The Straight Pipes: EVERYTHING’S BETTER! 2024 Hyundai Kona N Line Review

EVERYTHING'S BETTER! 2024 Hyundai Kona N Line Review

Posted: 2023-09-14 12:00:25
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Hyundai Kona N Line review by The Straight Pipes. The Kona N-Line is putting down 190 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque from a 1.6L Turbo 4 cylinder. At $35,499 CAD, would you take it over the Toyota Corolla Cross, Mazda CX-30, Kia Seltos, Honda HRV?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Right 2024 Hyundai Kona end line without launch control thank you not bad horsepower and torque 190 horsepower 195 pound-feet of torque from a 1.6 liter turbo four-cylinder yes that is down 5 horsepower and the last one was down six horsepower what the heck well I mean this is a new engine now so

It’s actually more efficient and it actually has less emissions which I think was the main reason as to why they switched that and then uh they switched the transmission from the last one too yeah so no more seven-speed dual clutch and I complained and I wish that they

Put an auto in the last one and they put a regular 8-speed Auto in this one so so far all my complaints have been addressed minus the less horsepower I’d always like more but more importantly this is all new it looks new and they managed to do Robocop on not just the

Front but also the back this is our first full front and rear RoboCop review because a lot of cars especially Hyundai’s are going in this route yeah like like the Porsches are rear RoboCop so RoboCop just means it’s a light bar across the whole thing and the front can

Kind of be bad RoboCop sometimes sometimes when you turn your lights off there’s the lights on the side so it looks like a saw all and sometimes you have them on but not all the way on so then it’s got like light light and then dimmer light in the middle and then

There’s also an electric version of this which gets like a pixelated light bar in the middle yeah but overall I do like this light bar thing I mean will it play itself out long term I’m not really sure for sure okay but it does look really

Good and we have the end line so the bumpers could like completely different than the regular version and the cladding from the side is color match which is nice I think I might like the last and line looks more than this they were more aggressive than this for sure

But this does look good this looks I think better and then our body lines are more like the Santa Tucson yeah and the Elantra yeah it’s all triangularization yes parametric parameter or parametric yeah they had a word for it yeah overall I think that looks nice how about these

Wheels they don’t look as cool as other Hyundai Wheels yeah but they’re going with that kind of same motif of angles and whatever but they still look pretty good it’s okay yeah and what would be the Continental recommended tire for a Hyundai Kona end line the extreme

Contact dws06 plus oh and still on the side angle we actually now have regular door handles that you don’t actually have to push a button to unlock the car you just slide your hand in like a premium luxury vehicle and then open it in this top trim though yes I don’t know

If the lowest trim has this no it doesn’t this isn’t the top trim this is a one down from the top in Canada yes so this is the end line not the inline ultimate and then this one since it is the end line it has got like no chrome

Trim thing around the edge but it’s got a cool Wing like a really cool Wing that looks cool from the side and from the back it’s like a Double Wing like literally it’s not even connected to itself so it’s like two Wings it looks sweet and then you know you know what

It’s kind of like it’s like the Mini Cooper that we had yeah except it’s sort of different if the Mini Cooper spoiler had sex with the Veloster and spoiler yes they made this spoiler spoiler sex spoiler sex don’t Google that and then on to the back end we got the

Kona logo laid up by the way I forgot the mission on the front we’ve got the H on the hood oh yes hey which popped the hood for a quick peek there’s 190 horsepower worth of peak okay exhaust at the bottom right double I kind of like

It it looks like they put a little bit of effort into the tips but does it sound good from the outside what about from the inside and put it into sport mode oh look at those animations it’s not pumped in okay because it sounds decent I actually see my red line

No uh yes the gauges okay we gotta address the last part of the looks from the back the RoboCop in the rear RoboCop in the rear done okay but your brake lights well that reverse lights nothing to do with the RoboCop light right at the bottom that’s right

Because we’re not weird Hyundai stuff yes yeah for whatever I mean I think this is a pretty big Improvement in terms of General looks on the Kona we did really like the previous n and n-line version dude I’ve seen uh baby blue Kona ends around town and I love

The look of that so I’m not convinced that this is better looking yet but I think it also looks good and then another thing from the front that I forgot to mention it’s got the bumper that kind of comes around like that kind of like a Golf R oh yes which the last

One we called like sort of a budget Golf R because it’s all-wheel driving kind of fast like a gti-ish well then and before I get you into the driver’s seat I want all of you out there to take your parents phone or tablet and subscribe to the straight

Pipes on because they probably love watching us but they’re probably just not subscribed so do that for us yes especially when your dad’s done on the toilet just take his phone boom subscribe right after he’s done on the toilet you won’t even notice his glasses won’t be on kind of gross and

Disinfection everybody watches on the toilet I know but all right hey everybody I just subscribed to the straight pipes because my nephew yudi told me to okay manual mode and I want you to shift on Redline I can’t don’t manual yet don’t hit the limiter no I can’t where’s Redline well I can’t

Put in manual yet did Auto up shift oh it shifts at the seventh from the last Checker so the first thing after all that that I want to talk about is how large this vehicle is it is longer wider it’s got a longer wheelbase and in here

I am so comfortable and in the back I am also so comfortable behind myself at six foot one and a half apparently these seats have been scooped out like 33 or something like that and you do notice it looking at it from the side it kind of

Looks a little cheap not gonna lie but I fit so comfortably in this car yeah that’s great yeah like for fitting people in the back yeah because apparently the largest complaint that they had from the previous standards just make the car bigger it’s like all right well they do offer larger cars but

I get it because the price point so you also have a little bit more cargo capacity and stuff so I think that’s the biggest Improvement generally in here yeah the cargo capacity is pretty good too like we want the seats off and the seats down lots of room like yeah just

Like lots of room in general and this competes with the Honda HRV yep Mazda cx-30 uh Corolla cross yeah find all those on discounted price offers and possibly even this one right now visit that website on your parents phone yeah and I’ll get back to all the interior

Stuff but right through uh garbage cliche Corner man the handling on that minute turn impeccable okay it’s it’s pretty good we can’t really assess it today because we’re not on our usual route but the last one we were very impressed with in the winter and this one I’ve got no issues with in

Terms of what the steering feels or anything like that it’s nothing’s remarkable nothing’s bad suspension though is really comfortable going over all these bumps and stuff like that the last one was also really comfortable and I can say that they did not screw it up

Yeah it’s like a nice no issue car and like you know I took some some quick turns out of parking lots and ripping it around you know like you would yeah a little on-ramp rip here and there and it felt perfectly fine does it feel like it

Has five horsepower left not really it kind of feels the same do I want to do handling in it no no not really and one more thing that they improved which I like because on the last one on the Dual clutch they didn’t have paddles Which

Was weird now we have paddles without a dual clutch but I like that you would now have paddles because we can actually change our gears except first gear from a launch for some reason yeah how do you put it into drive okay that’s a little weird we got the ionic five shifter so

They’re going forward it looks like with this uh electric style shift after and Yuri and I don’t love it you can get used to it but I’d say about 75 percent of the time we put it into the wrong direction first yeah I mean like this is

Also going to have an electric version of the Kona yeah and apparently you’re probably gonna have it all seamless for electric too and they’ve designed this car with the EV first in mind and then kind of added the ice powertrain so that’s kind of their thing with all the

Stuff now so the electric one is not going to have this little tunnel tunnel tunnel cover yeah that was called the transmission transmission tunnel well I guess it’s a drive shaft drive shaft tunnel and then uh the ev1 is going to have a slightly higher floor so your

Knees might be into your chin yes slightly apparently and quickly back to that suspension it is a multi-link rear on all of the all-wheel drive models but not the front wheel drive models which you can get and that’s what this starts at front wheel drive yo it’s like so

Sick that you can get to your cottage because this is all-wheel drive and slightly higher like look at these curves we crossed over Dude I hopped a literal curb I drove on grass and I didn’t get stuck whoa what that is a buyer anyway you’ll be you’ll be fine

With front-wheel drive if you want like whatever yeah but you can’t get this engine no front-wheel drive so if you want this good engine wait till that Kona end well because they’re kind of end where’s gonna be front wheel drive because the current one is front-wheel drive yes

Yeah yeah yeah but yeah so everything else with this car let’s talk about the interior I really like it they’ve significantly improved as well okay so we got the steering wheel which now has four dots yes not the Hyundai Morse code for H whatever cool uh all the buttons

Are really easy to use we got a good adaptive cruise Lane centering stuff that we love in like pretty much every Hyundai Kia Genesis because they’re all the same company yeah the highway driving assist and then we’ve got this double screen thing with a fake speaker

Mesh on the side that which used to be a fake suction cup thing on the side on the Elantra a fake dial on the side yes anyways uh yo the infotainment works really well the gauge cluster is pretty much exactly the same except for no red

Line and I love seeing these uh curbs or aprons the transitions are cool on sport mode yeah and then our right screen looks like it’s different Hyundai which is nice it’s more like a Genesis I guess yeah with like those pods and you know your phone projection set up the star

You want to go back to SiriusXM click media twice you want to rewind click the little logo you can rewind and you want to set your favorites you can set it so much easier than the last one with the bulbs no real complaints Wireless and wired Apple carplay yes the amount of

Hard buttons that they’ve left for us is fantastic even our climate controls all of that can be controlled through hard buttons and then we also have our USBC Port down here which you can control to only charge or charge plus USB yeah so if you ever want to bother someone who’s

Driving just click that button it’ll toggle out of their apple carplay unless they’re forced Wireless and then uh you got your heated steering wheel we got our camera button here on the top trim you’ll actually get a 360 camera which is pretty cool yeah and then we don’t

Have cooled seats in this one because it’s not the ultimate but you can actually get cooled seats on this on the ultimate which is great and in the states they get power liftgate yes we’ve done the top trim which we don’t in Canada we got a little sunroof which is

Pretty all right these seats pretty comfortable not the worst very comfortable they’re like decently bolstered nice material and no no head up display here yes thank you because they got rid of that stupid little stupid little flip up it’s the worst I’d rather have no head up display so

Thank you yeah yeah head up this Blazer I think kind of like yeah yeah they’re like it’s there I’m like I’ve been looking through that it’s not in my line of sight what’s with this blurry dot in my way yeah yeah the amount of things that I can just ignore

Okay also um so this infotainment you know how we got the climate separate yep my Mazda has the climate separate yep thankfully because my CX is five the infotainment keeps resetting freezing shutting off constantly imagine if that was linked to there how bad that would be yeah it’s good when they keep it

Separated but someone said the hack is to remove your SD card for navigation from the Mazda so I will keep you updated if it errors out again since I did this hack thank you you know what this reminds me of yeah the new Mustang GT look how angled the screen is towards

Me and it’s the same idea where they split the screen and kind of make it two screens on real engine Millennials they want tablets they don’t want cars they want tablets let’s spin the car around we can’t do that here freaking hate marketing uh it’s also speaking of marketing there’s a Volkswagen Canada

Commercial where they make the guy look like he’s taking a photo like when he was younger like his dad but it looks exactly like Micah with a mullet or something they’re like they like literally yeah you said they face AI swap Micah yeah what the heck Volkswagen

Okay but back to this car uh the drive mode dial also can lock our Center diff so you can definitely go off you can get your cottage yes but yeah I mean everything all the touch points and stuff like yeah sure you got cheap plastic and stuff up here but it’s it’s

All generally nice what would expensive plastic feel like uh I don’t know is it just plastic it’s just yeah this is just plastic it might be expensive but like where you put your elbows not the softest no yeah it’s okay yeah it’s not uh as Jacob would say in that Subaru

Video softball really Supple shift yes that’s right word of the day all right yo cup holders we got the gimmicky Flippo with the push button is that a pass I think so it is today with the water armrest is a good height like lifts up what about the visors Yuri

These are gonna pass three two one heck yeah full pass the unfortunate thing about these seats is that we don’t have the top trim so they’re actually manually adjustable but you can get power on the top trim and with that you also get lumbar because I can’t actually

Adjust any lumbar in this yeah but they only get four back lumbar that Ford back up down but I guess this isn’t a luxury car but you can get 360 camera so there’s like luxury-ish things it’s kind of cool yeah and we will get to the

Price but first the floor mats you got to get yourself a set of tux mat go to slash the straight pipes to protect these lovely carpets and like the tux mats in my Mazda I did like a road trip this summer and man like the other crap that it’s saved from going

Underneath so good that’s the thing so much coverage hey is that it I think that’s it Yuri all right time we get to the price oh it’s a little bit more than the last one it starts at twenty five thousand nine nine nine Canadian this one is thirty five thousand four nine

Nine which is like five thousand dollars more than the last inline we drove because of everything’s more expensive these days and they got rid of horsepower and then there’s an even more expensive Hyundai Kona and line above this which is about three thousand dollars more so like so you’re like I’m

Nearly here like 40 grand for a Kona end line not even an N everything’s getting so expensive that’s that hurts a little it does although they have improved a lot generally and obviously people are gonna enjoy more space in here and stuff like that the transmission is a

Significant Improvement the looks I mean that’s very subjective the only thing that they screwed up in this besides the price is the shift the shifter yeah exactly that’s it besides that it’s a good solid car like if you need an all-wheel drive Civic that’s higher up

And and like this looks a lot cooler than a Toyota Corolla Cross or a Mazda cx-30 or whatever oh this looks way cooler than uh HR CHR yeah which one’s the Honda one the HR HRV is the Honda one you sure CHR is the Toyota the

Little one I don’t even know if they make that one anymore the Corolla cross is the one that competes with this yeah I don’t know there’s definitely the coolest looking one and there’s like a couple cool colors you can get like there’s like a red like or orange or

Something like this green is like kind of okay yeah this uh but you know what I was telling you like I think a couple weeks ago before we went on our break yes like I’m like you can’t really be buying like bright cars if like your mortgage is so depressing like you can’t

Buy a house you’re not like man I’m financially broke I can’t afford to live anywhere I could buy an orange car I wonder if it’s gonna be like like a statistic you could tie to like the next couple years of people buying like gray and black and white cars which people

Mostly do anyways yeah oh and by the way thank you all for watching in the month that we just took off our editor had a kid we filmed a bunch of videos in the meantime that we edited so we very much appreciate having our editor back now so

That we don’t have to edit again yeah yeah congrats on your Healthy month old boy yes Uncle Yuri is very happy we got straight poop shirts and now we are all a Channel of three dads and three toddlers that’s right so the Next Generation of the straight pipes now

Exist yeah yeah yeah yeah subscribe yes so that you catch that on your parents phone in 16 years yeah you know they could probably start reviewing cars when they’re like they just threw out of private track yeah I gotta buy my kid a car when she’s like 13. whatever she

Wants and then she’s gonna learn how to actually gonna go to school and be like I have a car I’m gonna make my kid learn on the Corvette thanks for watching