The Straight Pipes: CUTE! 2023 Land Rover Defender 90 V8 Review

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Posted: 2023-02-17 13:00:56
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Land Rover Defender 90 V8 P525 review by The Straight Pipes. The V8 Defender is putting down 518 horsepower and 461 lb-ft of torque from a supercharged 5L V8. At $146,069 CAD, would you take it over the Jeep 392, Ford Bronco Raptor, G63, or any of the other Defenders?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Oh go go go I’m Jacob Yuri and we’re going for a drive [Applause] good job Jacob 23 Defender V8 with launch control 518 horsepower 461 pound-feet of torque from a Supercharged 5-liter V8 downshift That is glorious to drive this so this is the 90 the smallest one this is the 110 the bigger one the 130 the biggest one in the 130 we said there’s no VA in this but we were wrong so we went out and got it where do we get it from we

Got it from Jaguar Land Rover Metro West shout out to them for hooking us up with this vehicle because Yuri why you have acknowledged that it was we it was actually me I made the mistake so this car does in fact exist and you can buy this exact car from the dealer and

There’s not many of these in Canada because this is such a unique vehicle with the short configuration in the 90 and the V8 and that dealership is located in Toronto so check them out there you can see them right off the highway let’s see this car through

Cliche corner and oh my God okay it handles really really well yeah yeah the short wheelbase is so much better than that 130 that we drove but uh wow this is actually great through cliche Corner yo damn this is good sports car mini truck yeah and I wasn’t even like trying

To really send it too hard I wasn’t Dynamic mode and I found that Dynamic mode is the one that you want to be in because that’s the one that seems though exhaust valve there’s no actual exhaust valve configuration and we’re not going to make you wait to the end of the video

So take a listen to the outside too bad it’s not the crazy wild exhaust from like the old svrs right yeah I feel like it’s almost there but like legally they’re not allowed to anymore and then we got a Supercharged 5-liter V8 in a two-door SUV like this is insane and

This is a kind of along the spirits of like the 392 Jeep the Bronco Raptor and also the G wagons yes in my opinion and all of those you cannot get in two-door form which is why this really stands out so starting with the looks I think it looks

A little awkward but that’s fine and I think it looks better specced out in like a one of the lighter colors with the white roof however this is pretty menacing considering it’s the V8 it’s a short it looks like it’s traded to James Bond yeah okay play the clip whoa we’re

The bad guys that were chasing that guy James let’s get him and now we’ve basically reviewed every configuration of this one this one being the 90 again but the looks are still really good other than the stubbiness which is kind of cool okay we haven’t reviewed one

With the steelies this oh he’s got the nice five spokes black what would be the contental recommended tire for a Defender the ones that we’re driving on which come from the factory on the cross contact RX shout out Land Rover and they are 22 inch wheels the wheels look

Better on this one than they did on the 130 because these are black simple five spoke but they just look better I like I say the fender on it yes and then there’s also like a little V8 badge real real low there’s black on black so it’s

Hard to see but that’s cool very subtle like this is um I told Yuri that I’m a bit of an when it comes to loud exhaust this one’s not that loud it’s kind of classy so I think this is for class holes the title of the video probably not get

Away with that we’ll probably get demonetized we will try but the exhaust does sound really good it’s just it’s not as loud as I was expecting it you do get little bits of crackles and Pops here I’m gonna try it’s kind of hard to get it so here third gear a little bit

No no a little bit see it’s nice that it’s not predictable but like really minimal crackles and Pops very adulty classy ish yeah yeah but this car is amazing we love the defender in every form we say that in every video this spec is also really good with this Bayesian tier or tan

Interior look around with the interior so we’re talking about the exhaust tips and how they look they’re okay awesome doesn’t that look Wicked yeah very simple it you can still see the muffler like still good ground clearance way better than the 130. and the front still looks cool the back still looks cool

Overall sweet looking little cute little strong little SUV and the stance on this thing with the air suspension lowering it right down looks amazing yeah yeah it’s good this is great it’s just everything about this is cool and it’s so one of a kind I could see myself

Ending up with the defender if I ever needed an SUV in the future and I took one look back there realized I have a child and what I’d have to do to get a kid back there and I’m like I would just get the 110 or 130. it’s a good thing

That they do have the ones but without a kid like yo you kind of got to get this one yeah because you can get the 110 with the V8 and not yet this is a fact I’m not making this up I’m not wrong you

Can’t get the V8 in the 130 as of right now and we also drove the Range Rover Sport which has a V8 but it’s the BMW V8 which is Twin Turbo but that one’s faster than this V8 it seems like it does feel like that but this one will

Still use 0 to 60 in like high four seconds mid high so this is still quick and this one has more character than that one does if I was in the market for a V8 I would go with the one from the company you know the Range Rover V8 V8

Because I think they’ve officially announced that this engine will no longer be in production at least in the F-type so I assume this one’s also on its way out so it’s nice that they included it for the time that you can actually get this and you’re like

Shifting with the paddles on this it’s nice this thing’s great yeah we got that ZF eight speed and shifts quick like quicker than that sport I feel like the tuning is better in this at least for sportingness do we get the chainsaw up shifts I’ve got them a little bit here

And there uh you’ve got to be in sport mode and kind of like very low gear so foreign Back there there is but we’ll talk about that later let’s get you into the driver’s seat to grip this lovely Alcantara steering wheel which I actually can’t believe that we have I’m just gonna floor it James Bond bad guy style because they don’t have time to activate launch control send it

Oh that’s just a sick really good if not better holy that’s sick Okay interior Alcantara steering wheel weird but I mean if the James Bond bad guy wants some comfort while driving cool they probably got bad guy gloves on for shooting their guns which is great for Alcantara Wheels yeah and then we got bad guy grips over here rubber grips

We got the defender logo up here everything’s very rugged we can still see the exterior paint color over here which it’s black so it doesn’t really matter and even though you’re jumping your car which may ruin it if you’re a bad guy you probably still want to protect your floors you definitely want

To protect these floors with a set of tux mat go to the straight pipes check out what mats they have for your vehicle because they have some for the 90 and the 110 Defender all right little baby cliche Corner saying because it’s a little wet dude you can feel the

Short wheelbase right away yeah yeah oh man this feels like almost sports car they need to lower this yeah dump it I guess it’s got air suspension already yeah but like super dumped wow yeah that’s I don’t know how it would be for like rock crawling and going off-roading but

I’m sure probably super amazingly capable because we do have Drive modes for all that stuff yeah and Defenders got some pretty serious Heritage and you can do a bunch of water waiting and all that fun stuff and it is the best one for off-road and stuff yeah because

Short wheelbase that’s what you want um this one’s also really comfortable on the road no issues I thought we might get stiffer suspension because it’s the V8 but it doesn’t feel like it’s any stiffer and then on the highway you did not notice any Lane centering just like

Uh the kind of yeah pulls you back into the lane once you’ve touched the the yeah you don’t really expect it in this like as you would in a Range Rover Sport yeah so okay oh well I’m gonna I’m gonna shift manually you’re gonna hit I’m gonna hit it go for it A little late yeah you gotta shift a little early in this this is great though man the pedals don’t get a little Groot sounds and the gauges are nice they seem more red in this version with you that’s because you’re in sport oh sorry oh cause the other one because

The other ones didn’t have Dynamics so we’ll go back and then it’s yeah yeah Hey look overhang display yeah yeah and you can what’s funny is in your 360 cameras on the above you you know you can see everything underneath but like the the top view it’s such a small

Little car it is very cute this is the cutest strongest car ever uh visor test okay three two one yeah but it didn’t slide on the Range Rover no because we had a double visor interesting I should have pulled a spoiler alert cup holders fits cops just fine I forgot that was

Covered and then back to all that leg room seat room we were talking about Jacob fits perfectly in the back yeah except it’s just tricky to get in there but we got electronic controls and like a thing to pull to push you over and it’s nice having those Alpine lights

Back there because they’re not as noticeable in the 130 from the front row the driver’s seat yeah it’s because it’s so far back it’s really fancy back there and then my mirror I can make it a screen mirror which is really cool and then trunk space pretty minimal like

Like a little too little yeah like if you had a dog this is too small yeah no this is literally for like just you you’re like it’s like you and a significant other or something and like that’s it yeah maybe a Chihuahua or a cat a cat

Your Chihuahua was my dream dog but I’m not allowed to get one because they pure bite kids it is yeah no good I’m glad you can’t get one because they’re if I had a pet Chihuahua the child would be coming with us on car reviews right here

I should bring Rex back my giant German Shepherd you can sit right here yeah and honestly I think that’s kind of it like we got a cool color on the interior which I cut you off on before but thank you this uh peanut butter I’m gonna call

It three different colors in this video info tame has got Apple carplay yeah it’s got all this stuff radio it’s fine um this is fantastic we’ve driven so many of these Defenders it’s hard to say anything else the V8 is a must I think okay P400 at the bare minimum but this

Is if you can spring for this spring for this this is going to be a future classic I can guarantee it because this is very low production they’re not going to make this engine anymore definitely consider buying one of these at Jaguar Land Rover Metro West and if

You’re in the states go to and see what specs are out there let us know what your favorite spec that is available and what it is and we’ve got to get to the price for this one let’s get to the price this one starts at 130 300 Canadian and this one

Is specked out to 146 069 the smaller the car the more expensive yes because it’s cooler it’s got a V8 just buy it I I’m all about this you can buy this exact model yes this literal car will be for sale go there and tell them Yuri and

Jacob sent you thanks for watching guys and we’ll see you at the next video probably another Defender video don’t forget to subscribe subscribe subscribe if you’re still here hahaha