The Straight Pipes: IONIQ 6 vs IONIQ 5 Comparison

IONIQ 6 vs IONIQ 5 Comparison

Posted: 2023-04-03 04:01:00
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Hyundai Ioniq 6 vs Hyundai Ioniq 5 review by The Straight Pipes. The Hyundai Ioniq 6 and Hyundai Ioniq 5 are putting down 320 horsepower and 445 lb-ft of torque from a 77kwH Battery and 2 electric motors. At $60,999 CAD for 5 and $63,999 CAD for the 6, would you take Ioniq 6 or Ioniq 5?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign Drive 2023 Hyundai Onyx six versus five we are going to find out the similarities and differences because the six just came out and we weren’t totally sure so let’s start it off with the horsepower torque range and then looks 320 horsepower 446 pound-feet of torque from a 77 kilowatt

Hour battery and two electric motors in both of them they have identical powertrains okay sport mode Let’s floor it in three two one drag race of all time actually that’s probably the most exciting drag race yeah probably it’s the throttle first and big shout out to Hyundai Canada for

Getting this unit to us local it’s nice to not have to fly to every single press trip which helps us reduce our carbon footprint and if you’re new to the channel we want to give you a couple quick reasons why you should subscribe Jacob and I have been buddies since the

Year 2000s we’ve been car buddies since the channel is just me him and an editor and although we started as and still are two regular dudes we’ve gained so much experience doing car reviews over the last what seven years we’ve reviewed over 600 cars yeah we’ve been doing two

Car reviews a week that whole time think about all the cars we’ve driven and the best part is we are total opposites everything we do and like is different so you’re gonna get two completely different perspectives and we do read all the comments whether it’s on YouTube or Instagram so definitely leave a

Comment hopefully it’s a nice one we definitely take your feedback to heart and we make some changes when we need to how about the rain change in each of these by the way Yuri is in the six Jacob is in the five the range is probably the biggest difference before

We get to the looks the ionic 5 ranges from 354 kilometers to 488 kilometers the ionic six goes from 435 kilometers up to 581 kilometers which is a significant difference yeah you’ll get a longer range when you’ve got the rear wheel drive only and when you’ve got the

Smaller Wheels but we do not have that we’ve got all-wheel drive versions and the larger Wheels yeah so we have the lower ends of those ranges but the ionic 5 is much slipperier with its coefficient of drag which is around 0.21 versus 0.28 for this ionic five so let’s

Get to the looks while we really like the ionic 5. it was a cool concept car that we saw at the auto show that actually became a real car that looked just like it and now we’ve got this thing which looks a lot more like an eqs

More bubbly I think they did a good job of making both look different but still kind of the same the ionic 5 is definitely one of my favorite EVS in general looks and everything else but yeah the six is just kind of crazy looking totally different design

Language and I kind of appreciate what they did because they made an eqs look way better so starting with the headlights ionic 5 has white ones that are blocks and the six has Amber ones that are lines so that’s kind of cool what’s next the tail lights we both have

Red tail lights but the taillights on the five are much redder and squared off where the six actually has two rows of taillights because it also has the third brake light in its additional Wing yeah they’re much more 3D in the six so they both have four doors and they both have

The door handles that pop out are they both hatchbacks because the six does look like a hatchback actually the five is an SUV that happens to look like a hatchback but know your yours the six is actually a sedan or koopy sedan and if we pop the trunks uh these five has a

Lot more room on paper but I feel like you could fit more carry-ons like lying down in the six but I did take the six snowboarding my snowboard fit back there just fine I do not have it anymore I’m not a good snowboarder anymore but it

Was fine I did Muddy up the floor mats so get a set of tux map for your car if you go snowboarding that’ll keep your carpets nice and clean go to the straight pipes and then I put my snowboard back into the five on the way

Back and there was still just enough room for that too and we both have really cool Wheels although the ones on the ionic 5 are definitely more electricy and I actually prefer them I think the ones on the six look a lot more Dynamic when you’re driving at slow

Speeds like the pattern just looks larger but even the five looks cool at slow speeds and what would be the Continental recommended tire for either of these ionics the extreme contact dws-06 plus and when I turn on my turn signal I’ve got cool lights on my side

Of your mirror and in certain parts of the world you can get camera mirrors for the ionic six yeah you have a stack of pixels and I have a line of pixels and I’m not sure if you can get a camera for the mirrors in other parts of the world

The five it’s cool that it’s still all pixely across both of these and then francs I have a little bit of room up front in the six but I don’t have a cover where you do have a full cover in the five yeah and it kind of looks like

I may have a smidgen more room in there but if you get the rear wheel drive version then you get a ton more front space and you know when there’s a huge Hood it’s kind of an inconvenience to put stuff in the front like why would

You use it with so little space right yeah I found the perfect reason at the ski hill I put my wallet up there because if someone was to break into my car chances are they wouldn’t know about that secret compartment and I would still have all my stuff you’re welcome

All one million viewers Yuri’s wallet is in the front of the car when you go snowboarding yes don’t pop the hood of my Prowler so to end off the looks which one do you like more right now in 2023 March ionic 5 no question I love this retro design

The six is cool but I just don’t love it that spec of the ionic 5 is better than the other one we had with the matte paint because that’s like the cooler color but I think right now this is such a funky looking design that cool little

Like Double Wing on the back of the six I think the six looks better right now because it’s fresher in my opinion might change in a year or two but right now it’s hot I feel like everyone’s Minds were blown when the five came out but

They weren’t as blown with the six and that’s why I’m getting that stuff in front so when I changed my mind in two years I’ll be able to you know lean back on that okay let’s get to some of the Interior differences and similarities because uh they’re wildly different and

There’s a reason that I’m currently in the five and that’s because I actually prefer sitting here because it’s way more comfortable with the driving position my knee hits this dry driving stock a lot less than it does in the six and I have an unlimited amount of room

Below the driving stock but sometimes if I’ve got the steering wheel a little low I feel like I’ll bump my knee on it like on the steering column Volkswagen style but for the most part I’ve positioned it out of the way on both yeah the six just

Has like a more lean back driving position whereas the five being an SUV I’m just much taller so my legs are at a better angle and I just feel much more spacious in here especially with the center console that I can move back and forth and you have something completely

Different yeah this is a center stack area I think they called it the runway or whatever we got the window switches and stuff in the middle like a PT Cruiser or a Jeep or a Pontiac G8 never driven one I drove one once it was pretty cool and I guess they made the

Six a little bit bigger and longer so there’s more leg room in the back because I definitely feel like I have more leg room back there but I’m five foot eight so I don’t really have any issues with height and fitting but Jacob at six foot one and a half I’ve got

Headroom problems in the six and kind of leg angle problems just like I did in the eqs but in the five I have zero problems so what you’re saying is because of your height six is a deal breaker for you right yes so if you’re six foot one and a half

Don’t get the six is my recommendation so if you’re under six for one and a half there’s probably going to be a lot more sixes available for you to buy and if you’re looking for a new car a five or a six hit up Yuri maybe they actually did the five number

And the sixth number to associate with people’s Heights wouldn’t that be the opposite if like five Footers get the six and the six Footers oh yeah I’m sorry I forgot which car I was in so another interior difference the ionic six has a bunch of settings for active

Sound design let me put it to sport mode and the largest change and you can’t change your sounds I have no pumped in sound customization in the five okay let’s rip them together and we’ll play one after another ready mine is so obnoxious but it’s uh it’s like kind of all right

For like just showing someone and then quickly turn that off as soon as I got in the six I just straight up turned it off I’m like what is this droning you know what they did they pumped in droning exhaust sound it’s terrible for me yeah I’m played by piano

Still Still the i7 has the best pumped in audio hands down THX style that’s the best Hans Zimmer and you may have been picking up some of the audio of the rain since we’re talking about rain I actually don’t have a rear wiper and I wish I had one in the five you don’t have one in the six but

It’s actually not needed yeah because it’s a different shape but I think it’s supposed to start coming to fives or something or I think I saw like the ionic 5 and is going to have it I don’t know I think something’s coming up and also I saw an article where Hyundai’s

Like we’re sticking with hard buttons into the future and everyone’s like yeah Hyundai and I’m like yo they got rid of so many hard buttons for so long like instead of like a tuning knob we got this tuning flap that’s hard to use we don’t have enough hard buttons our

Climate is all capacitive touch buttons so it’s like ah you better go back to more hard but we both have pretty much the same infotainments touch screens and buttons I’d love to go back to more hard so we do still have some more buttons here and they haven’t eliminated all of

Them so they’re technically not lying okay so say you’re an apple carplay is there a button to get you back to home or do you have to swipe in your car Play click the home button and then click the Hyundai button to go back that is the

Correct way to do it but Yuri and I have found sneak ways to do it where I’d like to press the warmer slash heated seat steering wheel button and then that gets you to the home screen and I’ll hold the perform projection button that’ll get me to phone projection settings which then

I can click the home button so Hyundai you’re not out of the woodwork yet get some more hard buttons in here remember on that old Kia Soul they used to even have a Sirius XM hard button I know that’s not a Hyundai but isn’t it really

Kind of yeah and that brings me to one of the differences is that mine actually says warmer in the five and yours has a seat slash steering wheel button yeah it says temp for all that which I think is a lot more easy to understand because I

Was a lot more confused when I got back in the ionic 5 and through that we both have heated seats ventilated seats heated steering wheels which is very nice and then we can also do cool stuff like set up the climate to just go to the driver if you’re trying to be more

Uh electricity efficient I guess it is technically fuel efficient right but the interior screens are pretty much exactly the same the gauge design is the same style except for that I’ve got the I6 in here and you’ve got the ionic five in yours yeah very well laid out easy to

Read we also have the same Drive modes if we press our drive mode button and then if you hold it you go to snow Mode Nothing different no launch control unlike the gv60 and the Kia ev6 GT which kind of sucks no boost button either but

We may see that kind of stuff in the five and six n versions yeah and the no secret drift mode either but I’m not expecting that in these and these are good amount of power like when you floor it like you feel good I feel like I

Could even do less power be happy because if it’s not a full end if it’s not an ev6 GT if it doesn’t have a boost button like the gv60 I just want to hyper Mile and go slow yeah same here this is the perfect amount of speed for

Me I have no complaints about the speed in these vehicles 320 whatever horsepower it is totally adequate and there is actually no perceptible difference that we can find between both of these I even looked up the curb weights there is about a 100 pound difference but in the actual world we

Found zero difference yeah same same straight line speed that’s why it’s like they look different but underpinnings are like oh it’s exactly the same it’s like we changed some stuff it’s like but did you really we’ll find out cornering wise at clickshare corner in a bit but

Some other interior stuff I have two layer ambient lighting so different on the top of the panels different on the bottom and I can have it light up even more with my speed I can have that as a setting through the gauge cluster how

Cool is that and in the five I can’t do all that fancy stuff I can only link my color to the drive mode and then seat Comfort I feel like we’ve got pretty much like the exact same seats we only have lumbar that goes forward and back which like isn’t the coolest yeah

Comfort wise I’ve noticed no real difference in the seats but I can actually fully recline this seat so while I’m charging I can go to sleep yeah you can lie down and have serial killers sneak up on you in the back of a poorly lit parking lot where somebody

Put a broken car charger yeah but I’ll be comfortable when I die yeah I’m fine without that feature you’re in this car and even better is in the back you can also recline and move forward those seats as well yeah there’s no reclining this one and to drop the

Seats you got to do it from the trunk okay what about the normal test how about that small cup of Timmy’s coffee totally passes in the ionic 5 with my moving center console and in the ionic six the small cup only passes in the front one in the one closer to the

Driver the lip is a little higher and it catches there it’s like come on but at least one of them passes and what about the visors foreign [Applause] and then how about your wireless charger you like it mine is right underneath my climate control on my fixed Center thing

I actually think those six is more convenient because the center armrest kind of gets in the way of where the wireless charger is on the five for me ah and my elbow can rest on the armrest nicely while I’m touching the steering wheel in both of these cars which is

Great yeah I have an opening center console which is very comfortable and the ionic six does have a cooler looking Dash you can’t deny that it looks like airplane wings or something cool like that like yeah this is just simple no issues obviously a little bit plasticky here

And there but the materials are actually not bad considering these are like eco-friendly recycled materials in both oh and in the ionic six I got translucent like see-through materials on my door card and then my GPS antenna is also see-through-ish and you can see all the parts inside that which is cool

We saved the best for last handling through cliche Corner these cars aren’t really about that but Comfort wise I’ve noticed no real difference between them handling wise there is a difference though yeah I’m excited to test them out and figure it out so we’ve turned off

Traction and we are in the wet the steering is obviously pretty dead but we don’t really want it to be alive in electric cars these are just supposed to be mind-numbingly simple to drive also the first thing I notice is your blurry Amber headlights in my rear view mirror

Because I can’t see through it ah yeah yeah you need that rear wiper okay here we go all right lots of body roll on this one and it does kind of want to oversteer a little bit oh yeah I feel like the Onyx doesn’t want to oversteer as easily as you just

Did because I did floor it on my way out and it felt fine and handling felt like pretty solid pretty level and for some reason my command center thing popped up a voice command during that little Skitty and it’s now trying to find a charging station in Vancouver a few

Moments later all right I’m gonna floor in the ionic 5 and see if there’s a sound difference yeah there’s like nothing pumped in here it’s kind of disappointing that there’s like not even an option for it I kind of like that about EVS I just want them to

Be quiet unless there’s some weird ass like THX thing and downshifting using my paddles AKA my regen paddles very clever all right in the ionic five it’s oh yeah it’s definitely more drifty than the I6 and way out way more body rolly yeah this is uh this actually just handles

Really well uh it puts down the power and it doesn’t want to oversteer oh there we go a little bit Yeah so I guess the ionic six is better at handling and the ionic 5 is more fun if you want to kick it out surprisingly yes and getting

Into this Comfort wise I don’t really notice any difference with the suspension I think this is a little bit better just because it’s a slightly smaller vehicle with the weight yeah pretty much identical to me as well so yeah you are just yellow blobs in my back window that is annoying and there’s

A couple things that we forgot to talk about we both have very good adaptive cruise and Lane keep highway driving assist too super awesome on the highways right and they can both change lanes for you although I find it to be a little bit slow to do that oh man I kind of

Like looking at that ionic six more than this uh five like seeing you in that car now like I think I do like the looks of that like genuinely More Than This nah that thing’s sick looking just looks like it’s from retro future some weird uh synthwave thing oh and then in ionic

Five we have a huge move moon roofs hey we got baby back and then the sunroof in ionic six only I don’t see any I don’t see any baby Shades either no nothing back there and yeah this little dinky sunroof which I’m kind of surprised I kind of expected

Like a whole glass panel for this one and sitting in here one of the first things that I notice is just how much my knee hits this freaking Drive stock thing every time I hit the brakes it just hits it like it’s really annoying oh but the brake pedal feels totally

Normal we both have three levels of brake regen with the paddles you can hold down the left one to go to eye pedal which you can come to a Full Stop in both of these which you couldn’t do in the gv60 and I pedal if you hold the

Right paddle then you have auto mode so I think it’s a very good well-rounded system of automatic brake regeneration and then charging times they’re all supposed to be pretty much the same right same rates and everything they’re both nearly identical they’re both 800 volt architecture and they both have

Basically the exact same battery and after we’re done filming this we’re gonna go charge them both at the same time so here’s that footage to see if they both charge at the same rate they’re both charging at 44 more now we unplug yours and see if this one speeds up oh

And now it’s getting way more power that you unplug yours so EV Chargers and this is by the hour not by the kilowatt hour so we’re getting charged way more than we should be which still sucks and this should be capable of up to 200 based on the conditions but with one car

Unplugged it is going faster so now let’s get to the biggest difference at least in Canada the price let’s get to the price we are driving the ultimate which is like The Limited in the United States the ionic 5 comes in at fifty four thousand nine nine nine Canadian

And the ionic six is sixty three thousand nine nine nine almost ten thousand dollars difference however in the United States it’s the same price that is wild I guess at that price comparison you kind of have to go ionic five I am going 100 ionic five even if

The price difference wasn’t there if I was shopping for either of these on in the United States I would still go with the ionic five I just think it does a lot more better for me at my height I’m kind of stoked on the ionic six looks I really like the

Ionic 6 and concept that we saw at the Toronto Auto our show I’m gonna go ionic six just because I think it looks cooler fresher but I might change my mind in two years looking back on this so let us know which one you guys would pick the

Retro 5 or the new futuristic six or the gv60 or the t86 GT let us know in the comments below or a Bugatti Super Sport hyper Veer Veyron