The Straight Pipes: BIGGEST and BEST! 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Review

BIGGEST and BEST! 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Review

Posted: 2023-09-13 11:12:07
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Toyota Grand Highlander review by The Straight Pipes. The Toyota Grand Highlander Limited is putting down 265 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque from a 2.4L Turbo 4 cylinder. At $57,945 CAD, would you take it over the Toyota Highlander, Lexus TX?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

[Applause] I’m Yuri I’m Jacob we’re going for the drive [Applause] [Applause] 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander Limited without launch control brake boost automatic transmission yeah dude so far so good [Applause] horsepower and door 265 horsepower 310 pound-feet of torque from a 2.4 liter turbo four-cylinder all right so I just found out recently that grand Highlander is not just an extended

Highlander with more room in the back it’s got a different front different looking Hood different it’s longer it’s wider yes what happened to a Grand Caravan just being a longer Caravan right wasn’t that a thing I understand how you could potentially think that but

At no point did I think this was just a slightly longer Highlander this is a completely different vehicle and then like Highlanders used to look like the Supra with those cool Body Lines right yes but this just looks like a bigger Corolla cross it does look like a grand

Corolla cross so they went from like oh we’ve got a Supra version SUV to we have a Corolla bigger Corolla cross yes but anyways this is actually large and very nice in here I shockingly fit very comfortably in every row behind myself at six foot one and a half so Toyota’s

Advertising of adults being comfortable in every road here is 100 accurate and the non-grand Highlander that regular Highlander also has three row but it’s more of a cheater three row exactly so it’s kind of like a Ford Explorer gets that kind of cheater through row thing not the Ford Grand Explorer no that

Would be the expedition that would be the great so it’s like there’s the Expedition Max like everything after like a Max L like RX 350l so what’s the difference between a marquee and a Grand Marquis tell me that it’s a slightly larger Marquee Grand Marquita fit six

People let’s get fit seven I don’t know why you’re not just buying Grandma Keys yes oh and this is uh seven seater you can also I believe get a bench seat depending on the configuration and this Grand Highlander and even the Highlander are very desirable models so if you are

Shopping for one of these go to for discounted price offers quickly visit the link before the rest of the viewers do and get that model that you wanted to buy that’s in stock that’s right in stock it might be gone by the time this video Ends by the

Time it gets to 13 minutes yes so it looks wise front end you know what it looks like to me are you just gonna say it looks like a Corolla cross no okay from the front end it rolled up in my driveway I’m like who brought me this

Large Dodge Hornet okay it kind of looks like a Jeep cherokee-ish slightly because the headlights are just like straight lines yeah and it also looks rav4-ish too yes but at no point am I upset about the looks no there’s nothing exciting about it but there’s nothing bad about it whatsoever but like okay

From the driver’s seat this hood is like like am I am I driving a tundra just raise it up then it’s powered dude it’s still like like little kids this is like the little kids running in front like danger danger but you know we got 360 cameras to talk about that later side

View no more Super Body Lines but nice normal body lines and we’ve got okay reddish paint which you actually have to pay extra for but the coolest part of this car is that it already comes on Continental cross contact LX 20s maybe that’s why it’s such a smooth ride it

Actually is a very smooth ride in here highly recommended and I know it’s a little bit early but you should now be thinking about your your winter tire situation so get some Viking contact sevens because that would be the recommended winter tire for this vehicle go a month before everyone starts doing

It because once there’s a lineup at the tire chain shop like it is a nightmare unless you live in Arizona which never gets snow don’t worry about it he made the joke again okay okay uh I don’t like these wheels yeah they’re they’re still playing this is a low trim Grand

Highlander there are two trims above it uh sort of this is like the upper trim this is a limited but there are a hybrid and there’s a hybrid Max above that every single one has a different powertrain there’s three different powertrains which is actually pretty crazy uh this being the lowest one so

The hybrid is a little bit faster and the hybrid Max has like a hundred extra horsepower and 100 extra torque as far as I’m concerned if you’re not buying the top trim you have the base model I wouldn’t go that far because on this one you get really nice features like the

Keyless entry on the door handles which work on the front and the back yeah that was nice but you know okay we gotta finish off with the looks the rear end okay um what’s the badge say on the back uh it’s hard to tell depending on the light

Because it’s the same color as the paint yeah and then we got no exhaust tips it’s very Corolla cross back there I’m very um should we listen to it from the outside oh heck yeah heck yeah foreign Because not many cars let you do that and I did not expect that from this okay and then the last thing with the looks the mirrors they don’t fall then when you park it and lock the doors yeah you got to get Alexis for that that’s why

I’m saying this is the basis trim ever it’s just not a Lexus I am going to assume the top trim folds in the mirrors editor please put in the check box from Toyota’s website where it says what features it gets so overall looks nothing wrong with it but I go regular

Highlight we saw a regular Highlander that was blacked out today yeah look freaking whatever Nightshade or Nighthawk or Blackhawk whatever Edition that look good anyone else looks really good is the siennas okay yeah they have a super body line still yep so you know yeah Supra soon the the mid Advantage is

Going to be a Corolla cross van and then yeah and soon the super will be a Corolla cross too that’s right the Supercross oh boy or the grand Supra has four seats it’s electric it’s a completely different model and it’s an EV based on the RZ and this is actually based on the

Same platform as the Lexus TX which is all new which hopefully we will be reviewing that soon so that’s a fancier version of this I’ve not I’ve not heard about that model yet follow us on Instagram because we actually do post about that stuff and yes it’s me posting it because Yuri

Looks at the post he’s like oh that car came out okay I’m going to turn on traction cars don’t exist until I review them by the way yes and my favorite part about handling this to the cliche corner is when you floor like Midway through a turn stability and traction isn’t

Intrusive it like gets back on the power right away yeah it’s kind of shocking for Toyota and sorry about that phone bouncing around I would have put it in the wireless charger but the wireless charger is made out of the most slippery material of all time and since this only

Has Wireless Apple carplay and Android auto so I foolishly had my phone plugged into this USB and not this USB which actually gives me wired carplay I need to plug in to charge it it wouldn’t have been like naturally plugged in the whole time yeah and then put it into this massive Square

Compartment that’s where it’s bouncing around yes yeah but yeah they definitely shine this up with literally the you know um what’s that that Christmas movie it’s a new non-caloric silicon base kitchen lubricant yeah yeah where he shines up the uh the thing and he goes down the slide yeah yeah or down the

Mountain but yeah that’s exactly Toyota engineering that’s what it feels like for the wireless charger like all the surfaces around it are actually less slick than that surface I don’t know what they were thinking for that part and when you put the phone there it goes

Fax machine oh I got in the car look what the heck is that Foreign look at all this traffic ahead of me good thing my car stops on its own I think it’s your turn to drive and explain the worst feature ever we’ll get into that real quick that I’ve seen nobody else talk about because they got a free trip to Hawaii exactly you shut

Your mouth when you go to Hawaii for free we did not go to Hawaii just full disclosure we weren’t even invited we definitely went away yeah I would have never heard about this feature launch control Come on dad get us to soccer faster yeah [Applause] foreign it’s not bad and that eight-speed auto transmission is actually lovely it is not a CVT but if you opt for the hybrid you get a CVT yeah but I feel like cvts work with hybrids and stuff yeah they’re sometimes

Okay in the Toyota ones are actually pretty decent for the most part yo it’s hard to hear you this doesn’t have cabin talk or anything it doesn’t have cameras back here it doesn’t have like a flip down mirror yeah do you want to hop back

In the front or do you want to just after a cliche corner I want to feel the pain all right so I’ll stay in sport mode which Yuri was also driving in which doesn’t really do much this doesn’t have adaptive dampers or anything like that it basically just

Changes the throttle position okay here we go how are you doing back there this feels really different it feels like I’m gonna get launched at the side this is actually not bad yeah it’s uh it’s kind of doing the thing where it reels you in it’s all-wheel drive it’s actually really decent

It’s not fantastic but it’s not the worst and then the bump very comfortable there is so much worse out there yes when it comes to stability control and traction now let me get in the front seat right right up on this guy as hard as you can okay let’s talk

About the brakes okay so I’m it’s automatically breaking for me this is terrifying oh God you didn’t even touch the brake no but it lit up in the gauge cluster all right get back clap transition ready okay so this has a lot of safety features yes really good blind spot

Monitoring blah blah blah all that stuff adaptive cruise Lane keep it’s nice but what this has that sucks well it has front Collision assist which is good you want that yeah but no matter what setting you set it to low medium or high and I also don’t know which one is low

Or high okay uh it automatically starts breaking for you like like no other car would like an electric car almost yes like it’s like doing regen braking but you have to assume that it’s going to come in when it gets to a set distance based on the car in front of you it

Feels like it’s doing adaptive cruise while you’re driving without adaptive cruise but then it won’t come to a full stop it’s like break break why aren’t you breaking and it’s like because you are breaking for me I’m so freaking confused it’s very inconsistent and it’s

A not a good feature and like you don’t want to turn it off because the whole point of having like a big safe family car is to be safe yes like I’m not buying this to have all my tractions everything off right because that’s tied to the front Collision assist I assume

Like maybe because it is the front Collision I’m so confused like anyways it is not a good feature the best part of that bad feature is that you know when your brake lights are on because it illuminates in the bottom of the gauge cluster and that’s how you can kind of

Like oh why is my car breaking oh yes my brake lights are actually on it took me a while to figure I’m like why did I not turn off adaptive cruise did I not turn off adaptive cruise and I can see someone buying this and just like never

Knowing and then forcing a like forming a bad habit yes where they don’t hit the brakes and then they get into like their second car or someone else’s car or a rental car and like why isn’t the car stopping bam yeah I I do agree that this

Is a really bad implementation of a feature that we don’t even probably think should exist it’s a little crazy it just it goes on too early way too early but uh the gauge cluster is cool it is digital we can customize it do a whole bunch of stuff just like most Toyotas

Yeah and then the drive modes when you change them all the animations change it’s actually quite nice and apparently you can even go rock and dirt in a vehicle like this yeah I got some good ground clearance uh and it is all-wheel drive obviously in America you can get

Front-wheel drive I don’t think you can in Canada nah they never they never do that here yeah all right uh yo infotainment screen what’s really nice hard buttons for climate everywhere yeah so they solved the problem that they’ve had in other vehicles that they’ve been implementing this large screening I just

Got out of the x5m the new one and I couldn’t do any like I was trying to do the climbing it was the hardest thing ever like the dumbest infotainment there yeah this is good but then this has a bad infotainment screen because you have no hard buttons to get to anywhere to

Get back like if you’re in car play there’s no home button you got to click click click click click touch the Toyota button go back change your radios and stuff come back do all that kind of stuff yeah I don’t like this infotainment still put that left are on

At all times but we do have a really nice 360 camera where you can also see below the vehicle like a Land Rover a Range Rover which is pretty cool we got the egg mode and stuff we got other cool stuff but you know what we don’t have is

A mode like a Kia Hyundai Genesis where it’ll show where your front tire is see if you’re going to hit the curb or not yeah that would be nice oh we could see through we got this we got a frigid egg it’s like can I see can I see the actual

Front tire they’re like oh hell no and this one does not have Auto parking which I assume will go right next to this view button which is nice that it’s a hard button yes exactly and then we have a nice hard long shifter it doesn’t feel weird or anything like that and the

Car is automatically breaking for the car in front of me right now which is psychotic and okay to put this car from park into RND yes it’s like the hardest transition of any modern car yeah you do have to put some effort which I actually kind of like I don’t like all these

Loosey-goosey shifters that we’re dealing with these days this is actually like refreshing okay yo what’s cool about this armrest is that like it’s just the middle part so when you open it you can still have your elbow on stuff yeah and then this is like not the

Softest but it it’s soft enough where I don’t need to complain about it and then the steering wheel is also really nice these uh I assume it’s fake leather or whatever it is it feels it feels decent click your paddles oh yeah good one but you got the manual shifting here good

Buttons on the steering wheel yeah and then again that’s suspension they nailed the suspension on this car in terms of comfort so going over the cliche Corner bump and everything else that we’ve encountered it’s been super soft and supple okay yo so many USB ports yes and

They’re all USBC right yeah but we even have them in the third row which is pretty impressive what about the visors Yuri it can fit coffee cups uh I think it’ll slide three two one heck yeah yeah I feel like we’re just trying to push harder and harder and

Hope they fly off that’s only Volkswagen do something do something viral so we get some freaking views again yo subscribe to our Channel if you’re watching this right now and subscribe on your parents or uncles or aunt’s device I asked my uncle I’m like you watch my

YouTube right he’s like yeah like are you subscribed he’s like I don’t know what that means yeah I’m like do you have are you logged in he’s like I gotta go find my passwords I’m like just just know it’s okay yeah as long as you keep watching and the the videos keep getting

Recommended to you that’s cool too subscribe for your parents or grandparents yes and then you can put the phone in this lovely shelf right in front of you which is actually quite nice and then we’ve got this fake wood trim which whatever they printed this printer on it looks amazing so this

Interior is made for adults but chances are it’s going to be like teenagers in all three rows right because yeah we were talking about this you don’t see adults in the back seats of cars unless it’s like an emergency situation or you’re getting picked up from the airport yeah or like you know

People our age carrying our parents in the back or whatever yeah most people usually just drive themselves exactly I feel like as adults like it may be not good for the environment but you just take your own car adults don’t sit in the in the back row no not even like the

Middle row yeah yeah it’s just teenagers and then your friends as teenagers when you’re teenagers and then kids with boogers and you got to protect your carpets how would you do that get a set of tux mat they are coming soon for this vehicle at the time of filming so check

Out what they have for your car go to the straight pipes they will not be the same as the Highlander because that is not the same car yeah you can’t just stretch those mats and make it work into this will front Highlander mats fit in a front Grand

Highlander I highly doubt it I don’t think so tucks on that let us know oh and then these seats are actually really comfortable no complaints there’s not too much bolstering but just enough for a car like this the material is actually quite nice and they are heated

And cooled with a hard button yeah only forward back lumbar yeah it’s not Alexis and it’s not a top-tier Lexus either base model that’s like apparently the new Tacoma is getting up down forward back so they’re finally moving forward but like yo it’s just an extra little

Bubble back there or whatever it is it’s just like yeah yeah but this being a limited near the top trim we also have memory seats for the driver which is a powered seat you know what else the driver has is that a hood that literally vibrates because they use the cheapest

Most base metal ever and you just have Reflections vibrating while driving which is like so distracting and like that makes me feel like I bought a Corolla yeah like just like they made the looks look they should have added an extra strip of weather stripping on the inside or something or like thicker

Sheet metal because I have noticed at stop signs which I’m about to show is that it actually vibrates the car like the whole engine kind of vibrates a little bit right now you can kind of feel it a little bit when the stops start there feel it a little bit and then that’s

When you can see the hood vibrating as well but you know where the reflections don’t matter in the hood where Hawaii you get the beautiful Cedar of the ocean yeah I don’t know what Reflections maybe they thought they were the waves the natural waves so nobody notices yeah

Okay yo I wouldn’t notice either five stars are in Hawaii anyways let’s get to the price let’s get to the price you can get one of these bad boys at 53 535 Canadian but this one that we are driving is 57 945 and I assume you had to order it three years

Ago because my neighbor has been waiting for his hybrid regular Highlander for almost two years I’m literally trying to figure out when it’s coming Toyota said by the end of the year okay and you know what he did in the meantime he bought a 2013 Santa Fe XL okay and what I told

Him I’m like look the Highlanders are like one of the most stolen cars in Toronto every car is getting stolen in Toronto they end up in West Africa CBC Marketplace did a thing they found the guy’s car called them yo we got your car next we go inside the fight to stop cars

From being stolen I told him you gotta clear your garage so you can park this car in there and you have to block it in with your other car or else it’s 100 gonna get stolen right potentially like likely uh vote with your dollars uh the security of that vehicle and your

Ability to prevent it being stolen well his allocation comes in I told him he should get it drive it for a minute sell it back for 15 grand to the dealership so that they could sell it back for 20 grand to someone else and then use that

Money to cover the Santa Fe what I found the most ridiculous of what you just said is an allocation for a Highlander yeah because it’s so true it’s kind of crazy anyway thanks for watching cool SUV yeah this is actually really nice I would recommend purchasing one of these

And I don’t say that for me I’m hitting the brakes bro dude it’s not me go in front of me or do it but I would actually still recommend it I couldn’t live with it because of this braking system but if I found a way to actually

Turn off only that part of the braking system I would give it six thumbs up only one