The Straight Pipes: ///MONSTER! – 2024 BMW M3 CS Review

Posted: 2023-06-29 12:00:05
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 BMW M3 CS review by The Straight Pipes. The BMW M3 CS is putting down 543 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque from a 3L Twin Turbo Inline 6 cylinder. At $162,900 CAD, would you take it over the BMW M4 CSL, BMW M3, an old BMW M3 CS, BMW M2, an old BMW M2 CS, an older BMW M4 GTS?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign Drive 2024 BMW M3 CS with launch control Preparing oh my 543 horsepower 479 pound-feet of torque from a three liter twin turbo inline six cylinder same power as the M4 CSL Yes except this is all-wheel drive instead of just rear-wheel drive it’s missing the L which is the lightweight part although this is lighter than a comparable M3

All-wheel drive but it’s not as light as an M4 CSL because we have rear seats yes and the difference overall is not as significant so this is actually lighter by 75 pounds to the M3 whereas the M4 comp to the M4 CSL is 238 pounds sick Bro yo fragrance

Oh my okay so this yeah this feels so good with all-wheel drive it’s pure cheater mode this is unreal through here it’s kind of Twitchy like kind of very Twitchy but it’s nice yeah it’s still nice and like you can dial everything back right now I have everything maxed

Out including this adaptive suspension because I just want to know what the full out like high performance version of this is and then I’ve already programmed my M1 button to just chill right out and right now we’re just cruising we could just daily drive this actually like shockingly well okay this

Is the ultimate daily driving M4 CS because it’s all-wheel drive so you can drive it in winter even though nobody who buys this is going to do that because this is just for collector people to collect yeah so BMW says according to press release that this is

The ultimate mix of uh Road and track basically they should put a better seat in it geez Louise yeah these seats are never our favorite and they’re the same ones that you can get in the M4 M2 and everything now so the problem is it’s like this middle crotch thing it’s like

Okay it’s kind of annoying like no one else has that and everyone’s fine like Porsche doesn’t have that that’s right and then the side ones it like stops your leg from going all the way to like the dead pedal and left right and for manual it’s like extra annoying at least

For us maybe a race car driver has like a different outlook on it and then getting in and out sucks and I just like yeah the dead pedal thing does it for me because I actually come out of this car with like a tweaked knee every single time because it’s just pressed against

The side of this so definitely don’t like and you can’t get a manual in this so we can’t say that oh yeah it’s just the mail but okay but but what does look really cool is the pattern on the seats the look of the seats combined with all

The carbon fiber in here like when it’s all lit up by the sun damn yeah I love carbon fiber and I love gloss carbon fiber so this is definitely my jam in here and outside as well do you love the carbon fiber cup holders in here uh I

Wish I had carbon fiber I wish I had like steel cup holders in here I wish I had anything made of iron there’s no cup holders I actually didn’t have a coffee this morning so thank you BMW for thinking of my health uh because I couldn’t put it anywhere but you do have

A wireless charger yeah I wonder how much that weighs over cup holders so uh that’s a cup holder fail because this is not a super car yeah we need cup holders in this yo BMW team come on and then we also don’t have a center console I mean

Sorry A Storage storage area so to put my receipts they’re just exposed to the outside world yeah I’m fine with that but we also had to take the key ring off the key fob in order to store it next to the wireless charger because I can’t

Keep it in my pockets because it just presses against the side it’s really uncomfortable yeah yeah so it makes it makes total sense what they have definitely not the best of both worlds like there could be like like four little improvements to the interior and then that would be correct so now that

We got the BS out of the way this thing absolutely rips it’s so fast this engine is amazing in this 2D 2D configuration which is the same one as a CSL on the M4 it rips so hard like no lag this has 90 horsepower more

So we drove in 2018 which uh by the way looked incredible you know that was the very first thumbnail I did with the logo rolling shot yeah that’s where I established it yeah 2018. now everyone’s on that trip long time ago from a trendsetter so this zf8 speed also

Shifts really really quickly so you can customize that there’s so many different customizations for this especially the transmission as well but when you have them the fastest mode it’s foreign like and you feel every single shift in like S3 and the coolest part about this

Compared to an M4 CSL I mean M4 CSL is super rare and you can’t get one it was like super limited but this can also go rear-wheel drive because you can go into like the m-drift analyzer and turn traction off and do that thing just like

The other M3s or the m4s with X Drive yeah so that’s neat exactly so you can make this a rear-wheel drive car and have a rear-wheel drive CS but Best of Both Worlds you can just leave this in all-wheel drive at all times too and you mentioned limited production the M4 CSL

Is a thousand units globally this one is limited production but they’re not actually announcing the numbers so it could be like one thousand two thousand three thousand who knows it’s I think it’s one year possibly probably I think I heard in the video that they’re doing

One year and the video was cool on the internet it had the robot arm doing stuff but at one point there’s a little too much warp stabilizer hey guys but just like the last m3cs we have a titanium rear Muffler what does it sound like silencer well whatever let’s take a

Listen to the outside You can rub it all the way out yes you can shout out BMW okay do we have pumpkin audio so give me some okay I’m gonna downshift same power level go that’s me toggling the button and yeah yeah me staying at the same throttle I guess the valve is also linked to the

Pumpkin audio which sucks that’s the usual BMW thing that we complained about to the one engineer but I doubt that’ll get fixed because he ghosted me on LinkedIn complaints so it’s a modern BMW thing that’s just gonna carry forward but uh the exhaust does sound pretty

Good and like in here it does sound I would say fairly natural like there’s nothing too excessive about it with a helmet on it’s probably very necessary on track yeah I think so too because I’m not mad no yeah this sounds I hate to say a slightly race car in

Here it’s kind of cool and then there’s some backfires but they’re not as like childish as the last gen BMW no not even for us you know I know I sound like a broken record but like we really liked the last gen of BMWs yeah like really like

And you only really know until it’s gone yeah I mean nah they sucked sell them at cheap yeah yeah selling it cheap on the scanner price offers get an older m3cs maybe m440i even so we’ll get into the lightweight stuff and all that other fun

Stuff with you behind the wheel like the Lux I guess in front of the wheel behind the wheel yeah because we’re going forward to the hunt yeah you can’t launch it until you remember what CS stands for competition sport launch it close your eyes I feel like I’m gonna die okay

That’s so fast Like I gotta just want to yell horsepower dark again okay let me go let me put in like the slowest mode and see what it does so uh setup uh everything Comfort uh efficient too yeah yeah yeah was I not you’re support plus bro oh no I need to do something I guess you got something done yeah uh so this will do 0-60 in like a low three second like all day because it’s overdraft yeah which is kind of like I guess cheater mode you know what I mean like I do like the idea of like having

To just deal with it then deal with it I see off and rear wheel drive like it’s great that you could do that yeah then you’d have to like set that up every day like I think the M4 CSL was like cooler for that let me cheater mode with the

All-wheel drive through glitchy oh yeah like it’s Twitchy it’s Twitchy but that’s nice like I feel like I can fully control it yeah like I’m connected to it I got it it’s nice okay uh looks this one is green signal green I really like the color of course you do much nicer

Than that other green which green you know the the really good one I have no idea which one you’re talking about the x61 and then you can also get this in white gray and black the White’s pretty cool too uh I would get in this color and the black stripes are cool

It’s a carbon fiber exposed just like not painted which is nice yeah because the hood is uh cfrp or carbon fiber reinforced plastic then we got some like red stuff around the grill which is like kind of weird with the green but like it’s a look and the gorilla is like

Integrated there’s no like outside bezels on the grills yeah and I get it I’m all right with it I mean I would like it more without the front plate because I love the front end of these still and I still don’t love the front end of these but I’m definitely getting

More accustomed to them after seeing the M2 I’m like yeah you know what the M4 is not so bad M3 is not so bad and you know what they nailed on this spec uh the headlights that’s not what I was gonna say but the headlights are cool enough I

Guess because when they’re all the way on then you get the yellow but when it’s just DRL it’s white because regulations and I guess they didn’t want to go Amber like Hyundai used to do which I think would have been a lot cooler if they just went Amber but I guess Amber’s not

Yellow yeah yellow’s race car I know there’s no race car I know but I’m okay with it I’ve let it go have you let it go you’re still mad no I’m I get yellow headlights while I’m driving it’s okay okay the thing I really like about the

Smack is that the wheels oh the wheels are the best perfect yeah this color perfect sizes Perfect Design like I love these things and what would be the Continental recommended tire for these perfect Wheels the extreme contact sport O2 or the extreme contact force if you

Wanted to hit up a race track quickly play the clip of Jacob doing donuts [Applause] [Applause] pretty good good job good job I got attacks Bud oh dude best donuts ever M3 not a CS though by the way uh these cars these BMWs if you try to do a brake stand you can’t because the all-wheel drive system thinks you’re doing launch control so if you’re trying

To do silly dumb stuff it kind of sucks for that so if you want to do brake stands this is not the car for you unless you have some kind of work around with a front brake lock what’s it called line lock yes line lock because otherwise yeah it’s just launch control

Which I was able to trick but you still can’t do it yeah yeah I mean brake stands are cool yeah okay we got carbon fiber M mirrors like I mean they put those mirrors on everything yeah I mean but they’re lightweight here because of carbon fiber and we have a carbon fiber

Roof yeah why don’t we have a gigantic Wing at the back are you upset no I’m not upset because this is not a GTS yeah man so imagine if we got to drive that one that would have been cool that’s still a cool car for me compared did it

Drive no like just like if I had to buy a car oh yeah because it looks crazy that was the perfect gen M4 and those ones came with like roll cages and stuff right I think yeah maybe not in Canada yeah and then rear end no not much

Except for your muffler which already talked about in the exhaust that we already played but they look really good and we do have a carbon fiber rear diffusers all right quickly let’s get inside now this is the new BMW we don’t have the climate control we don’t have

The one to eight favorites since this BMW is not logged in we cannot actually save any favorites since this is a collector car it’s probably not going to get driven when somebody buys it in six years or seven years or 10 years then they don’t have a login or the website

Doesn’t exist they won’t be able to set their favorites all this stuff is stupid and awful and I hate it and this is why I love previous gen yes even early gen M3 M4 of this yeah but they are updating iDrive 8.5 or whatever so maybe you’ll

Be able to even worse yeah guaranteed even worse if you can’t even use voice control to do your SiriusXM Radio Control rolls in this BMW is aware and they’re working on it but you know what could do the voice control uh several other cars that we tested the Silverado

EV work truck yeah and then you already mentioned these front seats I’m like comfy enough while I’m in here but yeah my foot is like half on the dead pedal so I don’t like twist my leg too much yep rear seats I fit just fine and they

Are not carbon buckets but I feel like the M5 CS like was carbon Pockets or something more buckety back there and I think it was a four-seater if I recall yeah but these ones like I fit back here and like having my knees kind of right

Up against the carbon in like I could like touch your back right here okay head up display we got the cool shift lights and all that stuff but I prefer to just use the gauge because so the gauge cluster design is nice I am

Used to it now but you know what I like even more what’s that the old ones analog analog needles I know I know we’re literally beating a dead horse over and over but hey I know I know hopefully it’ll be fixed in the future with uh more screens uh we do have the

Different modes for that though we have Road Sport and track as well they’re all equally as confusing today they are but we still have the board computer button which you know it gets you different stuff too yeah but uh where’s my adaptive cruise uh you don’t have it

Because it’s a race car where’s my drive recorder you don’t have it because it’s race cars where’s my 360 camera race car where’s my wireless charger oh I got that okay Wireless Apple carplay which I want wired beating a dead horse we’ve mentioned it a million

Times and it is very very difficult to disconnect your phone if you don’t want to have a like delay while you’re watching your phone and reconnecting it yeah which probably won’t be a problem for anyone that actually owns this yeah but I mean you park you want whatever

And then we have a really nice Alcantara steering wheel which is lovely not as thick as previous gen m3cs which I actually like much more because I like I don’t need to be like like my grip doesn’t need to be like this while driving yeah well what we said in the

Last video is it’s like holding your arm while driving it’s not like a pool noodle gets tired and honestly honest to goodness I don’t really have much more to say oh I got a lot to say suspension this suspension is incredible it is a little bit stiff it’s obviously quite

Stiff and stiff as much mode which we’re currently in but it’s definitely not too stiff you can drive this you dial it right back into that soft mode which I did mention earlier in the video but like really throwing this into like bad pavement that’s when you can feel it and

On the racetrack you’d probably want to dial it like a little bit back unless you have like a really smooth track it’s still not as soft as I would like yeah give me that Acura Integra Type S design team engineering team for this and soften it up people like is that

Possible to go like super super soft super super firm I think so but they probably didn’t want to have that level of variability because they want it to be a more aggressive like the character of the car you know what I mean yeah I guess No One’s Gonna drive them anyway

They’re just going to collect them so whatever yeah they’ll be sitting in garages maybe at racetracks though maybe all right anything else you want to talk about with this one yeah dude the visors holy three two one full pass very little all right anything else you want to talk about

This car I don’t think so agree let’s get to the price this one starts at 148 000 Canadian and this one is 162 900 with this optional paint and the carbon ceramic brakes oh yeah got you there yeah yeah I knew it was coming did you yeah so predictable

What’s next you’re gonna tell me that you don’t like the infotainment no no what’s next I’m going to tell you that this would be way better with a set of tux man yeah that’s true it would definitely need a set of tux mat it would actually add some insulation back

Into the cabin go to the straight pipes so would you take this or the M5 CS man I really didn’t I respected the M5 CS but after driving this I think I would actually just go back to the M5 CS I like the M5 CS paint and color and everything that one’s

Really really cool so I would pick that yeah I would actually go to the M5 this or M4 CSL M4 CSL I would go with this that one that one felt like way crazy I like the looks of the M3 way more with the wider fenders and all that stuff over the M4

Always and then the next question which we’ll both have the same answer to this or last gen m2cs last gen m2cs and last gen M3 CS yeah I think so let us know in the comments below which one’s your favorite CS CSL and uh which one are you

Buying on but this is a great car so great job BMW yeah yeah there’s no electrification so it is fantastic yes