up here

With a 360 camera and you know what I didn’t have to do to get that 360 camera favorite there swipe down and do left have a subscription oh yeah or be logged into my car and you didn’t have to log in to save your favorites it’s like

Swipe down and then on the left we have all of our things showing the whole time so we can get to our wired or Wireless Apple carplay no issue you just plug in and it goes like instantly this is the best implementation of Apple carplay Android auto ever it is really good and

The screen is actually very hi-res yeah it’s sick Bro okay there are there are like three things that suck about this car I can tell you right now looking at them start starting number not suck they’re just weird and you just have to get used to it they don’t suck they’re

Cool the shifter is prnd underneath between the two screens it’s weird but it’s kind of like Lincoln did weird stuff with their thing up on the dash as well look at where Lincoln is right now he’s got used to it then you’re fine the ESC office at the bottom right it’s a

Touch button and it makes a weird noise when you get in and out of it here and you gotta hold it that’s fine and then your light switch is a touch button on the bottom left for your headlights yes yes that is weird and uh by the way the cup holders

Totally fail bro that would fit a Starbucks small just fine probably like using people with a Maserati are going to Timmy’s no absolutely not this fits its audience perfectly does that fit the cup holder test okay good and then the last weird thing okay is your blind spot

Monitoring sound it’s like it’s like a horn Hawk so loud but you know what at least you won’t hit anything no you really won’t the next thing that’s better than all the other companies about this your adaptive cruise Lane keep it is really good okay super easy to use

There’s like a steering wheel button and then you’re set and you resume and your castle that’s it no like weird stuff at all and when you click it it turns green it stays a lane centered fine on the highway not on the highway and then some

Other brands like BMW you need to yank at the wheel constantly you need to put the pressure on this you just need to put two points of contact so you can have your fingers like this you can have a full hand on it no pressure at all and

It’s like I know you’re there good job and unlike a BMW you don’t have to go through your infotainment to adjust your Gap you got a button right there yeah it works really well and it’s the same system as we experienced in other Maseratis and what else has that is it

Alpha someone else has that thing where you just touch the wheel I forget what company I think it was alpha or it might have been a minivan anyways it is really good and your favorite thing column mounted shifters because it’s Italian call mounted paddles shifters you know what though through cliche corner I

Don’t like it because they’re always in the wrong spot it does not exactly it does not line up perfectly for ripping through cliche no but for like having people get in your car and be like whoa that’s cool the steering wheel moves but the paddles don’t yeah it is impressive

And to start the car as well yes you’ve got the start and stop on on the left which makes this like the only car that you can get in with a coffee cup in your right hand from Starbucks that you went in right because you wanted to chat up

The Baristas or whatever they had to look at your car through the window then you get in and hold it and you can start it you don’t have to put it down and then push the start stop on the right but I guess like maybe Porsches can do

That too but you have to twist instead of just a push yes there are other cars that can do something like that okay time for you to launch it okay so right now you’re in Comfort let’s get you into sport mode so you have comfort GT in

Sport that was easy to find and uh do you want stiff suspension or do you want soft spin because there’s a suspension button in the middle right now I’m gonna go full stiff brake boost brake boost like that feels faster yeah I I have to say that’s a very satisfying launch but

No right but you still felt the shift Maserati if you could pump in some uh yeah that felt really good no complaints about the actual feel of the powertrain doesn’t feel weird or anything like that it’s just it sucks knowing in my head that it’s a four-cylinder but at the same time I

Know every company is forced into these people who buy this aren’t going to Care manual mode ESC one glitchy Corner let’s go okay here we go downshift with my wow I I do like the gauges though okay so I’ll get to something that I hate about this right

After but the handling is actually pretty good it yeah there’s a lot of body rolling paddle’s in the wrong spot where your head yeah I can’t I’m just quite a red line yeah it’s not good for this specific Corner yes and I’m sure many others but suspension and

Everything is actually pretty good other than a little bit of body roll but again this isn’t like the full performance version but what I do hate about this car driving at the short time that I drove it is the brake pedal uh I can’t get

Used to it it gives me weird amounts of brake pressure and Brake travel I think because of the 48 volt mile hybrid it has a slight bit of weird hybridiness to the pedal and maybe I’m you know like love blind Maserati glasses yes but in the city it

Wasn’t as bad as that c43 AMG with the like the braking and then the auto start stop that was too intrusive this does a better job with it all together yeah see to me I just this is a deal breaker to me and no pedal has been a real deal

Breaker to me on this but the trophail won’t have any of that stuff so yeah exactly so before we talk about the gauge cluster a couple things from the outside really cool Wheels yes very cool but we do not have the air suspension option here which would be in this blank

Touch screen button but we do have the sickest tires on here the cross contact RX yes Shadow Continental for coming on this car from the factory and on that suspension very quickly it is a a little bit stiff in the stiff mode but then as soon as I press that button it just

Dials right back down into equivalent Comfort mode and it is lovely to drive like I feel like a Maserati can’t be a boat it’s got to be like sporty a little bit no matter what and this definitely is and there’s a GT below this the Modena is the trim between that and the

Trophy and then there’s a something I forget electric version coming okay you know what Medina means no is it a place in Italy that place in Italy okay that’s where I think Enzo Ferrari was born where their head offices are for this too uh so they just call it that okay

That’s cool yeah and gracale is a northeasterly Mediterranean wind or whatever and it’s still cool sure okay and then other looks a little less aggressive than the Trofeo but still very good looking like I don’t really like dark gray paint yes but it suits this especially with the red interior

Like I see it parked out in front of like everywhere I’ve been visiting all week and I think it looks great yeah the only real issue I have with the general looks of this car is the headlights they like just look a little bit too small

They like don’t fit the entire body of the car that that’s it I can see why you don’t like it but like that’s the corporate face for kind of everything now like even the new Gran Turismo sort of got a version of these yeah yeah and then

Yeah and then uh tail lights pretty standard same as like the trophyo yeah exhaustive double dual pretty sick considering some four cylinder pretty good yeah it like it’s it’s good yeah do you have any problems with the looks besides that no good a little aggressive we had like the mc20 was supposed to

Come to us it got canceled and I still love Maserati I don’t know why man I mean I really want to use Gran Turismo but everyone tells me not to get one so if the guy who services our cars at European Automotive tells me not to get

One I’m not gonna get one look buy a Maserati on release it I don’t I can’t talk about warranty stuff long term I get it you like the Maserati can I buy myself a Maserati and yeah I’ll buy a maseraton TrueCar whatever I think you know you know what

Gave Maserati the worst rap probably does is that one dude with this friggin little bottle of toothpaste and then now everyone hates Maserati but like this is straight up like a sick car eh yeah can you stick a thing of toothpaste I think you can actually fit one right here

Oh my God you probably fit that like anything right now all right had to get my own toothpaste improve all the haters wrong let me let me show you right there nope it won’t fit sorry haters so now moving on this interior the gauge cluster changes with your modes you hate

That you lose kind of a lot of the numbers when you’re not in the sport mode yeah it’s like it’s elegant but I don’t like it how nice is it that it’s so simplified compared to like a cluttery BMW one right very nice because this is you’re getting essentially like

A an analog Tack and an analog speedometer but they’re digital and then Mercedes is clutter Central as well and then the 25 is going to have that tall infotainment which is also super confusing and then changing up your stuff you can change the way it looks

You can make it so it’s simplified you won’t even have a red line you just bang off the limit if you turn everything off they made it very simple and then like say you want your uh your g-forces your compass all that stuff right there and you can see your distribution and your

48 volt system what it’s doing it’s a very good stalantis system okay infotainment’s nice too right any real issues the climates yeah second it takes several seconds especially when you’re driving there’s a lot going on look looking at this from my disc since just seeing this many buttons and they’re all

Touched I’m going to drag one of the other Germans out a little anxious is this not very similar to the two screen Audi stuff it is but that one’s just well laid out like this has too much stuff oh it has ventilated seats the actual things while driving is like

Everything is tricky while driving if it’s touched Audi’s better okay yo hit me with a Gert but don’t be Full Throttle so that the grit lasts longer later later it’s pretty sweet would you rather have that or like fake pumped in backfires all attached like in a BMW uh you know

Every time you want to hear a good exhaust you need to have it pumped in like there’s nothing pumped in yeah and it just sounds good out the back it is good it’s not hard I never argue with you on that I’m trying to prove my point

I know you are you’re trying real hard I am okay uh what’s next visors okay have you tested this before yeah three two one full pass just like a Dodge Charger there’s no extension like a like a charger though okay uh back to this interior the red is nice this exposed

Carbon fiber stuff looks amazing looks like a cheese grater yeah cheese grater but in a good way and you know what would match this cheese grater style very exposed carbon fiber actually it would probably bring this interior up a level Yuri a set of talks mad go to the straight pipes to see what they have for your car okay now another thing the seats are you not comfortable I’m very comfortable firm but comfortable it’s not couchy exactly but they’re like when I say firm and not comfortable I think of the CX-5 seats these are firm but very comfortable okay

And then the back seat you got a ton of room back there yeah tons of room for myself at six foot one and a half and I think that’s why it’s nice to have that compared to like an X3 or a Macan okay we got the Gardena hose reel box test

Let’s see how many Gardena hose reels we can fit into the Maserati nine Gardena hose reels in the Maserati you like fancy analog clocks in your cars right love it we got a fancy digital clock in your car digital analog digital is the future it’s perfect it

Looks cool like it’s got seconds going and stuff it does like it looks pretty cool if you can like skin that that’d be interesting too okay I tried swiping on it you can’t do anything you might be able to do the infotainment and I tried to rotate this knurled uh knob which

Isn’t actually a knob it does look like that okay let me check uh I’ll check later it’s like a Porsche Chrono thing except actually fully digital okay sound system we can have normal sound stereo sound and we can have 3D sound which sounds like the concert hall thing in

Volvos it’s Santos and it’s Santa’s favorite it’s Santa’s favor which was in the last trophail which I still don’t know anything about sure but it does sound good I did like it and I had to turn off the 3D sound on podcast because you didn’t listen to like orchestra

Music I did like because it’s activated on here and it came to me delivered on orchestra music and it was sick it was actually pretty sick and before I end my rant the last thing I really like your rant AKA your review yeah it turns out I’m unhinged when reviewing Maserati’s

Whether you’re with me or not when you exit the car you have a push to exit and it is not weird at all there are a lot of cars with weird door handles yeah it’s a fully electronic exit just like our C6 Z06 exactly okay I think that’s it with my

Unhinged review is there anything from those other brands that you think is better than this after I’ve gone over everything let’s get to the price is there anything better uh like is there any features from BMW Porsche or Mercedes that you like better besides probably Porsche Macan handling and

Power I would straight up take a Porsche Macan GTS over this no question you would yeah no question okay but say you were a person who didn’t need the fastest version and you wanted something cool but you needed to pay at least a hundred thousand dollars so you didn’t

Look poor I mean there’s a maccon s as well yeah but mccon s isn’t as cool as a it’s not no it’s not I also really like the BMW x3m which would compete with this in terms of price okay so the x3m is getting refreshed in 2024 so the 23

Still has the one to eight favorites so right now perfect there are a lot of good reasons to get the 23 BMW x3m go to 2024 when we get to the new stuff the Spy shots are out I don’t know about that yeah I I agree with you

Because it’s getting iDrive eight or eight point five or whatever and then right I can only get a GLC 43 or a GLC 300 the GLC 63 is going to come out in 25 with like six or seven hundred horsepower off like a 2-liter super hybrid whatever do you want that no I’d

Go with this then and like how simple and nice is this like are you relaxed driving this yeah stressed out by the infotainment at all only these climate controls but other than that it’s actually really good all right and the review see you guys in the next video