The Straight Pipes: RIP HELLCAT! 2023 Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye Jailbreak Review

RIP HELLCAT! 2023 Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye Jailbreak Review

Posted: 2023-08-04 12:01:47
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye Jailbreak review by The Straight Pipes. The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody Redeye Jailbreak is putting down 807 horsepower and 707 lb-ft of torque from a 6.2L V8. At $128,545 CAD, would you take it over the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye Widebody SRT Jailbreak, Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody Last Call Redeye, Dodge Demon 170, Dodge Durango Hellcat, Ford Mustang Dark Horse?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

[Applause] [Applause] foreign Very last Dodge Charger V8 SRT Hellcat red eye wide body jailbreak and I’m just gonna do a burnout oh my God I’m Gonna Miss This car so much thank you holy crap look at all that smoke I love this thing so much I don’t even care what the 0-60 time is literally could

Not care less horsepower and dark 807 horsepower 707 pound-feet of torque from a 6.2 liter supercharged being foreign it actually hit me that this is probably the last Hellcat we’re ever gonna drive a brand new one I know I know this sucks like there are more versions but there’s

Probably going to be no more press cars we can drive I’ve gotten this out of my system I’m like I’m fine with it I’m like I’ve accepted it and it’s kind of sad but yo this is the jailbreak jailbreak means for the last year they’re going to let you do any option

Uh they sort of said that on their website they said so if you’re dreaming about owning a stinger yellow challenger with brass monkey Wheels Hammerhead gray seeds blue brambos and red badges I’m not sure we should but we’ll build it for you so what do we do we went to

Build one I wanted to see if I could put red stripes on this purple Speck with the red interior and the first thing is like now you can’t put red stripes on purple so they lied and this was not specked up by us I messaged Dodge and I

Was like yo can I build the last jailbreak as ugly as possible just like we specced out that Porsche Cayenne that we did and they’re like no reply nothing turns out this was built by another journalist who had a family member who worked at Dodge back in the day because

All The Challengers are built up in Brampton yes and this is a pretty cool spot trying to build world’s ugliest charger yeah okay there you go but they didn’t do the worst job on building the world’s ugliest charger because you are correct the interior the red interior with the

Purple is very ugly yeah and I appreciate that I love it it’s such a perfect spec like we would have probably expect something very good I would have done yellow with the red stripes and red interior and the yellow brake calipers which don’t match the yellow paint I

Probably would have done that like lime green with red stripes that’s the that’s what I meant by okay yeah right yeah we would have built the same ugly lime green Charger yeah but uh okay so let’s get into this this is a jailbreak which is different than a last call last calls

Are kind of like pre-speced also last editions and then they also announced these like Mopar special editions which are also different so there’s like three different special editions of last year’s of chargers and Challengers going on right to be jailbreak uh Hellcat jailbreak uh red eye yes there’s a lot

Of version this is the red ass so a little bit more power exactly so then but the jailbreak also gives us more power because that gives you 10 extra horsepower yo I can’t feel any but hey that’s a lot of talking I think we should do some flooring all right

Good I took this for a rip yesterday and it was like every turn skating and I’m like I cannot own this in the city oh my God no uh you gotta own this in the country or risk jail time or something I felt so guilty because every time I

Evolved this every time you floor it everybody looks they’re far away the looks and everyone’s just like oh here Tire squealing supercharger and it sounds so perfect and I’m just like I am the worst person ever in this car I don’t get emotional or sad or anything

But like I’m kind of really sad that I might never drive this again it sucks that we can’t buy well I mean we probably could buy we should buy one this one’s really exciting just so we could like drive it every year like once

In a while just be like oh I wonder what a good car used to feel like yeah yeah and like I actually wouldn’t modify it probably for the first time ever because this car is perfect like the exhaust sound everything about it supercharger it already has a cold air intake you

Already get all the wee-wee sounds from the inside like everything about this is done so well and even inside how basic it is like you get in this car you plug in your car play it works right away and then like you just start going fast it’s

Like you’ve got remote start on the key fob so you can warm it up at home and do a burnout when you leave like shook my house yo this car I I showed my kid my two-year-old I started the car for her and she’s like it’s too loud and I’m

Like oh we’re gonna go I put the car seat in here which fit behind me I would have been fine uh and this the seats are so cushy that I like pushed it all down and she’s like no I’m not going in that No I don’t want the Hellcat I won’t go in the Mazda well I got good news for you because I’m picking up my kid after this and he’s going to love this yeah I I will let you know but he’s gonna love it hahaha fast yeah do you like the car

Yeah and then with the four-door having a family I I definitively choose if it’s not a manual I would 100 go charger over Challenger so when I was buying my E55 AMG wagon I was looking at the only charger Hellcat wide bodies I could find that were like the cheapest ones and

There was nothing less than like 70 000 I’m like I can’t justify that for like a car that’s gonna have like kid boogers everywhere but then I ended up with a car on the same platform as this anyways as a Supercharged V8 yeah I think we should talk about the looks because we

Did some really nice shots yeah I really love the body lines I think the color looks great I think from the rear three-quarter looks nice from the front three quarter it looks nice from front on it looks cool I love the badge up there but I don’t like that it’s all

Blacked out and the wide body fender flares really pop especially with the smoke the rear end looks really really good with the smoke like this just fits smoke we should probably listen to it from the outside from the outside all right [Applause] Foreign this is the best experience and it’s so accessible to so many people that drive around in circles and crash them into people for fun exactly and you can like Finance this at like 30 for like 96 months like no problem and if you want to buy one of these go to highly recommend buying a new one buying a used one whatever you want whatever you can get your hands on as long as it says Hell Cat yeah as long as it’s got the picture of the Hellcat from the factory and not just a sticker someone put on a vehicle but back to

Jailbreak do you know what really really really really really really sucked about this what’s that all the options are like black wheels yeah you don’t have any color wheel if you like black it’s like so boring but what would be the Continental recommended tire for one of

These the extreme contact sport O2 and I would love to go through multiple sets of rear tires of those but I did see like a brass monkey or whatever there was like a uh whatever copper bronze Edition but it was still dark that jailbreak is pretty weak like

If that’s how weak jailbreak is no what was the regular options for specking these out I know it’s nowhere near like a Porsche configurator like don’t even feel bad buying on any year Hellcat and just modifying it yourself yes we’re just criticizing the lack of options in jailbreak not the actual jailbreak

Because we love this the car is amazing it’s just like you could have done a little more on thing if that was like your big last hurray but I guess like the car is amazing okay no let’s get the car we still have a 2.7 liter supercharger from the demon we have one

Horsepower less than the demon we got that power Chiller so that robs our air conditioning and sends it into the engine bay and even though they’re all made just up the street of Brampton we will probably never drive a demon which is the saddest part so Dodge USA if you

Would like to invite us to the state somewhere to drive a demon we will come I promise I’ll do the world’s biggest burnout I promise I will run the drag strip properly yeah I just want to go on a prep so please just invite us Dodge USA we tried we’ve been around we’ve

Never been seven years we have so many subscribers so many views please just invite us everybody in the comments leave a comment telling Dodge to invite us to the demon launch please please back to this car so we do have launch control and I don’t care to use it but

What I did notice is that Dodge also has launch control and launch assist according to Dodge’s press release which uses like wheel speed sensors and all this stuff to prevent doing burnouts all this thing does is dead part out so just like who cares it’s so perfect you don’t

Even need a line lock to do breath which is cool because it’s like every stupid feature that every new car company comes out with to like make the car cool like this car can just do with a ton of power in rear-wheel drive break gas and you’ll

Still just do it and then we also have our performance pages and all that stuff just like we’ve had in every other dodge charger Hellcat wide body red eye SRT I’m not even gonna say 392. I I clicked it and it took so long to load I’m like

I don’t care I’m just gonna I’m gonna turn everything off and just light up the tires exactly um and then we got this nice shifter which I just put into manual and I’m going to send in the cliche Corner however we do have a rule of over 700 horsepower I’m gonna sweep

It but this is probably again the last time we’re gonna drive this so I’m gonna go in dirty Yuri dirty I’m gonna break the rules for the last one but I’m not gonna go full sideways because I still value my life in Yuri’s life okay uh

Yeah turn into the same who cares and I’m gonna light up the rear Just a Touch over there big head big old boat dude I’m like 25 throttle because otherwise I’m just gonna like and my last we’ll send through cliche Corner in a Hellcat probably probably ever in your

Life ever in my no new one maybe I’ll drive a new one maybe I’ll drive a used one maybe I’ll buy a used one but you sure okay I had to do it that’s just like how I keep thinking about that GT Taurus from like five years ago

Yeah Special cars okay let’s get you and uh into the driver’s seat s this thing can’t hook up I’m just gonna Boner mobile yeah Yeah they’re a lot of those cars yeah all right what a perfect car you know when we drove the 392 uh last call uh-huh bro I’m gonna tell you guys first thing I did after driving this car again I I texted him I’m like anybody who buys a

392 like they shouldn’t even sell that car they shouldn’t sell any charger or Challenger that isn’t this because this is so good don’t drive the 390 don’t drive this don’t buy it just only just buy any V8 I’m still gonna say that but like give me how like for real though

You really can get a Hellcat spring for it I could I could never buy anything that’s charger Challenger not Hellcat I also could not never and this for some reason feels less boaty to me than the Challenger I don’t know why same here man like the suspension’s Adaptive we’ve

Got this thing in sport mode yes you can also put in track mode but it’s a little touch stiff yeah it’s just it’s just fine like I could daily this except for that my kid refused to jump in there’s a lot of trunk room I don’t know like

There’s there’s nothing like the cup holders are good the infotainment is old and perfect the visors we already know you’re gonna super send Go full pass double extend like man you definitely want to get a set of Tuck smack go to slash the straight pipes all

Right now now you’re to see something whack okay sure custom SRT Drive modes I’m putting it in 372. okay because that’s kilowatts or whatever you haven’t changed this but like the black pedal okay like you can still hear a supercharger and stuff but it’s just like not as fast

And it’s like it sucks and there’s a valet mode but they go into valet mode you need to put in a pin and I did not want to risk having to put in a pin forget and then the last day of driving a Hellcat is in valet mode like no way

Jose back to uh 601 KW or whatever this powertrain is in yeah good thing traction was on there because yeah this is a smooth roll and this thing we just wanted to let go okay man I’m gonna keep saying this is a good car yeah like great car like maybe

World’s best car but I do feel like I couldn’t like drive this daily because I would get in too much trouble yeah in the city like when there’s not an open road to just like bomb down like like you’re going to be too much pent up I could 100 100

Risk it I don’t care I’d risk it you would not I would remember I messaged the dealership about buying that Shakedown last call that they had yes they replied back what is your offer this is Ontario where you’re supposed to be able to get the MSRP but they’re not

Advertising yet yeah yeah I am like MSRP ghost ghost never heard so yeah you’re gonna get markups for everything yeah and I mean this one’s also really expensive yeah really expensive I mean we might as well get to the prices the same great card always is yep the

Specking building it up build one on the website before they shut it down just for fun but let’s get to the price they are actually stopping orders in August I believe let’s get to the price 95 695 is the starting price Canadian and this one is 128.545. that’s so much money but it’s

An experience that like you like even though it’s a big dumb stupid American Car you can’t get this experience from like anything else from the factory no like the closest thing next to this would be a Cadillac ct5v Black Wing which you can also go with the manual but it’s so much less

Stupid and more yes exactly which are faults yes God damn it don’t stop just don’t stop that was the last that was that was like my last full rip probably all right guys man man I’m sad man Yo’s insane yeah we have no emotions but

Like yeah like it’s gone this is it this is my last time you have a chance to drive on drive on that’s crazy I can’t believe it all right sad piano music play us out Yeah foreign