The Straight Pipes: PERFECT SUV? 2023 Honda Pilot Review

PERFECT SUV? 2023 Honda Pilot Review

Posted: 2023-04-21 11:59:25
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Honda Pilot review by The Straight Pipes. The Honda Pilot Trailsport is putting down 285 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque from a 3.5L V6. At $57,750 CAD, would you take it over the Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, Toyota Highlander?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Jacob we’re going for a drive 2023 Honda Pilot Trail sport without launch control brake boost Pretty decent sound pretty decent acceleration horse power and torque 285 horsepower 262 pound-feet of torque from a naturally aspirated 3.5 liter V6 that’s right there is no turbo here Flora forming that doesn’t feel like a CVT either no CVT got a 10 speed in here everything functions pretty damn well this is an

All-new engine we do not have VTEC we have VTC which is different all of that was done for emissions because yes even though it’s the same 3.5 liter V6 it’s really not the same engine all right and this is a three row yes it is big three

Row yeah to the point that I actually fit in every robe pretty comfortably which is wild yeah especially in the second row where we have peasant blockers which is awesome yeah I feel like this last couple months has been the Jacob complaining about back seats tour pretty much and it’s all like SUVs

It’s like come on why don’t I fit okay let’s send this trail sport through cliche Corner we took that bump and it was very comfortable and a little bit of understeer but this is all-wheel drive with torque vectoring and it works this Honda system is great I’m watching the

Split it all goes back to your rear right on this one here we go here we go yeah yeah your inner left back at the back had nothing going on yeah no it this all-wheel drive has system is all new like this is amazing so there has been some significant changes to the

Rear differential and depending on which trim you get especially in the United States because apparently Canada gets the same good upgraded all-wheel drive system on every trim at least that’s what Honda Canada told me but in the States you have to get the trail sport or above to get this better all-wheel

Drive system what is a trail sport uh it’s the rugged off-roady let me just read you what Honda says the trailsport will be the most rugged Honda SUV ever with standard all-terrain tire steel skid plates off-road tuned suspension and expanded all-wheel drive system capabilities and the thing I hate the

Most about the trail sport is that in Canada we do not get the 360 cameras we’re in the States you do and the 360 cameras have a whole bunch of cool off-roading stuff for off-roading yeah that’s like the whole point of this and then I asked our Honda PR guy and he was

Saying how the customers wanted certain things and to prioritize different things so in my opinion if you’re a Canadian do not buy the trail sport you’re just getting yourself ripped off but if you’re in the states definitely buy the trail sport from discounted price offers uh I do actually

Agree with you and I find that this backup camera is really low res considering this is an all new vehicle I think they could have put a little bit more effort into that but to me it seems like reverse cameras and 360 cameras are always tied to infotainments and since

This is the new stuff the Civic didn’t upgrade the reverse camera either so I don’t see anything else upgrading for a while yeah but I mean the price difference between this and a Civic I get what you’re saying they should have done it in the Civic and upgraded how

Like the CX-5 got better cameras after they got the bigger infotainment screen yeah so that is definitely a Miss however good news is that at least to me everything else with this vehicle is amazing and I actually love it the powertrain is good like I said earlier I

Have no issues with that the suspension is really good it’s really comfortable we have off-road tuned suspension but really it’s just pothole tuned suspension which is great we’ve got very nice tires which this comes from the factory on what is the Continental factory tire the terrain contact at just

Like yeah yeah my Raptor they’re great tires I’ve driven thousands of kilometers in my Raptor on them so highly recommend these tires but the wheels I feel like they could have done a little bit more make them a little bit more rugged maybe some fake bead locks

Or something like that because like they just look all right maybe once they bring a 360 camera to Canada then they can start working on the wheels if they’re allowed I don’t know and I mean that brings me to my next point is like I wish this was a little bit more

Ruggedy or rugged appearance like because nothing from the outside really screams trailsport to me other than the stupid orange logos and my stepbrother recently bought a trail sport but the last gen in Black Pilot Trail sport yep and looks wise I feel like the old one

Looked just as good as this pretty much yeah it’s like a slight different change at the front obviously I think this does look a lot better I just wish it looked slightly more rugged like the general new pilot like because this is an all new model looks really good like the

Headlights and everything I think it looks fantastic actually yeah this color kind of sucks though because there’s like a yeah there’s like a baby blue one but it’s still like a popular color people love it can we kill this color officially now like this color is over

Audi great job you’ve made everyone do it the joke’s over let’s just end it now because people still they buy the car like it’s got that my Kia’s got that cool paint yeah the primer gray just like an Audi does you’re like yeah yeah and in here driving it driving

Position is great elbows no problem everything’s pretty soft steering wheel looks and functions really well we do have Honda’s Lane sensing or whatever it’s called a Honda assist on the highway it works really well I feel like every car is just a scaled up version of

When the Civic drops it’s copy paste add scale and whatever which is good if there’s one thing you don’t like in those you’re not gonna like it’s gonna be the same here and you won’t like it yeah and then this infotainment for me is fantastic we have all the right

Buttons we have Android auto Apple carplay it is optionally Wireless we also have hard buttons for the climate which has been lovely to use my one gripe is that we don’t have cooled seats in here I would have loved that we only have heated and on this ventilated and

On this hot hot April day it’s uh I want I want cool we got rear climbing too look yeah you can do all three right there it’s really easy to use and then we have a wireless charger down here and then our cup holders work really well total pass what about the visors

Three two one oh yeah good job Honda yeah I mean it’s kind of hard to find things you don’t like about this the seats are comfortable nice and cushiony everything about this sitting here driving it looking at it is great yeah it just to me in my head it’s like when

There’s no 360 camera not that much off-roading this just move up to the luxury trim yeah because give me some Chrome there’s a black edition Above This which is like pretty expensive I think and this is already fairly expensive but uh yeah anyways let’s get you into the driver’s seat launch

Paddles manual mode foreign Lifts like this thing is this thing’s good I’m glad it still has a V6 because I feel like everyone expected this to have some sort of two liter turbo thing because that’s what everybody’s doing yeah these are gonna be like The Sweet Spot cars that like hang around yeah

It’s like oh the last year with that one shout out Honda and they also improve fuel economy so the fuel economy for this is actually 11.8 liters per 100 combined or 20 MPGs and this can actually run on three cylinders which is pretty interesting oh nice maybe if I

Put it into eco mode yes because we actually do have Drive modes like seven of them yeah I mean it’s good if you get stuck in sand which honestly I don’t know why anyone ever needs sand mode like unless you get like I mean that’s

Like a I screwed up mode yeah but you don’t live in Arizona and like tow your ATV and stuff because by the way getting stuck on the beach this can tow uh up to 5 000 pounds which is decent I’m gonna take one turn Corner yeah it’s good

Torque vectoring works not flying like you are but I also don’t feel the need I’m an old man now I’m tired I get mad when people are going over like the 40 kilometer speed limit with like a playground or school zone I mean you should get mad at them better slow

Yourself down buddy old pal everyone just thinks I’m going fast because all my cars are loud like I’m sorry I’m just not speeding okay so this gauge gloss they’re digital on the left analog on the right don’t mind it at all no and you really don’t notice it and like

Unless you’re on the passenger side and I love seeing that torque Vector engage because you can actually see that it’s mostly front wheel drive until it’s like really trying to do something like floor right now in a straight line and then it’ll slowly take away power from the back

It’s cool to look at once and then just remove that from my vision I like it they need it overlaid with like a a track camera that looks at all the cool Trails you did Even though Canada doesn’t have yeah recording cameras okay trunk I noticed that there is only a

Trunk close button which you can hold to set it there’s no lock button you know how I like my close unlock button next to each other no it’s always nice to have what is this thing for uh cigarettes I think I’m not really sure it looks like a pack of smokes it

Doesn’t fit a phone it doesn’t fit glasses I don’t know what this compartment is for yo we got presets here that’s nice not every car’s got presets with electric seats yeah and then we do have some gloss black but it’s pretty minimal I wish for zero

Gloss black and a trail sport yo for no up and down lumbar like it’s actually pretty good and pretty comfy up here it’s in a good position but then this compartment up here is really nice and functional yeah what are you gonna put there uh trail maps compasses beef jerky yeah

Nailed it and then with the seats we got this cool stitching like I’m a sucker for orange themes any themed stitching okay and then we also have it on the floor mats if you wanted to replace your floor mats I would highly recommend a set of tux mat yeah 100 they don’t have

This vehicle yet but they are scanning Vehicles very frequently so they probably will have it in their inventory and then since this is off-rodi there might still be a giant snow bank at our lunch spot so let’s see how high we can get it up there maybe we can get out in

Snow mode or would that be sand mode uh is no there’s a there’s got to be yeah snow mode would probably be the one you want to be in but I feel like if you get stuck in a snow bank that’s not really what snow Mode’s worth yeah but I mean

The suspension in these tires and everything like take the right side of this road here that’s great oh dude that’s half off-road that’s 50 off road now we hit a rock that torque vectoring system this is this is super comfy it does feel gigantic though that’s one thing about

This yeah from the outside and driving it and parking it you’re like I’m driving a freaking Escalade it kind of feels bigger than a palisade or a Telluride feels when you’re sitting in it the weirdest thing is that like a city bus is like the same width as cars

Almost and luck drives on the same roads but you could fit like five people sideways with so much more room think about that and it’s pretty wild it is that’s why we live in a simulation because how can that exist I don’t know man I mean I’m sure buses are definitely

Wider but yeah they drive out the same road yeah just like what Humber does Hummer’s wide I know remember how far we were yeah yeah yeah but like I feel like I’m the whole width of the road we did a review of buzz if anybody has a bus let

Us know I wanted to buy that one somebody posted one for sale and it was gone right away so I’m gonna be honest with you there’s not really anything else to talk about this is just like a nice Honda it’s got the stuff from the Civic that we love that’s in everything

There’s literally nothing to really complain about like this is such a good SUV except for the camera thing which means you should not buy the trail sport at all fine in Canada fine with everything out of the way let’s get to the price this one is 57 750 cool yeah

So I guess it’s a decent chunk of change but like also comparable to if you don’t want to drive a minivan I mean I’d go Minivan and just not off-road yeah I love minivans you know what they haven’t done yet because they’ve been doing this trailsport thing and whatever rugged

Stuff to everything they haven’t done it to minivans yet I saw a Pacifica off-road concept Hot Wheels at the grocery store okay so hot wheels does it all right Hot Wheels does it but like no manufacturer has done it and I haven’t seen any concepts of them either but

Also minivans like aren’t cool so you know I I yeah I like minivans yeah so would you take this over some of our favorites that Palisade or that tell you ride I don’t know if I would take it over but I would 100 consider it it’d be

Nice to drive them all back to back and really like figure it out yeah just get whatever you feel fits your needs but this has the best engine for me and instead just watch our videos back to back we’ll put the link for those two reviews right here see you guys at the

Next video let us know your stocks on this vehicle