The Straight Pipes: MORE IMPRESSIVE THAN BMW & BENZ! 2023 Range Rover Sport Review

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Posted: 2023-01-25 13:00:23
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Land Rover Range Rover Sport review by The Straight Pipes. The 23 Range Rover Sport is putting down 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque from a 4.4L Twin Turbo V8. At $154,831 CAD, would you take it over a Mercedes Benz or BMW?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Thank you I’m Europe I’m Jacob we’re going for a drive 2023 Range Rover Sport first edition with launch control oh yeah That’s real good horsepower and torque 523 horsepower 553 pound-feet of torque from a 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 okay in Dynamic mode I’m gonna floor it picks up quick very torquey yeah that’s good power so this is the sport we previously drove the full size one and this has the same

Motor yeah so the sport is basically the smaller one in the lineup kind of competing with a BMW X5 speaking of BMW this has that same BMW engine that we had in the full-size Range Rover yeah and this feels really good it’s actually like really fast when you’re just

Chilling your floor like it picks up so quick and I’m in Dynamic mode right now but in every mode it feels really good this is very torquey and uh the looks of this thing I think it looks awesome not as cool as the full-size one obviously but still like really really sweet and

It can get dumped so low and it just looks like actually sporty and it looks really good outside of Jaguar Land Rover Metro West which is where we got this car from yeah yeah shout out them make sure you go there to get your Jaguar Land Rovers don’t go to chat anymore

Yeah you go to Jaguar Land Rover Metro West okay back on the power no I didn’t downshift there but it’s still it’s still so torky it doesn’t need to so do you like the looks of this more than the full-size one I don’t know if more but I love the looks

Of this it’s very similar to the last one but I think the front bumper they did a couple things to make it look a little bit more different almost look more like Macan where like there’s a line that goes all the way across they just smoothed everything out everything

Headlights are still cool tail lights is where it’s not as cool as the full size one but then we got some like super sick awesome exhaust at the bottom yeah quad exhaust tips let’s take a listen to the outside yeah sounds pretty good but it’s pretty

Muffled not meant to be loud and then in the fastest drive mode the Pumped in this is like it’s different than a BMW yeah it uh it’s not as apparent and you can’t customize it like you can through a BMW but it’s still good yes it is maybe better than a

BMW because BMW is more and it’s really quiet in here other than trying to listen from pumped in audio it’s really Pleasant quiet I would say quieter than an X5 I was on a phone call with you and this was the quietest driving with the clearest audio from a phone call I have

Ever experienced that probably helps with this Meridian sound system which is incredible yeah really really good sound system all right I’m gonna get a little little tiny boots or cliche corner with the paddles my arm is kind of got in the way oh yeah it’s got these Dude there it’s kind of like ringing ring this is good I kind of like that they adopted these BMW engines yeah I mean there’s nothing wrong with that I mean maybe less character than like that svr that we drove back in the day which was like actually perfect

But man through cliche corner like this thing rips still other cool things before you drive on the interior I love the way the gauge cluster is set up like the size of it and the way it looks is so cool the screen is really glossy and

High-res and I like how it looks more than the defender screen yeah and I also like the infotainments like curved it looks really cool and it’s pretty responsive it’s got Apple carplay Android auto it’s got a whole bunch of like winding and everything it’s got the 360 cameras where you can see everything

Super high res they they got it nailed pretty good now this interior is stunning this spec so shout out to the dealership for specking this out because you can actually buy this exact car if you want it’s the perfect spec with this white interior and the red exterior this

Is gorgeous yeah I don’t know if there’s anything that I could do to make it look better yeah I mean we have forged carbon in here like I didn’t expect that yeah and I don’t know what this material and whatever is but it all works really

Nicely together now we do have a bunch of gloss black in here this is a pretty expensive vehicle I still don’t love seeing it in here but what I do love seeing is this black black chrome or this dark Chrome accent everywhere very premium and I don’t mind the glass black

In here because I didn’t have to detail this yeah yeah and what about these cup holders yeah the usual like Range Rover Jaguar cup holders they like super great but they’re all right like it feels like a little small for a small cup but it’ll do and then these armrests okay so we

Have a normal armrest and then we have I’m on a long road trip armrest right here which is adjustable with this dial here and like for long road trip cruising it’s perfect and this also does have really good Lane centering with your radar Cruise Lane keep stuff and

Then also for road trips we also have a fridge in here yes for your vote for all you sick and twisted adults who still drink cartons of milk some juice boxes for kids bro yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah okay last thing this does have a cool Head Up Display here and you

Can change the gauge cluster modes a couple different ways which I also liked we have massage too which I really like the massage in this it’s very very comfortable the seats are so good in this like unbelievably comfortable that yeah it’s just I feel like it’s just

Someone holding my butt but we need to find out if it’s comfortable with the suspension I think that’s your turn to drive before I launch it I know you want me to use one feature off rear wheel steering come on come on it’s the best one ever yeah that’s like smart cars turning

Radius turning radius is incredibleness considering how large this is okay Sports shifting with launch control Dynamic launch Oh my God it’s so fast holy crap foreign real good hey and it’s 2023 don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel yeah subscriptions are still a thing and we appreciate them a lot thank you guys for watching our videos the higher the number the higher our confidence yes

A couple things I noticed there obviously lots of power love this powertrain but the suspension it was going up down up down it is so soft and comfortable in this like unbelievably comfortable and that’s in sport mode or dynamic mode in Comfort it’s even more comfortable let me put you into comfort

For cliche no no I did try it earlier and it is still honestly it was it was barely any different for your Dynamic stability control is off okay so through cliche Corner yeah this it doesn’t quite feel like an X5 it feels bigger and actually more comfortable but steering

Is really good too uh wants to plow out a little bit there and it’s also wet it does feel good though and these paddles are really nice to have as well we’ve got a ZF 8-speed transmission and I think it’s been tuned for uh Comfort because you don’t really like obviously

The gear ships are there but you don’t really feel them downshift all the way and give me like a full red line so you nail it ah it’s not the I was waiting for it to turn red yeah you got to go a little bit early because again geared for Comfort not for

The most speed I know like previous uh jlr products Right because this is a the immune motor yes okay so more interior stuff unlike the defender 130 that we recently drove and the 90 V8 that we’re also driving this has normal carpets and we’ve got these okay floor mats what would we really want to have in here a set of tux

Mad however if you follow tuxmat on Instagram they’re actually looking for someone who owns this vehicle so that they can laser scan your car and then you’ll get a free set of mats so if you’re local to tuxmat in the Scarborough GTA area definitely hit them

Up and follow tux mat on Instagram but they do have a lot of other products for Land Rovers and Range Rovers and we haven’t talked about the rear seat room yet which is actually really good yeah and there’s screens back there too yeah so you can do like an HDMI plug and then

You can also connect I think Wireless is the network of this car which is pretty cool yeah and then one of the coolest Parts at least for me the full size Range Rover had that really slow center console which was power moving and whatever very fancy but it took so long

This one you just manually do it and I prefer that yeah it’d be nice and simple and it’s got a cool little cup holder thing in the armrest which is nice the trunk room is pretty huge and then you lower and raise the seats with the

Button at the very back you just have to make sure that you’re clearing your screens and everything yeah but it’s really nice to have power up and down yeah and then we got this huge screen which I think huge screen a screen that shows the sky yeah yeah the screen roof

And I love that in Range Rovers and I just can’t get over this in color like the spec is perfect yeah you know what this material reminds me of jeans like a fancy couch that you would see at like a tech startup oh okay you know what I

Mean it looks like a speaker Grille like a really fancy speaker Grille yeah yeah too or like uh some Eco materials yeah but in a good way but then there is no peasant blockers back there which like if you’re driving your kid around like not the best yeah that would have been

Nice but if I was driving my kid around in here it’d be a rear-facing seat and having her stomp her muddy boots after her muddy puddles it would totally ruin this interior so yeah but it’d be worth it because you’re okay with this gloss black you just get it it’s all detailed

And it’s fine man there’s like holes in that though there’s no holes in the black I need to put something down I don’t even know yeah yeah but to get in and out we also have uh cool door handles which pop in and out and the car

Can lower and everything when you use entry and exit height like and it lowers so low it looks great and you can raise it up we got a ton of Drive modes we got Eco comfort and dynamic and then a whole bunch of off-road ones too yeah it’s

With this cool button that you push that’ll be an auto or if you click it up it goes up and then you can spin around so it’s still got like that uh style of that old first evoke that we drove that we love so much oh yeah it was under

Vogue doesn’t evoke I don’t know it’s they’ve had it in so many of them but talking about the outside again The Stance stance is perfect especially with these wheels these wheels look sick yeah they’re all right not like the craziest I feel like the svrs of the previous had

Like cooler wheels and stuff but these are still pretty good yeah I’m just not like dying no and they’re 23s though we’re just sick and what would be the Continental recommended tire for a Range Rover Sport the cross contact LX sport sport yeah Sport and Sport how

Convenient match made in heaven but you know what’s cooler is the tires that come stock on a Defender yeah that would be the cross contact RX definitely watch our Defender V8 review if you haven’t already it’s so small yeah it’s so powerful and then I want to mention one more

Thing again that we already mentioned the sound system was so amazing it is like really good one of my favorites oh something else we forgot what’s that EST since we’re stopped three oh two what oh failed but double yes that counts and if you’ve got mud on your back window you

Can just do that and you get the screen it’s pretty sick okay turn right let’s get to the price this one starts at 133 650 Canadian and this one fully optioned out you can buy it at the dealer currently for this price 154 831 and that’s a Jaguar Land Rover Metro West

But if you’re located in the states and you get the funnel online where would you go discounted price offers so spending some more time with the most modern of the Range Rovers I kind of get why they’re like a step above most BMWs and Mercedes did you know that I used to

Own a Range Rover Sport tell me the story okay so I owned a Range Rover Sport an older one I wonder for 26 hours and then I returned it because every single check engine light was on and every problem I had with the air suspension however I recently