The Straight Pipes: HONDA’S FIRST ELECTRIC SUV! 2024 Honda Prologue

Reading Time: 9 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-28 15:58:19
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Honda Prologue Walk Around by The Straight Pipes. The 24 Prologue is putting down 288 horsepower and 333 lb-ft of torque from a 2 electric motors and an 85kwh battery. At mid $60 CAD starting price, would you take it over the Blazer EV, Nissan Ariya or Tesla Model Y?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

The all new all electric prog SUV I’m Jacob I’m Yuri and we’re not going for a Drive all right we got the 2024 all electric Honda prologue let’s start it off with the horsepower and torque 288 horsepower and 333b fet of torque from two electric motors and an 85 KW battery cuz this is the all-wheel drive model that we get standard in Canada America

Gets a front-wheel drive model which actually has more range but we don’t get that at all in Canada and there are no horsepower and torque figures for the front-wheel drive model yet and this is the first all electric SUV in North America by Honda do you like the looks

Of it I want to start off with the looks cuz this is based off the Chevy Blazer EV but a lot done by Honda and all their Design Studios yeah so this is the ultium platform basically shared with the Blazer like you said I do think uh

Honda did a really good job of making this look like a Honda cuz it does look like it fits in their lineup uh it’s got that kind of like nice low slung Blazer look but still Honda especially in this color this is a very Honda color yeah

Yeah the cement gray which is out of style as far as we concern and all the Press footage we got this really cool teal that you don’t get in Canada instead Canada gets a red I’m not sure if USA also gets that red but come on

Canada we want that teal also in case it’s not obvious from seeing it on camera this is about the size of a Honda Passport in terms of interior space and everything uh it’s quite a bit larger than a CRV move over I want to see that wheelbase lots of wheelbase yeah okay

How about the headlights can we see if we can trigger them on by opening and closing maybe the trunk no will the trunk do it okay here we go all right so we got two amber eyebrows that went on and off I think the drls look pretty cool let’s look at

The back do we have anything weird there for a Honda uh not really here I’ll show you the tail lights well other than this actual badge which is completely different I was going to say we’ve got a full new Honda Logo okay which is there’s the traditional there’s the new

One for all their uh e products and it used to always be an H on the back so that’s like a big thing for them and apparently Honda says you can fit three fullsize golf bags side they went with the golf bags so there’s the Box test

It’s just three golf bags okay close close that trunk power close kick to open and all that stuff that’s cool uh look at the wheels as well I think the wheels are actually pretty cool yeah I really like them very reflective they look electricy they wind tested them so

That they wouldn’t cause any drag um yeah I like it and what would be the Continental recommended tire for a Honda prologue the sport contact six okay and now we got a a charge port that they placed right next to the driver door to be extra convenient oh yeah okay so we

Can fast charge this uh up to I think 155 KW which isn’t the fastest and we should probably get to the range as well okay hit me with the range in America the range is up to 300 Mi or 482 km for the front-wheel drive model and then in

Canada it’s up to 450 km because the all-wheel drive model is standard so yes it’s less but it’ll be the same as in the states with the all-wheel drive model okay you film me for a second how do I look how do I look good great okay

We’ve got a hood it’s an electric car can we store stuff in there no we cannot but you can pop the hood it’s not one of those that’s like permanently locked and one thing I wanted to add is that these are actually the 21in wheels which are

Available for the first time on a Honda the largest Wheels they’ve ever fitted to this oh that’s pretty sweet yeah okay look we got normal door handles with the button that’s nice gloss black yeah that’s that’s okay you can have gloss black oh and they even have the button

On the back as well which is always nice to see okay I think what we should do next cuz we can’t talk about how it drives it is our vehicle Dynamics direction that are conventional gas engine vehicles and EVS share the same goal in terms of ride comfort and

Handling so as with a gas engine vehicle we tune the suspension to be more harmonized to the driver than you might expect from an AV sporty with the direct Driving Experience see how much room there is in the back seat before the front seat o okay first thing I noticed these doors

Don’t go all the way 90° so putting like a child seat in there might not be the best and wow it looks like tons of room except my head is actually hitting this can you lean your seat back more is there a uh there I believe there are

Detents what if you move it forward one does that put your head into the sunroof no not all right so it won’t fit you if you’re 6′ one and a half in the back seat seat are your knees in your face your chest uh not as bad because

I’m kind of like leaned back so it it is a little high but not the worst okay let’s see how much room there is with all the seats folded down I really like this Honda Logo yeah it is pretty cool very future uh there is tons of room back here nice it’s a

Little low just because of the shape of the car but still a lot of room back here do we have a spare here or are we just going to use the optional self-sealing TI there’s not going to be a spare back there no chance just a

Little kit with a bunch of stuff no picnic table either I think they should bring that back for sure okay before we go to the front this does not have a lock button on the back here so I’m I’m very disappointed yeah you would be okay

Let’s close all the doors go in the front lift the seats up come on they actually go up quite nicely okay are you are you comfortable or what now that the Honda people can’t hear us this is basically just a Blazer and it’s full Google and everything but we can’t

Turn it on but trust me it’s just full Google and it looks like a GM product in here yeah you’re driving the GMC Canyon right now and it looks exactly the same I don’t know I don’t know where it’s just the one guy there I’m going to cut

To the footage of the GMC Canyon that I have right now and the layout is almost identical these buttons look identical this looks the same and even this right here looks very very similar but you know what’s different is the Blazer EV doesn’t have a start stop button it’s

One of those cars where you get in push the button and they wanted to make this more normal so it’s like transitionary period from gas to electric which I think they did a pretty good job of and I’m pretty sure that power button is identical to the one that I have in the

Uh GMC up front right now okay is the switch gear GM or is Honda this is exactly uh from the GMC that I have uh out front right now exactly lower your voice you’re you’re going to get some trouble this is exactly the same as well

This is exactly this is exactly the same as well okay that’s all right that’s all right oh uh you know what I’ve noticed is that there there are no controls for the uh headlights oh so like new GMS you’re going to have to control through the infotainment yes let’s just say this

Is basically just a GM product which is actually totally fine cuz the new stuff is actually pretty nice it’s fine Honda hasn’t built a full electric car here yet so I got to start somewhere it’s the prologue yeah I’ll be right back where you going yeah we have a small cup of

Timmy’s coffee let’s see if it fits in the cup holder fits just fine just fine dare I say oh maybe it’s a little hard to get like one no that’s pretty good that’s a Full Pass okay we got a slot for your phone right here we have wireless

Carplay we don’t know if there’s going to be wired carplay I’m going to assume no unlike the GM product does not have it so this does because the GM wants to take your data and Honda’s going to let Apple keep your data that’s right or something like that yes I would way

Rather have a car with apple carplay than an SS Blazer to be honest but at the same time the Blazer has more range and more power available this doesn’t okay also the Blazer was the hero car in the Barbie movie okay the Blazer EV but John Cena is the voice of Honda for

These commercials simple to charge instantly familiar we’ve designed an electric SUV with features that make the driving and ownership experience more enjoyable so it’s up to you what would you rather have Barbie or John Cena I excuse to use John Cena voices in our videos is good for me I am John Cena resident Auto geek okay since this is a new car uh full USBC no usba obviously this is uh fresh look we got room underneath here this does feel very GM

To me I’m not I’m not going to lie it it does besides this Honda badge yes like we even have buttons behind the steering wheel for our radio controls and stuff like that so this is the stock to actually change it from Park reverse neutral but we can’t turn this on which

I don’t know if a Honda’s ever had before maybe the Rin had it back in the day but I doubt it I don’t think so these seats are actually really nice too let let me see am I comfortable are you comfortable I’m very comfortable this is

This is this real nice and then some of these materials may not be final fit and finished this is very very early pre-production we can’t even turn it on so thanks Honda for uh bringing us out here to take a look at it cuz it is very

Cool in person yeah pretty much looks exactly like the pictures online there’s no like real and then since this is a top trim we actually have a head-up display right here which is only on the top Trim in America and Canada I need you to hold this camera camera for a

Second we’re going to do something we’ll try not to break your car world’s first Honda prologue visor test pre pre-ad three two one like butter does that feel like a Honda visor or a GM visor cuz that was really slippery and I feel like that’s

GM I think so too and the and the thickness yeah it’s a little thinner than a Honda would be see down here we’ve got sport mode that’s because this is a top trim and you only get it on the top Trim in America and Canada and looks like we’ve

Got Elena assist and this is one of the first Hondas with a rear cross traffic braking blind Zone steering assist and rear pedestrian alert and I’m assuming it’s their first because it’s Blazer Tech and not Honda tech just like the Supra or Toyota’s first Wireless Apple carplay and one thing that I’ve just

Noticed right now is you can see the ambient lighting right now so oh blue for electric yeah and then it also has been changing colors as well but it actually looks pretty nice it’s pretty subtle and then we even have it around these cup holders straight out of like a

GM product Oh you can’t say that that loud man hey quick quick move your feet move your feet are these pre-production floor mats or these going to be the OEM ones uh all I know is they’re not a set of toat so go to pipes to see

What they have for your car because they don’t have this car because nobody does yet all right is it time to get to the price yes let’s get to the price so we don’t actually have the official price yet but we have the rough starting prices so in America this starts in the

High 4S in US Dollars and in Canada it starts in the mid 60,000 all right that seems like pretty reasonable for a pretty big SUV and uh I guess for what everything’s going for yeah and if you are shopping for one of these they will be for sale in uh early

Next year in the spring so go to tsp. at that time or maybe go right now and just get yourself a Honda Passport in the meantime all right so do you like the name overall uh yeah I’m okay with all this are you mad at anything about this

Or not at all are do you fully understand it like the GM stuff that’s already in it so I have no real complaints about that and styling Wise It’s like a much subtler version of that Blazer in a good way it’s like if you don’t want that whole RoboCop crazy

Future thing like this is the answer to that this is really good uh normal car EV car yeah basically well thanks Honda see you guys in the next video thanks for Watching