The Straight Pipes: GMC’S ATTEMPT AT A FORD RAPTOR? 2024 GMC Canyon AT4X Review

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-17 11:58:17
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 GMC Canyon AT4X review by The Straight Pipes. The AT4X Canyon is putting down 310 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque from a Turbo 2.7L 4 Cyl. At $67,383 CAD, would you take it over the Ford Raptor or RAM TRX?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Yuri I’m Jacob and we’re going for a Drive 2024 GMC Canyon h4x with launch control in Baja mode that’s not bad it’s not bad not bad at All horsepower and torque 310 horsepower 430 lb feet of torque from a turbo 2.7 L 4 cylinder and you only get launch control in Baja but that was two wheel drive so I started doing a little little burnout yeah so uh this truck is all new

And we have a for Banger now there is no V6 anymore no diesel no so it’s kind of they’re going with this engine for their entire lineup basically and I want to start off by showing off this interior because it’s shocked me it shocked me they looked like the suits from Avengers

Endgame when they time travel I did not understand this reference good reference okay uh the thing that this reminds me of is goalie pads yeah I think in the thing they said this is supposed to be like snowboarding which kind of also fits yeah right yeah definitely goalie pads yeah but it’s

Very impressive I got in here I’m like no way okay uh outside do you like the looks yeah uh I think what they did was they went to a focus group and the focus group said I want muscle truck and it looks like muscle truck especially when

You get to the dssv multimatic dampers which have a uh a picture a picture of me that they must have used okay hold on let me just take some gravel real quick oh dude that was so off-road I did not feel any of that at all uh but yeah I

Think it does look really really good I love the color I’m okay with with the color out I really like that old uh the Colorado the blue one that we had this really really pops and like the body lines are so cool the way like the

Fender flares from the side view the way everything’s formed super super awesome it’s kind of interesting the way that they integrated the uh ambers into the fender fles and it says GMC and they’re kind of light up I love that it looks great and then like even the front

Bumper looks cool everything just looks nice the headlights are nice the hood when you’re driving feels like it’s pretty big like is this a midsize truck or is this pretty much a monster truck yeah you’re the one that always complains about that I never do but for

The first time I’m like yeah this is kind of high and we don’t have a hard button for your 360 camera so while you’re driving you pop it up but we can set it up to the left and our favors but when I click it it’s going to not show

Cuz we’re driving too fast but when we’re slow and you click it then you have a bunch of cool camera modes including under the wheels and stuff yeah so that’s pretty impressive considering this is I mean it’s a GMC this isn’t a Land Rover or anything like

That I’m waiting for a car company to have a little like pole that comes out and then shows you the car like cuz you know what I I want to see that this video is brought to you by insta 360 no it’s not oh your water bottles flying around

Because there’s no room for in the door card no and uh it doesn’t fit pretty much anywhere I got this massive water bottle what does it say on it what does it say on it it says our sponsored true car so go to tsp. if you are

Shopping for one of these or any other vehicle for discounted price offers okay uh that’s not why I brought it that’s how yeah yeah so then this only comes in a four-door configuration with a 5ish foot bed yeah you can’t get any other exterior configuration all you can

Configure with colors and trims yeah I’m like pretty all right with it it makes sense in the midsize seg it’d be cool if they made like a twodo version like that Ford truck we drove but it’s cool and then the tailgate I love the stamped look like the way the GMC and everything

In the shape love it and it has some pretty interesting features it’s actually got a waterproof compartment at least it has like a seal like a gasket on it and then you can use that to stop things from flying out of the bed if you

Need more room and then uh we got h4x into the rugged liner which looks super super awesome I love that and then we also have a power plug back there yeah overall good stuff not too gimmicky just like normal like I don’t need like six shelves and like three sliding doors a

Bottle opener like a like a roach holder and a lighter or something in the back of my at4 X but you can also measure stuff there so just like an F150 you would your boys doing your measuring content and before we get to the overall

Looks you like the uh what did you say these wheels were from uh they look like they’re from a cross Trek I really don’t like these wheels I know it’s a GMC and it’s supposed to be more luxurious cuz this is the more luxurious version of

The Colorado but like man these do not look very good here and next competition for this would kind of be like the Gladiator which also like a midsize truck for off-roading and the Tacoma would be number one yeah and like that’s based off a Wrangler and then the ranger

As well and these tires are Wrangler tires like how much would it suck to have like a different company’s like awesome brand as like the tires you have to go the best brand to have on this car would be Continental yeah yeah that’s the what’s the Continental recommended

Tire for an off-road truck that would be the terrain contact at just like your Raptor show click for the jumping is your Raptor bigger than this yeah way bigger like longer though uh yeah pretty sure I’m pretty sure it’s definitely wider look up the dimensions editor so

Overall looks wise this look better than the Chevrolet ZR2 bison or the a4x AEV version of this which has like way cooler more metal stuff bigger Wheels be lockable rims all that fun stuff I mean they’re kind of tied to me honestly exterior wise they look really

Good both of them what does AEV mean uh it’s a company I forget what the name is called I thought I thought it was like whoa automotive electric vehicle like yeah any any company brand with EV is like not good for future stuff if it’s not no it’s like a rugged off-road

Company I know that stuff looks cool it’ll be on the screen right now and we’ll look like clowns but absolutely love this yeah so wise they killed it great job okay back to some power I’m going to just what am I in Baja mode

What if I put it in Baja is the one you want to be in it’s the most fun yeah but I don’t want to have fun I want to get to work and look cool normal a little slow to get to gear but like it picks up pretty nicely like more

I’m surprised how quick it is yeah so it’s an eight-speed it’s not my favorite but the uh the torque from this motor is actually pretty impressive yeah I’m I’m very impressed I did not think this sucked at all about but it’s kind of like uninspiring it’s like like another

Four-cylinder but it does have the torque and power so I can’t complain about that yeah but it’s got like cool off-road stuff for when you actually need to off-road so we did a little off off-road and did some cool Trails while we were filming some other car that

Might be like way cooler and more off-road than this but this felt nice while I was going over those bombs I wasn’t worried about anything love the clearance and I left my driveway by crossing my lawn oh of course like anyone with an off-road truck would do

Uh yeah I never do that in my Raptor I’m a poser Yuri I don’t over my own lawn you don’t have grass like that to leave bro I got I could I could go miles of grass my neighbor is very all right with me Crossing it it’s your Drass they know

I’m crazy yeah but it’s on his draft and then we can also for offro Stuff lock our front and our rear what off-road stuff do we have in this a ton of stuff so it’s got a 3-in suspension lift and then it’s got those multimatic dssv dampers which are fantastic muscle

Dampers muscle dampers truck uh and then it also has skid plates obviously to take this thing Offroad yeah honestly like super capable we got tow hooks too on the front and back in red because you know you got to see them actually the back red I’m not really sure I can’t

Really remember I think so I’m pretty sure it’s red yeah yeah and it also matches our red suat belts which we’ll talk about with you behind the wheel right now apparently you don’t have like a grab handle to get in on that side no and there’s the we need a a better way

To get in here as well yeah it kind kind of sucks but there’s no no actual steps it’s just like these uh Rock guards or whatever they yeah but the steps would get in the way of the rock guards and the steps would become the rock guards

Exactly for high Baja mode Let’s see if we get a better launch oh yeah oh yeah but then there’s no Burnout performance shift active just like old old Corvettes and stuff I mean it is pretty quick for the size of this thing and it’s four-cylinder pushing this thing along I it’s shockingly good and then this is an at4 X which is why we have Baja mode you don’t get Baja

Mode in any trim below this so in the at4 you don’t get it but you do get it in the AEV version nice Yeah at4 x pretty cool remember we were thinking is at4 going to be cool no h4x cool it’s like Raptor light and you know first

Thing I noticed we have h4x on the floor mats but you know it would look even cooler and more endgame and more time travel and more protective of this carpeting set of tuxmat go to tuxmat docomo pipes to see what they have for your car and then this being the at4 X

You also get 33in tires like you said earlier but on the AEV you get 35 in tires which is pretty impressive so Big Boy Tires just like my R yeah a a the AEV thing is like pretty cool like it is actually like the it’s the equivalent of the bisen for the ZR2

But not enough people realize what this is so you could get away with like if you’re just looking for cred like Get Enough cred onto this yeah this does give you a bit of stre cred that’s for sure not the most but a bit uh what

Gives you the most street cred are these goalie pad interior cuz holy crap like white seats I or at least partially white I did not expect yeah I was going to slick back my my hair that’s too long I need a haircut but I’m like if I put

Like some grease away ruin these right here yeah uh and then up here we got the at4 X logo we got the pseudo carbon fiber is looking I was expecting say bow or something yeah exactly coo do they still make pads I don’t know uh and then

We also do have digital display for the gauge cluster which is actually pretty nice uh tons of different ways to customize that the best part about customizing it is it’s all with this click of this button and it’s like bunch of preset stuff and you don’t need to

Fiddle and there’s really no way to change it yo kitchy Corner Baja rear wheel drive okay here we go uh let’s see if we got some of that torque obviously under steer cuz these tires little body roll yeah and let’s go through here yeah it’s it’s all right it’s uh exactly what

I expect for an off-road truck nothing too crazy nothing too bad yeah it’s uh it’s nice it’s definitely a lot worse when you get out of a 9911 that car yes also let me use my paddles AKA my volume in radio controls they’re on the shifter here same are those the same

Radio controls out of uh Honda prologue I believe so Yuri and we’ve been driving this like goons so we’re not getting the best fuel economy as I’m seeing right now but overall it’s been like around 10 11 lers per 100 km which is pretty good

For a truck for the life of me I could not find a way to change that none of these buttons CH that yes so you just and I couldn’t figure out through this new Google AI infotain or whatever Google you can call everything yeah these seats are AI too

They’re actually really comfortable we should mention that they are really com okay use your low speed off-road 360 camera to do a U-turn okay let’s see where’s my 360 camera put it in the in the favorites on the left looks like a camera okay let’s go front view it’s a

Little little tricky a little confusing no you got to click that Arrow oh there’s extra Zoom you got to click that arrow man and then you can this one yeah more like you can see oh yeah okay dude I can see the drive shaft spinning if

You put it in the in the reverse one yeah yeah you’re like I don’t know how this helps me because I really don’t know what I’m hitting all I want to see is those muscle shocks yeah just a camera on the shot yeah reposition it just want to see

Pictures of myself all day but then we have all this uh hard buttons and everything like that which is really easy to control although I was always like trying to find a tuning knob so I’m using the climate as the tuning I’m like come on I was like I was like ripping

Through sexm Channel was luckily this had Utopia 341 yo we’re not sponsored by cxm anymore right now but like that was such a good station if these could actually change like a Land Rover or sorry uh yeah like if you could actually make this the tuning knob and then the

Climate put a tuning knob here like the Catal with the double that would be perfect but even Cadillac got rid of that in the new stuff too yo wired and Wireless Apple carplay which makes me think that prologue is going to have wired as well as Wireless carplay good

Call yeah and this is a gas model uh GM so it still does have carplay right and then we do have a hard button for a lane keep assist AKA Lane departure it doesn’t Center you it just kind of reels you back into the lane yeah I feel like

GM was like it’s super Cruise or nothing it’s like ah all right and every other company for the most part it’s kind of figured out like all right we can give you like some kind of Lan centering GM’s like no you know who’s got it best who uh

Hyundai what is what is that Maserati West Coast it’s the Maserati logo Maserati I want the Maserati the offroad pickup truck also we have a button to drop all four Windows ah yes I think we called that fart mode in a previous video now you got to roll them up by

Yourself cuz it’s doesn’t go back up oh it’s not it’s only automatic on one use all four fingers I’m trying to heated cooled seats heated steering wheel that’s very nice and then our uh headlights are through the infotainment with a little shortcut up here yeah I

Mean it’s stupid but it’s also not the worst but like it’s also just like give me the button but like whatever we did have that one little situation so the car is beefing at you to turn off the lights but the lights aren’t here they’re in the infotainment but the

Screen is off and if I try and press it it doesn’t turn back on just disconnect the battery bro like like an adult oh there that’s what I have to do what do you have to do I had to push the power button oh to then do that of course of

Course and then do we have a situation with blocking the Sun not right now the same it feels exactly like three two one 100% watch our prologue video it’s funny I’m going to test the suspension oh dude that did not feel like gravel at all great it is not as

Soft as Fox shocks but it’s also the patented Yuri driving half on the shoulder half on the road test and we did previously uh jump a ZR2 with these multimatic shocks like a long time ago so I’m I’m assuming they’re very similar probably tuned a little bit differently

A little bit more muscle added okay uh we got a really cool like camo pattern on a lot of different stuff yeah it’s like a textured camo I absolutely love that love love love you got a Cool Head Up Display not offensive at all actually just helpful and then we have gloss

Black down here which is kind of ridiculous in a type of truck like this a little bit luxury yeah Okay add more camo fits the cups just fine yes armrest is like nice all that stuff what what else how about back seat room uh for

Myself F 64 and a half not very good sitting behind myself but sitting behind you it’s totally fine yeah and I fit great back there it seems good uh not much room for like storing stuff back there no especially not large water Bott modles yeah but I think that’s about it

Uh I really like this truck no no real complaints I’m I’m like genuinely surprised at how nice this truck is yeah same the fact that we got the goalie pad SL Avengers SL snowboard interior so sick and this muscle exterior like this is a great truck except for it’s hard to

Get in and out yes just these damn side steps rock bars or whatever the damn being in your late 30s we’re almost 40 yeah I think we should get to the price let’s get to the price this one is $ 67,341 a cheaper version of this just get the

Colorado I’m sure it’s almost as good as this minus the luxury I don’t think you can get heated seats ventilated seats heated steering wheel or telescopic steering wheel yes in which case you a lot of people like that and this can also tow up to I think 6,000 lb cuz it’s

The at4 X yeah thanks for watching see you guys at the next video N