The Straight Pipes: BUDGET GT3 TOURING? 2023 Porsche 911 Carrera T Review

Posted: 2023-06-13 11:59:49
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Porsche 911 T review by The Straight Pipes. The Porsche 911 Carrera T is putting down 379 horsepower and 331 lb-ft of torque from a 3L twin turbo flat 6 cylinder. At $145,470 CAD, would you take it over the Porsche 911 S, Porsche 911 GTS, Porsche 911 GT3, Porsche 911 GT3 Touring?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

[Applause] Foreign [Applause] 2023 Porsche 911 Carrera T manual transmission no official launch control all right okay this thing still rips so hard horsepower and torque 379 horsepower 331 pound-feet of torque from a 3 liter twin turbo flat six cylinder and this is the T so it has a lot of lightweightness and

You can really hear that when you’re accelerating It’s nice no pumped in audio just normal car this is like as old school normal portions you can get yeah so it has like less sound deadening and stuff so Yuri let me hear that less sound deadening It really comes through yeah like it looks like we’re missing parts of like inside of our wheel arches and stuff where you normally have like carpeting or something like that but it’s like body color yellow so this is our second career tea the first one we drove was

Like five years ago in yellow what has changed what does this have what is Carrera tea compared to the other 992s of this gen shout out license plate for having the word 992 on it many questions in there let me break that down as simple as possible we have all of the

Similar things that we had on the previous 991 generation so we have lightweight glass we have less sound deadening we’ve got the gray accents we don’t have door pulls ironically which is not as lightweight anymore I guess but it’s about a hundred pounds heavier than the last 911t but in this

Generation it’s a hundred pounds less than the base 911 and then this one we have a mechanical differential from the higher model and then we also have the advanced Porsche control management system and then we also have the passum Adaptive suspension and then we also have optional rear wheel steering as

Well okay we also have optional rear seats that were thrown back in for a zero dollar option because standard this comes with no rear seats and standard it comes with a manual you can also get it in pdk for zero dollars but this is the only time that you can actually pair the

Base engine to a manual transmission and then this has the optional sport seats you can also get the carbon buckets or you can get a seat below there with cloth inserts I like that this has Lumbar and the seat presets because that mccanty that we drove didn’t have C

Presets yeah this is like a really nice Middle Ground the whole car has been optioned really well yeah would you go with a rear seat delete like I wouldn’t uh probably not yeah like yeah I mean like people probably unbolt it right yeah and then this is racing yellow

Which is different than uh I think it was called speed the yellow on the Macan so this is like a free option not thirteen thousand dollars yeah I don’t know if I would notice that like the difference in the pin unless I was just trying to flex on people it’s just the

Portion of people that would know I guess unless you’re at a portion meet up then you could probably see like standard standard standard twenty thousand dollar no problem thirteen Thousand Years sorry I don’t know where you’re getting this 20 out of oh it’s because you said 20 of the cost of the

Mccon tea was okay so now we’ve got a new Carrera tea badge slash sticker on the side do you like it do you like the font the difference of it it’s all right it just looks like a standard Porsche thing to me for me I really like the way

The graphics change for every cool model like remember that old GT3 that had like the weird checker flag yeah that was sick and then like this I think works really well for the 992 generation compared to like the last career T which was just the letters at the bottom and

Those same gray accents that we had on the macconti as well yeah we got it on the mirrors and then we’ve got gray wheels do you like the wheels there are right like there’s there’s nothing wrong with any of this yeah still smaller in the front bigger in the back we have the

Same Brakes in the front and the back and what would be the Continental recommended tire for a 911 T the extreme contact sport O2 do you mind that the brakes are the same size I just I noticed it because there’s so much something in the wheels like I feel like

The rotor should be a little bit bigger in the front and I just mean that aesthetically visually not actually performance wise yeah so we still have a wing that comes up and down you can control it through your infotainment which is cool below the wing we’ve got our exhaustives we should probably

Listen to from the outside and since it’s the T you’ve got the sport exhaust in black as standard yeah and we’ve got the active exhaust so we can quiet it down and stuff or whatever and it sounds like a 911. it doesn’t have uh backfires in sport mode like the

Last Square team remember it was like sport motor have backfire Sport Plus wooden then it also had weird stuff tied to where you could do your blipping your auto rev match yes so this one is like really well done through the infotainment because it’s the new 992 Generation all right now through cliche

Corner with the rear wheel steering PSM sport that’s the way to drive this 11. this great use your words Yuri is the Deering too long I mean it’s a little bit long but it’s also like I don’t know it’s not that fast of a car it’s not naturally aspirated so like I don’t mind it as much I think yeah like I would

Like a slower 911 like it feels more miata-ish but I understand that that is not a realistic thing they can sell no God no but like Jacob always says it’s still uh insert the car we’re driving here I mean it is this is definitely still a Macan

But still Macan still rips but I mean it still handles like a Porsche and Jacob’s turn to drive right on right on here he copies me with the weird voice so I’ve jammed my knee on that key twice oh the key like the little key turning thing

Yeah really trying to get out like if I get out while the car is running because then the seat doesn’t move back that’s one thing I do not like about the seating position I’ve almost hit it on the actual steering column adjust and launch control-ish All right such a good car to drive this transmission it’s amazing like seven speed yes there’s an extra ratio there for the seventh speed but it’s like they could have tightened it up a little bit more with first second third but man does this thing ever still ripped the

Engine does not feel like it’s a base engine We have nine more horsepower than we had in the previous 911t but also 100 extra pounds so it’s like kind of whatever like with other cars we compare the transmission good bad M2 Supra the Z but Porsche is always good Transmissions yeah this is incredible and through here

It just feels so flat like the suspension is set up so well and it’s just it’s so neutral like yes it’s a rear engine car but it doesn’t feel like you’re like swinging the back end around unless you like really try and really want to it’s so planted and like you

Feel the Porsche build quality and I say that every time in a Porsche but it just feels so solid there’s no weird rattles there’s like there’s nothing weird about you go through corners you don’t like hear anything other than what they want you to hear which is all the extra

Little Pebbles and stuff from the lack of sound deadening I haven’t stoked on the lack of sound editing it’s cool and then because this is a t we get the GT steering wheel so we have our drive mode indicator on the steering wheel so we have a wet normal Sports Sport Plus an

Individual but we don’t have the Boost button in the middle I guess because it’s the base engine the Boost button is my foot and the shifter yeah but I guess maybe you’d get it on the pdk probably like I feel like manuals don’t have that yeah I guess you’re right yeah I didn’t

Think about that so how did you feel about the rear wheel steering through cliche corner do you like having that extra option or not I mean I honestly didn’t really notice it through cliche but I noticed it in like parking lots and stuff I I noticed that like right

Away I took a quick trip turn Wells are just driving around I’m like oh rear wheel steering and I’m like I don’t know if I want that and it’s like yeah it’s just nice to have I did a couple of u-turns where it said no left turn so I

Went 50 feet ahead and did a u-turn because there’s no no u-turn sign and it came in handy actually making that twice so if you’re dailying this it is convenient and in terms of daily in this we also have optional nose lift which also makes sense if you’re gonna option

Those two things for like a daily it makes perfect sense yeah I feel like this car’s not like that low to need it but it’s like yeah whatever and it’s all hard buttons here for this stuff which is great and then to control like your auto blip you just click the little car

And boom all your stuff is right there no blind spot monitoring which was like I’m not used to that I like having that little beep in a new car yeah in my head I’m like it’ll tell me I don’t even pay attention to any of that stuff ever oh

And because this is also optioned so well we do have a little bit of yellow Accent on our attack yeah that’s like that’s very clutch with the yellow seat belts as well and and I just it’s so easy to drive 911s and it almost to me makes them like a little bit too

Clinical but at the same time if you’ve tried the other stuff and you’re like wow this is a little bit sketchy wow this is a little bit weird I don’t like this about that you can just hop into a 911 and everything just makes sense when

You give up on trying to get a z or an M2 with a markup or I mean those are like way too cheap compared to 911 like well an M2 with a markup would probably be equivalent to this with minimal options uh I’m talking like an M4 competition or something like that yeah

You get to order M4 non-competition with the manual if you’re sick of that stuff it’s like yeah 911 will be good it’s the easy way out after you’ve tried doing it the hard way yeah like you should maybe be able to get an allocation for one of these Maybe

I have no idea but this is like the slowest manual transmission so hopefully yeah Porsche let’s let’s allow people into the brand with such a great car maybe they do yeah and then the seating position is also so great 911’s all the time like you just feel like you’re so

Low but there’s still great visibility so nice that there’s like no need for a head-up display in this yes and I still love the digital speed below the analog Tack and the gear shift very clear thing and then we also have gear shift assist on the pod on the right yeah which is

Nice but like every other Porsche of this generation it’s hard to see those two pods on the right which is why I didn’t realize I was short on gas for a while yes yes and if you want a Porsche of this generation or the previous generation go to yes

People have bought Porsche 911 through that link I prefer the gauge cluster and everything from the last generic 99 1.2 so do I I kind of prefer a lot from that gen like yeah well speaking of generations the 992.2 is probably going to come because the last time we drove

The 911t the new generation was like right around the corner so the rumor is that 2024 or maybe even 2025 is a 992.2 yeah whatever yeah but like there’s also rumors of how they’re gonna end this generation with like a GT2 RS or maybe a

GT2 or like a St or something like that and by the time this video is out maybe one of those is already announced no I bet you the rich people are stoked for that oh yeah and all the not rich people you can live through US yeah anyone on Spike’s car

Radio yeah if you’re a guest on Spike’s car radio you will love the new Porsches that are coming out yes and then with the gauge cluster you can also click reduced so you don’t have to see all the pods yeah which is great sometimes I don’t know I just like the gear shift

Assist it’s really nice and then I just thought of something if you don’t delete the rear seats or if you do delete the rear seats and you don’t have yellow seat belts in the back you just paid extra for yellow seat belts yo you got free seat belts yeah how are you gonna

Turn that down I was thinking of putting my child seat back there but it’s still rear-facing so I’m like no way yeah you probably don’t want to do that and since this is a 911 yes the engine is in the back but we do have front storage space

In the front yes box test Um what’s going on this does not have a like tap sensor to open it ah in the front which I loved in the previous gen I forget which car we drove but it was the best but this does have like tap to open and stuff on these doors here but

Unlike a GT car we have a real Porsche badge not a sticker for not extra lightweightness yeah so cup holder fits a small cup just fine and I’ve got the other one for like coins up in the front we’ve got a second cup holder here on

The right which is pretty cool this kind of gets in the way of the shift or something it does if you have a drink there compared to the old one two that had it here except it would always fall out of the 991.2 and spill on your stuff

Where this doesn’t if you had like a like an ice drink that’s melting onto stuff but that was better for walkie-talkies yeah driving experiences where this would be a worse spot for it exactly and visors leather revising never three two What fail come on Porsche make these pass one

Day 992.2 and then I wonder if you’re gonna get a set of tux math for this would they have to have a separate one for a rear seat delete and a separate one for with the rear seat included with the rear seat delete one cover the storage cover the entire area well they

Don’t have that yet but they do have mats for the 911 so go to the straight pipes to get a set of those and then lastly my favorite part it’s got a 360 camera yes it actually does as an option which is really nice to have in a

Car that you’re gonna daily probably I don’t know how to get into it with a button I couldn’t find one anywhere but slow down put it into reverse and then it kicks in and then you can put it back into first and it still shows up yeah

And lastly heated seats cooled seats the cooled seats are great with all that out of the way let’s get to the price this starts at 132 000. Canadian and this one is fairly lightly optioned at 145 470 dollars but I gotta say kind of reasonable price I guess these days but

If I could afford this and I could find a 991.2 Carrera t on in yellow for a better price I would be happy with that one too yeah I definitely would too oh and the suspension on this is also really well sorted you can have it in sport mode you

Can have a normal mode it is adaptive and there is a difference between them but you could daily this in sport mode and not really have any issues at all so do you like the looks of this more than the previous 991.2 Carrera key I don’t

But I also don’t not like it either I like the last gen looks more I think I think I think I’m not as into this one even though it does look cool and every new car is broken and I’m trying to drive this thing like let’s just not talk in the video right

Now see you guys next video Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha foreign