The Straight Pipes: Ford’s SECRET 700hp Supercharged V8 F-150 for UNDER $50,000

Reading Time: 11 minutes
Posted: 2023-09-20 12:00:04
Author: TheStraightPipes
The FP700 Ford F-150 is putting down 700 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque from a 5.0L V8 with a 3L Whipple Supercharger. At $12,350 USD for the FP700 package, would you take it over the Raptor, Raptor R or that random truck from that dealership?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign Thank you Ford F-150 with the fd700 supercharger package without launch control oh my God I think that was the difference the bed Where’s my arm towards 700 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque from a Supercharged 5-liter V8 and that supercharger has a displacement of three liters foreign car but it’s a Ford performance dealer accessory car yes exactly so you can put it on many different configurations of F-150s but you can’t have the eight foot

Bed you can’t have Pro power assist and you must have the 5-liter V8 yeah let’s take it through cliche corner right now it understeers like crazy plows out but that supercharger just pulls you right through it’s an interesting experience yes but it man does this ever understeer is this

I think this car is meant for just like straight line going fast like this but like not stopping because it does not want to stop and you can also get this on a 4×4 we have a two by two in the back or four by two in the back yeah so

This is purely rear wheel drive we can’t change any other mode you can’t lock the diff unless you’re below a certain speed and then that’s when you can do your big fat nasty burnouts all right and the most impressive part three-year 36 000 mile warranty on the package and

The package yes which is the Supercharger so if it wrecks you’re different if it wrecks your transmission or if it twists your frame uh if you have you know that’s maybe why they don’t have the eight foot bed is that covered or is that covered under your normal warranty I believe that is

Covered under your normal warranty from Ford and you may have noticed that this is not the newest 2024 F150 yeah I want to put it on the 24 let’s go I don’t think you can at least not yet but I assume the same Whipple supercharger kit for a 9 500 US Dollars supercharger

Alone will probably fit the 24 with the 5 liter V8 yeah but only for 21 to 23. exactly because this is an FP 700 package which is not just the supercharger and the cost of that is 12 350 ordered through your dealer us yes if you’re in Canada yeah that’s just a

Direct conversion to Canadians so it’s actually a lot more plus the install plus the shipping yes and the install is estimated at 15 hours yeah so whatever your Ford’s labor rate is or your independent mechanic as long as they’re ASE certified to get the warranty that’s

What you need to add to the cost of that as well but let’s get into what this whole FP 700 package gets you because again it’s not just that supercharger what does FP stand for Ford performance nice what a 706 this laughs They should they should have added brakes to this package but also like then you probably would have screwed up on turns because like it’s it’s a little sketchy but like yeah you know you don’t have enough breaks pretty early on okay so we have the bronze package you can

Also get it in a black package so we have these 22 inch wheels on this one and then what would be the Continental recommended time for an fp700 if you want to do a lot of burnouts probably the cross contact lx25 yeah and if you’re driving in Winter Viking contact

Seven because you know what people drove rear-wheel drive trucks in the winter for a long time and they still do my raptor is primarily rear wheel drive and I drive that in the winter I mean forced rear-wheel drive yeah yeah okay and then you cannot buy this already installed it

Has to be installed after purchase of the F-150 for emissions reasons and it is emissions legal in all 50 states yes that’s right it’s carb legal so what else you get uh this truck’s actually lowered now with the kit you get rear lowering but we have another additional

Package for 600 US dollars plus installation to lower the entire truck yeah I I think we’re hitting the bump stops I think that’s the bump stops or the diff smashing into that’s not the diff there’s enough room but I hope so oh My God because when you rip it it like it looks like it twists down to the bottom right and it looks like only the the right bump stop yeah has marks it feels like all the power is on that back right wheel And also part of the package are the foreign bedside Graphics which actually look kind of cool the tailgate graphic which is in bronze and the fender vents as well which say Ford performance would actually look really cool okay so they they send this car to the dealership without the supercharger with all that

Stuff on it so in my head okay you buy it what if you just don’t install the supercharger can you hold on to the car for three years say you’re going to Europe uh first for work or something and when you come back at three years

You’re gonna install it then and do your three year warranty from there is that possible can you install this kit on a 21 F-150 that has like 600 000 miles on it I don’t know I am so confused yeah I don’t know I don’t know what the

Limitations of all that kind of things are but yeah anyways we have this one with 8 000 miles on it and I believe this is a 22 or a 23. yeah it doesn’t matter no it’s applicable and this is freaking awesome and you know what with

All this power I got a spicy take on this car okay hear me out okay okay I don’t think anyone’s ever said this before I think this is like the actual new Ford lightning oh my God I blew my mind just like your T-shirt not a lot of

Drama on the internet yes I have a lightning shirt except that one wasn’t super charge it’s like the revamp of the uh the the one in Fast and Furious that Paul Walker drove okay so driving it do you like shifting your own Gears or do you just keep it in automatic I wouldn’t

Dare shift my own Gears in this thing there is an M for manual mode and then a plus minus on a column shifter which is pretty cool this 10-speed Auto we have had some issues with 10 speed Autos in the past and other F-150s and stuff this

One does not know what it’s doing this is it is overwhelmed by this much power sometimes when I floor it it just hangs gears and it’s like holding RPMs it’s like full power into a random gear like into a into a bump stop like clunk like

I don’t know what’s going on here I’m gonna floor it just ready I didn’t want it to like twist right there but yeah it went down like I don’t know six gears there like after hearing that clunk a couple times I’m just like mechanical sympathy mode with this like I’m not matting it I’m easing in and I still feel like nervous and I have no

Sympathy so uh [Laughter] okay I’m gonna have a Little Bit of Sympathy now that’s got to be the bump stop like Ford this is crazy I don’t know if that sounds too crunchy anyways uh good thing we have that warranty on this because I don’t think we’re really abusing this truck

Yeah exactly like uh I have one traction off I don’t have full traction off so if I had full traction off every time that I floored it would have just been burnouts yeah uh so it does get a little squirrely just with one traction off but um yeah handling not the best doesn’t

Need to be straight line speed the the suspension with the lowering is actually like not bad but it is noticeable it’s like okay it’s not as comfy as like a regular F-150 it is like a little shaky on the highway here and there maybe it’s whatever’s going on Outback because I

Believe this truck has been slightly abused by other journalists in the States before that we got this and I begged Ford for this truck as soon as it came out yeah we’re doing our best to get these trucks to Canada we got it so shout out yeah big thank you to Ford for

Actually bringing this truck up for us from the states it is in Freedom Units and we have American plates on the back but I think that’s it for me as as much as I want to keep learning this I’m gonna I’m gonna take it easy okay okay

You have some fun I’m gonna have just stress yeah I gotta have gray hairs okay I’m just gonna ease into it because I’m nervous wanna hear the supercharger wine thank you All right a little weird vibration like yeah the braking you get on it yeah but we should probably listen to it from the outside it sounds pretty good we have the borla Ford performance exhaust on this yes I don’t think it’s part of this fb700 package but it’s another dealer optional

I believe yeah first mod to this should be more supercharger sound yes it is lacking supercharger sound I expected a lot from a three liter Whipple waiting for the I guess we have a T-Rex of like Ram truck but like yeah yeah we need is a T-Rex

Street Truck Yeah to compete with this yeah Dodge even though you stopped making the TRX uh just just make that happen oh they’ll bring it back like always with 17 special editions for sure and we just found out that there actually is no limitation on mileage when ordering or installing it for your

F-150 should I buy the highest mileage F150 in the world and just have it explode day one yeah let us let us know if I should do that you’re gonna be like well that’s a supercharger still supercharged yeah exactly all right all right does the frame still frame who knows and if you

Did want to buy one of these just like I want to buy one right now go to discounted price offers get yourself a base model XL with this package I wonder if they’re selling them with the package already like bundled up on TrueCar yeah maybe should I Florida

Ease into it dude do whatever you want we’re under warranty Okay so I can’t believe more people are doing stuff like this but I also can believe that more people so yeah is this this is probably more exciting and like more scary than like a raptor are right oh

They’re definitely more terrifying like I feel like the trans tuning isn’t there and the fact that it’s you know purely rear wheel drive and we don’t have the massive 37-inch tires to slow us down or anything like that like this is scary imagine this with a ZF six-speed oh my

Goodness yeah yeah uh yeah the 10 speed is just it does not suit this truck all right and through cliche core yeah it’s yeah that that whatever that did it was just revving and the transmission didn’t engage I’m like I’m letting off I don’t need it to yeah until a Widowmaker me

911 Turbo into a ditch exactly and I I’ve left your fuel economy gauge on there and we are currently getting 9.1 miles per gallon my goal is to get into the single digits and I did that within like five minutes okay uh other cool stuff the three row seat yeah the bench

That’s pretty that’s pretty nice it’ll fit uh cups just fine right yes it will I’ve got my small cup right here I have seen some specs on the internet where they had like the rubber floors but then you still get these Ford performance floor mats but what you should really

Get a set of tux mat go to slash the straight pipes because you’re going to want to protect your carpets from possible puke from your passengers yeah and poop in your pants yeah like that person that ran through the airplane poop down their leg it’s just

Gonna run down your leg here and then looks wise I love it in the single cab configuration like this is the look I would not want four-door even though you know probably makes more sense for practicality of course uh so you can get it like that but I totally agree like it

Just makes it so funny in this configuration it looks photoshopped without being photoshopped yeah exactly but like I would get it in red or something cool or white yeah this this blue does have some like flake in it but still I totally agree I love the halogens yeah the halogen it makes it

Look kind of like work truck spec yeah and then we do have uh a bed back there because yeah you can actually throw stuff this is still a truck and it’s got like a folding over tonneau cover which is nice yeah uh nothing fancy in the tailgate which is also cool yeah the

Tailgate just drops there’s there’s no Dodge dampers or anything like that overall I think they totally nailed it with the looks uh and I do like the wheels on the Black Edition more yeah surprisingly like we don’t love black wheels but they kind of work a little

Bit better but I saw on the internet these guys from a dealership they have their own that’s like uh they call it the sleeper Edition and it’s a Roush supercharger instead of this so less expensive and then they got it like full Works back with steel wheels that to me

Is a better look yeah but I understand that that won’t sell like this will and then you still get the Ford warranty this one I think that probably has like that’s got a Roush warranty or maybe from the dealership that specific dealership in that specific thing yeah

Uh let’s test the visors oh for sure they’re gonna fast yeah three two one hell yeah I love this truck so much and we got apple carplay and all that stuff we got a backup camera okay in the Toyota that we recently drove the grand Highlander I

Got confused by all of the safety settings this does a lot of safety settings it even has Lane keep assist on the highway and it actually works really well no blue Crews no but Lane Central I know but blue crew still has never worked for us for the record yes and in

The settings here when you get your safety stuff it’ll read out every single thing full words and then you can click I to see what it is with a nice video that is how you do safety settings and then to end off the interior I love these cloth seats just nice and comfy

Normal stuff no not much room for stuff like in the door Pockets a bit a little bit behind the scenes but we have storage here and then we can move this up and then we have storage down here as well lots of storage down there yeah so it’s pretty decent overall all right

Let’s put this back down rest my arm and we should probably get to the price and we got a 360 camera hit me with the price the lowest price that you can get the fp700 package on an XL trim with the 5 liter V8 is 48 745 dollars American now if you only

Wanted the supercharger you can get it as low as 45 895 dollars so under 50 Grand you got 700 horsepower so so realistically the price is 16 000 us on top of whatever 21 to 23 F-150 you have with the installation yeah fact factored in yes hey

Pretty cool yeah pretty damn cool Ford uh great job I really want one of these as soon as you fix whatever’s going on yeah 24s they’ll they’ll do that this would be so much better with not the 10 speed and with paddles or with the 10 speed

With paddles yeah yeah like this truck does need it needs the Raptor paddles and the Raptor transmission tuning but you’re not gonna get that with the price it’s just I don’t I just feel so uncomfortable with like flooring it just hearing the motor rev up and the

Transmission 90 days I’m like this is just gonna shut in my head yeah that’s what it feels like maybe it’s purely from all the previous journalist abuse we don’t know but I mean if you own this you would abuse it even harder than all those other journalists did probably

Anyway thanks for watching love this truck great job for performance we love you bring us out to your Proving Grounds you want to drive all your fun stuff absolutely please invite us out