The Straight Pipes: BUDGET BMW? 2024 Mazda CX-90 is a Luxury SUV

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-01-31 16:00:35
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Mazda CX-90 review by The Straight Pipes. The CX-90 PHEV is putting down 369 horsepower and 323 lb-ft of torque from a 2.5L 4 cyl plug in hybrid or 340 horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque from 3.3L inline 6 with a mild Hybrid. At $PRICE CAD, would you take it over the Acura MDX, Honda Pilot or Toyota Highlander?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign I’m Jacob and this is the 2024 Mazda cx-90 so we’re here in Malibu with the cx90 which is the new three row from Mazda that’s going to replace the CX-9 Yuri horsepower jerk 340 horsepower 369 pound-feet of torque from a 3.3 liter inline six-cylinder Turbo with a 48 volt

Mild hybrid and what about the plug-in 323 horsepower 369 pound-feet of torque from a 2.5 liter four-cylinder plug-in hybrid so those are two brand new Mazda engines Mazda because we’re in the states with the Mazda CX-9 Mazda cx-50 mastered Mazda masted Mazda that are going to be applied probably to some

Different vehicles and this is their first pH EV so it’s a plug-in hybrid but this current one in front of us is an inline six cylinder which we’re pretty excited to drive eventually we can’t drive anything in this video yeah this is a rear-wheel drive biased all-wheel

Drive architecture yeah it’s a whole new platform and I think it’s going to be used for the CX 6070 and 80. yes spoiler alert there are more models coming we don’t know if there’s CX 100 and North America will likely get the CX 70 and

The 90 and then Europe and the rest of the world will probably get the cx60 and the 80 which I think already exist in parts of Europe okay do you like the looks of this do you like the color this is Artisan red and it’s pretty much a burgundy version of

Crystal soul Red Metallic so right now in this uh dimming sunlight it actually kind of looks black or like a black cherry I kind of do like it but I still think I prefer crystal soul Red Metallic however I understand why they didn’t go with that with such a big vehicle this

Looks more luxurious and it kind of like looks more like a Lincoln now it kind of reminds me of an aviator in a good way because we think The Aviator actually looks really good especially in this little detail right here which I’m not really sure if I’m the biggest fan of

Because it’s a fake Grill but I do like the inline six badge which you also get a phev badge on the plug-in hybrid and then on this one we’ve got color match cladding and we’ve got Chrome along the bottom cool Chrome says Mazda and at the

Front where the P Hab that we have here does not have color match cladding and we’re not sure if you can get color match cladding on the P halves but I do really like that little Mazda detail in the corner there okay 21 inch diamond

Cut Wheels do you like them I do like them they are pretty pretty massive and they fit the proportions of the vehicle but they’re not like the most amazing no they’re like they’re okay but they fit the car and what would be the Continental recommended tire for a Mazda

Cx-90 the cross contact LX Sport and from this kind of angle towards where Yuri is at the back it kind of looks Mazda 3-ish because of that extra kind of proportion back there for like where the hatch would be on a Mazda 3. and I filmed an earlier shot of the sunlight

Reflecting perfectly off this back corner and like when the sun reflects perfectly it’s such nice paint yeah and again with that I kind of understand why they had to add this front badge because they had to kind of break up the lines here because there’s there’s a lot of

Body here and they wanted that they wanted to look just to look big and imposing and you get that cool body swirl sometimes from the rear three-quarter but not as much as the Mazda 3S yes okay before we keep going with the headlights tail lights all the

Cool stuff I want to see if Jacob can fit in the middle row the background also in the front seat because there should be more knee room where do you want to start front so we need to make sure Jacob’s knee doesn’t hit this because my knee

Always hits in every Mazda vehicle and look at that they actually made it kind of like a 90 degree scoop and this is also padded finally Mazda has thought of me at six foot one and a half thank you by the way this interior looks wild let’s move to

The middle row Jacob moved to where you’re as comfortable but as close as you can uh right there right at the end of the seat okay we got peasant blockers baby Shades and now let’s check the back row see if you fit behind yourself okay oh sitting behind myself not much leg

Room there’s actually a weird scoop down here oh that’s a thumbs down for me for rear seat room for six foot one and a half all right let’s test With Yuri sitting here uh better but there’s still this weird kind of part that really juts out hey

I fit just fine what about your leg it’s fine look at your left foot that doesn’t look comfortable I got my legs together I said it’s fine I didn’t say it’s comfortable this isn’t an Escalade this is a cx-90 and we’ve got USBC back here which is pretty cool let’s check

Out the trunk space enough room back here for two carry-ons no problem pretty decent and then pull these straps this is uh bigger than a CX-9 and if you look up at the top we have a button to close the trunk and to close and lock

The trunk oh a feature that I don’t have in my personal Mazda CX-5 which I really look forward to in this and how much can this tow Jacob 5 000 pounds for the inline six cylinder we don’t have the numbers for the 2.5 liter yet but we got some footage of it Towing

Some big trailer so that’s cool yeah it is cool and if you’re looking to get your own Mazda cx-90 this spring when they go on sale hit up discounted price offers they have a lot of different Mazdas in stock right now a lot of you like going to

For the CX-5 a lot a lot and some more front-end stuff I want to talk about we’ve got a cool new shape Grill it’s kind of like Maserati is where it goes down and out a little bit I kind of see buickness to it not in a bad way though

Drls we’ve got this line that goes here into the grill a bit and then this lights up and it looks like from the footage it can drive with the daytime running lights on and not have full headlights on unconfirmed yet but it does look like that but the drls do look

Cool and this is a completely new design trim then tail lights I like them they’re pretty damn good looking they kind of remind me of BMWs a little bit yeah a little looks like next seven eight do we have exhaust tips uh no we don’t oh hidden six cylinder and by the

Way this is a free production model we did take a shot of what it sounds like from the outside and it doesn’t sound like much definitely pre-production but we also don’t really expect it to sound like much because they want this to be quiet and it’s also very fuel efficient more

Fuel efficient than the outgoing CX-9 okay do we have mileage ratings for the P have we don’t actually no no official ones yet however We snuck a peek at the gauge cluster in the p-hev and it showed 70 miles on a full charge this is not confirmed but that’s currently what it’s

Showing in pre-production form and check out these materials on the inside this new Dash material which is also on the doors is super luxurious looking I don’t know if I’m the biggest fan of this wood it kind of looks fake it’s not the most premium looking to me and this part is

Cool and the stitching like I really like that and in the cx50 we had a little bit of issue with this uh trim piece let’s see if there’s an issue in the cx-90 no it’s actually comfortable the middle Stitch does not feel like you’re wearing

A thong I fully approve so they did fix that and my shoes are stepping on these cx-90 mats but you should get yourself a set of tux mat for your Mazda go to spray pipes to see what they have available for your vehicle and inside we’ve got a nice big Mazda

Infotainment that you’re used to that’s controlled with a rotary wheel with great shortcut buttons that could pretty much get to anything with one click I absolutely love it and I believe this is their biggest infotainment yeah yeah it actually looks huge it’s got Apple carplay Android auto we can’t show you

Anything else because currently it doesn’t work because this is a pre-prod but if I click the 360 camera button ooh high-res yeah it looks really nice and then look up here just a normal Mirch oh we got a camera and we’ve got this different looking shifter let’s put

Into no we’re locked out okay we do have an all new eight-speed transmission which is going to be applied to both the P have the 2.5 liter four-cylinder and the inline six cylinder we also have a new gauge cluster that is all digital and I think looks really cool and you’ve

Got your Speedo here showing while you’re driving which is nice and you’ve got a nice even bigger Head Up Display and then what about the steering wheel all new look at this I love the stitching and this little Accent on the bottom looks great what does the horn sound like

World’s first oh world’s first visor test three two one oh is that a first for me that’s the Mazda pre-production what all right let’s check the cup holders well you know that might kind of get in the way who knows we’ll have to wait for the first drive impression but at least

It’s not behind the shifter true and this this console is pretty large too yes it looks man look how much new room I have oh look at this luxury okay we have heated and ventilated up here heated steering wheel no massage yet this is probably also a full top trim

Signature edition so we’ve got a Bose sound system which is probably gonna sound pretty decent oh and by the way sorry that we couldn’t actually show you any of the engines in this video because they are not allowing us to pop the hoods on any of these cars because

They’re all pre-production vehicles and this still does have all the good safety features like Lane departure assist radar cruise control but I believe it does not have Lane centering yet Mazdas don’t do that yet and as for Drive modes it looks like we currently have normal Sport and towing as well as off-road

With some pretty cool animations so I think that’s everything with the new Mazda cx-90 Yuri time to get to the price we don’t actually have the price yet and we probably won’t by the time this video is out so stay tuned but we’re kind of guessing it’ll be a little

Bit more than a CX-9 yes it’ll start more than a CX-9 does but the highest price will probably be a bunch higher than the highest CX-9 right now because they’re going for the luxury premium top market with the top trim signature edition yeah so like the lowest trim

Will compete with the pilot but the highest trim will compete with an MDX exactly so let us know what you guys think of this new vehicle and we’re gonna have a lot more videos from our California trip are you going with the six cylinder or the four-cylinder hybrid

We’re gonna have to drive them in a month or two and find out ourselves I gotta guess six I’m excited just to find out because if you have it’s cool they haven’t done that and theoretical 70 miles that’s a lot don’t forget to subscribe hit the notification Bell if you still do that

Kind of thing yeah