The Straight Pipes: BETTER THAN MAYBACH & ROLLS-ROYCE! 2023 Range Rover SV Review

Posted: 2023-06-06 12:00:27
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Range Rover SV Signature Suite review by The Straight Pipes. The Range Rover SV LWB is putting down 523 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque from a 4.4L Twin Turbo V8. At $311,905 CAD, would you take it over the Mercedes Maybach GLS, Rolls-Royce Cullinan?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign Drive 2023 Range Rover SV signature Suite with launch control [Applause] [Applause] it moves a lot it moves so much definitely not slow but it is Big horsepower and torque 523 horsepower 553 pound-feet of torque from a 4.4 liter twin turbo V8 why is this thing so big uh because this is the full size Range Rover with the options that are maxed

Out basically because this is an SV so I actually want to start from the back okay there is so much to talk about back here starting with I’m gonna put myself into the fully reclined position although Yuri can actually do all of this for me up front I’m gonna hit the

Seat button on my tablet which is not removable hit the recline button and now everything is going to start moving front seat goes forward receipt reclines the foot rest comes out and then once that’s in its final position the screen in front of me will actually tilt right

Down at a really good angle so that I can always see it so my foot rest is coming down my thigh rest is about to come up and I can even adjust how far up that thigh rest goes with this little button right here gonna Max that out right now as you’re

Sending it cautiously through cliche Corner because I’m a VIP I’m good back here now Yuri most importantly do you fully fit at six foot one and a half I fully do so we previously reviewed the full size Range Rover but not the long wheelbase this is the extended wheelbase

And I fit like a glove Yuri compared to the lx600 and the my box like this is amazing this is incredible and then I fit so well that my feet don’t even touch the foot rest yeah which is wild and then that thing is a material that is too delicate there’s already shoe

Prints from the last person who drove this yeah so uh back here man this feels so luxurious so this headrest fully adjusts and you can even pull in the sides like an airplane and now my head is just like perfectly positioned that it’s not going to move and you’re you

Can just keep sending it and Yuri would you be a good driver and pass me my coffee please thank you very much uh cup holders okay so they’re fully motorized back here you actually press it through the tablet this thing spins and then the cupped holders come up for me to you put

My cup in there and it fits perfectly next thing I have a tray table yes it is operated by a button through this thing as well so now that will raise unfortunately I actually do have to kind of wait wait wait no I don’t oh thank you sir gentleman driver right there so

Now I can unfold this wood tray table and this is the Ultimate VIP experience once I put this peasant blocker up look at this experience back here this is honestly Second To None the fact that I fit here and I can have this experience here unlike in a my box where I was

Slightly uncomfortable amazing and that actually Second To None we’re actually serious about Second To None because a lot of people throw that phrase around like we drove the Maybach we drove the lx600 we’ve been in the back of a Rolls-Royce a cullinan doesn’t even have

This a phantom like yes I do fit back here and it is amazing but Phantoms also triple the price of this potentially okay and then what I love about this is your rear screen HDMI puts we’ve got the power and the hdmis in the one of the

Huge compartments back there let me just put my tray table away so I can show that yep right here what more do you need so everything is layered in here we have extra storage in there and then we also have our wireless charger over here

And I’m not done because we also have a fridge back here so if I press this button I have to use this and then this pops open and now I’ve got my glasses no they’re not champagne flutes they’re something else but they are branded okay

And then what is cool about this is that that fridge can’t move right it’s stuck there correct just like the my box yes in the my box that those seats were like flat too you couldn’t move them or anything from the trunk you can actually

Have that seat fold down so if you need to carry two by fours that match your awesome wood material I don’t know I don’t know but it can’t it can fold it down from the back just that passenger side I just can’t stress how well everything is implemented in this

Car the fact that there’s a button to do that from the trunk is amazing and then Yuri can control everything that I just did back here from that front screen which is also so easy to use and unlike the mybach if I leave the car I’m the

Driver I got the key in my pocket it’s going to beep once that it’s gone and it’s going to be quiet the Maybach would constantly beep if the key wasn’t located in the car and that’s not very luxurious now is it okay wait is it my Bach Maybach may

Batchbach let us know in the comments below which one it was or is it Range Rover Range Rover oh man that was so easy because I just need to know for when I make the title rip my box oh yeah yeah this honestly this does rip my Bach

It really does it does it’s not like ostentatious it’s just like it’s very premium without being over the top it’s just right okay I don’t even want to talk about the outside for a while this inside the spec the way everything is like white Tan in this I guess Beechwood

And also the white dials instead of piano black is perfect like if you have a yacht or one of those big I don’t know you mean how many Yachts you have one of them will be similar to this yeah yeah but I feel like you could get

This with only one boat probably but at the same time like you probably have a couple cars and boats what’s your favorite part about the interior materials I mean the fact that I actually have a leather like leather wrapped everywhere and you’re a daddy yeah yeah this is the perfect leather

Daddy car if you’re into tan leather uh your you test those visors for me because they’re also leather wrapped oh but it is cloth on this side yes three two one full extension and we got a second visor so that’s a full extension and a second visor that’s a Full Pass

Super Full Pass and the cup holders up there Yuri I know they do function here you go sir oh my seatbelt’s cut there we go it fits and then we could also remove this middle part if you’ve got one of those like travel mugs with the uh the handle because like

Maybe the driver doesn’t have budget to go to Starbucks and get his thing he’s got to make it at home well the driver doesn’t even have a motorized cup holder so like clearly I’m the priority anyways and there’s a ton of room down here like

Look at this you got a fridge up there too and then I can like move stuff around here and go underneath it’s very good for drivers for drivers and for passengers this air suspension is incredible it is like floating on a goddamn Cloud it is the best Jesus Christ it is comfortable

And as a driver I love that I have this little arm rest but I can also pull it back in here and it’s cool that this knob here is also white and you’re saying this is uh it’s ceramic white it reminds you of a toilet yes when you

Said that it kind of ruined it for me a little bit but it’s still so not like I love that that it’s not glass I would have loved to see that all of all the gloss black was white like the start stop button was white with black

Lettering and like the volume done that would be like perfect perfect perfect so maybe a little bit of looks to switch things up a bit yeah let’s talk about the spec on the outside because again it matches the interior it is perfect whoever specked this vehicle knew exactly what they were doing this

Corinthian bronze or whatever it’s called is gorgeous on this very expensive optional paint yeah okay the the white and the bronze coppery stuff just looks great and like the accents everywhere everything is perfect and I even like how like the SV badge is white with black on the inside yes where I

Think usually it would be the other way around and then we also have the SV badge on on the front whatever you call those the side blade things because they’re also in that color where they would normally on a full-size Range Rover be like silver or something like

That now do you like the looks of this more than that last gold one we drove because I love that gold paint but I feel like with this interior I would need to go with this exterior yeah I totally agree I don’t love that exterior paint enough to justify that over this

Because this is just perfect the way that the wheels match the roof match all of the little accents everywhere is impeccable oh and since it’s summer time I need to make sure that all of you have your summer wheels on none of you are riding Winters this far into the year

Okay yeah definitely go to straight pipes to see what summer or all season tires are available for your car and there’s also a promotion going on right now for June so check it out it may be the perfect tire for your vehicle so then overall

Looks wise would you take this over a my Bach or a Rolls-Royce or an lx600 because I love that lx600 Grille all the way down to the ground okay looks wise I still think I kind of like the cullinan because of how ridiculous it is but the most impressive without being over the

Top this is it a hundred percent I kind of like how a mybot can be two-tone and bounce true because the bouncing is an exterior like look I guess right yeah and with that the Maybach actually does have better air suspension because it can do the Maybach mode you actually

Lean a lot less because you can lean into the turns and all that like curve mode this doesn’t have that so yes I do kind of lean a little bit back here but I do even have adjustable bolsters back here which I can customize through this uh my own little infotainment back here

So I think this is the card to choose looks wise if you want to be understated a bit as crazy as that sounds you’re 100 right because this is still slightly understated like this doesn’t look nearly as like tacky as like the Chrome plastic grills do on the my box which I

Still really like yes although while I was driving it during the week I did kind of constantly be checking my mirrors because I was kind of scared that I was gonna get robbed all the time oh yeah yeah yeah but like you know I have a driver with probably uh personal

Protective device that I wouldn’t feel that anymore and then right now we’ve got some rubber floor mats protecting all over the floors an okay amount but since this carpet is so nice what would you recommend Jacob a set of tux mat of course Yuri go to the

Straight pipes because they do have a set available for the short wheelbase I mean somebody might spill red wine while they’re out picnicking or in a garden party sitting in the back having a sip from the Frozen cooler or whatever I’ve never heard a more accurate statement in

My life coming from your mouth Theory speaking of all that kind of stuff you can also get like a leather rear seating package because this has the split fold tailgate so you can actually kind of like sit down comfortably and enjoy your cocktail while staring at I don’t know

Your Vineyard that you probably own I guess if as a rich person you’re not legally allowed to drink frozen red wine from a champagne flute are you I mean as a rich person the legal boundaries of what applies are probably a little bit different so since we’ve been chilling

In Comfort mode the entire time Yuri would you send it for me in Dynamic mode which changes the air suspension lowers the car slightly and gives it slightly more aggression through the pedal and red gauges okay so that took a while to downshift

Oh my God I feel like I’m in a plane I swear to God I know it’s the most cliche thing to say but it feels like I was about to take off there yeah yeah yeah so you have the shifter in D mode so if

You put it into S Mode it will shift faster so if you do that again right now all right chilling in S Mode that was way better feels so familiar this power I wonder why yes it’s a BMW engine that I paid a lot of money for oh by the way is there

Anything BMW that really competes with this probably just like an X an XM I would say no no like what about a i7 no not even though it’s not an SUV literally nothing you read because the Alpena xb7 didn’t have this cool rear seat thing no and then there’s nothing

With an extended uh wheelbase or anything like that and you sent it through cliche pretty hard and I was a kid there oh yeah that was just like yeah I was like all right cool yeah I wasn’t going super slow I wasn’t trying to be comfortable yeah no I didn’t I was

Hoping you worked okay back to Eco and then we do have a whole bunch of off-road modes and all that cool stuff too oh man you just e-code my climate back here oh yeah yeah I did I noticed that okay let’s put it back to uh Comfort because

We don’t care about the environment no not in this vehicle uh twin turbo V8 that’s nice So with that Yuri zf8 speed nice and smooth I think we should get to the price hit me with it so I paid so the short wheelbase SV starts at 259 900 Canadian and this one is optioned out to three hundred and eleven thousand nine hundred and five

Dollars which is a lot of money I think that’s perfectly reasonable for who this is targeted at the thing is that my Bach was so much cheaper and it was about 90 of what this car is I think and you know a little bit above in some other ways

Rolls Royce calling in would be more than this and would not be as comfortable back here so what’s this kind of interesting middle ground it’s also very quiet in here potentially as quiet as a cullinan yes it’s a lot of money but at this price it’s kind of

Those one of those who cares cars right yeah I think people who have this on their list of cars they want to buy if they want to buy a luxury SUV with an executive seat in the back like the price can be from 200 000 to 600 000 and

They don’t care that makes sense it’s like you buying a used rear-wheel drive uh sports car from the 90s like you know I can spend up to like 20 grand it’s like if it comes in at like 9 000 or or like 15 yeah it doesn’t matter to you

For them that’s the difference of a couple hundred thousand dollars makes a lot of sense if you put it that way so uh let us know what you think of this car because I would say this is number one for me now and if you were cross

Dropping one of these with a my box or a Rolls-Royce cullinan you can do that on you can add them to the comparison tool see which one’s better in which categories and yes you can even get discounted price offers on some of these cars I wonder what the differences

Would be for the used ones like how cheap or expensive are you use my boxer lx600s right now yeah let us know if this rip is the my box the lx600 the Rolls-Royce cullinan and the Alpena honestly this is nicer than I expected

It to be and I love it this has made me think so so much more of the Range Rover brand yeah they killed it with this slow class Range Rover fast clap