The Straight Pipes: RIP GAS TRUCKS! 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV Review

RIP GAS TRUCKS! 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV Review

Posted: 2023-06-26 12:59:29
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Chevy Silverado EV Work Truck review by The Straight Pipes. The Chevrolet Silverado EV is putting down 510 horsepower and 615 lb-ft of torque from 2 electric motors. At $77,906 USD, would you take it over the Tesla Cybertruck, Ford Lightning, Rivian R1T or Hummer EV?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign 2024 Chevy Silverado EV work truck without launch control it’s a perfect level of speed for this horsepower and torque 510 horsepower 615 pound-feet of torque in normal mode from an undisclosed battery size and two electric motors what do you mean undisclosed battery size GM is not officially disclosing what the number is

But kind of unofficially it’s probably just the Hummer EV battery which is very large and what is the range 450 miles or 724 kilometers which is the most out of basically any truck on the market right now that is pretty cool why are we in the work truck and not in like

That cool rst or something like that so this is the one that launches first this is the fleet vehicle so if you did want to buy one of these These are basically all pre-sold at this point two fleets yes but this is still fun to review what’s coming out because the rst is

Going to be different but it’s a lot of similar stuff to this and it is cool to see an electric truck company start with the fleet and not with like the fancy ones like the lightning did or the rivians absolutely so if you are shopping for a car for a consumer go to discounted price offers yeah I’m sure the rsds will be out there probably in the fall spy regular Silverado regular F-150 whatever you want okay so what’s the point of this truck uh it can tow a lot as well uh 10 000 pounds that’s why you saw us Towing

That John Deere trailer yeah I mean that trailer with the John Deere on it so we towed about an 8 000 ish pound trailer with a John Deere uh tractor on it shout out John Deere love my John Deere’s and it was actually pretty Flawless like we

Had no issues with it yeah the level of power that you got and also having no transmission no gears to go through was really nice it was easy to drive so when you hook up a trailer it automatically goes to tow haul mode which or you can

Press to haul mode which drops down your range in the screen very funny number by number to halfway to start off yeah so even if your start off point is 350 miles you know from 100 like you’re are still getting a lot of Towing capabilities with that so all the haters

On the Ford F-150 Lightning and Tyler Hoover’s videos and stuff that have stirred up the internet and stuff this truck kind of solves that and kind of gives you like gas-ish range and the range that it shows will auto adjust so it’ll see by how you’re driving and like

How much weight is being towed like it can kind of detect and automatically adjust a more realistic range so what you like put right away is not exactly what it’s going to be if you have a lighter trailer yeah it could go up actually or down yeah so Towing was ten

Thousand pounds which is pretty cool because they had a 10 000 out of hay on the trailer yeah that’s pretty cool what’s the payload uh 1400 pounds nice yeah so everything’s gone up from their initial assessments I think it was like twelve hundred and eight thousand so

This can do a lot more than it originally could and it also does something a little bit more in terms of the price when they originally announced this as well because it was supposed to be in its lowest form around 39 thousand US Dollars and the one that we’re

Currently driving which we’ll get to at the end of the video is definitely not that price okay uh let’s quickly move inside can we have a short cab or is this the only configuration this is the only configuration cool because it’s not a uh body on frame truck it’s a unibody

On frame which I coined the term because uh anyways it’s it’s still a truck but it’s not like a traditional truck but it’s kind of like a truck but it’s not a full unibody so that’s why it’s a unibody on frame and that’s my phrasing

Not GMS so you can fit four adults in the back super comfortably like I mean five adults I think very very very comfortably yes your entire work crew will be very satisfied in here okay and then this version the back does not fold down so you can extend the bed but in

The rst version we saw you could which is cool like an avalanche or whatever it was and then you can also get the cool tailgate which has like the multi-function whatever that’s called Pro step and all that stuff yeah but we do not have that on the work truck

Correct and then I’ve seen some work trucks with no bed liner which is cool about I would prefer oh always have a bed liner because I’d be scared of scratching paint yes oh and speaking of bed liners and liners and stuff in here we don’t have any carpets yeah it’s just

Rubber liner on top of the bare metal so you’ll probably want to get yourself a set of Tuck smack go to the straight pipes to see what they have for your car because they do have the Silverado 1500 and the HD right now all right so we’re just cruising right now

Right yep let’s get back to some power ah okay so that was a regular launch or whatever acceleration let me go into tow haul mode which you do get more power in tow haul mode and now my raging goes down I feel like you get more sound in tow

Hall mode yeah there is some pumped in audio and it’s like it’s kind of nice actually but it’s not Wild audio like it was in the Hummer and by the way this is yeah it’s very normal they told us again and again this is not just the Hummer

This is a narrow version it is fully different from the ground up with shared components so this is not a Hummer this is not a Hummer no it looks exactly like a Hummer from the rear the recorder and with the part that looks like a Hummer

So our bed is a five foot eleven bed and it’s kind of integrated-ish like a rivian so there was that whole thing with the rivian accident that cost forty thousand dollars to repair I think this would be very similar to that it is still separate but you still have to

Kind of detach it from the rest of the body so it’s like it may be very expensive to fix if you’ve dented the Box yeah that would suck but yo the front we didn’t talk about what’s up there is it motor is it batteries is IT wires and cables

It’s a frunk it’s a frunk with storage however it doesn’t open as far as an F-150 Lightning does and the latch is actually very low so I did smoke my head off it here’s a representation of that yeah and I wish that would have been a little bit higher and there are drain

Plugs and things in there so you can have your front tailgate party or whatever you call those now yeah yeah and then this is also first year so things might still change by the time like the rst comes out or for the next years yeah absolutely and even for now

This is the normal plug that we’ve had on like every electric car yes but then they announced recently everyone did that they’re hopping on the Tesla bandwagon and using their plugs so I think by 2025 you’re going to have a different plug on your Silverado EV yes

And Ford is also to go into that Hyundai Kia is evaluating every company is now basically going to go to Tesla standard which is great for charging and this can charge up to 350 kilowatts which is pretty quick but as we know with our experiences at most charging stations

That aren’t Teslas you don’t really get that power and before I drive we need to find out one important thing so can it charge itself like the F-150 Lightning can you charge the Silverado from the Silverado aha it’ll be ready by 4 30 p.m on Sunday and today is Wednesday yeah

Yeah so uh confirmed unlimited Electric Power yo why did you turn the car off oh wait it turned back on uh you put your foot on the brake to start it oh so this power button isn’t actually a turn your car on power button it is a radio button

That looks like a power on button for every electric car but the rst does not have that it has a black button that’s a screen behind it yes so if you don’t like being able to turn on your car with a hard button this might be weird to you it might be

Neutral drop launch controller which I was told this can do that was better that was a little better damn [Applause] so I’ve been asking like every manufacturer what happens if you neutral drop your EV what happens if you need to drop your UV nobody will give me a solid

Answer shout out Chevy guys for figuring it out for me and showing that it actually works and it didn’t like screw up the car or anything and in case you’re not familiar with the neutral drop it’s putting it in neutral flooring it and then just putting the uh Drive

Selector into drive which I assume makes the computer say zero to 100 much quicker than my foot pushing it down so good job yes you know we haven’t talked about yet a lot of stuff the looks okay so do you like it overall or should we

Just dissect it I love it I love it overall I think it looks cool and I think as a work truck spec it looks really cool because it’s not RoboCop yes and by RoboCop I mean a full light bar across the front or back which the rst

Does have yeah so I generally also do like it it’s definitely a lot more futuristic looking than the F-150 Lightning however I’m not sure if work truck clientele want that but I think it does generally look pretty good yeah do you mind that The Grille here is a like

A flat black material or whatever because the higher trims have color no I mean for a work truck this makes perfect sense you like the headlights though yeah I mean it’s not RoboCop so it looks pretty good I saw one of the higher trims charging and then you could see

The lights going through the headlights oh okay so on that you can’t actually control your lights with any physical switch it is actually in the infotainment which to me is kind of crazy but there is a quick button there we’ll talk about the info table later

Because there’s a lot to talk about how about the side view does does it look a little too hummer-ish uh no I think it just looks right it looks a little ridgeline-ish but you know all that stuff looks kind of like that at this

Point yeah I I’m fine with it I think it looks cool uh do you like the wheels on here uh they’re definitely work trucks back and they’re very appropriate and they are not steelies so yeah they’re pretty cool they’re cool it won’t be the contental recommended tire for a

Silverado EV the terrain contact HT but how about the 24 inch wheels on the rst those were freaking gigantic I think the biggest wheels like I fit in the size of those Wheels yeah they’re absolutely massive those are those are wild yeah okay rear end do you like the tail

Lights pretty normal pretty light very normal especially for a work truck yeah yeah I know I keep saying that but like this is just appropriate for what it is what does it sound like from the outside Foreign yeah so going forward it actually makes some sounds and then you put it in reverse it makes a different crazy sound yeah I like them so overall looks wise you’re happy with it definitely happy with it would you rather have the rst looks or would you be cool as a work

Truck guy I mean probably the rst it is pretty cool I’m not a work truck guy yeah you see these hands these are keyboard hands okay so you know what these hands are good for is actually touching the stuff on the infotainment so we have the Android automotive stuff

Oh Google in here so you can talk to it hey Google find the nearest electric charger we’re in a low reception zone right now and this is all uh internet based just a moment looks like there’s no and I couldn’t find the nearest electric charger in your downloaded map

So it has worked before but you know that’s cool this does have Apple carplay Android auto you can go Wireless or wired and for the most part on this infotainment the left side with a bunch of shortcuts is always visible so even though we don’t have a hard home button

We can still almost all the time get to all the things we want very quickly and then because it is also Google Maps based and it’s all integrated it actually tells you your battery percentage when you’re going to get to destinations and things like that and it

Is pretty accurate we’re told with the gauge but not when you’re towing just because Towing okay and then we do have a button for our lights right here shortcut button and then next to that we also have our break regen button so if I click that it’s going to send me to one

Pedal driving and right now I think I have it set to level two to on okay and then high is even more like as high as aggressive full one pedal driving which is really cool so here I’ll floor it again and I’ll let off oh yeah this is the most aggressive one pedal

Driving we’ve experienced and then to turn off the one pedal driving I just click this button and I find myself using those top buttons by grabbing the top of the infotainment and just hitting it with my thumb because the buttons are very tiny and hard to like aim while

Driving yeah they are pretty small and then if you do get the rst not work truck related you get a massive screen which is much larger okay but then say you are in one pedal driving you’re like I know I need the coast on this hill you

Know what you can do put it into neutral and now I’m in a very high one pedal driving and coasting with zero regen and it actually shows you how many kilowatts you’re using or regenerating just like the bolt which was my favorite display for electric cars and you can go through

A whole bunch of different gauge settings as well which makes it look pretty cool let me put it back into drive so yeah it would actually be nice to be able to control your brake regen with a paddle on the steering wheel yeah but maybe surveys say truck people don’t

Like that I don’t know I don’t know and as for the rest of this interior it is very plasticky as you’d expect for a work truck it obviously is pretty cheap here and there but the vents are kind of annoying over here but they will probably actually change because the

Vents in the middle are actually very nice to control so there’s weird stuff like that and we got hard button climates because they still said they wanted some hard buttons that people liked 360 camera there is no hard button for it you have to click it here on the

Left which you can save which is all right and it’s all very high res for the most part and then we do have adaptive cruise on the highway we don’t have super Crews on this but we have the lane departure assist and that’s also where our tow haul button is and what about

These plasticky cup holders here we did hit up at Detroit Tim Hortons then they had the weird old style lids and it does fit a small cup just fine so we have two up here and we actually have two back here so a good amount for a work truck

Unlike the F250 Super Duty that we originally drove visor test world’s first three two one yes Full Pass also has the icon there good job Chevy okay and then at the back we can also lift up those seats and have stuff underneath there there’s accessories so you could like put more

Junk in there yeah no no sunroof either work truck our seat’s super comfortable right very comfortable like way more comfortable than I expected yeah there’s no lumbar adjustment and they are manual but the steering wheel is power so that’s cool and there’s no presets obviously because it’s all manual yeah

But I I nothing weird about driving this no and also the ride quality is really good it’s not bouncy it’s uh not overly loud I do notice a little bit of noise coming in through the cabin and then we also did drive this off-road as well and off-road was actually really good too

Yeah on like a when I say off a soft Gravelly Road like yes and by Soft I mean not a trail but it wasn’t like uh like the F250 where it felt like it needed a 10 000 pound trailer behind it at all times this just feels very nice

It feels closer to a unibody the way that it drives kind of like a Ridgeline which is very comfortable and I feel like we couldn’t get it to like even trip the tires at all we were trying to launch it on gravel like it does not

Want trip Wheels tires I got a little bit of a drift going like a tiny one with full traction off don’t expect gv60 GV style stuff yeah and then it really hauled me back in but uh yeah and then this also has a power base setting so

You can power tools you can power food trucks what they did for us at the event which was pretty cool we literally ate tacos that were powered by this truck and then you can also set that so that if you’re using power tools it’ll make sure you have a certain amount of

Battery left in your car so your truck so you can drive home or whatever that’s pretty cool yeah okay and then since this is a weird car where when you get out it turns off you can use buttons up here to manually turn it off like a little button in the infotainment which

Is still kind of weird and then you can also set it to stay on so when you leave the car like it’s still running AC even though you got out and what’s cool is while you’re reversing or whatever if you lift your butt up and you don’t have

A seat belt on like say you’re just parking in your driveway it does not shut off because of a seat sensor it seems like there is none yeah exactly so it’s all like in the break because the Volkswagen id4 if you lift your butt up it would kill the car right away yeah

Which is a terrible car you have to add that in there right okay I mean like that’s a lot with this yeah is there anything you think we’re missing for this work truck video the price Yuri let’s get to the price okay so there is a work truck trim below this

One currently available for 72 905 American there will be cheaper ones but they won’t be 39 000 and the one that we are currently driving with the 450 mile range is 77 906 so that uh thirty nine thousand one had to be moved up because I guess the world changed for how much

Stuff costs so and Ford also did that with the lightning as well so yeah yeah I guess that’ll happen so and then the rst is going to cost about 105 000 US Dollars well because these are like super big fancy heavy trucks they’re not like with huge batteries yeah yeah it’s

Kind of like a show thing too I don’t think you actually like are getting this electrical to be more environmental or anything you’re just doing it because it’s like cool yeah pretty much at this point okay so this or a lightning ooh I mean this has more range I uh honestly I

Think I would go with this like you go work truck over like a nicer lightning I probably actually would I don’t know I think this is cool because it reminds me of the Hummer yeah I think the rsts look cooler than any Lightnings currently do I just don’t

Want to worry about range and I literally haven’t worried about range in two days in this thing yeah not once yeah yeah I guess you’re yeah a part of that reason is I don’t actually know what my battery percentage ever is accurately I have a general idea of

Where it is yeah it doesn’t show you until you shut off the car but but you always know how much rain you have in like distance wise so I mean yeah range wise like this are we gonna are we gonna vote for range what do you mean like

Pick this over the lightning because of range I am all right I’ll agree with you low five thanks for watching subscribe hit the notification Bell see you guys in the next video maybe it’s another EV maybe it’s something with 600 horsepower I don’t know [Applause] Foreign