The Straight Pipes: PERFECT! 2024 Acura Integra Type S Review

PERFECT! 2024 Acura Integra Type S Review

Posted: 2023-06-19 12:59:12
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Acura Integra Type S review by The Straight Pipes. The Acura Integra Type S is putting down 320 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque from a 2.0L Turbo 4 Cylinder. At $55,600 CAD, would you take it over the Civic Type R, AMG CLA 35, BMW M235i or Audi S3?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Drive [Applause] 2024 Acura Integra Type S with some kind of launch control There we go Foreign torque 320 horsepower 310 pound-feet of torque from a 2-liter turbo four-cylinder still does a little bit of that on the launch yeah so that’s five extra horsepower on top of the Civic Type R so I guess what I really want to find out is is this just a Civic badged

As an Acura and is that a bad thing or is it a good thing okay so should we talk about the exhaust first yes before it looks I want to talk about it because what they did was remove the resonator yes add a crackle and pop tune only in

Sport Plus though and get rid of bad pumpkin audio so let’s listen to it from the inside real quick Let’s Get Down nice gear and oh Nice and clean yeah okay and then downshift nothing there a little purple burble definitely crackles yeah and it’s like slightly predictable but slightly not predictable now I’m gonna put it back into works because you won’t have it in that mode nothing it’s a good mix yeah good job

Accurate team yes not Honda team Acura team okay now to the looks whoa whoa let’s listen to it from the outside Foreign so you can’t actually rev it all the way out when it’s parked in neutral you have to do a drive-by E and then when you do the drive by it does crackles and pops when you’re revving so do you like the looks did they do a good job of wide bodying and Integra they murdered the looks in the best way possible it looks so good yeah

Okay I love it so the let’s start with the fender flare so the front is like molded to the fender and the back is stuck on but it looks good yes so I do wish that they had the wider doors like the Civic does however these have the

Regular Integra doors with a little additional kind of flared thing added to it which does look really good but it is definitely bolted on I’m wearing white right now there’s a bunch of cool colors we got that tiger eye yellow no tiger eye Pearl whatever there’s no uh Phoenix

Yellow yet but knowing Honda for the last year they’ll probably add that in Acura yes Acura and we’ve got the bronze Wheels but you can also get the gunmetal wheel a copper Yuri because they kept correcting us yeah it’s hard to remember stuff I’m not ready anyway I did meet

Him shout out Brady um anyways we do have those Wheels but we can’t apparently option these in Canada the default wheels are like a graphite gray and they still look really good and what would be the Continental recommended tire for an Integra Type S the extreme contact sport O2 okay looks wise there’s

This one rendering I saw on Instagram which is perfect what I’d want this to look like with the white wheels and the yellow and then the body colored thing at the very bottom of the front end make it that black that’s my ideal look for an Integra this one doesn’t have a wing

Like that little render does do you mind not having a big wing on here I mean I don’t at all because this is like an adulty car it’s not a Civic Type R that already exists with a medium-sized wing and we do have a really nice carbon fiber spoiler which is very tasteful

Yeah you know it makes sense it makes sense like this is like the adult version of the type R exact extra adult version yes and except with a crackle tooth yeah well that’s the weird part is like why didn’t they add that to the Civic but I have a feeling it has

Something to do with regulations and stuff because this is a North America car only so they can kind of get away with a little bit more whereas the Civics more like Europe whatever exactly so thank you America for your LAX noise regulations and it’s weird that these

Aren’t in Japan yeah because you know a Japanese company but one of the engineers was saying that he has to drive it around in Japan and people are stoked so if you’re from Japan and you’re watching this leave a comment saying we want the types in Japan good

Luck with that but uh that’s cool that they’re able to do some of that stuff but I’m excited to see what people do in the aftermarket with this car because it’s already set up really well so as soon as you get into like you know cambered te37s and stuff like dumped

Like this thing’s gonna look pretty sick and then we still do have triple exhaust out back but the tips seem a little bit bigger than the Civics from what I recall but they’re like they’re fat on the outside and like chilled out on the inside so they’re kind of fake large I

Like the diffuser around them yes diffuser looks good and then it is a hatchback but a lift back lift back oh my God apparently hatchback is different in the Civic type but I get all my facts absolutely wrong but it’s a pain that you have to lift the bag like so much

Higher over the lip into this compare compared to a Civic Type R but that’s like where the cool body and shape comes from exactly so it is a genuine like slight annoyance compared to a Civic Type R but you still have a lift back and it’s better than having a

Sedan and then in the front we have more Cooling and all that stuff we have a functional like Hood vent kind of thing yeah just exactly like the Civic Type R and The Grille is more spread out so more air can flow through it yeah which

Makes sense and then all the ducting and stuff goes to the uh to the brakes and everything like that so we do have the large Brembo brakes just like on the Civic everything looks and functions really well what color would you take I mean this white is really nice but I

Really do like the the blue with the copper I think kind of like an STI I think I’d have to go the tiger eye Pearl oh just because it’s just like it’s just like the Acura like the hero color it’s their color but when Phoenix yellow comes out I’m switching yes so whoever

Buys this uh go to for any Acura Integra or Honda Civic you should definitely uh try and get it wrapped in Phoenix yellow be the first person to do that yeah then you win the internet yes oh and then you’ll have to change the headlights of the circle

Headlights and then you’ll really win the internet all right am I photoshopping that right now yeah right now all right pretty sick is there is there LED lights in the chicken wire Grill on it if you want there to be Yuri yeah extra work and now for a little

Handling because we’re in the canyons we’re in the California Canyons which ones I don’t know which one yeah I don’t know but uh we’re near Ohio but shut out uh these roads because they’re incredible and this car with this LSD is amazing like what you’re doing right now

Yeah it’s amazing there are a lot of other cars that I would have gotten in a lot of trouble here with yeah like these hairpins and stuff like this is amazing this LSD just through with straight up cheater mode I really like this are you upset that this is an all-wheel drive

Because apparently the internet is for some reason no I expect this just to be a re-badged Type R and it like fully fulfills that like yeah although I don’t want like a full new like I just want it to be the different version you’re allowed to have two versions yeah this

Is fantastic do you feel the five extra horsepower right now no no I do not I couldn’t tell you maybe we’ll have to drag race them one day they just get that from tuning right yes so we’ve asked them if it was like from the resonators and exhaust they’re like it’s

Strictly from tuning so um yeah you can tune up your uh your Civic Type R with five extra horsepower apparently but yeah like that handling through everything just feels like perfect fully planted nothing has felt like squirrely at all yeah and we did also talk to the engineers and they said that the

Traction control system has been kind of like uh played with and allows for kind of a little bit more slip than a Civic Type R because this is more of a street car more fun rather than track focused like weapon now would you take this handling over a gr Corolla through here

Oh I’m not actually sure I don’t know this is really good like this is probably this like handling wise this is the best front-wheel drive car this and this other type bar I feel like the Jack Corolla is more Zippy but like slower yeah I don’t know that’d be that’d be a

Tough one too but this is probably more comfortable because the comfort is like oh I can’t wait to talk about the suspension Yuri how about now launch oh yeah I got these launches dialed now this is a fun little Ripper I’m handling Jacob style aka the same as

Yuri style but probably slightly faster because I’m a bit ridiculous with my driving okay so I do like seeing these gauges that’s one thing I’m noticing right now in my peripheral we do have yellow needles which apparently is unique and from the dc2 type R but we

Don’t have that crazy mode that the type R had in the gauge cluster exactly we don’t have like the the left to right and we don’t have shift lights which is interesting but back to the actual handling the steering wheel the steering feel is great like this is just it feels

Like a Civic that’s just slightly better slightly more comfortable the suspension is really good basically what they told us is that Sport Plus in suspension is actually where sport is on the Civic and then Comfort is like another level in this car where the Civic doesn’t have

That yeah and that’s like the best part of this and it is very noticeable so like compared to the type R yeah so right now we’re in Sport Plus and like you can feel every little thing which you would feel even more in the subject type bar and now comfort

Huge difference yeah like the car just settles right down even on highways or it’s like the dunk we put that into the Comfort suspension and individual yeah and it was just like yes this is it this is fantastic so I’m actually mostly driving an individual and you are too because yeah they just

Nailed it yeah so individual which we customized to uh basically having everything Sport Plus but the suspension like dialed right back down it’s great and with traction uh off with the button yes and it’s been good it hasn’t like stopped us from anything in these roads

Right and it’s uh it says like ESC reduced or whatever action reduced yeah but it’s not like a full off you would have to potentially do the pedal dance thing to get that off yes we were asked not to yes but this transmission as well this six-speed oh man they just nailed

It like this is such a good transmission this engine is amazing as well I don’t also feel that if I have extra horsepower but it like it doesn’t matter it’s just it’s such a good combo like shifting this is so much fun yeah and we

Tried to bug the r d and engineer guys to do a rear-wheel drive 9000 RPM yes car and I think they want to but I don’t think they’re allowed to yeah yeah but they think about it a lot and they smile a lot when you bring it up yes I also

Coined the name s 9000 so I’ve already copyrighted that and I gave that to them but um I don’t think we’re going to get that unfortunately if this is like n a high revving they just that’s it this thing goes on out on a bang and like

We’re done so this shift knob do you like it it’s got the leather wrap thing on it it’s okay I don’t love the shape of it I wish it was a little bit rounder because it’s just a little bit annoying but it’s okay I’m happy with it but you

Can also get a dealer uh titanium one yeah you can also get a dealer carbon fiber side mirrors and a Alcantara steering wheel uh yes but we’re not sure if you can actually get that in Canada because in Canada we get a heated steering wheel in America you don’t and

Then the steering wheel is also different it’s perforated in the States but in Canada it’s not because it’s heated and then in Canada we don’t get the white interior option but we do get the option for the red and the black yes and I would highly suggest get the red

Unless they don’t let you go with the red which they probably wouldn’t if you got the red paint yes which we also don’t get the red paint in Canada apparently yeah which is weird yeah but it is there are are some benefits to buying one in Canada which we’ll get to

In a minute uh yeah we will because uh spoiler alert it’s the price okay compared this also to a Civic Type R we do not have red carpets in here no but like these are cool they say Type S but you know it’d be a lot cooler if it’s

Set tux matte go to the straight pipes to see what they have for your car so now some interior infotainment climate charging gauge cluster steering wheel buttons all the same as the type R and we got Lane centering and adaptive cruise just like Honda sensing on the Civic Type R yeah

Solid mix and a head up display so we don’t need to dig into that I want to talk about these seats yeah the seats are very good they’re not as bolstered as the Civic Type R however they are heated and they’re electronically adjustable on the driver’s side and we

Have a lumbar up down forward and back not just forward and back but you don’t have anything on that side and is manually adjustable yeah and there are no seat presets I think chip shortage issues Maybe maybe but that’s the only thing that sucks there’s no seat preset

Button but like having that adjustment having the better seat and more comfortable like damping and suspension is really good yes this is definitely like by far a more comfortable better daily does Jacob fit behind himself uh yes and no my head does kind of touch

The roof if I lean my head back a little bit so you have more room in the type R behind yourself I do and we also have more trunk space on the sidebar overall yeah but still a good amount of like trunk space back here and this is a

Four-seater only yeah which is also curious It’s like you could have made it a five-seater made it a little bit more different than the seven Type R as well because it’s like it’s just cup holders in the middle there I ain’t mad okay we got the Els Studio 3D sound system

Pretty decent pretty decent not as good as I think other Acura products that we’ve tested but it’s it’s pretty good okay cup holders cup holders they’re fine totally fine the only thing that sucks is that we have all this gloss black around here and it’s this this

Car’s got like basically zero miles on it as it’s already a little bit Yeah I get the girls black thing and then for the visor test I think we’re going to send it off to John Cena since he’s the spokesperson for Honda now and drives the type bar and he’s probably going to

Get a Type S so hey John Cena hit me with the visor test three and two one password oh nice it passes and another cool thing that we have that the Civic Type R does not have is a head-up display and it’s not intrusive or anything like that the size is pretty

Small so I like it it’s good for brake warnings when you’re riding up on people so it does a lot of that if you’re driving like we are and no sunroof yes which is also interesting but also totally fine it looks like we do have ambient lighting but I haven’t driven

This at night time so I’m not really sure yeah I don’t know about that do you like the leather like the red leather on the doors I do yeah it’s very comfortable like elbows and stuff everything’s good and this compared to a regular Integra gets like the red into

The dash as well which is cool and even though this transmission is really good what’s still really annoying which is on the Civic Type R on the Integra is that turning off automatic rev matching is still done through the vehicle settings which can’t be accessed while you’re

Driving yeah yeah other than that it’s really good and the heel toe is also very good like the position placement is totally fine by the way we saw a regular attacker at the launch today let’s just say I’m very very stoked on the type S yeah the regular Integra so basically what

Happens like when you see a Z06 and then you see the base again you’re like oh man like everything needs to be wide bodied and then that should just be the default so before we get to the price overall looks wise do you like this more

Than the looks of a Civic Type R yes absolutely yeah I think I agree and if you put a wing on here it would be absolutely perfect and I already really like the Civic Type R this is just that much better okay let’s get to the price

Okay since we’re in America let’s start with American American uh this one is 50 800 American which is about seven thousand dollars more than the Civic Type R and Canadian this one is fifty five thousand six hundred dollars Canadian which is only about five thousand dollars more than a Civic Type

R in Canada so in Canada it’s almost a no-brainer to get this honestly I think so and in the states use to see if the markups for a Civic Type R are so much more that it evens out to the markups of a Integra Type S exactly and I did ask

Acura if this is going to be like limited production it’s it’s not numbered like a Civic Type R is they said it’s not limited limited but it’s going to be numbers similar to a Civic Type R however globally because the car is only sold in North America it’s going

To be much less so this will be the rarer more future desirable potentially one do you think this is going to be more rare in like desirable than a gr Corolla I don’t think so do you like the looks of this more than a gr Corolla

Would you take this is a cleaner look for sure would you take this over a gr Corolla oh I don’t know I really like the gr Corolla a lot but like this is just more sophisticated adult like like this is the better daily because it’s the suspension’s more comfortable the adjustability from

Comfort to Sport Plus is that much better because the Corolla was like definitely pretty stiff I think I would take this and make it look as tuner as possible okay then I would go Jack Corolla then Civic Type R yeah but maybe fk8 Civic above last

Current Civic Type R okay and then what about like luxury competition because this is the only manual yeah I guess like a CLA 35 m235i yeah the S3 those are all great cars yeah except the m235 I didn’t like S3 didn’t do anything for me empty 35i was like all right but

The cla35 I really like so if I need it automatic I’d be very happy with the cla35 I think I yeah if I needed automatic I would go cla35 out of all those and if I didn’t this is pretty sick yeah because you like you can actually get a manual and everyone’s

Complaining that there’s no automatic be grateful that they is there is a manual and it’s a manual only like Honda Acura the balls on them to do that at this time is amazing so good job yeah good job everyone and Acura I I don’t really

Have to knock it out of the park yeah like like we love the Civic and we love this thing so see you guys next time thanks for watching laughs