The Straight Pipes: BETTER THAN A CIVIC? 2024 Buick Envista Review

BETTER THAN A CIVIC? 2024 Buick Envista Review

Posted: 2023-07-11 12:59:00
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Buick Envista review by The Straight Pipes. The 24 Envista is putting down 137 horsepower and 162 lb-ft of torque from a 1.2L Turbo 3 Cylinder. At $38,999 CAD, would you take it over the CX-30 or Civic?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign ER Drive 2024 Buick Envista avenir with no launch control that doesn’t help here it’s kind of slow it’s pretty slow horsepower torque 137 horsepower 162 pound-feet of torque from a 1.2 liter turbo three-cylinder and why did we switch roles there Jacob did not want to review a Buick I did so I am in charge

Of all of the stats for once I didn’t want to research anything not that I didn’t want to review it I just didn’t want to look anything up I’m here as a passenger like a viewer where I’m going to be asking the questions that you guys

Want to know so Yuri so you’re playing Yuri’s role yes exactly so clueless all the time this is our first Buick ever out of like over 600 car reviews our first new Buick so congratulations Buick for getting us this yep for the Embargo this is a front-wheel drive little SUV

Front wheel drive only and it has the new design style of Buicks that shock that this doesn’t have all-wheel drive as an option that is the main thing of this car and yours are you equally shocked that this doesn’t have all-wheel drive I’m happy that it only has front-wheel drive but more importantly

Let’s start with the looks do you like the front end it is supposed to look like the Buick Wildcat EV concept which I thought looked cool you thought looked cool I mean the front end of this looks great like there’s I got no issue with

It looks like a shark it does looks like baby shark and we saw it at the auto show and we thought it was awesome at least I did but I saw it in the St version first because this is the avenir which is like the more luxurious one the

St has more blacked out trim everywhere okay but the headlights do you like them yeah I mean nothing about the front end looks bad do you like the new Buick logo it’s okay I love it I think it looks awesome but I don’t know how this would

Look with the front plate so far I’ve only seen them with out front plates and from the side profile I an avid uh Coupe SUV hater I really don’t like this I think it looks cool is a coupe and then the Buick Encore GX that’s coming as

This front end as well and that is a normal SUV it’s slightly bigger and all-wheel drive that’s my jam there we go and speaking of The Encore whoever at Buick is in charge of naming everything starting with an En should be fired because I hate it I’m views I don’t know

What’s what there’s an invista avenir enclave Envision Avenger is a trim level you’re just whatever you’re just making your whole brand more confusing I I think I figured out why they did it it’s so that they can never bring back the Grand National yeah yeah yeah there’s no

There’s no chance if it doesn’t start with en okay a side view we have a very very nice body lines on this yes this is a boring silver color but there are more fun colors in non-avonier Trims and if it was the St you’d get Gloss black instead of painted fenders and

Everything and then if it was the bottom bottom trim it would just be like regular black and then we have pretty cool looking avenir chromies on here well not like no Chrome they’re not Chrome at all they’re just like silverish they’re nice satin Wheels they’re okay they make sense for like

Old people spec Buick yes when I wish they were full Chrome and then what would be the Continental recommended tire for the Buick in Vista avenir you tell me the Continental Pro contact ah Shadow Continental Shadow Buick and to link that to your oh I suspected it to

Be all-wheel drive what do we say about like every Civic people getting SUVs going to the cottage you’re fine with front-wheel drive in the winter get some Viking contact sevens some good Continental winter tires and you’d be finding this right I would be everyone would be but that’s the thing consumers

Want all-wheel drive they don’t know why they want it but they want it and I’m acting as a consumer no you’re not I am a viewer is a consumer no they’re not they’re just for entertainment no they all go to and shop for vehicles all the time yeah for Buicks

Yeah well they will now you think this kind of crash off the Civic no a little bit because it’s like a hatch front wheel drive automatic okay back to the looks in this one we got a little Chrome strip around the coopie lift back do you

Like it or would you rather have the St with the black trim I wish they had more Chrome as an avenir at consumer okay when you Pop the trunk it is power which I guess probably not everything in this segment would probably happen except there’s no hard

Button to lock when you walk away only a button to drop it yeah and you keep saying Civic but there’s like cx30 and like little SUVs like that in my head this is Civic enough it’s a little taller hatch and instead of a four-cylinder Turbo with a CVT this has

A three cylinder turbo with an automatic six-speed an automatic six-speed in here which is you know like that is a good compromise okay Florida back to the back I’m a consumer back to the back end do you like the looks at all no not the back end I absolutely

Hate the back end it also has like a little butthole at the bottom in the center yeah the back end does look a little bit like uh Hulk Hogan receding hairline to me yeah there’s something like that going on back there but I still think it looks kind of cool we got

Like a little lip on the trunk lid and then this has all body color matching at the bottom no exhaust tip showing I do like the tail lights how they’re like like pinkish and solid but not like full deep red well that’s what bothers me I’m

Like tail lights should be red not pink but what I don’t like is that the brake lights and the turn signals are at the very bottom oh yeah that’s weird and then let’s listen to it from the outside And if I put it in neutral right now it’ll only let me rep to 4 000. and it is quiet and I have noticed that there’s no vibrations which is actually a pretty good feat of engineering for a three-cylinder engine all right now cliche corner I would turn my traction

Off but I need to be parked for that it is uh not the worst also not the best I wish there was more bolstering but hey it’s not that type of car contraction will cut you off very severely when you’re ripping through here not the worst definitely not the best

So to finish off with the looks I know I’m like kind of going on about that a lot but that’s like the biggest thing about this how sick would this front end look unlike an AE86 or like a BRZ or a Camaro really sick if they made this in

Front of a Camaro brought back the Grand National or if they just made the Wildcat as a real thing no they would never do that or if they just made the Wildcat as a real thing with a V8 never no chance all right your turn to launch

It I have not launched this car for the record so I’m excited no cooled seats is what I’ve noticed already only heated did you break boost it yeah entire squeal we like that yeah yeah a little bit laggy off the line but we did get tire squeal it is a very small

Motor yes it is 1.2 liters yeah but that does it feel quiet in here it does actually there is some kind of active noise cancellation that I saw on the website that it has and it is really nice uh the auto did a really good job of Shifting like I didn’t notice any

Real perceptive gear changes but like better than a CVT there’s no weird rubber bandiness or anything like that yeah and there’s no paddles but there is a gear limiter on the shifter which is very GM but like you know four-cylinder CVT versus three cylinder Auto like that

Is a good comparison yeah okay let’s see cliche Corner the opposite way that we normally like to take and yeah definitely a little body rolly uh quite body really the steering is kind of oddly weighted it’s like it’s light but not at the same time it does have some

Weight to it I can feel traction just yeah reeling me in well actually tractions off those ESC yeah yeah but it is reeling me back is it I’m not hilarious there’s like a full-on like true action button on the left hey Shadow Buick for that like not that

Anyone’s ever really gonna need that or use it but like it’s nice that you can do that I mean with front-wheel drive you might get stuck okay so this is all full Google infotainment it looks like it it does look like it hey Buick no there is some voice controls that

They advertise okay press one parked and competitive okay so it only works with a phone yeah I guess okay well it looks like we have Android auto and Apple carplay so that’s nice yeah Wireless or wired that’s nice uh this does have SiriusXM wait first of all this whole infotainment we gotta

Show what it looks like it’s this cool shape they’re bragging about how big it is but it’s just two screens in there so whatever it does look impressive when it’s off like that I mean I think it looks cool it looks funky wow it gives

You new music yes it is the new Buick thanks for asking my two-year-old okay so the problem I have with it is that this one has the the world’s largest bezels around it because it’s cool that it looks like it’s all integrated in one like massive thing but it’s not and the

One in front of the driver is just so small and you can’t change the gauge cluster at all it is just is what it is but it’s nice so you can’t customize this email but I don’t need to change it no no I know it’s nailed it we’ve got

Accustomed to being able to do that back to the right screen we have only a volume knob yes no tuning knob and in their description of this car they say the latest Buick infotainment system has been optimized enhanced user interface design voice recognition and multimedia applications making driver interactions

Easier and more intuitive so not having a tuning knob less intuitive couldn’t give voice to work not as intuitive cannot rewind satellite radio where I feel like every single freaking GM in the world lets you rewind up until I drive this yeah probably because it’s a stupid Android thing yeah it’s just

Crazy like Google Google thing I just can’t believe there’s no voice control without yeah anything but it advertised that there is a Buick directions to Margaritaville I don’t even think this has navigation oh because it’s that all honestly that kind of makes sense I I appreciate them for deleting navigation because it’s

Always terrible so you’re forced to rely on Google Maps and Android auto well like if it was a Corolla carplay if it was a Corolla cross which is a competitor for this yeah you would need to be paying subscription to have their dumb built-in navigation yes so it’s

Like yeah I’m not gonna use it anyway so don’t throw it in there yep and the sound system is pretty okay like you can’t complain and then we do have uh hard physical buttons for our climate which is also really nice it is all gloss black and then it all just

Disappears when you turn off the car and then I did notice that it’s only single zone climate as well yeah this is like budget man that’s what I’m saying like compared to a Civic right yeah because like not everything’s crazy okay the Civic has dual zone yeah but I’m sure

Some Civics don’t they just can’t give us those Civics but the priced ones like this one yeah but okay so what Buick is like the luxury version of the track this that’s what this is right okay but that’s think less of a jump from a full

Acura from a Civic so it’s like in between that right okay it’s not quite what Alexis would be to a Toyota yes and then okay these materials in here you see this dude apparently this is to like mimic the look of a handbag instead of like carbon fiber or something it looks

Like fake leather as plastic it’s kind of impressive actually and feel the one right here and you’re like right here oh yes it’s a little softer everything else is like kind of hard plastic it’s all that scratchy kind of GM plastic yeah which You’re Expecting out of this we

Got a silver carbon fiber brush yeah yes or something I don’t know silver carbon-ish and it’s around the shifter as well and moving the shifter back and forth yeah it moves like a lot which is kind of fun and I just I don’t mind it yeah it’s there’s so much good normal

Car stuff in here we even have a wireless charger as well yeah but we have wired with USB and USBC for your car plate which is what I prefer ah and then what about the cup holders yo bro look at that fits fine actually it moves

A lot it moves with liquid and it’s not bad there’s much more it feels like octagonal shape I’d give it a fail I’m not trying to defend this car for like you’re kind of saying like I do enjoy my time in this okay how about the visors

This will settle it three two one oh out the window Yuri everything you just said okay uh seat comfort really good except I wish there was more bolstering but not this type of car this is like a grandma car except it’s marketed at like 35 year olds and apparently like people that are

Uh current sedan owners like in like Jettas and stuff they want them to go up to this which is an interesting proposition okay well how much uh see room do you have here are you comfortable up in the front very comfortable am I comfortable up at the

Front I assume were you comfortable in the passenger seat yeah with my child seat behind me yeah are you comfortable behind yourself at six and one and a half I am Headroom and leg room yeah and this is like a coopy SUV so that is impressive and are we sacrificing trunk

Space because of the leg room I guess not no we might be sacrificing something for the creepy shape but it’s also not the worst like you could probably fit a bunch in there and then there’s a ton of room from underneath there where the spare tire is so if you needed to like

Hack your way into going camping and you needed more stuff just take that out and load it in yeah and then just call CAA or Triple A for what for if you needed an extra tire no you still just put it over the tire like between the tire and

The load thing there’s like a ton of room got it and with the baby seat in the back if you get out of the car it does give you an audible warning to double check which I think is nice if you have a kid and you know what would

Actually kind of match this cool material up on the dash and on the side pretty nicely I know exactly what it would be instead of tox mat absolutely would be go to the straight pipes to see what they have available for your car should I special request

Them to change their pattern for the Buick and Vista for this one yeah or for the Grand National it should just be the Grand National logo yeah yeah yeah the little turbo yeah yeah the turbo six or whatever it was and as for the buttons throughout this interior it’s like

Classic GM it’s like the same stuff that you get in like Chevys and and Silverados and things that we just got out of so it’s just it’s funny to see that but it’s also so nice yeah I mean like I don’t think Buick is like

Cadillac no but I’m kind of in my head they kind of are maybe back in the days well yeah I’m still back in the day you’d be like I actually grew up in a Buick Skylark yeah 89. in the late 80s boxy front-wheel drives is like this is

Exactly what you want bro I mean this isn’t boxy front wheel drive yeah I mean I’ve always liked Buicks like uh even the front wheel drive like 3.8 supercharged ones from the 90s like I thought those were sick yeah the reviews I almost bought a Buick Century yeah but

My family we had a we had a Cutlass Supreme plastic front-wheel drive so that was pretty dope obviously 3.8 yeah hit one complaint put it in reverse ooh yeah it’s got a cool animation for that yeah it’s not the highest res but it’s also not super wide you know how for my

Driveway like the full like 180 degrees it feels like it is pretty wide though but it’s not like 180 degree wide yeah but no 360 camera which would be nice but for this but it would be nice yeah like the amount of money the 360 camera must cost to just manufacture and that

They don’t include it until you spend like sixty thousand dollars on a freaking car it drives me bonkers yeah and for just for fun let’s floor it one more time that is slow there we go it’s slow car yeah but it’s it for some reason it’s not a CBT it doesn’t feel as

Bad as that curl across like the non-hybrid it’s because it’s not a CVT bro probably like how many times in like a faster powered Subaru do I mention that I feel like sketched out when I need to go around yeah and this like I know I’m gonna feel sketched out so I

Anticipate it because a slow motor but the six speed kind of helps me through that so this three bangers should probably get pretty good fuel economy then I didn’t look it up because I’m not interested in that stuff so here’s the number right there let me know what you

Think that sounds pretty good from seeing it on the screen and I want to know in the comments below do you like the looks of this or not yes absolutely let me know as the consumer so I feel like we’ve covered a little too much about this car

Should we get to the price absolutely Yuri let’s get to the price this one starts at twenty eight thousand nine nine nine Canadian and at the avenir trim this one is 33 899 so like compared to a Civic right yeah it’s a Civic touring yeah I would

Rather have a Civic touring hatch but if you couldn’t get the Civic in time and you needed something quicker maybe the Buicks are easier to get this is not a bad car by any stretch like everything’s just it’s car it’s it’s fine it’s good it’s not the best in any way that I

Don’t find they might advertise as having the largest screens I don’t know if that’s true they have the largest bezels that I can see possibly there’s a lot of good normal stuff in this and I think the fact that at least for the first year these looks are going to be

Fresh compared to everything else that’s out there yes that is like a solid reason to get us right away and we’ll see where the rest of the lineup goes if those rest the cars like hold up and look cool you know what I mean and I’m

Very okay with this front end being the new Buick Front End so let us know in the comments below is Buick coming back is this a good thing should they put this front end on the Camaro call it a GNX they should they’re not going to yes

And while you’re at it bring Pontiac back no the Buick never died they’re really still around I know I just wanted to have Pontiac Oldsmobile or Saturn backwards no actually kind of like Pontiac Pontiac was sick Foreign