The Straight Pipes: BIGGEST WING EVER! 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Review

BIGGEST WING EVER! 2023 Porsche 911 GT3 RS Review

Posted: 2023-07-04 12:00:41
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Porsche GT3 RS review by The Straight Pipes. The GT3RS is putting down 518 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque from a 4.0L Flat 6 Cylinder. At 315,000 CAD, would you take it? Of course you would if you could. ITS NUTS!

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign Drive 2023 Porsche 911 gt3rs with launch control whoa [Applause] What’s burning dork 518 horsepower 343 pound-feet of torque from a 4 liter flat six cylinder natural aspiration that goes all the way to 9 000 Yuri play 9000 for me That’s the best okay so those clicky paddles talk about them first you have to yeah you got the magnetic paddles for this because it’s the vice stock package yeah so that is the most satisfying click I’ve ever experienced in a car ever and cliche corner foreign Okay yeah too much car for the road so uh I guess this is a race car for the road to do like track lapping because you can’t actually like brace door to door with this car yeah so it looks like a GT3 but it’s the Porsche 911 Turbo body on

Top that’s been modified because it’s wider yeah so it’s a full wide body which we also needed to fit a lot of aerodynamic stuff a lot of wider wheels and a much larger Wing yeah okay this is also the vysoc package so we’ve got the black stuff on the front and

Then we also have a cool GT3 RS logo on the side so the visic package is 38 000 which gets you a ton of stuff including these magnesium Wheels as well yeah they look really really awesome except they’re not like light color which would be way cooler yeah I wish they were just

Like silver or something but I get like it works with the whole spec and then we have a ton of suspension components that are in carbon fiber like suspension components as well as body panels like the the hood the the roof uh the wing my favorite part about the exposed carbon

Fiber on the wing is I can click DRS mode and it drops down you could probably see it doing it in the back how was that there’s literally DRS drag reduction system like formula one because they don’t even get this kind of stuff like active arrow is not allowed

In racing so they can’t even do this on race cars so this is actually apparently faster than three like whatever rsr race cars because if you put this on slick tires because of all the active arrow and I read that this is 10 seconds faster than the GT3 on the Nurburgring yeah that

Makes sense I honestly kind of expected more because it’s like aerodynamics at high speed makes a huge difference but the thing is it’s like pretty much the exact same motor like slightly different horsepower and torque as the GT3 but it’s like everything was Aero yeah so they kind of changed some internal

Things uh it has like a different cam so it changes basically the horsepower profile so you get a little bit more horsepower but you actually get a little bit less torque okay uh the frunk we don’t have one in this car you already well you can pop the hood which is

Carbon fiber it looks super cool and then it’s just fans and stuff is this a super car now yeah I think so we don’t have to do the Supercar checklist okay so this is Supercar officially no Supercar checklist we don’t have a front we do have a cup holder but we have a

Lot of carbon fiber so we also have those like air extractor diverters over the fenders in the front yes uh they remove all that negative pressure and all that from the wheel wells and then the arrow gets channeled over the body but all the hot air gets channeled over

The roof away from the air intakes to the engine so that we get cooler air down where the engine is designs out those little fins yeah insane and what do you think of the GT3 RS logo on the door do you like it I wish it was even

Bigger Yuri no but they like the style I like this a lot more than the 911 T logo do you like this look with the yellow paint more than the white and green one that was in The Savage geese video because that one is USA exclusive to

Match like one from the 70s okay yeah because it was like the old RS yeah I mean that one was really really cool oh I definitely go with that one if I could but like yellow GT3 this is sick for my taste I would prefer to not have the

Exposed carbon fiber on the hood and roof I would like it all yellow but I don’t know if you can do that with a VI stock package you do anything with money especially with Porsche right apparently as we found out when I got to spec a uh

Cayenne e hybrid with so much carbon fiber except for you can’t buy one at a dealership unless you’ve buddy budded with the dealership right for like a long time apparently I think so uh if you did want to buy a 911 maybe a used one or any other 911 go to discounted price offers might be your only way to get a older GT3 we do have confirmed Porsche buyers through okay from the side view we also have like the fenders cut halfway in the front and the back to help push more air out and then we got

The cool black thing that comes up so you can like see through to the wheels like that is really cool arrow that makes no sense to me yeah yeah that that looks so cool like I know I keep saying everything looks cool but it looks over the top ridiculous race car stuff I

Think the GT4 you drove also had that kind of stuff yes it had a lot of that but not quite to the level of this one so Yuri never got to experience the GT4 RS and I will say that that one did have better inside cabin sound although this

One’s still mental it’s just not the engine hap like right behind us it’s like way behind us in here yo give me a 911 with worse sound any day of the week I’m a 911 it so far Yuri is this maybe your car of the year because when I drove the GT4 RS

I was like this might be the car of the year I knew what you were gonna do and I still couldn’t brace for that like I actually smoked my head in the back of that wow okay to the back end we should probably listen to it from the outside hey check this out perfect for revving at school kids have

You seen that Meme it’s like remember when you were a kid looking at guys with cool cars yeah now you’re a guy in a cool car and staring the kids remember when you were a kid staring at cool cars look at you now in a cool car staring at

Kids it’s gonna be me today driving around revving at every kid who gives me a thumbs up but it’s the best that’s what I did in the gt4s that’s what I do in like Corvettes and stuff like it’s nice to be able to share this with children because they get stoked would

You do that in R8 uh you can’t we tried that good one and then to end the looks on the wing the wing is higher up than the roof of the car yes it is so cool it says Porsche on the bottom and it’s still got that that

Swan thing where it goes up from the top and it’s bigger than way bigger than the GT3 Wing which is also already huge yeah when that came out everyone’s like wow that’s crazy what are they gonna do with the GT3 RS and this is what they did

Yeah so if there’s perhaps a thumbnail of ours where the wing is too gigantic this is the reason why is because we’re talking about it right now all right that’s fair that’s fair game and then driving this thing hand off before you drive I like the power I do want more power

Driving this makes me want to drive a GT2 RS again oh man you know what I mean I understand what you’re saying although this isn’t Limited in power in any way the gt2rs was still just next level of the 991 generation which there may be

One at the end of the 992.2 or whatever and probably a GT2 because they haven’t done it she’s doing a while but before you drive Okay I got out of my system those clicky paddles they’re they’re also magnesium so I’m also lighter I could do with a little less click your turn I’m gonna attempt to shift Oh my God isn’t that wild what a weapon this is actually a weapon I can’t believe how fast this car is it is so nice to drive this holy crap does that launch incredibly well isn’t it like too much car though oh yeah which is perfect it’s

A perfect amount of cars too much so these magnesium paddles I just won last time like that is crazy a little Annoying like the sound like it’s cool but like on a racetrack you’d probably really appreciate that because you know exactly every gear change because you can’t get

This in a manual it’s only a pdk 7 speed and it is lightning fast I’m all right with that oh totally fine this is race car basically all right I notice we’re a little bouncy Jacob can you dial in the suspension perfectly for me uh okay let’s talk about the steering wheel

First with suspension so we have a couple Drive modes if I turn the button I have normal Sport and track and then I can customize that if I press the button but if I press my pasm button which adjusts my suspension uh I have front rear front rear for compression and

Rebound so I have full customization of every possible thing on the suspension and the screen finally works perfect for that because when you click on the middle button all four knobs control that thing so now if you click the ESC TSC middle button then the two knobs on

The right will control that stuff and if you click the PTV plus then you’ve got the two on the left to control that it is a perfect system so I’m going to explain each individual one so the suspension I do not have enough time to adjust this I would need like a month

With this car so Porsche if you want to give this car to me for a month I will gladly take it to adjust the suspension to my settings but anyone that owns this you’ll be able to ask an expert at a racetrack to tell you what suspension

Settings you should be in because it’s that type of car PTV plus is basically our torque vectoring and our rear differential so what it does is it allows you to adjust what the rear differential is doing in terms of lock up for when you’re on the power on an

Exit or when you’re coming into a car and is crazy to adjust so I’m just gonna loan and ESC TSC we have several different levels of traction and stability control you can even like add more traction control yeah so apparently there’s a way to like get this into

Probably if you if you had enough time with the suspension settings I bet that you could just dial this like compression to I don’t know let’s go plus four and rear plus four and uh rebound uh plus three on the front and uh plus three on the rear and yeah that

Actually rides what much worse I think what’s going to happen is when you go to a Porsche track day Rich personal with your GT3 RS Porsche will probably have a race driver go through in a GT3 RS say these are the best settings and then tell all the customers dial this in

You’ll feel great that is a hundred percent what will happen and should happen because honestly having this much adjustability is lovely but knowing what you’re doing is and having this are two different types of people probably but it is fun to get this to learn that

Stuff because you don’t have to get out of your car to adjust it yeah exactly and then we also have that DRS button which is incredible to see in my rear view and if I duck down I can see the wing doing stuff and part of that DRS is

Also active arrow in the front so whatever you control with the DRS button or dynamically can be automatically controlled by the car if the wing does something there’s active Arrow underneath the front bumper that also does stuff as well and they have room for that because they put the fans in

The front and then when you’re in sport mode it says like low aerodynamic mode and then when you’re in normal mode it’s got that stuff off and then what does this make in full Arrow mode like 1800 pounds or something ridiculous like a lot and like the previous GT3 RS was

Only like 700 pounds or something like that I feel like this is one of those cars that you might be able to theoretically drive upside down in like a tunnel you know you know how they always say that kind of stuff this might be one of those wouldn’t you need more

Downforce than the weight of the car yeah maybe I don’t know uh cliche Corner downshift and yeah we got a race car on our hands Yuri the steering is incredible and just oh man like it allows a touch of slip angle but like still not that much and I just feel like

I can go a hundred times faster through here which wouldn’t be legal but man is it ever fun this is great is this the most confident car you’ve ever been in 100 more than the GT4 100 percent the GT4 was very very good at least through cliche corner and all that stuff

And it is mid-engine so the balance is totally different I just I love that car but this is still a 911 at the end of the day with that massive wing on it and both cars were yellow I got to see both cars in yellow and like this is the one

Okay uh this down forcesh stuff compared to Z06 z07 down four stuff I mean that felt really really nice on the track I think this probably feels so much better I had a ton of confidence in that car just being thrown onto a fresh track and everything this I would have I would

Still have more like if you threw me into something corner to uh Corner three or whatever the uh yeah uh that big downhill like I would have full confidence just stay in it exactly that’d be nuts you know what I’m curious of no if you came to a full stop put it

In drive and just floored it no launch control would it be faster do you think it’d bog for a sec it definitely wouldn’t be faster but let’s find out not faster but would it still be fast oh wow oh yeah okay so it does like its own little baby

Launch control up to like 4 000 instead of like six or seven yeah that’s cool that is really cool I didn’t expect that because yeah it’s a pdk so we can do that so the clutches but man and it’s naturally aspirated so you know I’m like it’s just there

Sick and okay so driving position is great just like every porscheck which are way better than the ones that we just had in the BMW m3cs like way better they’re perfect and they slide back and forth manually and then up and down with the electronic button just

Like last gen yeah and you can’t recline the backs these are fixed buckets but they are still more comfortable than other buckety cars on the market with carbon so it’s easier to get in and out also we got door pulls which the clarity didn’t have awesome and then also you pointed out

We’ve got 991 style door handles not like the electronic ones yeah because I think it had something to do with the wider body and the carbon fiber and all that stuff so these are actually the best door handles ever fitted to a 992 I believe in in our opinion yes I’m

Surprised they didn’t do that for like aerodynamics considering all the arrow but maybe that actually helps the arrow somehow maybe breaks it up it offsets the weight well enough maybe or maybe it pushes the air correctly into those scoops on the side yeah someone someone knows what they’re doing yes a lot of

People apparently this this car had so much wind tunnel time like I think the most in history in terms of like a GTE model which makes sense and like basically like race car development times of wind tunnel testing okay interior wise got the vicec badge tons of carbon fiber yellow stitching yellow

Seat belts not disappointed at all and we got a cup holder yes so a couple or two cup holders and what about the visors they will not pass never leather three two one no fail what I mean it’s a Supercar so that’s pass do you mind that

There’s no back seats in this obviously not a good place to put my carbon fiber helmet I still want tuximat to scan the very back and just have a a nice tux mat there for putting your stuff there yeah but if you did want to get a set of tux

Mat for your car go to the spray pipes because they do have them for a Porsche 911. oh man it’s so loud so loud in here do you mind how loud it is in here wait why do we only go to seven oh because we’re not going that fast no I

Mean because we’re in a GT car oh regular ones go to eight yeah and then some other little stuff that doesn’t really matter so we’ve got the good infotainment it’s like nice big buttons for carplay I connected wirelessly because I didn’t have a USBC cable which

Was nice and uh that’s really all I wanted the 360 camera are you upset I’m not upset about anything where’s your drive recorder are you upset I am upset that there’s no like driver like this should have a built-in track camera like the Z06 yeah thing or whatever like

Porsche people actually use their cars on race tracks like I know that for a fact I’ve seen them I’ve spoken to many GT3 RS owners actually at events and stuff and it meets who have watched our video and at least like we helped them spec the car uh or you know somehow they

Bought a used one because of our video which is really nice to hear so people will be watching this and coming back to that video like four years later and be like you know what I really like the yellow spec and because of you guys I

Bought a yellow one used from a dealer six months later and we have this like semi-gloss carbon it’s it’s a really nice mix of matte and uh gloss and then even on the Dorp like below the door pulls the actual handles are exposed carbon which is the coolest thing I’ve

Ever seen and it’s like cut out yes I like how thin it is it’s cut out in the middle for extra weight savings as well yeah no this is great like what a cool car I’m happy that I got to drive it I’m happy for the people who get to drive it

And I’m sorry for everyone watching that you didn’t get to drive it because like you know yeah this is this is like one of the coolest things ever shout out Porsche for continuing to build these things and especially for keeping them naturally aspirated for as long as they

Can and allowing them to rep to 9000. let me know when the next track day is I love attend yeah and then like all Porsches you can’t really pop the back trunk to look at the motor but you can pop these little panels for filling up some fluids Ah that’s

Nice and I thought this was going to be like way too stiff for the road but it’s really not like this is an RS model and without even adjusting everything just leaving it on zeros across the board it is not too stiff for dailying like you’d

Be a crazy person a daily it but like man would I ever respect the hell out of you if I dilated it would be in the color black yes yes but what I’d really want is Speedster and silver or gt2rs and all black those everything makes sense everything makes sense all right

Yo I think that’s pretty much everything we love everything about this car it’s so awesome let’s get to the price so this one starts at 248 000 Canadian and this one is optioned out to 315 000 if you can get an allocation yeah so if you actually go to Porsche’s website they

Have raised their prices across the board I saw your comments on the 911 teeth this car was actually ordered in the late half of last year so this got the cheaper price and so this one if you go to the website right now starts at 267 300 which is about twenty thousand

Dollars more and I think the options may even cost more so uh but whatever yeah I mean everything’s worth it people who can afford this can like easily afford this so I don’t think it really matters and if you can get one it’s awesome if you get a chance to drive one definitely

Do it this is like the coolest and as if we didn’t give you enough reasons as to why this is foreign Foreign