The Straight Pipes: BUY THIS CAR NOW! 2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Review

BUY THIS CAR NOW! 2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Review

Posted: 2023-07-14 12:00:21
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing review by The Straight Pipes. The Cadillac CT4V Blackwing is putting down 472 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque from a 3.6L Twin Turbo V6. At $73,048 CAD, would you take it over the BMW M2, BMW M3, Mercedes-AMG A45, Mercedes-AMG CLA45, Mercedes-AMG C63S, Audi RS3, Audi RS5 Sportback?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] And we are going for a drive 2023 Cadillac ct4v black wing with launch control And no lift shift is that no lift shift yep like as an actual feature no it’s a feature horsepower and dork 472 horsepower 445 pound-feet of torque from a 3.6 liter twin turbo V6 with a six-speed manual transmission and spoiler alert we’re just gonna say nice

Things about this car and how great it is because we love it and you should go buy one you should straight up everyone right now just turn off the video go buy one go to we are dead serious this is one of our favorite cars ever after driving so many other cars

Put in your order come back now let’s get back to the video why is this so special first of all this transmission the fact that you can get an auto and a six-speed manual and the fact that this six-speed manual is so good it’s a Tremec unit and we love Tremec

Transmissions and this one is one of the greatest and part of the reason why it’s so great is you got a REV match button that’s a hard button and not through the infotainment or some other dumb stuff it’s not tied to a drive mode it’s it’s not even in the infotainment like it’s

Just it’s right there okay and then if the Civic or the Integra Type S had the Rev match button hard button why is this still better is it because it’s rear wheel drive and six cylinder turbo yeah that’s exactly why it’s better it sounds a hell of a lot better let’s take a

Listen to the outside and now let’s take a look Like it’s pumped in a totally appropriate amount and you can also customize that through the engine sound button in the infotainment which is amazing holy friggin backfire burbles Batman it will non-stop pop basically all the time yeah but it’s not as like loud and snappy as like probably a ct5e

Black one will be there yeah it’s just like it goes for so long and then you just keep doing it But yeah it’s uh it’s one of my favorite sounding v6s like surprisingly they did a really good job and I love my six cylinders I know you do and I guess if we had this when we did our Z Supra and M2 you know this was a surprise

Contestant it would probably win yeah like it it sort of disqualified for being a four-door but at the same time it’s so much better in many ways than all the other cars yeah and like the M2 had four seats that were pretty as usable as these yep exactly and like the

Way that this drives it fits into that group and is it feels at least on the road because we have driven this previously on the racetrack watch that video as well but on the road that’s where this really shines we make the title rip Supra Z and M2 that’s a little

Long but uh maybe but honestly the title should just be like buy this over a BMW M3 or something because now I’m gonna sell this in the cliche corner with a PTM Race 2 which I do find actually Cuts traction a little bit too aggressively and honestly I would probably drive this

With traction off just because it’ll be so much more fun but but on on track that’s probably exactly but through here really good it handles so well and it still does allow some slip angle so like I really enjoy driving this the steering like every input to this car is incredible GM

Killed it with this [Applause] yeah yeah the uh clutch pedal everything engagement point and like okay I’ll turn off my rev matching because I’m just doing it just because whatever and now he’ll toe perfect like it’s good the pedal placement is perfect everything about this yo this car has so many hard

Buttons and stuff too which a lot of these other stupid cars don’t like not that are all stupid but I’m just saying it’s stupid when when things suck yeah and this engine is also fantastic it’s not as Punchy as like an M3 or anything like that but the power level is great

Like very torquey and it comes on really quick and then I didn’t flat foot shift there but you can also flat foot shift which you can’t in other cars so I’m not gonna lift my foot off the gas and it just holds a boost I know I’m like so conflicted we’ve

Driven this before but like it’s so much better now so like why is it better now is it because we brought this to cliche corner where the first time we drove it was like at a track and like a little press event that always helps and yeah

When you put it on your daily drive and you’re like where you compare everything else this is you’re like oh and then we drove a bunch of cars since we first drove this and like newer cars weren’t better no than this car that already existed a lot of new cars actually got

Worse and I was able to live with this for a week and I also had a golf r at the same time and I took this every single time yeah not once that I even look at that Golf R when I still had this in my driveway like the way that

This is all laid out the cup holders things like that nothing gets in the way of the shifter yeah so this is by the way a full cup holder pass all this carbon fiber in here we’ve got a wireless charger a little bit of infotainment stuff that’s also perfect

We have wireless and wired Apple carplay I like how we have a volume knob and a 10 yeah why can’t we have both buttons why does everyone need to do dumb things in every car and the size of the infotainment it’s not like in your face it’s not taking up the windshield like

It’s perfect yeah tacked on tablet style is great I don’t mind at all and you know what’s cool what SiriusXM satellite radio The Beach Boys Shadow is back starting today and we can rewind there you go yeah that’s the most important part as far as I’m concerned and then

This gauge cluster the fact that you can get into this really nice v-mode with the Center attack and then there’s also a bunch of track loads and stuff like that and then all the drive modes there’s so many of them and then on top of all the drive modes there’s

Customization through the infotainment and then there’s also all the customizable traction modes yeah I really like is that when Auto rev matches on the number is yellow yeah turn it off it’s white it’s so simple yeah yeah so easy yeah and then we have the v-mode button on the steering wheel

And then the other button which is your knob to control your performance traction yeah when I got in I was a little confused because I was double clicking the traction to try to get it to do that stupid mode and then I’m like oh yeah they solved that problem too yeah we

Didn’t like in other GMS like we literally I I don’t have a single complaint about this car I do okay do you want to drive now yes all right starting off with the complaints oh wow there’s no manual handbrake yeah how sick would that be though yes yes you’re

Gonna have to drill in there and put a hydraulic one which is fine it would be nice but it doesn’t bother me this is already rewheel Drive I don’t like the head-up display okay but I also don’t use it so I don’t care yeah I would turn

It off it kind of hurts my eyes the way this one looks or whatever and like you got your shift lights here it’s cool yeah so that’s it with complaints okay sick okay do you mind that we’ve got like proper GM hard plastic at the

Bottom I don’t no no I really don’t this car I’m I’m able to excuse things when the car is dynamically fantastic it doesn’t bother me one bit I don’t even care do we have cooled and heated or just heating oh just heated cooled would have been nice but it is an option

Available oh again this isn’t like super optional because I noticed from the outside we don’t have like all the arrow yeah this doesn’t have the optional carbon fiber exterior package glitchy Corner dude there’s already an apex but somebody laid down a cone for us oh I love this

Video yeah this yeah this is one of those cars that feels like this is it’s right at home here and like over the bump the suspension is perfect the family car that’s pretty hard and we’re in the stiffest mode and I’ve been dialing it down just for daily

Driving in Comfort mode but you can still daily use it I love about this compared to a Camaro no freaking paddles for the manual yeah yeah exactly I couldn’t what the heck yeah just a good old rev match button down here all right I haven’t launched

This yet so let’s see how bad I butcher this floor it flat foot shifting there you go Hot tamale it just keeps in spool you know that Meme where you’re just smacking the credit card down to order one this is this except I want the 24 in yellow yeah okay so they offer pretty cool colors in the 2024 model year this is a 2023 and I

Don’t know if 2024 is the last year I’m kind of worried that it is so definitely get your orders in ASAP because we’re demanding maybe ordering one of these ourselves yeah yeah get me one of the yellow uh last year ones I’ll take it just yeah whatever full carbon

Full trim full everything yeah just colors inside I don’t care yeah we’re definitely thinking about it this car’s that good would you take this over uh base Corvette CA like I think hands down ah I don’t know really like a base one I just like V8s all right other stuff that makes us

Better than every other car in the world and better than every German company okay we have a gosh darn SD card slot so you can use a drive recorder instead of some stupid app that’s not gonna work on like all the other cars like track face

It took like seven years for that to work and it still sucks yeah so this has the optional performance data recorder and then like you see the new BMWs like oh well you’re a charging you could sync your apps to your phone uh like Angry Birds or whatever you don’t hold Angry

Birds is yeah like 15 years old I know that’s like in 2 like oh our car can play Mario Bros for super for Nintendo NES to be fair Cadillac may be doing something like that with like an EV version of one of these who knows I’m not talking about

That Cadillac I’m talking about this Cadillac you think the engineering team is overlapping no uh apparently some of them are they’re probably mad at each other okay what Drive modes do we have there’s so many of them Yuri all right I’m gonna list all the drive modes so if

I click my V button to get back to normal mode we got my mode snow ice which I would drive this no problem with some Viking contact seven tires from continental and the Continental recommended tire for the summer would be the extreme contact sport O2 rear wheel

Drive would be great in winter it’s actually my favorite in Winter it is my my daily driver is a rear wheel drive V8 was that a ct5 or four V non-blackwing we had in Winter that one year rear wheel drive and it was just like amazing uh yeah it was it was

A four or five it was yeah non-blackwing got track sport and tour then my mode and then with the traction controls we’ve got so many different ones so if you wanted to like get better on track incrementally it would be so perfect for that and especially with the drive

Recorder combined it would just be so sick yeah and these things held up so well when we drove them on ctmp2 exactly the only thing I remember is getting uh air conditioning condensation pissing on my leg oh this car is leaking on my foot again there’s condensation on my foot

But other than that great yeah I think that was a that was a really really hot day shouldn’t have happened yeah and with being a rear-wheel drive car all you want is a limited slip differential right it’s not all I want but yes it is nice to have yes exactly and you can

Even see the amount of Lockup in the gauge cluster which is pretty cool because I don’t recall anything other than GM’s showing that and the coolest part of the launch control menu is you can just leave an automatic or you can go to custom change your launch RPM and

Your slip Target which is exactly how much your wheels will slip and on top of that you’ve got line lock to do big fat nasty burnouts not that you need it but thanks GM for including this amazing feature other stuff we’ve got presets for the seats and these seats are very

Comfortable no massages don’t expect them but they are also very bolstered and you can even get those crazy like carbon fiber bucket ish ones which were also very comfortable AKG speakers which is great remember we got those Wireless AKG Cadillac headphones like years ago yes we got the first weight yeah mine

Broke mine broke too yeah AKG when you’re doing donuts and burnouts in the M3 it was confusing because of all like the launch controls and stuff it made you do right I had to force engage launch control and then force a burnout by turning right away you know what lets

You do dumb stuff this this so I got it into a big Smoky burnout first thing and I was like yes I like this car that’s literally what I did too I was like yes I also love this car man yeah that’s all it takes okay how

About the back seats do you fit in the back no but I also don’t care because I’m the driver yeah and I’ve been in the back so I’d be fine with that I don’t really have that many tall friends that I care too much about however I could

Definitely put a child seat back there and have my kid back there and he would have a great time would he or would it be but he likes that stuff my kid loves it okay and then trunk space is pretty good yeah oh and looks wise you don’t like the way

The the trunk lid is still like pretty big yeah the trunk lid just like overhangs a little bit too much but like whatever whatever because the front still looks really good and the side still looks really good and these wheels look so much better than the ones that

We had at the track which were the black ones I wish this wasn’t orange yeah I know I wish the Press car wasn’t the same color that I did before so if I Photoshop this that is why it’s yellow I’m so sorry you can get this in that

Same blue that we had the 5V Black Wing in too I can’t make the metallic look blue oh yes metallic has to go to metallic okay and the major change for 2023 model year there’s a black wing badge under the V badge you know I can never tell if like it’s a

Black Wing or not dude I can’t on the street there was one guy who was driving a black wing and I think I yelled I’m like is that a black wig and then you message me on Instagram later he’s like yo I’m a fan it’s a black wig so shout

Out that guy with the black Black Wing between a regular or ct4v and a v Black Wing unless you have the canards and all that stuff like I can’t tell the difference and you know what would really offset all this black hard Jam plastic a set of tux mat probably right

Yeah I think so go to the spray pipes to see what they have for your car so with the steering wheel we’ve got the Red Stitch up top which is always a good time when you see that it’s actually a stripe not a stitch stripe with stitches around it and then

If you look at the bottom the v logo it’s got a number on it Yuri what do you think that number is four six three five five I think is what that number is what does it mean probably something to do with the production numbers yes

Nailed it but it’s the actual VIN number it’s the last five digits from the bin number oh that’s cool if you decode it the four means that it’s a production Black Wing and then the six means it’s a six-speed manual and then this is number 355 of that

Configuration oh that’s really neat yeah more reasons to like this car yeah all right yo I don’t know what else there is the Taco visors three two one oh my goodness wow oh my goodness all right is that it I’m at a loss for words

I think it’s time we get to the price it starts at 67 498 Canadian and this one is seventy three thousand forty eight dollars you should buy it there’s nothing wrong with it I love it you should buy it two thumbs up recommendations from us Yuri would also

Do it too but he’s driving and uh yeah just buy this car just buy this car just buy this car this is one of the best cars we’ve driven like ever great job everybody yeah so Shadow Cadillac team can you guys just keep this car going

For like the next 15 years just pull a Nissan just keep it in production for like 15 20 years don’t change it don’t change it at all nothing don’t even upgrade the software don’t give me Android auto automotive like nothing nothing just this and just forever somehow maybe even lower the price every

Year instead of increasing but I know that’s not possible thanks for watching Everybody yeah