The Straight Pipes: NEW! 7TH GEN 2024 Ford Mustang Review!

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Posted: 2023-07-24 10:02:00
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost review by The Straight Pipes. The 2024 Ecoboost Mustang is putting down 315 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque from a 2.3L 4 Cylinder Ecoboost. At $44,590 USD, would you take it over the Subaru BRZ, Used Camaro, Challenger or base model 5.0L GT?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Jake I’m a gorger Drive 2024 Ford Mustang EcoBoost without launch control pretty all right not bad horsepower and torque 315 horsepower 350 pound-feet of torque from a 2.3 liter four-cylinder ecobooster okay this is the 7th gen Mustang it’s all new we’ve got the Mustang GT review

Coming tomorrow but right now we’ve got the EcoBoost so let’s get to the coolest part of this car while we are in it Yuri we got a drift break an electronic drift break from the factory it actually works pretty well it is an option not all

Mustangs are gonna come with it but the drift brake is attached to having paddles in your Mustang yeah so you have to get the performance package which actually comes with a lot of cool stuff you get upgraded sway bars Springs tires bigger Wheels a torsion limited slip differential so that’s what we’re

Currently driving and that’s what we are ripping around on a little autocross course as well as a little drift course with Chelsea denofa from RTR because this was developed in partnership with RTR Chelsea and Devon getting Jr but more importantly can you buy a manual transmission with the EcoBoost yeah so

You didn’t shift any gears that’s because you can’t there’s no more manual in the EcoBoost and you can only get paddles as part of this package so if you don’t get the performance package you have no paddles and no way of Shifting it because the shifter we

Currently have D and M if you don’t get this package you get D and L and I think the letters here are the same letters from Batman Forever okay so then you can only get manual transmission in the GT5 liter Mustang yeah which is kind of cool

Yeah like so when you’re searching for these cars on you know that anything manual after this year will be V8 yeah I mean good for Ford for doing that and it’s not really Ford’s fault the take rate on the manual was not very high on the EcoBoost so that

Makes sense okay before we talk about how good or bad the transmission is I want to talk about the looks because that’s the most striking thing about this car we filmed the yellow one and I think it looks great in person you look at a little bit more and you kind of

Like almost fall in love with the looks like I really really like it yeah and we made fun of it and everyone made fun of it for looking like a Camaro in all the photos and it kind of does but when you see it in person it does really help the

Sharp crisp lines are really cool yeah I I just like everything about I think the convertible looks really cool too because it’s like such a flat deck we’ve got hard body lines really really cool front end with you can either get Chrome lights around the three headlights at

The front or blacked out and what do you think of the headlights they’re decent but yeah they’re a lot better when the headlights are off the daytime running lights is good yeah definitely and then the tail lights dude yeah the tail is pretty cool they’re uh razor sharp the

The trunk itself is like 245 degree angles kind of like it’s crazy yeah I I think it looks good I love the Body Lines do you like these wheels I do any of the wheels there are a lot of different wheel variants and they’re all pretty nice and simple like they did not

Screw up the wheels nothing stand out exactly and then what would be the Continental recommended tire for an EcoBoost Mustang the extreme contact sport O2 and I was going through the twisty roads here somewhere in California and it is actually very nice it feels good feels sporty feels I guess

Less Mustang and more sports car yes I think they did a really good job with this new chassis compared to the last EcoBoost that we drove which was also a convertible it is a noticeable difference in terms of handling and feel and then back to the looks we got a

Couple different stripe packages too they look cool is there anything else you really like or dislike we got a bunch of cool color options I mean I wish they went a little bit crazier with this one like it’s still a little bit subtle they kind of went more future I

Wish they went more retro Fox body considering we got Fox body gauges on the interior yeah those are those are pretty cool don’t tease me with Fox body gauges and then not give me Fox body looks on the outside okay and then we got dual exhaust which is pretty nice

Yes we currently aren’t driving the performance exhaust but we did hear that so all the sounds you’re hearing from like yellow car is the performance exhaust in the loudest mode and while we’re on the autocross we also had the exhaust in the loudest mode and it kind

Of sounds okay the intake sounds pretty good yeah yeah but it’s popped in but look I mean the intake sound from the front Oh okay from my outside and then we should probably listen to it from the outside yeah yeah And with the valve exhaust if you click the lock unlock button it’ll do a remote Rev See there’s nobody in there all right then in track mode a little rip from the inside there’s a little pumped in very pumped in but like a decent tone yeah all right so with all that out of the way I think it’s your turn to drive and

We should probably put the top down because it’s not even that hot out right now in California bro it is it’s blazing hot out here while we’re in the shade Let’s test if the top operation is just as easy as the last one oh good thing it’s still

Automatic you didn’t take that away with a little twist oh nice and covered looks like the back seats don’t have much room with these nice red seat belts so there’s nice stitching okay it’s pretty good does not beep when it comes to a complete uh finish definitely put it

Back up because it’s a little hot in California it’s hot it’s sunny and I gotta get a sunburn foreign slight brake boost oh hello yeah there we go oh back windows are still kind of up there we go okay yeah I mean this thing’s pretty

Good it’s got a little pep yes so let’s see the steering is so notice like okay so they changed the steering ratio they made it a little bit quicker three percent faster it is noticeable and they actually change the steering rack which again in combination with that ratio

Like this is really nice steering now it feels more sports car right yes it feels less Mustang like the previous generation more sports car which is really nice and I’m actually very excited to drive the GT because at this moment right now in time we have not

Driven the GT and then this motor apparently has a little bit more power it’s got a smaller lighter turbo yes the weird part is we drove the one with the performance package of the last generation which had 330 horsepower we didn’t drive the base which had 310 so

This has 315 which is more than the previous base but we do have the performance package so we don’t have more in the performance package is this an all right amount of power or maybe this is this is decent but it’s like it’s not enough for a Mustang for us

It’s for us no for a non-car person it’d be fantastic yes or like someone that just wants the Mustang for the image you will not be dissatisfied with the amount of power that you have in here you know my favorite part about the Mustang image

Is the no spoiler look in the base model yeah you can actually do like a free spoiler delete on the website which is pretty cool you can do that in multiple trims uh especially like I think on the convertible as well and this 10 speed is all right uh definitely not performance

Oriented the downshifts are like sometimes really slow and the upshifts are also really slow yeah on the autocross it was like very difficult to get it to do what you wanted a lot of understood and then that was with traction all the way off you needed to really like yeah

Have it do anything you wanted to do exactly and like out here it does handle well I’m not trying to induce every any crazy oversteer or anything like that like we were trying to do on the autocross course and we just couldn’t induce oversteer nicely on the autocross

Course at all a lot of confidence on these windy roads though yeah but on that course they just kept understeering like here but this is a lot of Tire yes so this does feel pretty good out here I mean some more Continental Tire would be nice just saying put some put some

Thinner Continental Tires on so you can actually slide it yeah or put some extreme contact dws06 plus and just go full send on a pair of uh All Seasons on the back July August Continental Tire promo in the comments below and if you wanted to roast those tires we actually

Have line lock in here which is pretty cool yeah and that’s along in the menu with the drift brake and stuff like that and then we got like a bunch of sport modes normal slippery sport track and drag strip mode yeah and all of that is in these massive new screens which we

Did not mention but clearly showed you yeah I guess it’s infotainment time yeah sure okay uh this is all together one piece where there is a lower trim version I think the EcoBoost non-premium that has it as two separate screens even though it is two separate screens and

It’s run by Unreal Engine that’s where you can show the Mustangs spin it around very very very fluid they did move our climate buttons there instead of down here but we do have a hard button for volume and a bunch of other stuff do you mind the infotainment I don’t mind it at

All I would like the climate buttons to be hard buttons but I understand why they’re trying to do that and you get these screens in all the models now so there’s no base model below this with more actual cool buttons but I feel like the backup camera resolution is higher

In this than it is in the Mustangs with the manual driver’s seat because you have a power driver seat yes which is actually really nice and comfortable it’s not that bolstered they do have recaros available as well yeah that would be those were nice but I think

These are great for just normal stuff and then you got lumbar like it is a very very comfy seat and they’re also heated and cooled through the infotainment ventilated yes and the ventilation is very appreciated today for our swas but yeah the steering wheel is also really nice too sorry to get off

The infotainment I really like the D shape I like the size of it they thinned it out and kind of added these things on the sides here like it just it feels less Mustang more sports car overall just sitting here and even like this airbag the whole steering wheel feels a

Little bit smaller I do like how they got rid of that Mustang button on the steering wheel and put it down here and it makes it so much easier to pick out your modes because when you click that everything is right there and it’s so easy to customize the gauge clusters

Like what do we have there Jacob well currently I’m in the fox body gauges just because they’re my favorite because I have a fox body shadow me although I deleted my gauges and customized them anyways we have so many different Drive modes so if I press the mode buttons on

The steering wheel and go through them the animation the animations are cool the best animation Unreal Engine baby there’s so many different Drive modes we even have a drag strip mode although we don’t have launch control in that mode which would have been nice but track

Mode looks pretty cool as well and you can change the colors around in your gauge cluster as well you can also show auxiliary gauges which shows a bunch of cool stuff like uh what was it it was cylinder head pressure head temperature yeah yeah yeah there’s

A lot of cool stuff in here they did a really good job okay Apple carplay Android auto in here it’s wired or Wireless Apple carplay which is fantastic the best move they could have done and USB and USBC we got a wireless charger up there and then we always have

An Apple carplay icon in the top right to get into it and then this whole area does not really look changed from the previous generation other than the actual shifter looks a little bit different and obviously the drift brake but the cup holders fit a Red Bull and a water

And to talk about the suspension Magna ride is available on the EcoBoost which is really nice we don’t currently have it so our Drive modes are not tied to the suspension but this without the magnet ride is still really good unbelievably dailyable yeah so I can only imagine that the magneride in these

Canyons would have been even better foreign also I did notice this fake carbon fiber-esque pattern which is kind of nice the Mustang interior kind of feels still like the last gen this is jet fighter inspired we were told because the gauge cluster is set up 10 degrees towards the driver so it’s a

Freaking Jeff fighter I’m sorry The Frigid jet fighter yes the marketing department got you um but yeah so this whole panel down here also moves when you press it which is kind of weird this is still a fort and then I noticed that the start stop

Button is very dark red compared to the last one yeah I feel like put that somewhere else and put like a volume and tuning knob there instead please and just leave it like bright red like if you want this fighter jet inspired give me that like toggle switch like the Urus

And you like the light interior in here I think it’s pretty nice it’s it’s very fitting especially for the convertible it’s not going to get too hot okay if you have a convertible and you’re going through the desert you might get some sand in here so maybe if you’re going

Top down get a set of tux mat or if you’re not going top down definitely get a set of tux mat anyways you could probably winter drive this too yeah go to the straight pipes I would definitely winter drive this I actually kind of want to drive my fox

Body in the winter but not with my drag wheel setup yeah I did that with the prowler for one year and now I’m going to sell my Prowler winter Wheels because I don’t feel like they need to do that anymore I thought you were going to sell

Sell my Prowler no no no no never all right can you give me another little rip I think it’s been a while I would love to I’m going to leave it in dry how about manual and don’t try to shift Drive Drive It’s pretty good it was pretty good but if you’re going slow like the pedal can be a little bit touchy you might even need to put it into slippery mode but then it’s like touchy but like it’s still not like fast fast it’s just like the car is weird it’s like not sports

Car you just have to accept that it’s like sports car ish normal car normal person yes but considering this is the base entry level model they did a really good job like it’s not for us but for the buyer I think this is so much better than the previous one like if you’re

Buying it for a kid is their first car did you buy it for them without the handbrake yeah but it would be nice if they if you can get manual for the first car so that they can learn manually yeah but like people don’t do that anymore

Hey at least this isn’t hybrid yes exactly because not that I mind it being a hybrid I think it would probably feel weird as a hybrid because nobody’s really nailed hybrids feeling good yet and I should state that the Mustang is the last American uh Pony muscle car

Standing because the Camaro and the Challenger are officially dead next year so the Mustang wins no matter what setup it has I feel like we’ve gone overboard on this car yeah it’s great talked a lot about it I assume since this is the EcoBoost it’s going to be nice and cheap

Let’s get to the price the Fastback starts at thirty thousand nine hundred and twenty American and this convertible that we’re driving starts at thirty nine thousand twenty dollars and this one is specked out to approximately 44 590 okay that’s almost like 60 Grand Canadian yeah I mean it’s definitely a lot of money

Cars are all expensive now and I get it but like yeah that’s yeah I feel like you could probably still get an entry-level GT for very similar to this and obviously that would be my recommendation yeah either way they didn’t screw up the new Mustang exactly

They did not so good job Ford and I’m definitely looking forward to driving that GT tomorrow which you guys will also watch tomorrow all right thanks for watching guys don’t forget to subscribe hit the notification Bell yeah to do that stuff thanks bye foreign foreign