The Straight Pipes: HYBRID SUPERCAR MONSTER! 2023 Ferrari 296 GTB Review

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-02-04 13:00:03
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Ferrari 296 GTB review by The Straight Pipes. The 296 GTB is putting down 819 horsepower and 546 lb-ft of torque from a Twin Turbo V6 Hybrid. At $444,287 USD, would you take it over the Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica, Acura NSX Type S, McLaren Artura, or the Chevy Corvette ERay?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign 2023 Ferrari 296 GTV with launch control but we were told not to use it I’m like it’s fast enough without it horsepower and dark a combined 819 horsepower and 546 pound-feet of torque from a twin turbo 3 liter V6 hybrid and if you were to use launch control it’s under three seconds right uh yeah 0-60 this thing is wickedly fast Yuri

Play me the sound of 8500 RPM Did you even hit 85 I think I did this thing is so fast it feels like that uh Ferrari F12 that we drove like the sensation of speed but it’s got a different sound because this is a six cylinder yes and it’s actually a really unique sound Ferrari really wanted this

To sound like a V12 so this actually got the nickname of Piccolo V12 AKA baby V12 so it actually has equal length exhaust manifolds and a symmetrical firing order so it actually sounds really good and this is probably my favorite sounding V6 ever yeah and

It’s got a hot pipe that uh sends it into the inside so you could hear it better I definitely think it sounds better from the inside than it does from the outside so let’s take a listen from the outside Yeah it sounds like really nice in here it really does you get Turbo whooshes you get actual V6 sounds it’s a very smooth sound and man driving through these like Malibu Canyon roads just feels like cheating yes and this is part of our California true car trip so

If you’re shopping for a Ferrari go to they have plenty of used Ferraris especially within 100 miles of California where we are do you know what you use Ferrari I’m looking for in the future sometime what is it like a three four eight or something three four eight or Testarossa oh okay

Yeah Testarossa whichever one comes first I would honestly not even going back that far I would love the F12 that we drove I was in love with that I just want to own a manual red mid-rear engine Ferrari for a little bit and this is a

Red mid rear engine Ferrari so I am so stoked I feel like so cool driving this around California yeah I get that and unfortunately for you because I know you want like a beige interior but this spec works really well I just want tan and

Tear on an older one hand yes it doesn’t matter to me okay okay because this works really well this black yeah I like the red act this is again Jacob’s Speck red black red stitching and carbon fiber it’s like all these manufacturers new to watch our upcoming videos from the

California trip as well and then another cool thing about this Ferrari is we can go full electric mode dead quiet yeah and I think you can go up to like 120 kilometers an hour you can drive up to 25 kilometers on pure EV or 15 miles

And this is plug-in hybrid like you can actually plug in or regen while driving yeah so you would actually get green plates if we were back home in Ontario all right so I’m gonna take it easy for a little bit in this mode I want to talk

About the looks and The Styling for a bit oh dude this thing is gorgeous there are a bunch of like new Ferraris there’s the f8 there’s the sf90 yeah the sf90 is like the top there’s one that’s front engine I kind of forget the name of that

And then there’s some special ones the Daytona the Daytona is obviously yeah that’s crazy that is so cool looking but I love love love the looks of this and then since we have the normal version we don’t have the race version we don’t have the option to get that cool stripe

Kit yeah there is like a race package for this which gets rid of the adjustable dampers which gets rid of the nose lift and the nose lift is coming super handy in California it’s been critical here and we also have bumpy road mode which makes the dampers perfect for these California roads so

Let’s put it into gas mode you can put into hybrid hybrid mode there you go click the red button it goes to bumpy road mode so we have a manatino which is kind of your drive mode selector for your sport race modes and then we also have the emanatino

Which is actually a touch screen for more race modes okay back to styling headlights look cool nice uh chill lines on the back it’s chill lines too on the taillights whoa whoa more about the headlights no going back and forth okay okay headlights we actually have Scoops

Below the drls which are actually brake ducts to cool the brakes it’s the front bumper well would you not expect that here no I mean it’s just so cool I’ve never seen that before and what’s cool is when you pop the hood there’s a ton of room there as well because this is

Trunk front because this is rear wheel drive only so you don’t have an electric motor up at the front the electric motor is between the transmission and the engine yes it’s like uh mguk Formula One tech obviously Ferrari Formula One hey they got a team there right they do

And when it comes to the Body Lines they look really great I like this red paint it’s not like flat Ferrari red paint but there’s so many different colors you can get through the configurator yeah this paint is called Rosso Imola so it’s not like Ferrari bright red which I think is

Like Rosso Corsa or something like that it looks stunning in the sun perfectly filmed by us in these beautiful Malibu Canyons I love the big Ferrari badges on the sides I love the Ferrari logo on the back when you open the door you get Ferrari against carbon fiber seals it’s

All so sick yeah and then the engine cover is a full glass cover and then you can see all the hybridization with the orange cables that glass cover is I was not expecting that that is so cool and it’s like rounded it looks amazing and then we got a cool little like spoiler

Up there too that’s very hard to see yeah channels air over that glass panel and the look through my rearview mirror is very clear like it’s overall just a very easy pleasant experience while driving it and getting you know the doors don’t go up yeah but it’s still

Sick we’ll get into the Supercar checklist later but uh but yeah I I like the looks of this I think it’s a totally awesome looking Ferrari for not being the most expensive Ferrari in the lineup right and then these wheels are sick as heck too like they’re just standard five spokes with a

Little twist yeah yeah and what would be the Continental recommended tire for a Ferrari 296 GTB the Continental extreme contact sport O2 all right your turn to drive through these fun roads ooh Canyon send race mode qualifying mode for Florida It feels so good too what a great launch it hooked right up too oh my goodness okay first thing that I saw was these flashing LEDs on my steering wheel for shift lights if you don’t option that on a Ferrari you have missed the mark that is perfect you definitely need that and

Then I was gonna look at the screen in front of the passenger seat that has display stuff for performance but I was just watching guys I was too scared and the next amazing thing these paddle shifters full carbon and they are column mounted which I’m getting used to

Because they’re so big I’ve had no issues with them I have no issues with the call amount that ever because whatever car they’re on it’s like an exotic fun car and it just makes the experience different yeah and then this steering wheel is the perfect girthiness like it’s actually pretty thin and then

The turn and response because that is also amazing like I just I love how this thing handles through these Canyons so Yuri I’m going to make you slightly uncomfortable but not too much I’ll take it easy but man this thing handles out nearly here like crazy these this is small Holland by the

Way yeah I gave it a less of a cent because like I don’t want to send too hard but I’m in qualifying mode so you know draining all your battery it’s not regening at all oh my goodness this thing handles so well so it is only rear

Wheel drive but I have full confidence in this thing it feels so nimble like and it does let you not automatically upshift when you’re in manual with our little shifter down here how do you like this little shifter down here it’s all right I mean it makes sense looks cool

Yeah but man driving this thing it’s just so Nimble if it’s just so it is very very Nimble feels a lot lighter than I’m sure it is because it’s a hybrid so not that the battery is that big it is a plug-in hybrid and you can drive on full electric which is really

Cool so the battery has to be big enough to be able to do that the nimbleness reminds me of the nimleness of the GT3 yes that we weren’t expecting until we started driving it yeah we didn’t know what to expect driving whoa that’s a lot of turn in yeah this this is incredible

Though and this 8-speed dual much responds really quickly like Upshifts downshifts no matter what again the qualifying mode which makes sense but I don’t feel like it doesn’t really shift any slower in any of the modes it’s just if I was to drop this into hybrid right now and then drop the manatino into sport here do the same

Thing still just as fast yeah it’s not harsh by any means like this is an amazing powertrain Ferrari knocked it out of the park for a plug-in hybrid this might be my favorite plug-in hybrid that I’ve driven actually now that I think about it well we haven’t driven

The e-ray we just got ride-alongs in it yeah that wasn’t a plug-in I guess yeah but I mean this from sitting from the passenger seat in both vehicles this is so much faster yeah Ferrari compared to a Corvette and I’m okay with this V6 sound as I said I love

V8s but this is my favorite V8 sound or V6 sounds sorry but right now we have no sound that’s why it threw me off so in terms of the emanatino modes we have e drive hybrid performance and qualify so each one changes what the battery does

What the regen does and then our our actual physical one changes kind of the traction control mostly and then the throttle input and the system is pretty easy to use even though it is capacitive touch buttons and screens on the steering wheel it’s I guess their way to

Build it all in with the Apple carplay in the gauge cluster with the full digital gauge because there’s no infotainment and because of that I think it has like a a better look than most other supercars and maybe it’s a little more difficult to use but like I can

Change the radio stations from this little screen on the passenger side and change the volume and everything yeah and we can also change the radio stations with these little buttons behind the steering wheel and the volume as well and then even when you’ve got your Apple carplay up once you get your

Directions if you just hold the home button it’ll go back to the normal gauge screen and we’ve got a button to change it to different gauge cluster modes so if you’re using the onboard navigation then it’s no problem at all because you still have cool tax and everything yeah

And you can also change the color of the tack we’ve customized it to Yellow because it’s just fitting for this yellow is a fun color for a gauge cluster and I’ve seen it in other Ferraris and it just kind of makes sense in yellow then we got capacitive touch

Climate and then we also start this car with a capacitive touch button honestly I wish that was like a toggle switch like a flip switch like a physical thing would be nice but I get why they wanted to make everything because they really want to make this different and like

Show the future of Ferrari which again makes sense yeah and once you get used to it it’s fine and it I’m I like that there’s no infotainment yes you look cool it’s interesting and it’s totally different from what most manufacturers are doing and since this is super car stuff this

Isn’t like a Civic yeah there’s no reason for us to complain about it right we should probably get to the Supercar checklist theory is there a lot of carbon uh heck yeah carbon fiber everywhere on the outside and on the inside yeah they got a lot of options

And you can see that plaque on the inside of the front where there’s even more carbon does it pass the cup holder test honestly yeah it’s got a nice cup holder one of them that’s a fail that’s a Supercar fail visors three two one fail so that’s a Supercar

Pass but they do flip out which a lot of supercars don’t even do that do we have a gimmicky steering wheel very gimmicky our turn signals are on the steering wheel we have LED lights for the shift lights we start the car with a capacitive touch button and we have a

Manatino and an emanatino yeah yeah that’s Supercar pass Supercar pass for sure do you look cool getting in and out uh yeah it’s a Ferrari and a red Ferrari with the engine at the back do the doors go up no Supercar fail but that’s okay

Here is it fast and is it loud let’s find out uh yes it’s fast not that loud though yeah it still sounds good it sounds good could be louder yeah so pass and like pretty much pass yeah and I mean it kind of gets bonus points in today’s age for

The fact that you can actually put it into a full hybrid so I think going forward we should add can it also go dead silent into the future yeah if full electric mode is a Supercar considering like hybrids are assist thing for Speed I like that part of hybrid supercars

Yeah okay so this is definitely a super car and we definitely like the hybrid system in it yes so great job Ferrari this is 100 a Supercar not that we had any doubts you know what else we should add does it have a cool key because this

Has an awesome Ferrari key and it sits right here just take it out of my pocket right now live boom oh you do it because I’m driving this way this guy yeah it’s tucked in that looks oh man good to see the logo now and then a couple other things on

The interior for more storage we have a net back here which is nice yeah because some of these cars have like no room for anything and then you know I can fit my fanny pack here on the edge we got a little compartment there to open the

Doors it’s just a button and we got our window controls in the middle yeah just like a Jeep man I just I just can’t get over how well this responds like it’s instant the the Turning response is amazing on this it’s there’s nothing weird about it I it’s very everything

About this car is fast and pleasant yeah like driving it down the pch in traffic I was able to just silently crawl along in traffic not bothering anybody enjoying my music in here it’s lovely or if you had a natural aspirated V10 it might get a little Buzzy yes although oh no yeah

Exactly and tunnel send another Supercar check He’s so smooth yeah less less loud obnoxiousness and more smoothness I feel like by rolling down the window just a touch it almost made it quieter I get like NSX vibes from like the whole like it’s it can be loud but it’s a different style of loud and not just like V12 V10

Right okay so let’s do another little tunnel send but window up See it I don’t know this is just smooth sounding it’s the it’s future sounding yeah but I just I love that we have a V6 twin turbo that can rev out to 8 500 with a hybrid assist and the actual twin turbo V6 makes a ton of power so that hybrid is

Even adding a little bit more well actually considerable motor I think it’s around 200 words well I definitely didn’t feel any lag no at all and that’s the thing it’s like yes this is fast you don’t feel any lag and you can hear the turbo is like spooling but while the

Turbo is spooling you’re already getting that hybrid assist okay some things we forgot back into the interior are the seats comfy very comfy like very very comfy yeah no problem I like the look of them it’s got like it’s not my style of seat but I do like the way they look oh

You want like race buckets in here no no I meant like the the stitching and stuff I did go in the configurator and you get like like wild color species too but but then we also have awesome 296 GTB floor mats and by the way the name 296 GTB 296

Is the displacement 2.99 liters the six is the amount of cylinders and GT is Grand Touring in Berlinetta is the beat or I guess if you got the convertible the spider bgts yes so yeah it’s a 2.991 liter I know I said three liter earlier that is just rounded up because

Basically it’s a three liter but it doesn’t sound as cool it might yeah if it was a 306 or maybe they’re like just do you think they built it down because they like the name 296. I’m not really sure but 296 sounds good and then back

To the floor mats if you personally own a 488 Pista you can get a set of tux mat at the straight pipes check out what they have available for your vehicles for your non-ferrari yes they have plenty of other mats so we had previously driven the Ferrari Roma we

Weren’t in love with it Yuri are you in love with this this is a mid-engine red Ferrari and I know how much you wanted to try one yeah yeah this is this is exactly what I thought life would be like in a mid-engine red Ferrari like a

Ferrari is this yes and I got to experience it and I I love every minute it was everything that I thought it would be and now my next goal is to go test drive a bunch of older Ferraris to find which one I want to drive slash buy

If I can save up enough money in real life when the prices drop a bit I love how different this is from every other Supercar that I’ve driven and I think they just did such a good job of modernizing a V6 that they don’t really

Use because it’s mostly V8s and V12 so I think they did a really good job with this car great great job Ferrari I know I’ve said that like 15 times in this video before we get to the price can we electric send the tunnel okay uh here we go

Going to go e Drive full floor e Drive send okay full Electric my foot’s down it’s pretty quick dude we were flying yeah tunnels are better in the uh full race yeah yeah it’s nice to have that option all right with everything out of the way I think

It’s time we get to the price this one is sitting at 444 287 American and I think that’s a reasonable amount of money for what they’re asking for because there’s a lot going on here if I was to spec one out I would be totally fine with not going

Like full carbon everywhere and I know the sf90 is above this and obviously it’s going to be even more expensive but how much faster and better can it get well that’s what rhymes like I can’t get close to any of this stuff like this is like the second super car that I’ve

Driven through like non-stop curvy roads yeah like Canyon sending and not like Ontario like cliche corner like couple turn sand and then straightaway sand yes so for me it’s a different world and for me it’s more than enough yeah this is a great car 15 times let me know counting

The bottom of the video how much I said great car but I I take the Daytona okay so yeah wow that’s fair let us know what you think of our California car reviews which roads should we drive on next leave a comment below and big shout out for TrueCar for hosting us here

Thank you guys so much for watching because we’re enjoying our time wow look at that ocean unbelievable every time we come down here it never gets boring never in Ontario you turned out to the Garden wow look at that sea and Tower yeah exactly but here wow