The Straight Pipes: BUY IT BEFORE ITS GONE! 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV Review

BUY IT BEFORE ITS GONE! 2023 Chevy Bolt EUV Review

Posted: 2023-04-19 11:56:00
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Chevrolet Bolt EUV Redline review by The Straight Pipes. The 23 Bolt EUV is putting down 200 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque from an electric motor and a 66 kw Battery. At $50,593 CAD, would you take it over the Hyundai IONIQ 5, 6, Kia Soul EV, MAZDA MX-30, BOLT EV, VW ID4?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Jacob we’re going for a drive 2023 Chevy bolt euv without launch control right boost I guess oh not good oh my God that was bad [Applause] And we’re just over a half battery horsepower and torque 200 horsepower 266 pound-feet of torque from one electric motor and a 65 kilowatt hour battery and what’s the max range 397 kilometers or 247 miles so what is the point of a bolt euv I know there’s a bolt EV they both

Got updated at the same time so this is like an SUV kind of okay so if I were to Hazard a guess as to why this exists it’s to bring in people who are tricked into thinking this is an SUV because spoiler alert it’s kind of really not

But it has some of the proportions of an SUV because it’s slightly larger on the exterior than a bolt my theory is that they can make more money if they have an SUV to sell they already had the boat which was doing well and this is like

The middle ground until the equinox and the uh Traverse EV or whatever it is comes out yeah but this is like barely bigger than the bolt it’s barely more expensive than the bolt and it gets slightly worse range okay how much bigger is it than a regular bolt EV uh I

Think it’s what like six inches longer in total length and then 0.2 inches wider 0.2 inches taller but it does give you three more inches of room in the back seat which is actually a big deal Jacob right now is sitting with my child seat behind him and you know how many

Complaints he’s given me about that zatto zero in the front but in the back it’s actually okay for knee room but Headroom I’m surprised that the extra scooping in the roof didn’t actually help me that much this is that point to you or whatever okay and then the trunk

I figured UV for a utility vehicle right yeah I feel like this is the exact same space as a regular Bolt from the videos I’ve seen from like looking at photos and comparisons uh I’m like this doesn’t seem that good I expect utility vehicle that I could put my stroller all the way

In on the ground I would expect that as well just like my Mazda CX-5 right yeah or most SUVs especially ones in this class had SUVs this is an Eevee a UV whatever so I did manage to fit my stroller in there after a little bit of frustration on Instagram like what is

This trash I realize the bottom floor could come off and then the stroller can sit up nicely okay so that is good all right it does have a ton of room kind of like a caravan style when you pull out that bottom floor stow and go ish and

That bottom floor is where you put your charging cable because the front is not a fronk it’s just engine I’m really sorry to interrupt you but this armrest is bothering the heck out of me from the passenger seat that is on my notes of stuff while driving this because I

Really wanted to drive this so I spent like a solid week driving it absolutely I can’t get comfortable I’m just gonna sit like this but the trunk room okay it’s it’s just enough like even when I went to the Garden Center I could barely fit like a row of of uh

They barely fit in there I was like damn like more would fit in an M2 trunk so what you’re saying is it’s not really a UV it’s just an EV it’s a trick yeah they’re tricking people and I think they’re doing a good job and we will tell you what the

Marketing says at the end of the video and then you get a little bit of different looks with this compared to the EV uh yes and this is also the red line package which you can’t get on the regular both EV yes it’s the upsells yeah it makes sense people want utility

Vehicles and they are offering a SUV like SUV like yeah yeah so can you tell me the differences in looks between a both EV and a bolt euv uh no I have to see them side by side yeah because like it’s hard to sell I I couldn’t even

Figure it out because half the time I see an euv I don’t know if it’s an EV or not yeah so if you look at the front if it wasn’t all blacked out we have a little black pattern on the side with the headlights that connects farther

Down on the Eevee where this doesn’t it’s more separated okay and then at the back it’s a little bit different too but it all looks very very similar except the badge that’s where I look for yeah yeah and then we’ve got the red line badge we’ve got the red lines on the

Wheels we got the red line on the mirror caps it looks so Budget on the mirror caps like I’m okay with the ones on the wheels because it’s actually painted on Yo and then shout out to our friend Alex Brown who got a red line Traverse and

Then we also hooked him up with a set of tux mat so take a look at that you can also get tux map for the both EV which would be great for driving this all winter straight pipes and then to interrupt the looks when you get

In you’d see your tux mat with that low entrance floor oh that is actually nice this would be probably great for older people as well yes I don’t know if the Eevee has it as low but it’s nice we should call older people distinguished people for Boomers yeah you’re allowed

To be called the Boo or whatever and then back the looks this one also has a huge moon roof which is the Sun and sound package for the EV that’s looks interior looks I mean exterior if you look from the top from a drone yeah whatever yeah yeah I honestly I think

This thing looks all right I have no real issue with what it looks like I think the wheels are just a little too small kind of look a little bit funny and the recommended Continental Tire would be the pure contact LS so it’s nice that these are blacked out because

When I went to the zoo where there was free flow charging oh it worked which it all well the one I first plugged into didn’t work but the rest did work and it was free and I was fully charged up by the time I left which you know isn’t

Sustainable like they should be charging money for the stuff even like rebates for EVS shouldn’t really exist since they’re in such high demand there was a white one or silver I can’t even remember these days parked next to this and it had like the same Wheels but

Light colors yeah I think that would kind of work better I think this looks better I mean it this looks better but to see the accents of the red line stuff I still like the looks of that old green one we did yeah yeah so cool that was

Just like Juiced up green uh like over the top smug like that South Park episode from like 19 years ago oh yeah and the uh the gv60 same color I think probably pretty similar yeah yeah so then you like the looks of this more than an ionic no absolutely not how

About more than a Kona EV Kia Soul EV Nero or uh mx-30 no no no and no but hang on there’s one that you forgot to mention which is also a competitor and I think this one thousand percent looks better than Volkswagen id4 uh yeah you’re right that is the worst car that

I’ve ever driven in history and I want to put that on a video right now one thing I hate about the looks of this is that the turn signal lights are at the very bottom not where like your tail lights are yeah that’s one of the things

I just hate in modern cars fair and I want you to talk about all the driving but first I want to talk about infotainment okay do you know how much I love infotainment dude I know you am I the only car reviewer who loves infotainments loves probably yeah

Because everyone talks about it yeah but no one really loves it I do like that this is massive okay we got a nice big screen we got a volume knob tuning knob home button when you’ve got your Apple carplay hooked up you can hold the home button it’ll toggle between those two

Screens Apple carplay was shown in the news right before April Fool’s Day that it is not going to be in future uh GM electric cars that they’re gonna have their own thing I asked GM in two separate emails and I was completely ghosted about the topic so I assume this

Is for Real it’s going forward and they’re just trying to avoid anyone having to talk about it title of the video rip Apple carplay no that’s that’s that’s not for this one no but yeah apparently we’re not gonna have apple carplay in future GM products so if you

Are looking for a vehicle that does have apple carplay go to and buy one of those Vehicles is my recommendation get your bolt today not the future Bowl yeah but if you would love Android auto you can give yourself one of these in the future and it’s wireless too which which is

Cool but I prefer plugged in and by the way it also has an app that I’m using that’s pretty sweet you can start the car turn off the car you can’t set the climate to preheat it which kind of sucks or you can but you can’t set what

The temperature you want yeah you can’t yeah I’m like so it’s like whatever the previous one was it’s a cold morning I want to heat it up but like no like whatever it was yeah exactly yeah but the app kind of sucks that it sends you notifications to update the terms of

Service almost every single day that I use it oh my God and you can’t actually read it yeah I’m just agreeing to something that there’s no possible way you can stick to sure yeah but it’s cool that there is an electric map mode where you can be very specific about what

Charger is where and from what brand so that is cool what about the 360 camera in this because we actually have one love it top trim kind of thing and it’s pretty good the only thing that I don’t like is that I can’t find a view to make

The rear camera like super wide angle because when I’m backing out of my driveway I’ve got like a hard fence there you put your hand on the wheel for me not available uh I want to be able to just see like both ways like I can in my

CX-5 where I could toggle between like that like focused view or like wider because you know little kids start running but it’s pretty sick that a car like this I mean it’s because I’m thinking of this as like a little compact car but it’s an SUV which at

This point kind of should have that stuff exactly it also has a camera reverse mirror whatever backup mirror so but I do love that there’s a 360 camera yeah and the last thing I want to talk about is the infotainment we have a little leaf mode here so that gets you

All your energy modes and stuff while you’re driving and it’s always down there at the bottom so that’s super nice to have we can see our impact which gives you scores and you know how much I love scores nothing’s better than the butterfly score and that Ford uh Focus

Yeah yeah uh first Focus EV that was that was the best but this is also good you get your history and it’s nice seeing that kind of stuff and your flow because this is only front-wheel drive yeah even though it’s uh UV yeah but it’s fairly clear the only thing that’s

Not clear in any gauge clusters that I could find is there’s no actual battery percentage there’s battery logos there’s plus minus there’s distances there’s no actual percentage only on the app make sure you subscribe so you can have the app subscription and check your percentage subscribe to the straight

Pipes subscribe so Jacob can drive now I’m going to launch this by pressing the biggest button in this vehicle the off button okay hold it all right okay it’s more give me sport mode oh yeah race Flags so we’re at just over half still [Applause]

Okay good speed but no yeah yeah it kind of did nothing there and that’s not torque storing too bad but I just find it hilarious that the largest button in this entire vehicle is the traction off button okay keep it off keep it off okay

We need to find out if when we crank the wheel in Florida it goes power wise it’s okay it doesn’t feel as slow as the Volkswagen id4 did even though it’s got very similar numbers but I guess this probably weighs a little bit less it’s

Nice it’s like what I expect out of like an Econo box it’s fine electric car even though it’s carnal luxury from a launch okay you need to hold that off again because this turned back on once you hit a certain speed so we’re at a stop here

Let’s see if we crank the wheel all the way if it can still do burnouts like the last one could traction fully off race flag on uh yeah very sketchy ones it bothers you down there is yeah there is something still flashing even though we were

Pulling it off because once you hit a certain speed it like enables so this is a less Freedom whatever I’m doing silly stuff well we have to test out like it’s fun okay so power wise once you’re actually driving let’s see we’re going speed limit here oh that’s totally fine that’s way better

Than from a launch it’s very good yeah those are good first thing that annoys me is my driving position I’m where I should be comfortable my knee is smashing into this corner it is the worst yeah I figured that would happen to you because it like barely touched

From like getting close from I need certain spots I’m like oh it’s so bad that I would never consider purchasing this vehicle ever in my life that’s how bad it is at six foot one and a half yeah terrible with longer legs than torso deal breaker and the next thing is

This center console from the driver’s position like the armrest is in the way yeah when I turn the wheel I like Clips someone told me a solution is this because they have a similar thing to this which is awesome in Europe try it try it try it I mean it’s it’s just not

A solution I know I don’t know I don’t know how they could fix it besides using a Volkswagen ratcheting thing but I’m sure there’s like patents on things probably okay so you mentioned a couple buttons that this infotainment has earlier uh I can’t see them from my

Driving position I have to go like this to see the volume the home button and the uh whatever Jack didn’t really see them once you know you know so like there’s weird annoyances with this car the car is generally pretty good like the actual steering and driving this car

Is totally fine the suspension that isn’t too bouncy like we found on a lot of other EVS or electric car it’s great exactly and it’s not too stiff it’s just like all right this is where it should be like this is car yeah how about cliche Corner because you know how much

Uh performance driving I did while I had this for a week zero I bet I don’t think I did Eddie I think I ran I did a red light and passed the guy took it on and on wrap and that’s it okay so we’re gonna go through the cliche bump and

That’s totally fine for an Eevee that that’s confident we’re sport mode traction off definitely body Roll But it okay under steer on throttle obviously and send it in and it’s not bad it’s actually not the worst is it fun no tires are screaming but it’s not that bad it’s

Okay yeah I wouldn’t do that definitely don’t go out of your way to visit cliche in this car but for daily driving totally fine actually better than some other EVS like the Volkswagen id4 okay for daily driving what I love the most about this is the way you’re driving the

Electric car the way you have regen the way you have one pedal driving so when you turn on the car your one pedal driving was off if I click this button below Drive let off oh yeah nice and if I turn that off the logo looks like a

Hole yeah yeah and when you let it off it still Regens a bit when you let off but if you’re driving and I put it in neutral then we’re stuck at one kilowatt which one which is awesome that it shows that specific number and not just like a

Percentage even though there is a gauge mode where you can get rid of that in just a percentage Yeah The Coast is nice uh I would have liked that incorporated into the paddle tell me about the paddle we have one and all that paddle really

Does is you can use it as a break like I don’t have to use my foot yeah and you come to like full stops so easily like I drove so many days in this car without using any brake pedal there complete stop but if you’re coasting in neutral

That paddle does not work anymore yeah nobody should be really putting the car into neutral Ward Drive you can so like if you want the Super Hyper mile you got to be using the neutral for coasting and stuff like you have probably if you know like this hill yeah yeah go in neutral

And then you’re not using it because what’s the point of regening if you need the speed to go back up right let’s see how far up we can get with pure coasting this is a full full test of EV I think well actually this is going to be pretty

Good not gonna lie and if you had in drive without even off you wouldn’t have made it up the top of this hill dude we could probably go all the way to cliche without doing anything just coasting that’s what I’m saying sometimes if you want to be that guy

No no just leave me in neutral this is actually pretty interesting it’s fun and how much do you like the gauge cluster it shows everything so clear I love how you have your Max and Min too that is cool because then you know what your impacts are and how your driving is

Although I just would have liked percentage somewhere there but I guess they just chose not to confuse you with an extra meter but uh the actual gauge is good and by the way I am still coasting through all this in neutral yeah I’m just picking up speed going

Downhill do you think we’re gonna make it up this hill Yuri I don’t think so not a chance I’m trying I’m trying to like yeah yeah take that turn to safely as we could yeah okay but like no one behind me full safety nah we’re not gonna make it okay

We can still talk while you do this how about these climate control buttons pretty nice eh uh yeah just trying to check my mirrors here I put in Drive okay yeah we didn’t make it um so see our impacts okay anyways we got hard buttons for everything climate yeah

Which is nice like totally good except everything is gloss black which totally sucks like literally everything they’re trying to make this luxurious that’s why it’s got the what’s more luxurious than spider webbing and cracks and and dust on everything you eat whatever man we’ve got heated seats ventilated seats heated

Steering wheel which is awesome yeah all that stuff is great and then the next thing that’s great that you can only get on the euv is super Cruise it works well when it works but in the city of Toronto it doesn’t work on the 427 it doesn’t

Work on a lot of the 401 in a lot of different directions and doesn’t work on some parts of the QEW some parts of the gardener if you’re using it to go to rush hour traffic in the city it’s not going to be your savior you should get a

BMW instead with their cruise control yeah or a Hyundai or something like that yeah BMW has the hands off watching your eyes under 50 and that’ll work on like where this won’t a lot of the time but we’ve driven uh super crews in many other cars we actually like to take it

On road trips because it’s it’s so good for interstate interstate yes it’s that and that’s what it’s meant for yeah but in city like okay 427 there’s no construction there right now it hasn’t been since yeah and it’s still isn’t mapped yeah there are a couple other cool things behind your steering wheel

You’ve got the volume and tuning knob controls yeah yeah just like a lot of other cool cars yeah yeah we do not have presets on the on the door which sucks yeah and then we have a blacked out Chevy logo yeah yeah do you like that you do you mind that

Your lumbar is only forward and back uh it’s not the worst yes it’s pretty all right you’ve spent all the time in this so I haven’t actually tested it but it’s a little high I would have liked it to be a little bit lower and with the

Sunroof we get a better sound system it’s pretty okay with the sunroof it’s the sound and Sun oh that’s a package wow okay interesting okay cup holders they were great no issues so that’s a pass yes and wow look at this cheap material around them though bro this is

Still a Chevrolet this might as well be a nice this is still a Chevrolet at the end of the day okay three two one full pass you know who else drives a Chevrolet me Corvette Z06 that’s why you got your Monte Carlo shirt that’s right Shadow Dave I’m waiting for you to get

Down Dave sorry I got I got distracted by everything in front of me do it for Dave do it for Dale Dave’s my bad rip respect sorry about that okay I think that’s pretty much everything about this I love this car I think it’s great you

Kind of don’t like it and your knee doesn’t fit yeah I actually hate it because of that and there’s actually way better competitors priced very similarly to this oh again one competitor one feature that I like more that this doesn’t have I like that Volvo C30 that

When you get in you don’t need to throw on the car you can just put it in drive and stuff oh yeah this still has like a regular power button yeah and I think the the I’ve also an ID had that too that’s something I like but I understand

Why it’s not in here okay so we should get to the price first I think we need to check what the marketing is and see if we nailed the point of this non-suvs read it to me the new bolt euv is the best of the bolt EV packaged in an

Suv-like vehicle with more technology and features giving customers more choices and reasons to switch to Electric this is an opportunity for Chevy to capitalize on the success we’ve built with the volt EV and bring in new customers to the Chevy family does this really have more technology and capabilities than the

Like it is SUV like it’s not SUV SUV like wow like I I as much as this is kind of and they’re building on the bolt Name by having it wow marketing they kind of we what we guess was the point they hit it so hard yeah we were pretty

Close but yeah they they got that marketing to bring in new customers who want an SUV that’s electric with more Tech boom let’s get to the price this one is 50 000 593. yeah it’s a lot but this is like top top trim yes it is and

Competitors to this would be like the Hyundai ioniq 5 which I would take that over this the Kona EV again same thing the Volkswagen 94 everybody already knows the answer to that I would take this mustang Machi I would obviously take that over this but that’s a little

Bit pricier especially in the higher Trend and this might be easier to get right that’s one of the questions you might saddle for this or go for this and after the recalls I even plugged this well what recall I plugged this into my house to charge within six feet of my

House unattended overnight and I was not worried that it would catch on fire the recalls affect but I guess it’s the same powertrain yeah it affected everything up to 2022 from 2017. okay so there was a fire safety yeah yeah like I think 15 caught fire in people’s houses all right

Well we’re not on fire no they recalled everything and like they’re back on sale okay so overall I really like this SUV EV love the way it drives and I’d love to hear from you guys what would you take this over would you take this over the regular EV was it good marketing

What are your thoughts on this let me know because I’m curious to Vera to give you all my thoughts I’ll see you guys with the next video I think I got it right okay right enough I think this just both EVS should no longer exist oh Ah foreign