The Straight Pipes: BETTER THAN Z06?! 2024 Corvette E-Ray is a Hybrid AWD Monster

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-01-17 14:00:26
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Corvette E-Ray review by The Straight Pipes. The Chevrolet C8 Corvette ERay is putting down 655 horsepower and 595 lb-ft of torque from a 6.2L V8 and 1 electric motor with a 1.9kWh battery. At $128,798 CAD incl. fees, would you take it over the C8 Z06, Porsche 911 Turbo, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Acura NSX?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign Corvette eray with launch control Oh Oh that’s good holy that’s fast horsepower and torque 655 horsepower 595 pound-feet of torque from a 6.2 liter V8 and an electric motor up front all right Jacob so what motor is it and what size electric motor is it let’s hop to the Cutaway so we actually have a cutaway of the e-ray

We’ve got the same powertrain as in the base Stingray so this is not a Z06 engine so we’ve got about 495 horsepower out there completely independent from that got electric motor up front which is right there conveniently located you still do have a front which we will show

You soon how much power does the electric motor make 160 horsepower and 125 pound-feet of torque and you can see that transferred right here through these front axles it’s magnesium with aluminum bolts yeah this is pretty crazy do you want to check out the front how

Much space we lose wait first is this a Z06 body it looks wide yes it is Yuri this is a complete Z06 wide body nothing has been changed especially on this particular one because this one does not have the color matched body panels we’ve got everything in carbon Flash and then

On the side we’ve got black along here as well and at the back what kind of exhaust tips do we have Jacob we’ve got the same ones as on the stingray not the Z06 or the European Z06 show me the front okay here’s the secret button and

Now for 2024 they’re all power close and as you can see we pretty much aren’t losing any space except for a little bit right here tiniest amount and Power closury that’s on all Corvettes in 2024. okay what do you think looks better color matched or black I think color

Match for the e-rays 100 and that’s the standard way to have it yeah I think color matches well just to make it a little bit different which we can see on the side right over here for wings you get the standard Z06 Wing you can’t get

The cool z07 package wing and then you can’t get the one from the stingray because it’s a different style Body but you can also get a different attachment here that’ll give you more downforce for the track so these are the only things that you can swap on this wing and it

Does come with both you get a separate one in the trunk and we did get a chance for a Ride Along in this we don’t get to drive it yet we will sometime hopefully in the future but here’s some of our Impressions from The Ride Along This is like this is straight up the best of electricity and gas right now uh carbon Ceramics yeah it’s gonna sound like an ad but I straight up can’t believe I’m in a Corvette So look at this Motocross oh oh my God I felt so sick there this is great this is amazing it’s like Turbo S field Oh God so it plows out a little bit there this guy is pretty cool Oh this is like so easy to control oh yeah keep it good That’s good that was good so what I noticed the most was that nauseous feeling once you’re already moving because the launch was really good but I’ve never felt sick while I’m already accelerating and somebody floors it it’s almost EV like but not at the same time because you still have the gas motor

Which operates completely independently of the front motor I think they did an incredible job with tuning this so far from the passenger seat you like the pumpkin audio because you really liked it you get something like the electric motor sound once you get up to speed and I think that was cool

Yeah it’s like this kind of high-pitched whirring sound that you get from Electric Motors but you still get to hear a V8 and it’s not twin turbo you don’t have to wait for any lag it’s really interesting how this all works okay uh they all come with carbon

Ceramics yes you need it because it’s so fast you want these to weigh a little bit less because you have to add a lot more stuff which we’ll show you in the Cutaway there’s batteries in the center tunnel which total weight compared to a Z06 roughly about 300 pounds more which

Is not bad considering you’re adding an extra Drive Unit you’re adding all-wheel drive you’re adding batteries and then you also get special e-ray Wheels which I think look really cool they got a little curve to them yeah they’re they’re twists I like it and what would be the Continental recommended tire for

An e-ray that would be the extreme contact sport O2 so the driver also did some donuts and some big drifts with those the big drifts were like out of control he was going so fast it looked like the easiest thing to control ever because you have power coming into the

Front it felt very all-wheel drive because you could see him kind of pointing the wheels forward and then having to correct right and then pointing the wheels forward because it’s all-wheel drive and then how did you like those those really tight little burnouts we did uh pretty cool yeah yeah

Lots of smoke and they’re just from the back wheels obviously so I got to watch it from the outside you got to experience it from the inside and what I noticed is that it looked very rear-wheel drive I didn’t really see the front wheels moving during those burnouts and then another cool thing

They told us everyone told us the brake pedal does not feel weird we can’t verify this yet but we’re kind of trusting these guys over here yeah yeah so that’s good because there are a lot of like hybrid cars that screw that up because this does have regen that’s how

It does everything there’s also a charge plus button on the inside right there and that’ll help regen so if you’re doing a lot of laps on track click charge plus mode and that’ll bring more power back but if you’re just doing like drag strip launches turn charge Plus off

Which is the standard mode that it starts in and we will show you some of those interior differences a little bit later because the gauges are different and one thing that we’re standing beside it’s a convertible you can still get it in the convertible and you can get it in

The hard top coupe with the removable roof gotta go Gotta Go Hard Top so you see the motor I don’t know you know no I get it but you still get the V8 over there so yeah it’s pretty cool and then another thing I think we just figured

Out the ZR1 isn’t going to be a twin turbo V8 it is going to be it is going to be the Z06 motor with the hybrid maybe we’ll see I’m pretty sure like after driving this thing like after getting drew around in this thing like

It kind of has to be okay but we recently got out of the new Z06 we went to the launch so this thing feels completely different than the Z06 even though all of the performance numbers are relatively similar these could not feel any different yeah this is more of

Like a they want you people to drive in the winter even though they don’t think people who drive Corvettes will but like you definitely could and by the way my Corvette’s in the lock garage okay so it’s not like you’re sitting out in the street it’s just like a different style

Of of a wildness yeah like zero to 60 time today we can still get 2.5 it comes with all season tires there is an optional stickier Tire this is meant to be driven in the winter and they’re kind of trying to prove a point here by it’s almost freezing

Temperatures it’s raining and we’re still doing crazy times and this is the first hybrid V8 because nothing is hybrid naturally awesome V8 that’s what I mean yeah yeah so this can operate as a rear wheel drive this can operate as all-wheel drive and is the world’s first front-wheel drive Corvette in certain

Scenarios in stealth mode yeah so when you start the car it gives you the option to get into stealth mode which is full electric up to 45 miles an hour or if you floor it or if you run out of electric battery so when that speed gets up here we’ll actually automatically

Transition starts the engine which is super cool they said you can’t turn it back on after that once you’ve started it but my theory is that if you’re driving put in neutral cut the engine start it back up you might be able to do it again nobody’s confirmed it or denied

It we’ll find out or tested it I got it I gotta check that one and then another thing nobody’s tested is having the front wheels go backwards while the rear wheels go forwards to do like a super cool Donuts yes but like I think it’s

Should be able to do that I don’t think we’ll ever find out either yeah and they said it can’t do break stands either because you know too much so much grip yeah too much back grip this is the Cutaway you get to see where the battery

Pack is so here you point to that for me so the battery pack is actually in the center tunnel and the center tunnel is no different than a regular Z06 or a regular Stingray and the power control unit for the batteries is in the front half of that and there’s a bunch of

Cooling there’s a bunch of wiring that’s a little bit different there’s a bunch of Plumbing that’s different a lot of the the heat exchangers the radiators that’s all kind of the same but where it goes is slightly different and they’re very proud that the front is completely separated from the back mechanically yes

Very proud that they should be proud of that there’s a lot of there’s a lot of tuning that uh that you’d have to do to get that perfect so the engine’s back here nothing’s been changed back here same horsepower numbers same optional exhaust with the valves as well and same transmission so

No real differences back here it’s completely independent from the front like we keep saying in this video and by the way if you were to protect the beautiful floors in this exposed model we would probably use some tux mat and it’s actually the same cutaway from the original Stingray launch in Spring

Mountain and Jacob what do you think of the e-ray logo I like it it makes sense I like how they integrated it it works it kind of looks like the stingray still e for electric blue because blue is an electric color I thought maybe green but

Blue is a little faster and this is not a full EV obviously but a full EV will likely be coming basically verified 100 is it fully becoming Silence from the audience which is actually all the engineers that have worked on this that means yes as for pricing I’m going to throw it up

Right here it’s just over 100 Grand US it’s kind of similar to a Z06 pricing so if you do want to buy one of these or any Corvette go to discounted price offers I think that’s it for this video Yuri let’s end it off with some interior sit down

Let’s check this one out it’s the animation look at that all the batteries that’s cool so all of this seems to be for the majority of the exact same but we do have a bunch of different gauges that we’ve noticed so we’ve got the gauge mode we’ve got Dyno mode then we’ve got

Data so all these things tell you what the motors are doing independent of each other and what the battery is doing so you can see how much horsepower you have from the all-wheel drive system and how much the engine is actually doing so again they’re really separating how much

Power and torque each engine is making and then we also get some like cool earthy colors for the interior and for the exterior because electric equals environment right yeah exactly so uh Seattle I’m sure you’re gonna have so many of these on the roads all right guys thanks for watching don’t

Forget to subscribe hope you like this walk around of the e-ray and here’s some more cool shots of it doing burnouts [Laughter] Ah that’s good best test drive I’ve ever been on