The Straight Pipes: FUEL EFFICIENT! 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV Review

FUEL EFFICIENT! 2024 Mazda CX-90 PHEV Review

Posted: 2023-06-02 12:00:00
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Mazda CX90 Phev review by The Straight Pipes. The Mazda CX-90 is putting down 323 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque from a 2.5L phev 4 cylinder. At $64,700 CAD, would you take it over the inline 6 Mazda CX90?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign I’m Jacob and we’re going for a drive 2024 plug-in hybrid cx90 without launch control it’s pretty good yeah oh vibrating though it sounds all right too horsepower and torque 323 horsepower 369 pound-feet of torque from a 2.5 liter four-cylinder plug-in hybrid oh that was slow I like the pumpkin audio and then let me

Go to full EV mode because this can do about 42 kilometers just electric yeah with 10 miles 26. uh yes I believe it’s 26. and it’s not dead silent all the way to the kick down pedal still electric kick down and then the sides go wow throws it into

Normal gives some gas which is a slow transition a very slow transition but I feel like with those cool graphics on the side it’s like it helps and this isn’t a sports car no it’s not the the inline six cylinder does exist so you

Can get that as well so I guess a lot of this video is going to be deciding at the end would rather take the p-have or the inline six uh yeah we should probably let you guys know by the end so first thing I want to mention about this

Is the looks of it we are stuck with plastic cladding in the p-hub no matter how you option it out and this is the top Trim in Canada the GT and then it states it’s the premium plus okay you can still get the cool uh Artisan red

Whatever in this yep I still think it looks better all color match but I think I like the white more than I like the Artisan red I definitely like this color more than the red oddly enough yeah this this looks good I really like the looks everything looks besides that pretty

Much the same no the exhaust tips at the back or anything oh and the uh the inline or six badges replaced with a p have badge on the front there’s a little Chrome at the bottom a lot of stuff looks cool and these wheels are also really really cool too they are like

Really nice and what’s that Continental recommended time for the cx90 the cross contact LX Sport and I guess on this one we also have two fuel doors uh yes one for the battery Fuel and one for the gas fuel okay so uh do you mind like the

Bulbousness of the back end or you’re kind of used to like I’m kind of used to it I’m kind of used to it but I I still notice it when it when it gets pointed out I’m like oh it does look a little awkward but like and when we say

Bulbousness we’re talking about like the rear seats or whatever Mazda three uh hatch-ish yes but yeah still I think it looks good but ripping away does this still look BMW like oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah maybe even better yes in the white so now the most important part to me

About this plug-in hybrid not handling through cliche corner it is the plug-in hybridness so I brought it home I don’t have my up electrical in my house upgraded yet I’m gonna get like the service down to go like 240 or whatever it is I plug that charger came with it

Into my wallet and it’s just click click click pop the thing just wouldn’t charge would not it wouldn’t even like hold being plugged into the thing yeah so I’ve had that problem at my old house with uh extension cord but I know you weren’t using an extension cord and for me I

Think almost every other car has worked at my house just with like the one that comes with so you need to account for that if you’re gonna buy one and if you’re going to buy one hit up discounted price offers maybe get the inline six use the

Comparison tool instead I don’t know yeah or just take the charger home first plug it in see if it’ll work yeah like the Dealer’s gonna let you do that I mean that is like a valid point because you actually might get stranded like say you need to like plug quickly that’s

Almost Cottage the cottage might be like no yeah not cx90 because this can charge on a regular outlet in approximately six hours so like you can charge your car at home overnight like pretty much no problem from 20 to 80 percent and then

If you go to a level two uh 220 or 240 or whatever then it’s about one hour which is very good but we did go to flow and it was giving us a two hour thing to charge and I was like oh that kind of sucks yeah and like yes we were below

The threshold or whatever but yeah it just took a lot longer okay now back in EV mode it’s nice it’s got this like hum yeah it’s nice I it’s Pleasant and like 42 kilometers I think is enough range for me to do all the things I usually do in the city the

Only my only question is if I need heat does that kick on the engine to send heat my way right so like if I want to do a 20 kilometer trip in the winter it’s gonna kick on my gas engine anyways to heat up the fluids to send heat

Inside so I’m still running a motor anyways I’m not sure exactly I’ll ask the master guys here’s the text of the Mazda guys answer for you and it’s also very clear to see how much electric range you have and gas range yeah you got your battery tank yeah your battery

Yeah like it is actually like physically displayed like that okay and say I need to save my electrical for later I can push this button up here and that’ll do a charge Target which I can click and then choose where I want it to charge to

While driving so I’ve got that set to 100 and when you do that then you’re in normal mode or whatever and it’s putting some power back in which I found works a lot better on the highway but also like still pretty slow in general and I have

To say this is probably the most intuitive way of uh displaying all this information out of probably any manufacturer like you press that button and you’re like okay what charge do you want it’s so simple yeah I very happy with it yeah especially how confusing like the Toyotas were well exactly with

Like 30 different yeah HV H EV H this V and then if you hold there it goes like a secret charge mode yeah there’s just yeah and then a normal gauge cluster right now we just have charge power I don’t have attack uh yeah you’ve got to

Go to sport mode to get attacked all right everything goes red I’m in sport mode I’m going to keep traction control on because maybe that helps with going through a little bit of cliche corner and taking this bump super nice and I’m gonna stay in drive you do paddles through glitchy okay oh

Yeah body roll but then it hooks up there we go it moves a lot it does but it turns it fragment turns imagine having like a full load of like three rows yeah so it is rear biased all-wheel drive and the way that it sends the

Power to the bag you can see the whole thing moving around and like it’s just all over the place in like the best funniest way possible it’s really entertaining and then also back to the EV stuff we do have two modes of regen we can go Lots or normal okay well I

Don’t think it’s called Lots I think it’s got something else for sure how do you get into those it’s through the infotainment through the rotary dial and all that stuff oh so it’s not actually like through paddles if you go home and then if you go to settings and then you

Go to EV settings then you have your generous breaking High okay so you’re higher not not lots of normal all right your turn sick sick sport traction off launch control doesn’t have it actually you know what you did a launch I’m just gonna floor it oh that was better It has this vibration at low RPM though that’s moving like I feel like when the EV is doing its EV thing like watch I’ll do it again just this vibration at super low speed there we go yeah yeah right there I just started moving yeah I don’t know

I like the power I definitely don’t like that that doesn’t feel very luxurious to me but again Maz is a normal brand I I called it an affordable uh a brand in the last video when everyone got like really mad at me so anyways it’s not a

Luxury brand is what I’m saying it’s an affordable brand it’s normal still take it over a bunch of lexuses there’s there’s things to be had uh over this and this over other things but let’s send it in the cliche corner with the paddles so this has the eight-speed Auto

It is not a dual clutch it’s a multi-play clutch and I do find that it seems to be better in this car and it does definitely handle pretty better car than what uh hang on oh yeah that rear bias is nice yeah better in this car

Than the inline six yes uh so the inline six cylinder we had like weird issues with the eight speed Auto where like you’d come to a stop and then you’d start stop and it would just it wouldn’t be smooth this because of the eviness it

Takes over at the low speed so you don’t really feel those weird transitions it’s really nice actually so like this is probably the priority when they built it and they’re like I throw the inline six in but it kind of feels like that for the transmission tuning when you pop the

Hood it lift the cover like this takes up so much less room up there okay so this seeing the engine back there it looks like it’s technically behind the front axle so this is a mid-engine vehicle however if the electric motor is at the front above it doesn’t look

Like it is though does that make it yeah I don’t know the rules have changed anyways this looks like it’s a mid-engine front layout but uh yeah pretty cool so steering is also really good suspension is really good no complaints about any of that stuff this

Honestly for some reason I don’t know if it’s the seats or the the material of the seats it feels better than sitting in that inline six cylinder for some reason I’m more comfortable in this you don’t hit your knee on the thing still no absolutely not like I did in the CX-9

And then we also don’t have that like suede pattern on the dash we have this leather material material and I like that yeah you can clean it easier you can also get a white interior which looks nice but this feels way more like utility than like luxury right yes and

You can’t get that like nice same inline six cylinder material that we had on the signature yeah yeah yeah so yeah there’s like weird concessions you have to make because this is still the top trim and shocker it’s actually priced pretty much the same as the inline six cylinder top

Trim as well okay other cool stuff no piano black except for like these that’s okay no no that’s totally fine this is great hard buttons for your I’m at how sick is that yeah it’s really good we also have heated and cooled seats and a heated steering wheel as well a rotary

Dial to control everything and you can touch the Apple carplay if you change the setting for just Apple carplay so that’s nice yeah while you’re driving apparently not on the p-hav version we’ve got tune mix cr6m yeah and then we have a bunch of Drive modes down here we

Got sport normal EV and off-road and then we also have that charge mode that Yuri said the shifter I still don’t love it’s just a little bit weird to get into park but you’ll eventually get used to that and then we also have our button down here for our cameras yeah okay so

The cameras in this I love it because when I back out of my driveway I’ve got a fence on one side and last thing I want is have a kid like run by a little bicycle or something as I’m backing up this lets you go like full 180 degrees

So I can see both sides of the sidewalk and you can also change that to a more narrow view in the infotainment a lot of other cars we drive like the Aria that we recently drove you can’t have that full wide so like not having a full wide

Reverse camera would be a little bit of a breaker for me if it was like a family car right and then 360 camera is just a little bit small as well but it is uh like Yuri says accurate and he likes it yeah I actually kind of prefer the 360

Camera in my CX-5 I’m just more used to it I think yeah okay and then uh you said the steering was great this doesn’t have Lane centering yeah and you can’t get it because this is the top trim so that’s a little bit odd but it’s got adaptive

Cruise and I like my Mazdas where I steer the wheel myself or my Mazdas whatever there and then this also being the plug-in hybrid with the four cylinder you tow less you can only tow up to 3 500 pounds whereas if you get the inline six with a special package or

Whatever you get uh 5 000 pounds of Towing so slightly less jet skis with this one and like all Mazdas if you put premium fuel in it you get a little more horsepower also they say premium but they write 93. that’s like real pretty really yeah 91. yeah I found that a

Little bit interesting as well so those horsepower numbers that I said at the beginning of the video are actually on 93 octane which nobody who proves these cars fills up with yeah like that’s like what the Corvette Z06 is tuned on after we’ve messed with it full EV launch okay

Already an EV now no kick down shifting gears because it’s on the foreign it’s shifting gears because the motor is between the transmission and the engine so it’s actually shifting real gears is that faster than the pole star one fully V mode um it felt like it

I can’t run anymore since my sciatica and I tore my calf so we’ll never know so now to the back of the car middle row is pretty comfy for us to sit in yeah and then we have peasant blockers which are fantastic we don’t have that Center

Thing that we had in the other cx-90 that’s right I believe then the back row a little tight yeah I like doable it’s okay not great for me in the trunk space with all the seats up we do have both our carry-ons and a bunch of other film

Equipment which is good we got grocery hangers back there and proper like AC power with the three plugs which might be why since it’s got so much power output it wouldn’t take power from the house yeah I don’t know and with this entire black interior a set of tux mat

Would suit this car extremely well oh yeah if you’re gonna have kids and stuff back here like the amount of crumbs and cookies and cookies and cookies snacks and cookies and cheese and they will have the tux mat available for this car eventually and lollipops a couple other

Things cup holders fits a medium good I don’t know if it’ll put a smaller because this flap here visors three two one yes yes oh yeah just like advisors are because of us yes just like on the uh inline six cylinder I am now remembering this and is there anything

Else we want to chat about of this P have before we get to the price and decide if P hat versus inline is better well one major thing to some people which may be enthusiasts the power so the power is actually really good in this uh I’m gonna downshift with yes

Real paddles and real uh gears gonna get into the right gear and the power is great like that torque uh combined with a torque fill from the EV stuff which you can also see with a boost meter sometimes below so if I put it into sport or even normal you can get

A partial throttle if I’m in automatic see the below the D boost yeah electric boost that’s cool it is cool it does a good like torque fill so power wise I actually don’t feel like I’m missing out on much between this and the inline system I I prefer like this just seems

Like a no-brainer to me this this does but first we gotta get to the price okay so this one is top trim 64 700 Canadian which is actually slightly more than the inline six cylinder top trim that we had I guess Battery tech costs more I guess so because we are technically missing

Features that we had on the inline six cylinder like we don’t have the super fancy interior we don’t have the lane centering assist stuff so like there are certain things that we don’t have we also don’t have the painted plastic cladding which you know gonna be saved for something for what I

Use it for like I would be happy with an electric car because I’m like pretty much always driving around the city for all my little things and like this would be a good middle ground especially as a CX-5 owner we went to a cx90 yeah if I

Get like a dog and another kid then it’s like all right like that’s pretty much no-brainer for me honestly this is a great car and I actually think I would take it over the inline six cylinder except for right you don’t want to spend money yeah so I keep my CX-5 forever yes

There you go let us know which one you guys would pick inline six cylinder or four-cylinder