The Straight Pipes: F1 TECH in an AMG! 2023 Mercedes-AMG C43 Review

F1 TECH in an AMG! 2023 Mercedes-AMG C43 Review

Posted: 2023-08-08 11:59:00
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Mercedes Benz AMG c43 review by The Straight Pipes. The C43 AMG is putting down 402 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque from a Handcrafted 2.0L 4 Cylinder Turbo with a mild hybrid. At $91,700 CAD, would you take it over a BMW, Audi or Cadillac?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign Mercedes AMG c43 without launch control because we’re under breaking miles It’s pretty good would have been better with the real launch control [Applause] 402 horsepower 469 pound-feet of torque from a handcrafted 2-liter four-cylinder Turbo with a 48 volt mile height now I’m going to put it into Comfort let it chill out like a normal people would when they drive it Didn’t downshift that is very torquey it was pretty slow to like get into the power let’s try and support Plus in Auto still better let’s do like two gear changes there it has a good power while you’re going so let me explain this previous c43 was

A V6 it was non-hand crafted which we called a non-real AMG so now funny enough this is a handcrafted one-man one engine built engine but now it’s a four-cylinder 2-liter and since this is a real AMG it should have track mode right uh yeah sure so we got Sport Plus

That’s as high as this goes okay you have to get the C63 which now is also a four-cylinder how much horsepower uh it’s probably around 700 but it’s got like a crazy hybrid system which this has like a mild hybrid that one’s got a real crazy hybrid

I don’t know where Mercedes going with all this stuff it’s all kind of crazy but what I do know is their marketing department is very excited about this technology within the first sentence on the Mercedes website they reference Formula One although they do claim that it’s the world’s first series production

Engine to feature an electric gas turbocharger technology directly adapted from Mercedes AMG Patronus Formula One team and I quote that yeah why wouldn’t you if you got that marketing available exactly and like you gotta latch on to that but that is a real statement this does have like a little electric motor

In the turbocharger just spool it up before it actually gets the gas turbine stuff going so that’s why you had a little bit of a different experience with what was happening there oh yeah then we open that I don’t know okay let’s put on our performance page or

Whatever I want to see how much boost if we’re going to get full Boost right away because that electric thingy okay so if we go to engine look down here your PSI just over 2000 RPM right yes the air boost that was pretty quick And the thing is if you flirt like downshift now and go slower okay now floor it and you get like a real surge yeah so this is quick I’m expecting like okay we got this technology it’s gonna be a full Boost it still takes like two seconds three

Seconds yeah yeah so as much as it’s Formula One it’s Formula One marketing it’s still just a real estate agent car yes but a good one but the cool thing about this four-cylinder as much as I missed that V6 is actually mounted longitudinally so it is a proper kind of

Rear biased all-wheel drive system this is all-wheel drive full-time all-wheel drive in this yes which is heavily revised I think it’s like 60 or 69 or something to the back nice okay well I guess it’s time for a little cliche Corner rip see how see how it feels in

Sport Plus if we’re not race Sport Plus let’s go paddles and this for the first time also has a rear steer up to two and a half degrees like yeah is it free or do you have to pay a monthly I don’t know if you can download extra degrees

Because uh the web store was currently broken when I tried to go access it A little understeering yeah a little bit the turning’s like very quick though it it is good but it uh feels weird lots of Pumped and audio to the point where I’m like no this is not what I’m into so this has the AMG drivers package option which gives us

These actually really nice seats they’re well bolstered but it also gives us the exhaust holy crap that was the scariest three-point turn I’ve ever done with this and then exhaust apparently has like a sensor on the exhaust AKA a microphone that pumps in the real sound in here and

It sounds good in here but it is like fake pumped in but like you can’t not get that these days so fight the Radley almost yeah I like the prompt on the doesn’t this feel and kind of sound CLA 45 like yeah I think it might seem like 45 more

It’s more authentic yeah but that was like front bias and everything which is very different but like the actual sound anyways driving is all right but it’s not like my jam there’s a lot of stuff coming together and like I feel like a lot of time when I say I’m in automatic

If I just like put my foot down like halfway like I would have expected more of a downshift right in a performance car yeah but they’re they’re really leaning into that turbocharger technology yeah and no one’s probably gonna drive well I mean people might drive this fast I don’t know I mean this

Is a pretty decent car overall okay do you like the looks of it yeah I really like it I think that’s where they actually nailed it I think the Seas look really good which makes the s’s not look as good totally agree but they kind of nailed this little C-Class thing yeah

You’re getting more bang for your buck for the lower models the only thing that like they didn’t nail which they had they screwed up in the SL video and a bunch of other ones like that license plate place oh God it’s just like yeah it is atrocious

It’s just not good I didn’t get it you want the Panamera grill or pan Americana or whatever it’s called yeah but like man I don’t know what to do yeah I don’t know the solutions I guess you don’t want to block the sensor like it would

Be nice down in the middle at the bottom like a Maserati but like yeah yeah block intakes and things like man I don’t know yeah but other than that I think the suspect really well the wheels are really really nice Mercedes again has not screwed up their wheels which is

Really nice to see and what would be the Continental recommended tire for the c43 the extreme contact sport 02 body lines on a black car this looks nice and smooth not offensive no it’s just kind of sleek but not like Sleek to the point where it looks boring like an eqs and

Very little overhang over the trunk you pointed out to me yeah which kind of actually makes it look hatchback like sort of like just a little bit it’s it’s kind of funny tail lights headlights the same as every single Mercedes that ever exists this year yes and then exhaust tips are really good

They’re real-ish at least there’s holes they look cool that silver backing across the thing looks really good I like the look I get that they’re not connected but we should ever take a listen to the outside [Applause] yeah what about the inside oh that’s my comfort yeah

Yeah dude that was like one gear though yeah like it just didn’t downshift hey man that’s that turbo it’s like a modern version of a CVT right it doesn’t feel bad at all but it’s like I when I forward I want that good yeah that’s what I’m using but I understand things

Change maybe in the C63 one day we’ll know look remember Mercedes used to like us they made a caricature of us yeah when we had our kids maybe they’ll like us again one day in the future that’s when they gave me an E63 when I had my kid which was nice

And then it turns out I bought my own E55 after that race start not possible okay I’m just gonna do a regular just floor it oh yeah you really feel that torque in the passenger seat yeah it’s nice like zero to 60 is in the mid fours

Which is quicker than the last one it’s got like an extra 100 pound feet over the last one which is also nice but it just isn’t a V6 as much as I uh I didn’t really complain I just pointed out that it’s not a real AMG with the V6 but like

Do I miss it yeah I do does this have a weird feeling brake pedal because I didn’t notice anything weird yet all right something I hate about the c43 the Auto Stop start comes on almost every time you come to a full stop and look

How long it takes to get back in Action once you’re stopped it’s so bad that I’m rolling stop signs to try to avoid having it turn on no I don’t think it’s that 48 volt hybridy as some of the other 48 volt hybrids we’ve experienced I’m happy with that like the

Weird brake pedals is like that as soon as you see like configurations for your settings to be able to adjust brake pedal you’re like oh how’s this one gonna feel and then what settings are you on right now we got the AMG button which we had in SL whole similar

Infotainment which lets you control everything very very well yeah I’ve been driving this in Sport Plus because I find the suspension to be really comfortable in it this does have the Adaptive suspension so you can dial it right back down to comfort enjoy your real estate and whatnot and then go back

To your back roads and whatever so this does handle pretty well it does feel really good out here they didn’t screw up the suspension Mercedes typically is a little bit stiff and I don’t find this one to be stiff like over that bump that sportiest mode that was a little firm

But it wasn’t like Mercedes like the previous one I remember those being really stiff and through here Touch under Theory but still feels really good you can like toss this in does it feel rear biased no not really they come out it like recovers to the rear but yeah

It’s very fronty and the steering does turn in it like noticeably nicely because of that rear steer so more would have been even crazier if I could download more like that uh eqs we had yeah if it just feels like normal nice yeah there’s a there’s a lot that’s not

Wrong with it right and then that two and a half degrees I think is only for like parking lots and stuff when you’re driving through cliche on twisty roads it’s much less degrees so how much more do you need you don’t want yeah because then it goes down on you it goes the

Same direction rather than the opposite direction but um but it feels it feels good it does screw anything up but it’s also not amazing really in any way right and the previous one also wasn’t we were just super stoked that it was a wagon and there is a wagon of these in Europe

But we currently don’t have a wagon of these in Canada I wonder if they’re going to bring it over we don’t know yet but um yeah I mean this car drives pretty nice the paddles are really good it’s got a 9-speed multi-plate clutch transmission which isn’t my favorite

Like it’s it’s okay it’s good when you’re on it I feel like that’s when the transmission feels the best like I’m gonna upshift on this one here and pretty quick pretty quick and then downshift slower slower it’s not the smoothest right which is fine because it’s supposed to

Be fast because it’s AMG yeah and then here like Comfort now upshift slowly very slow but smoother so it’s like it does change what it does come come to a Full Stop like it’ll be the Doom oh yeah oh yeah yeah it’s real clunky that is satisfying though but why are

You complaining about how those fast and crunk it is it’s like it’s a race car thing I get it I get it so then I noticed I can’t put my seat all the way back uh yeah I got my child seat back there but I got enough room here with

The child see you didn’t seem to complain no I could have been more comfortable that is for sure and that is still rear-facing do you fit in the back seat uh not really my head touches and if I was sitting behind myself my knees would touch a little bit the sunroof

Stuff’s really nice yeah if the sunroof in the back didn’t exist I’m sure I would have more Headroom okay we got okay around trunk space it is a power one which is really cool we can fold the seats down all that stuff infotainment I’m gonna say exactly the same as the SL

Yes because it’s basically the same the last C class we had didn’t have all the AMG stuff in it and with AMG stuff in here you can customize your head up display so your gauge cluster all the stuff on the steering wheel is the same I would just recommend going to that

Video and watching it because we cover that infotainment a lot more in depth so go check that out and watch more of our videos yes and the gauge cluster is also the same like it’s all the same in all the new Mercedes and then we also have the buttons on the

Steering wheel to customize our Drive modes and then you can change what the buttons do just like every other Mercedes if you press the actual buttons in exactly the same as a over two hundred thousand dollar SL yes you know what handling that through cliche compared to this oh that was nice I

Fully understand why super expensive cars are super expensive yeah yeah yeah yeah but like this is still appropriate but like yeah well I haven’t got to the price yet Yuri yeah and I know you actually don’t know how much this cost because I I didn’t want you to know yeah

There’s other stuff we got to talk about first yeah okay three two one oh passes okay and then a cup holders are totally fine they’re pretty okay it looks like you hit a lot of stuff going in there I don’t know yeah and then you can remove them and do

That you can flip these things up as well with a button how about our floor mats uh we need tux mad in here definitely a lot more coverage go to the straight pipes and then these seats are comfortable it’s like Alcantara or whatever no massage dessert massage I

Don’t know if you see any messages no no we don’t even have cool deals oh it’s just heated yeah driver’s package right am I right I I don’t even think you can get it on the uh the base they gotta upsell somehow it’s like you have the

Seats are nice bolstery yeah it’s pretty comfy yeah uh yo I think that’s pretty much it yeah let’s get to the price it starts at 80 900. wasn’t the last one cheaper I’ll get to that in a second Canadian this one is 91 700.

How much is a C63 I I don’t even want to know let’s talk about the previous c43 wagon that we drove you know what it started at probably 45 60 000 okay and it was specked out to seventy six thousand dollars in 2019. wait yo the world has gotten so much crazier since

That because that was like a 2018 economy exactly Okay blah blah blah shortage the last C63 Coupe we drove 2020 yeah that was the best okay what do you think that started at oh God don’t tell me like 80 000. uh it started at 86

000 in 2020. and what was that what did that one come out I don’t remember but it was more than this one yeah well like it started below what this one spectacular too yo I’m just gonna say it find that old C63 or even the old c43 oh no Americans

Never got the uh c-43 wagon but yeah just go to see what you can get from any Mercedes but overall is it nice yeah it’s really nice are you upset about the new c43 are you stoked that it’s a hand-built engine uh I am stoked that it’s hand built however that

V6 was nice just because the sound definitely sounded better than the foursome you hate the pumpkin audio on this I don’t hate it they did a pretty decent job of it so now we just have to discover the C63 new one I’m honestly very nervous about that because it’s a

Hybrid and it’s I think it’s the same engine it’s based on this one at least so I don’t know there’s a lot of Technology already in this one so if they maximize the tech and put it in that one and it’s probably gonna weigh a

Heck of a lot more yeah or do you suggest buying old Mercedes like you or two Mercedes yeah I would definitely suggest just buying an old Mercedes like my two Mercedes although I did have to dump a lot of money in at least one of them well thanks for watching guys let

Us know what you think of a new c43 I’m actually like pretty impressed yeah they did a good job of not completely screwing up the car which is a feat of engineering and marketing yeah and design marketing Formula One Formula One or not did Lewis Hamilton grab the

Steering wheel before I got in this maybe George Russell I don’t know what do they pay you to grab a steering wheel when your driver performing The One