The Straight Pipes: MODERN DRIFT COROLLA! 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Review

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Posted: 2023-03-17 12:00:34
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Toyota GR Corolla review by The Straight Pipes. The Toyota GR Corolla Core is putting down 300 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque from a Turbo 1.6L 3 cylinder engine. At $45,490 CAD, would you take it over Jakub’s Cobb Stage 3 Fiesta ST, Civic Type R, Elantra N, Veloster N, Kona N, Golf R, used Focus RS, used Subaru STI?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Drive 2023 gr Corolla core without launch control [Laughter] yeah that’s pretty fun we’re smart dork 300 horsepower 273 pound-feet of torque from a turbo 1.6 liter three-cylinder We had a lot of clutch there that these things just don’t launch as hard as like a Civic Type R but they feel so much better in corners but at least you don’t get that from a front wheel drive car so it’s good so yes this is all-wheel drive

We’ve already driven this before but we wanted to have a week with it because it’s a really fun car and what’s better than a week with a fun car and the last one we drove was not the core that’s right so we had the circuit so let’s see

What we’re missing with the core shout out actually nothing other than the forged carbon roof basically and uh slightly worse material for the seats but the seats are still very buckety but we got a better color and still no Wing yes uh only the Americans get the wing

On the court and let’s downshift into cliche corner and now we’re also in the winter and yeah this is still such a fun car to drive just Chuck it in and then floor it treat it like a front-wheel drive car and then you still get some on

Exit like this is such a fun car to just toss around and the whole plan of booking this in the winter was to see how it reacts in snow because when we reviewed the last one take this over a Civic Type R if I lived in Winter yes turns out the week we

Booked it on there was no snow except the snowstorm tomorrow so here’s the footage from that well hopefully you have fun in that oh I definitely had fun future Jacob tell me all about it but we did discover some great well you did discover some gravel I also took it on

Some gravel where we drove the Subaru WRX several hours up north and it did fantastically on the gravel it was super fun to drive I would highly recommend this this little rally car basically so when I tried those donuts on the dry pavement it didn’t do anything like the

Ad did I think I heard on a podcast that someone was saying that they over inflated the tires and just like covered the wheels and brake cleaner to make it do the smoke which you know I feel betrayed by Toyota but whatever the one thing I was told later was that when you

Pull the hand brake the rear disconnects so you could stay in it does it do that Jacob yes it does you can definitely do that so it’ll be like front wheel drive while you have the e-brake pulled up because if it didn’t have that kind of feature when you pull the handbrake

You’d still be trying to send power to the yeah so it’s like the uh STI did that as well so you could actually disconnect the rear while having the front powered as well and while I was having fun on the gravel I did notice that I wanted to

Understeer and it is understeering today as well I think it’s understeering more than it did on the summer Tires which makes total sense and by the way the Continental recommended tire for this vehicle would be the Viking contact 7 in the winter and the extreme contact sport

02 in the summer hey can we play that clip of you doing donuts with those tires oh sorry [Applause] [Applause] good job good job Good Times bud and I just want to get back to the things that were missing or not missing in the core Edition in Canada we actually do have the torson all-wheel drive differentials in the States you can get a version without it

So if you match the price to the options that we have for the core in Canada it’s actually cheaper to buy it in Canada but if you don’t match the price and you don’t get the diffs which you should get then it is cheaper in the states I couldn’t even imagine getting this

Without the discs yeah and that’s like you really just want the look and like because the dips is that’s what pulls you through all the corners like that’s what makes cliching Corner really fun I guess we’ll never get to experience that not in Canada at least which I’m

Grateful for but if you’re in the states find yourself a gr Corolla even though they’re very hard to find yes or a regular Corolla we can’t even get a gr Corolla we asked I tried to buy this car I literally asked Toyota Canada if I can buy this exact car once

It’s done the press cycle and they said no it has to go to auction so that the dealers can bid on it which ironically means that dealers are going to be buying at a mar potentially from Toyota Canada and then reselling it further at a markup I assume we can’t even get a

Corolla allocation no privileges no cars in time for integrity well you know what Tara gives us a lot of cars in time for embarking yeah a lot of the other companies okay so the funniest part is we have the core we have the circuit and then we have the maurizo Edition so the

Maritza was so limited that you can’t buy it Toyota actually did like a lottery system so shout out speed Academy they got the privilege of an allocation for a sixty thousand dollar Corolla shout out speed Academy subscribe to their channel for cool stuff yes but it’s just funny that they

Had to do it that way because these cars are so limited so this is literally the best car that you can’t buy because it’s so hard to find this is marketing yeah but there’s that one guy in Toronto with the cool green one yes and shout out to

That guy and his Instagram account because he actually went to tuxmat to get his car laser scan so if you want to get yourself a set of tux mat for your gr Corolla or any other vehicle go to the straight pipes because you’ll probably be driving this in

Winter because this is the car to get instead of a Civic Type R if you live where there’s snow because drifty drift yes I love driving this car daily driving it the suspension was actually more comfortable than I remember from the last one I expected it to be like

Firmer or as firm as my Fiesta ST but I find it to be much more comfortable yes it’s still stiff going over like imperfect roads but if you’re going on the highways you’re going on your daily driving route I had no issues driving this car the clutch uptake is a little

Bit annoying just because you have to have your foot quite high off the floor there’s so much clutch much more than I’m used to yeah but the shifter mechanism is perfect the steering is great everything about daling driving this is fantastic other than the lack of

Trunk space this is a very small car but let’s get you into the driver’s seat because I think you need to re-experience this vehicle yeah I really like this guys this car is the best I just want to drive it and because I suck at launching this car Foreign It’s a really good amount of speed that because the powertrain is the way it is it’s very torquey down low but it also wants you to rev yeah I think this car really Shines on just like flying through corners and keeping your speed up yes it really does like if you take a

Drag strip you’d be like no this is definitely not a drag strip car uh the one thing that I forgot to mention that I didn’t love however it made the shifting experience better is the lack of an actual covered armrest okay so here’s why I don’t mind this even though

I like armrests it’s because the very bottom it would line up like it lines up with the bottom of the shifter I know and if they raise it up then it’d be like a a goddang Genesis or Hyundai where I’m always bumping my elbow into

It which I don’t want yeah it’s just a lack of storage for daily driving for my like receipts and stuff like that it just I found that a little bit annoying get a fanny pack yeah no I’d rather just jump off a bridge yo man jump off a

Bridge into a lake backflip yeah dude cliche Corners straight off then instead of wearing a fanny pack that’s me okay the next thing I didn’t like was the gloss black this is not a premium vehicle let’s let’s just delete that gloss they already have this material yeah exactly like why can’t they just

Put that there the gray material on the steering wheel can just be placed everywhere that there’s glass blocks but you know they sell so many of these they could literally just do bad stuff like they could make this hard clinky plastic like dude this could be a rock and then

Yeah like this and you know what people would be like oh man this touch material sucks yeah yeah hey hey Toyota PR could I buy this yeah exactly it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter you can’t buy it anyways yeah okay you had Auto rev matching off so IMT sorry

Navigation feature to learn more about what you can what you can please say help I don’t even I didn’t even know it had whatever you just did anyways the auto rev matching is nice yes so it does have Auto rev matching and it is a button that you just press

Right down by the steering wheel it’s so easy to use yeah I don’t know why it activated that I don’t either but that’s way better than the Civic Type R buried through the infotainment like that was really annoying hey can we get back to the looks yeah sure I love the looks of

This in white so much more than that dark color we had it’s such a good looking car like I don’t even care what color it’s in yeah do you think this looks better than the Yaris or no I don’t know I mean they’re pretty equal to me honestly yeah

Yeah I like this a lot yeah why why it’s a perfect color the wide body is just so ridiculous every time I see this like when I look at it from the front it’s definitely more muted than seeing it from the back like yes the front is

Still big and large but when I see it parked I want to see it from the back and let’s listen to it from the outside from the outside you like the three exhaust tips uh yeah it’s okay yeah I like I like how lightweight the the rear hatches yes

That is nice but you know it would be better if it was heavier with a big aftermarket wing on it yes or even just the one that comes on the circuit in the States but back to those exhausts it needs more Wing yes the the exhaust tips there’s one per cylinder oh

I think the middle one actually has a valve on it hey you know what’s cool we got heated seats with a hard button yes but no heated steering wheel and I think you can get one in the states curiously okay we got this uh knob here for your

Uh split what are the splits we get so we have 60 to the front 40 to the rear then we have 50 50 in track mode and then we have 30 70 to the rear and those are up to so you don’t actually instantly get those

What am I 60 40. yeah here I’ll switch you to 70 right now the best part of that is how easy it is to use I could just keep looking forward and now you can change your drive mode you can change your diffs just by you’re

Gonna have to look down and it shows up on your gauge cluster which is really nice I don’t mind those like outlines around everything it’s still stupid yeah but like I don’t mind it like man how crappy some cars are these days and like how good this handles and feels like

They could make this so much worse yes like so much worse that I would still be like wow this car is fantastic and they didn’t even like wreck the interior by like deleting the climate controls everything’s still physical buttons for the climate controls and I’ve been

Living in Apple carplay so I’ve had zero reason to go through the rest of the infotainment it’s a perfect system to me thank you okay uh behind you I fit back there yeah I don’t and I would never sell whatever I had full knee room and full Headroom

Fan freaking tastic is this a great car if you have a baby I don’t know maybe it’s a little too loud and rumbly back there yeah I mean the volume levels in here are pretty high uh cruising around the highway it’s definitely an economy car which is to be expected but man this

Is a Driving Experience who cares hey look this small cup is medium or small it’s a medium brown it’s not even in the way of anything that’s fantastic both the fight ah this is not looking good three two one no it’s got the extension a little extension and I know we already

Reviewed this car but we legitimately don’t remember anything oh yeah here we go here we go just rotates and then the back end just just enough and the way that it you were able to hit Redline there it didn’t just cut you off it just banged up

All right great I like the gauge plus to the left and right uh for shifting and stuff but then I think in like different sport modes yeah let me see you can tie it to the mode Circle yeah it’s all nice I don’t know there’s nothing really to hate on there really

Isn’t this is such a great car great job the seats are comfy too yeah like I don’t mind this material like this budget material it’s okay yeah yeah I I could be even worse yeah so I mean I’ve enjoyed my daily driving in this for a full week I’ve tried to use this

So much I’ve put several hundred kilometers on this and I just love it even more I just want you to tell me what it’s like in the snow yes so please answer some clips of that I can confirm that it does drift in the snow it is

Really fun although it is still a bit understeery you just rip that handbrake the back end swings out the front end just bites in as soon as you floor it backhand catches up you’re sideways you’re having a great time this is fun would you take this over a

Golf R yes would you take this over a Civic Type R yes would you take this over a Focus RS potentially yes yes because the suspension was so bad would you take this over one of those old AE86 treato ones from like the the anime show

That we never watched that we have no attachment to never driven one uh but it’s a rear-wheel drive those are pretty sick though would I take it over my Fiesta ST because I’ve been debating selling it yes I actually would but is it worth the price difference so your Fiesta would

Probably sell for like 15 to 20 Canadian right now right now yeah and these let’s get to the price this one the core trim with the dips in Canada is 45 490 is this worth an extra 20 000 even though you can’t actually get one of these and if you bought it used

It would probably be even more so like is this worth 30 to 40 000 over your stage three Cobb Fiesta ST man this is probably almost as fast because the fiesta freaking rips it does it’s cool it’s classic yeah like it’s probably like sketchier because it’s all

You know older and smaller but like I don’t think it’s worth getting this over that for this much of a price difference I mean I really like this car and I like the suspension and I like the way it feels and just having the all-wheel drive is nice because I

Don’t really love front wheel drive even though that’s the best front-wheel drive car basically I don’t know man it’s hard I think I will be selling my Fiesta ST this year will I be picking up one of these instead stay tuned okay you’re not you’re not picking up they said stay

Tuned to find out if you want to buy his psst message him on uh Instagram yeah straight pipes let me know don’t message me yet I’ll let you know when it’s for sale and then you can message and if you want a snow blowing content and lawn mowing content lawn season’s coming up

Soon that’s both of our accounts I got nasty Stripes I I had mailman tell me I have the nicest lawn in Toronto he’s a mailman think about that that’s all he does is walk on lawns yep so definitely follow us on Instagram let us know what

You think of Miracle is it the six car on planet Earth yeah it is you have one that’s why they’re making more of those yeah well they’re not making enough I think that’s the problem thanks for watching guys peace peace out subscribe because you’re here at the last minute video

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