The Straight Pipes: GET THIS ONE! 2023 Range Rover Sport PHEV Review

Reading Time: 13 minutes
Posted: 2023-03-24 12:04:30
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Range Rover Sport Plug in Hybrid review by The Straight Pipes. The Hybrid Ranger Rover is putting down 434 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque from a 3.0L turbo inline 6 cylinder plug in Hybrid. At $137,176 CAD, would you take it over the Range Rover Sport with the BMW engine?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign 2023 Range Rover Sport plug-in hybrid without launch control thank you all right yeah it’s not bad horsepower and dark 434 horsepower 457 pound-feet of torque from a three liter turbo inline six-cylinder plug-in hybrid what is the plug-in hybrid range of electric only up to 77 kilometers currently

That’s an estimated range because it hasn’t been actually rated by the government yet it says we have 48 kilometers left we’re just over half I’m gonna put it in EV and before we talk about anything else okay we got rid of the reaction face thumbnail okay we were

Trying some stuff every YouTube like advice video says you split your face a thumbnail turns out we made the perfect thumbnail like five years ago and we shouldn’t have changed it all so thank you for staying with us yeah sorry about that but we had to experiment but thank

You for leaving the comments we read them all so make sure you continue leaving comments and on this video leave comments about how much you love us going back to the normal thumbnails that you really wanted and if you watch someone else’s video who has the same thumbnail as our good thumbnail tell

Them they’re the copycat copying us because you know what you don’t have to go that far anyways back okay so up to 77 kilometers that’s a lot of hybrid range for a plug-in hybrid yeah it’s very good and like I’m driving an electric right now I think I have a

Little bit of gas I’m in hybrid right now because I’m going up a hill no you’re in EV no but look you can see the tackle oh yeah yeah yeah so let’s see if I can get to full but I push the EV button it’s letting you downshift bro stop EV

So stop gassing on me bro so actually when you start the car for the first time it’ll let you stay in EV until you use the kick down paddle but then after that it’ll enable the gas engine that once it enables the gas engine you won’t

Let you go back into EV mode until the gas engine properly warms up if you want to stay in EV mode do it when you start take it easy on the pedal there we go silence you can go a little more just don’t touch that I hit the car okay so

You can’t actually put the pedal down too far in EV unfortunately it’s not like the BMW XM where you had to go all the way to the kick down pedal which actually makes a lot of sense yeah but then this one does have an EV button

Below the drive mode which lets you go into hybrid EV or save so save lets you save the electricity until you get to where you need to be and it allows you to let it regen up to like 80 percent through the infotainment through like

The EV screen which is very easy to use like I think this is one of the better implementations of how Eevee works yeah I totally agree to make it understandable in a lot of modern cars yeah and this is also one of the only plug-in hybrids that you can fast charge

Level three up to 50 kilowatts so you can get like a full charge in less than an hour yeah we’ve got that double big charger that’s cool so then what if we’re just driving around I’m in Eco and hybrid and I floor it there we go very slow to downshift but

You know what the whole drive here I just like had it in EV had it in hybrid head and Eco pup put it around took it easy and I enjoyed it because we also drove the sport with the BMW motor that was pretty quick that was a quick fun

Car but like I don’t know like I’m good with just being comfortable and driving slow I get that and this is still an 8-speed Auto but it’s tuned totally differently than the sport with the V8 that we drove with the BMW engine this is like smoother yeah except the only

Thing I don’t like is this has a weird hybrid brake pedal and like Jacob didn’t feel as much as I did but I had to like quickly repark this car last night and leave my house in my flip-flops I I go to like do a three-point turn or

Whatever I didn’t have my seatbelt on because you know quick little park and then when it hit the brake first they just slid into this yeah I mean I did notice it it’s just not as bad for me for me it’s one of those things where

It’s like if you can’t tune out a weird feeling brake pedal like I am not interested at all I’m sure some people get used to it but you know it comes back to my theory if you spend 100 thousand dollars on a car and there’s something you don’t like you’re not

Going to complain because it makes you look foolish yeah no especially if you waited for it too you’re not wrong about spending that much money and then not liking or loving something yeah but if you don’t like it I mean styling go find a new car on exactly

Discounted price offers maybe trade it in on a V8 I like the powertrain of this a lot yeah you know for what for for the intention of the car it makes a lot of sense maybe I’m just bad at brake pedals I could be whatever you don’t know and

Then this does have adaptive cruise and Lane keep Lane centering it was nice on the way here but I feel like the Adaptive kind of like ran me up to cars a little too quick but I don’t know if I was in Eco Drive mode and then also it

Kind of yelled at me to put my hand on the wheel too much but I guess this isn’t like super grues maybe I was expecting that in my head yeah but you’re also probably staring at your lovely gauge cluster which is crystal clear as to how much range you have and

How much range plus the gas motor you have yeah it’s very very clear I really enjoy that and then I got the head up display with some info too everything about like sitting here and driving is nice it’s very comfortable like Soul comfy my God these seats are probably my

Favorite seats that I’ve sat in a long time such good massage and then we got like superheated seats superheated steering wheel I love love love it but to get to your heated seats and stuff you got to click this capacitive touch button you have to click it hard and

Then you get all your settings there I tell you know this the capacitive buttons I don’t like like if this was hard buttons how much nicer it would have been very nice although we have gloss black which you love in expensive vehicles and I absolutely hate so we

Have lots of that in the center console here pretty normal shifter but what I’ve done many times is like while leading here it’s like I’ve done this and it’s like unlocked before shifting like uh yeah yeah you know what I actually don’t like about this shifter is the texture

Of it you know when you sometimes touch something you get like Goosebumps I get that from this okay I yeah I don’t I don’t have that issue but I like this texture it’s cool and then we also have the climate control that you pop up and down to do different things which you

Get used to pretty quickly and then if you click this climate button here with the little guy you can control your rear climate as well uh we don’t have a little race car guys this isn’t a race car no this isn’t a race car version of the Range Rover Land Rover whatever the

Svr that’s probably still coming and you got different gauge cluster modes where you can like change it to look different but I like the one with the two pods on the side and rear seat room really really good so lovely back there tons of trunk room and then check this out we

Can click fold all oh God our bags are back there that’s okay that’s okay there’s nothing on the seat I’m so nervous right now oh wow and then check this out we can then unfold all okay and then there’s also a chauffeur mode where you can control the

Other seats how cool is that I mean I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before especially like while driving and then folding back up chauffeur mode wow so that can just like move you around right that’s like the person behind where you’re sitting right now is more important damn that’s cool okay another

Fun thing we got the huge moon roof which I love things I don’t like one thing I don’t like this cup holder area kind of stupid okay so we have wired carplay and wireless if you plug in and you know it gives you the option great but then there’s like a little

Pass-through for the cable here if you have your cup holder but if you pull the cups out you can slide the cup holders back okay but then the cable still has a tiny bit of pass through but then there’s this top thing that pushes there so it’s just

Not good for cup holders so that’s a fail if you’re a serious coffee drinker you go to Starbucks a lot with this yeah it might not be the most perfect vehicle yeah no there’s a lot going on with this cup holder section and we also have a

Fridge in here and these side armrests too which are super awesome yeah road trips I’ve already move mine up and the last thing wireless charger which I don’t use because I do wired and when you put your wireless carplay iPhone on a wireless charger it overheats the

Point where you can’t use it which we found out from the BMW guys at the BMW event that apples don’t follow Wireless regulation protocol and they overheat yes all right your turn to drive and then we’ll also talk about handling stuff and the interior materials maybe

The sound system and some fun stuff like that fun stuff it is fun I know it is you like Fabrics or not I like driving are you a fabric Aficionado because you’re telling me about this leather you’re like this is the softest leather I’m not an Aficionado but I do notice it

I’ve never commented on soft leather actually maybe you’re about to yeah another silly thing the wipers move up when you go into park and stuff so now start driving I’m gonna drive with a launch and the wipers why I don’t know why it does that but it does

Um so one thing I didn’t talk about at all when you floored it and right now is that pumped in audio like it is quite apparent I’m pretty damn sure it’s pumped in yeah out of it but it’s not bad like I don’t like it’s this weird

Like it’s it’s not even like a smooth six cylinder sound sports car no I know but they have the the P400 which is a really nice engine and sounds good this one I don’t know what they did like I mean this feels smooth I mean it’s a

Little Hummy but like that’s the thing it’s like a 4 500 RPM it gets kind of annoying for me but Power wise when you’re in hybrid it’s actually pretty decent uh you don’t really feel the battery kind of pull you along it kind of feels a little bit laggy but I think

It’s because of this transmission like flooring it and then I wait like I want some of that torque fill in between when the transmission figures out what to do yeah but it’s definitely good like normal person putting around it is and like again like you said earlier it’s

Not one of those cars that you really should be flooring the fashion cars you just want the power when it’s there so like that’s why I don’t want the lag there and then the funny thing is if you try and use your paddles when you’re in drive it doesn’t actually work so you

Have to go down into sport mode and then you can use your paddles but again people probably don’t really care about that not at all here this is smoother yeah smoother let’s just get out of that mode go into Eco and drive this car as it should go into

Uh Dynamic not the cliche Corner oh yeah we still haven’t done that okay back into Dynamics I’ll say that for Jacob okay so suspension is actually really comfortable it’s air suspension you can raise and lower it so significantly and you can lock it at access height yeah

It’s pretty cool okay so let’s see what it does through here uh yeah I don’t really like it it’s very understory very body rolly it’s wormy right yes yes I uh not a fan I wouldn’t I wouldn’t go out of my way to drive this through cliche corner and

I would not drive it as aggressively as I just did so let’s actually just go back into Eco and drive this as it should now hide your shift button oh that’s cool oh I put in Auto oh yeah cool there you go but this drives really well it’s a very comfortable car the

Suspension is obviously geared towards comfort and they did a really good job of that these Land Rover Range Rover things are probably some of the most comfortable cars you can drive and it’s probably really capable off-road it is yeah it’s it’s got locking diffs at the

360 cameras you can see underneath and a mode for driving for off-road yeah it’s all-wheel drive obviously so you can do all your Land Rover stuff Range Rover stuff still and then you can also look at it in the field because I think this thing was gorgeous not parking in the

Field what if it gets stuck I mean you can if you own one the first thing that I noticed was the color because I thought it I misread the spec sheet and I thought it was Vaseline blue so I expected like a bright blue but this is very sign

Which actually just looks gray it’s like bluish gray yeah it’s a cool color for subtleness uh does this look any different than the BMW engine one I feel like I can’t tell from memory no but I’m sure there’s probably something that we’re just forgetting it looks cool

Though it does it looks I like it lowered I like how low you can get it like especially on the back wheel it was like very close to being like is this a stock yeah yeah it’s just tucked like I’m sure when people hack these it’s

Just on the ground dumped or let the air take its course okay anyways these wheels are super weird yeah they look like steelies made into large Wheels yeah I was telling Jacob like if this was a Steely design from like an Asian country that I didn’t know about yeah

And like if that was their standard I wouldn’t be surprised yeah I mean I’m not really surprised even here just seeing them because they’re also this kind of satin look they’re weird but still evish and what would be the Continental recommended tire for a p half Range Rover Sport the cross contact

LX sport fittingly okay another thing getting inside we’ve got like really really cushy floor mats like super cushy yes you can get the SV bespoke mats but the mats that I would recommend are tuck smack go to the straight pipes to see what they have available

For your vehicle yeah a lot less dangerous in Winter yeah carpets yeah exactly protect your floors and give your interior a luxurious look and while you’re protecting your floor mats because you’re probably doing Land Rover outdoorsy things you can tow up to 6600 pounds with this that’s actually pretty

Decent nice that’s good yeah hey visor test oh yeah oh these feel nice three two one oh yeah ah okay well double still gimmick pass yeah yeah I’m half disappointed yeah okay other stuff in the trunk we do have grocery bag hangers there is a ton of room which I don’t

Know if I mentioned before you did I think and then in the back here we have proper AC power you know what didn’t have proper AC power the XM yeah and had like a full battery I’m like I just want to plug in my laptop like nah that costs

Like more than 100 Grand over this I think what and the last thing do you like this leather materials oh yes the materials that we were going to talk about this feels premium like this is right up here this is the difference that you don’t get in like Corollas and

Things where you’re wondering where all the money goes in a BMW even yeah like people it especially since there’s a Range Rover with the BMW motor like that one I get that one the better price and it’s like oh look at all this stuff because people like that and the sound

System Meridian really really really good yeah yeah because I mean this is kind of an X5 competitor because it’s basically the same car without this particular engine right now but it was weird I was like going to my radio and I mean there’s not enough shortcuts on the

Left by the way but they do stay up with car place yeah yeah so uh I was going to my radio and I want to go to from Radio okay 88.1 right yeah I don’t want to listen to Carlin and Brandon in the mornings but then there’s also another

88.1 and it’s playing different music and I don’t understand why and if you go to stations look there’s 288.1 so I was like why HD radio bro I guess you’ve never experienced HD radio is HD radio not radio radio look I’ve never experienced it either 288.1 no I don’t

Know and this is cind and they’re both cind I don’t have an answer for you yeah Brent Carlin let me know all right I have an answer for you what it’s a thumbnail that’s it with this car here let’s get to the price it starts at

123.50 bucks and this one is 137 176 dollars would you take this over the BMW Range Rover Sport no I wouldn’t I want to support every company that’s still making V8s right now honestly I think I’ll take this over it this is really nice I like just being chill not having

To go fast the plugin Harbor is good the fuel economy is good you can fast charge like the thing is I want Fast Track charge but like charged with a faster cable the thing is I kind of don’t like this because of how little pedal input

You have to give it an EV before it switches to gas if that’s what I don’t know if there was a way to make it more easy-ish yes that’s that’s what I would want from this yeah but but I think this is probably good for better overall fuel

Economy yeah if you just like left it because they don’t let you make dumb decisions like go fully via on the highway and forget but unlike the BMW XM it does let you make a dumb decision to save your battery percentage which is really nice and like and it does

Recharge with that yeah so let us know what you guys think of this Range Rover would you get it over here yes yes I would and don’t forget to re-subscribe if you panic unsubscribe because our thumbnail changes those people are gone they’re long gone more scream all right now Foreign