The Straight Pipes: BMW XM LOL? 2023 Audi RSQ8 Review

Posted: 2023-05-24 12:07:40
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Audi RSQ8 review by The Straight Pipes. The Audi RSQ8 is putting down 591 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque from a 4L Twin Turbo V8. At $177,150 CAD, would you take it over the BMW XM, Lamborghini Urus, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Maserati Levante Trofeo, Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

[Applause] foreign we’re going for a drive [Applause] 2023 Audi rsq8 with launch control oh God Jesus that lifted the front I swear horsepower and dork 591 horsepower 590 pound-feet of torque from a 4-liter twin turbo V8 with a 48 volt mild hybrid system God damn that’s torquey that is so fast that’s holy crap this is are you an RS

Motor yeah it’s an rs2 rs2 is my preferred mode which I saved all my presets to because yes we have an RS button on the steering wheel and then you can set it like BMW has with the red M1 and M2 buttons so we reviewed this a

Couple years ago has much changed uh no actually I don’t think anything’s really changed uh the only thing that I’ve noticed that I don’t seem to recall from the previous one is that we have automatic peasant blockers in the back on this one and we are sick and we have

Driven a bunch of other cars since then like maybe some like super fast SUVs that are electric or some super fast ones by BMW has your opinion of this changed after driving some of the weird other cars out there uh I think my opinion has changed because I’ve gotten slightly older and I

Already really like this but I think I love it now because this does the Jekyll and Hyde the two different car things so well if you leave this in like automatic mode which is the drive mode it’ll just be super chill right now we’re just cruising this thing’s dead quiet in here

Nice and comfortable and I just floor it and it just wakes right up and it’s it’s so fast very fast uh the downshifts are obviously a little bit slow here and there it’s still an eight-speed Auto but it’s you know it’s not a dual clutch or anything like that but it’s just nice

And smooth and if you just have it in you know RS mode then it’s kind of just ready all the time if you’re in the right gear so this this is like perfect Geez all around her exactly like perfect perfect all around her like we drove the Lamborghini ursus on the leg like we drove the performante there like I feel like those were a little too much for a lot of normal people who just like want to have a big fast SUV yeah the Urus

Performante was pretty mental uh that was very stiff we also drove the auris S which was I think a much more compliant ride and then there’s like the XM that we drove which was so stiff like in the softest mode you could not get it soft enough where this is just like all

Around her yeah so we had recently driven the BMW XM and this would be a very good comparable product because it’s you know BMW Audi you’re not going all the way up to Lamborghini this price wise destroys the XM and let’s see how it handles through cliche Corner going

This way downshift with these paddles and the turn-in is amazing like it just it feels like it loads up in the corners we do have air suspension that is RS tuned we also have all-wheel steering and this yeah it doesn’t feel like an SUV it feels like it launches you out

And uses like side momentum yeah it’s it handles so well and in comparison to that BMW XM this just has so much more value for dollar like I literally don’t know where that extra hundred thousand dollars is in the XM like the materials on the inside are kind of more a little

Bit impressive on the XM the exterior is hideous but obviously that’s not that’s part of like where it is it’s like the light up Grill and like the the weirdness of it is where I think the money goes and this is just like a stealth Lambo especially in like black

We should probably talk about the looks a little bit this has the carbon Optics package which looks amazing I think the price that they’re charging for the carbon Optics versus how much exterior carbon you get is a steel yeah and it’s like very subtle against the black like

I was like oh I didn’t realize that was carbon I didn’t realize that was carbon yeah and there’s so much of it it’s on the mirrors it’s everywhere I still think like the uh cool like lizard green ones are like the coolest looking ones but I mean this is

A stealth Lambo it’s perfect like I would be very happy to get this for my wife and nobody would know what she’s driving especially if you get into black and it’s just dirty all the time it’s perfect yeah white or that in a cool like burnt orange yeah that’s it’s a

Little too fast a little bit burnt and then the wheels are also a really nice like there’s nothing to complain about yo these wheels are gigantic and it handles really well thanks to these Continental sport contact Six Tires as well which it comes with from the factory you know that’s my very favorite

Tire of all time I do know that like it is yeah yeah I know I love it these are great tires and they’re huge yes and what does it sound like from the outside foreign yeah it’s it’s still pretty quiet in here even in RS mode but you do get

Crackles and Pops here and there especially if you’re going a little bit slower I’m just going to downshift there that’s part of the subtleness of this car exactly but yeah it sounds all right from the outside you can’t get it to rev out past 4000 and it doesn’t really

Crack on pop but whatever and then this also kind of competes with like the Range Rover Sport I guess too right with the BMW motor uh yeah or also kind of the full-size one like it’s kind of sportiness like this feels more sporty oh 100 but I mean that’s got that like

Very familiar BMW but I think this is better than those yeah those might look flashier and this has that four liter uh twin turbo V8 from the Audi group that’s shared among many other cars that we’ve driven like the uh Porsche Cayenne GT so it gets like a crazier version of that

How do you feel about this compared to the Cayenne GT this is a better daily it’s just a softer ride it’s again more stealthy it won’t handle as well but you give up that kind of stuff to get the ride comfort and if you were in this and

You’re a better driver than the Cayenne GT guy and you guys got yourself into a cliche Corner race battle you could probably win in this I mean you’d be pretty close in my hypothetical Tokyo Mountain drifting with SUV battle sure yeah but no this thing like handles really

Well for its size and I mean not even for a size it just handles really well like this will destroy most cars and this one is optioned out basically fully loaded we’ve got all the Creature Comforts that you want we’ve got massage seats which are very good got this

Lovely uh what is it cognac interior or something like that it is this is a very good mix with this tan against carbon fiber against gloss black and then on the exterior there’s carbon Ceramics which is a little excessive don’t really know if you need them but they do work

Well if you do end up buying them for ten thousand dollars or whatever if you’re like ultimate subtle flexing yeah and then this also even has like night vision camera which is pretty wild yeah but you get that stuff on a Cayenne as well which again makes sense because

Volkswagen Audi okay say there was a black Escalade V compared to this what do you like more because that power train was pretty cool but that was very that was a lot less subtle to the ears but maybe as subtle in person Escalade V just because it’s so obnoxious so ridiculous

Yeah that’s that’s my answer but let’s do it better daily but let’s get you into the driver’s seat so Jacob seemed to promise me that this thing was going to lift feels like it wow oh god oh man like you don’t even need the Urus

No after doing this no no it’s a Urus Urus yeah uh this will do zero to 100 under four seconds the size of this thing is so impressive so it is all-wheel drive Quattro all-wheel drive oh it’s all-wheel drive yeah yeah that’s why I can send uh I think up to 80 of

The power to the rear I believe yo I don’t know what I hate about this car what this cup holder give me my tip where’s my timmies you are right too tight for a cup of coffee yeah the grips are too tight and then the one in the back in the middle

Is even tighter so I’ll give that a hard fail right there you are right deal breaker I don’t know the real deal breakers probably I don’t have enough money let’s be serious that’s the one yes uh what about the visors uh three two one three two one yes

Gentle they didn’t fly off we also have the optional black Alcantara headliner which I mean looks great I wonder if it would look like tan probably bad yeah I don’t think you can get that yo there’s a ton of trunk room in this too yeah like this is still a very practical SUV

For being kind of coopy still very practical tons of room in the back seats as well and these seats are very well bolstered up front I’m enjoying my massage right let’s go a little cliche Corner set don’t do a little one do it do a big one dude

Dude oh man that’s more differential there’s like absolutely like no understeer it’s just grip and go that’s because Continental tires and we have the Dynamics package which gives you like the electro mechanical uh sway bar stuff you get like the sport differential which you can customize like it just handles really well would

You take this over an e63s wagon to live with no no but but if you say you needed a little bit more height or something well if I needed it then I wouldn’t have a choice but now would I Yuri yeah that’s not you’re not giving them would

You would you be asking I think I feel like I’d be like almost as happy with this as well I would be very happy with this I just like wagon yeah that’s actually pretty nice like an RS6 I would take over this still yeah I guess you’re right come on

But if if wagons didn’t yeah this is just SUVs are fat wagons that’s all they are so we got Apple carplay Android auto Can Go Wireless yep works very well rewinding sat radio shout out sat radio shout out to your sexm for bringing us the Blink-182 let’s show a picture of

That again okay gauge cluster’s cool we got the cool engagement I don’t know they’re just like everything’s good about this there’s literally nothing bad about this car except the cup holders yes they’re awful that’s it oh and the amount of gloss black if I did good

That’s good no it’s not for me if I did have to own this car have to own this car just the it’s already Dusty I am a rich person and I’ll have it cleaned every day of the week yeah I remind Yuri five seconds ago saying that he has no

Money and that’s why I can’t buy this I’m saying the pretend if I if I did own this this is Matt carbon I know how much you love Matt carbon I like matte carbon but what I really like is like uh textured matte carbon so this is like oh

Okay okay because this doesn’t have texture but at least it’s not glass carbon yes another send oh my God this is so fast this car’s too fast for a clicheck corner I think you set the spit I’m not even joking and then using the paddles are perfect too like it shifts

Perfectly every single time yes it does no bad fake pumped in audio no it just like sounds good all the time okay a gracale trophail okay much smaller yeah okay Levante Trofeo I do like that a little more for like the shifting and like emotion the Ridiculousness I get

That the emotion in this because this is a little emotionless 100 a little bit yes you get the emo has a little more emotion yeah yeah I get that but that’s the thing it’s like it’s all part of the stealthiness of this are you so old that

You would take this over an Otis yet or are you still young enough at heart wild child is it for me or is it for my family slash my wife would be the primary driver you’re the primary driver but it’s for you and your family yeah no question in the lambo I’ll even

Get the least comfortable one I’ll just get the the performance that was so stiff but we also drove it on a frozen lake which again wasn’t exactly uh yeah we’re sideways yeah and since this is all-wheel drive people are probably gonna drive this in Winter right yes they want to protect their

Carpets right absolutely what should they get instead of talk smack go to the straight pipes because they do have them for the Q8 and the sq8 and I have confirmed that they do also fit the rsq8 oh heck yeah yeah so definitely want to get a set of those

And one of the coolest parts of this interior because we have the optional bang Olufsen radio is that the speakers by the windshield pop up and go down when you start the car that’s what it’s written down as the bang Olufsen radio yes whatever I’m old school it’s called call it a

Boombox and then the gauge cluster is really well laid out we do have all the customizable displays you also have that RS uh Runway mode with the with the RPMs going up so I like the one where it kind of goes up and to the right and good

Adaptive cruise Lane centering as well oh yeah works really well on the highway you can totally daily the heck out of this thing okay is that pretty much everything with the latest rsq8 I think it is time to get to the price while you’re flooring it through cliche okay

This one starts at 143 650 Canadian and this one is optioned out to a kind of whopping 177 150 which is basically fully loaded and I don’t think you need to go that crazy no you don’t don’t get the carbon Ceramics don’t get the night vision and kind of get probably

Everything else yeah you’ll be fine without that but it’s like I guess if you’re like super subtle flexing like some guy at the ski hill had one of these and I was like yo I saw the oval tips cool that you have then he’s like

Yeah man I’m like why didn’t you get a Lambo he’s like I just like the Audi want to be subtle and I’m like cool man and I mean the lambo is like twice the price of this and then the BMW XM which didn’t exist when he was buying is kind

Of between both of those I don’t think that guy was looking for an accident I’m not if he was looking for a Lambo so if you’re looking to get one of these or you want to spec it out in the perfect flavor for yourself hit up and if you are shopping

For this or any other comparable vehicle definitely check out that site they have a very good comparison tool as well so you can see what features are better or worse in some cars that you’re comparing to like this versus the lambo yeah exactly you can see what wins in what column

It’s actually a really good tool not gonna lie to you kind of like the XM looks a bit more what yeah because okay because wow there’s a little while yeah but this is like surgeon spec I guess who’s not a surgeon not even close I faint when I see blood

All right let’s see that’s it driving Not changing a thing and I’m Still Loving It