The Straight Pipes: BETTER NISSAN LEAF! 2023 Nissan Ariya Review

Posted: 2023-05-26 13:13:35
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Nissan Ariya FWD Evolve+ review by The Straight Pipes. The 23 Ariya is putting down 238 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque from a 96kWh battery and one electric battery. At $65,948 CAD, would you take it over the Ioniq 5 or VW ID4?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign Immediately by pushing the talk switch safe phone navigation audio information vehicle or EV to see more commands for each category additional commands are Health that was all right all right power front wheel drive only this one horsepower and torque 238 horsepower 221 pound-feet of torque from a 97 kilowatt

Hour battery and one electric motor making front-wheel drive only there is an all-wheel drive version we are not driving that and then what would be the total range of this fully charged up this one apparently is 465 kilometers which is very respectable and I got this

Thing up to 100 it’s at 500 kilometers which is more than I would ever need from an electric car that’s a lot considering this is still a smallish vehicle it’s great okay and then I want to first talk about looks because you know it’s the first thing you see when

You see a car or when they release it you see the pictures we saw the new Tacoma we haven’t driven it but we saw it and it looks great I saw the revuelto in person and that looks awesome okay yes does this look good it looks okay I

Think this looks better than a lot of other EVS especially when it’s in the gold color I’m sick of this cement color we all know that that’s what I wanted to say first okay yeah yeah people are still stoked on it a cement grade is officially dead it’s on this EV and just

Just kill off cement gray but overall I do think this thing looks pretty decent especially compared to an id4 id4 is hideous so this went the slightly better route okay front end still has a white badge just like the id4 yes the v-motion gorilla looks cool though yeah and then

The headlights are like pretty decent looking and the best part about the headlights is that when it’s turn signals it’s like Amber which is cool and then when you have your full headlights on it still looks good yeah like no no real issues with the front end overall design and the tail lights

Are cool all the way across nothing too crazy every EV goes all the way across but like it’s all right what about the exhaust tips oh got them let’s listen to it from underwater foreign so by the way in Reverse it sounds like a sonar yeah R is actually uh The Hunt

For Red October mode and then uh from the side view the body lines are good nothing like crazy nothing like too sharp just nice smooth decent Body Lines and we do have a sloppy roof with a chrome thing along the top and it is a two-tone color option for this one and

Then the wheels are okay they kind of look very hubcappy but it does look like you can actually remove the center section of that I really like the look of these wheels and what would be the Continental recommended tire for a Nissan Aria the cross contact lx25 and

Then door handles normal door handles which is kind of weird for an electric car right and honestly for a Nissan they actually feel quality all four door handles have the little like button thing so you can open and unlock the door which is pretty cool and I should

Say that this is the Evolve plus which is the highest front wheel drive trim you can get yeah because you can’t auction this out to be more expensive in all-wheel drive and the craziest part about the front end is that the Nissan badge actually illuminate at night that’s the craziest part for me

I think the craziest part is how much better it looks than a leaf okay like they did a great job making a luxury looking car true okay do you like this more than the looks of an ionic ev6 uh Genesis gv60 id4 any other electric cars

Uh nothing except the id4 the id4 looks like trash this looks better you like a bolt UV more than you like the looks of this I think I like a bolty UV all right but this doesn’t this look better than an eqs uh uh yeah I kind of like it more than an

EQ it does have a little bit of eqs Nest to it with like the black front end and stuff but it’s cool and then the front black part which used to be the Grille has a cool pattern in there as well that matches the light up pattern on the

Inside yeah because this interior actually lights up with ambient lighting which looks kind of cool but at the same time kind of just looks like a bug zapper to me then moving on to the interior it is very different than normal Nissan stuff yes it’s actually

Kind of nice it looks very nice not very usable and that’s kind of okay because it’s an electricy car they got to make it look fancy they got to make it look impressive and by doing so they make it hard to use like first thing I’ve noticed your climate control it is built

Into this dashboard which is cool it’s one-ish it is cool looking it’s the way it’s Blended in but it’s hard to use and annoying yeah because it’s all touch buttons with some haptic feedback yeah and then we got a volume knob which is cool but then like an up down tuning thing

So like yeah it’s hard to use but good and then we got haptic buttons for our e-step and drive mode which we’ll talk about later which is also difficult to use but also looks cool and then our shifter is also interesting kind of well they got Pathfinders like that in a

Rogue I know but it’s just it’s like normal Nissan a little weird and then we’ve got the full all the way across style infotainment screen slash gauge cluster but what they did weird about this like I mean it’s got a cool like swoop like this well that’s the problem

With it it looks cool but then they’ve got the infotainment screen like behind like pretty deep so wherever you click you actually click like a centimeter before you get to the screen so basically what’s happening is your main gauge display where your steering wheel is looks crystal clear because the glass

Portion in front of the actual display is very close to the glass whereas the one that kind of swoops over to the infotainment section seems like it’s almost an inch away so it actually makes everything look a little bit blurry on this side but it is a cool looking thing

Compared to regular Nissan stuff yeah considering like the micro and other things I know it’s cool honestly if they left it a little far back it would be even easier to use because there’s like there’s no real section to rest your thumb on or anything like that yeah that

Is true uh but we do have Apple carplay Android auto Wireless all that good stuff wireless charger we have a plug for it down here in this Center let me just reach for that and get it for you yeah okay so every time I get into the

Car it falls down and I have to reach down which is one of my annoyances but this whole Center thing you can move it back which is kind of stupid I don’t like see the reason behind it that’s okay you get in your perfect elbow position I guess it’s just like a cool

Gimmick it gets back into like the rear passenger area yes but the cool thing about this whole sliding console and just the general interior in the front over here is that we don’t really have any section in the middle down here kind of like a Hyundai ionic so it feels very

Spacious and if you did want to cover all this with a set of tux mat I would highly recommend it they are coming soon go to straight pipes to see what they have for your car okay another stuff we’ve got a cool like gold bronze line like that’s nice subtle I actually

Love this the satin gold or whatever I’m going with satin gold do you mind like the material of all the panels and stuff no honestly Everything feels quite premium I’m not gonna lie like all the touch points where my elbows are and all that stuff it feels totally fine say

Something about the leather leather daddy oh is there such a thing I mean you don’t have to okay and then our gauge cluster we can change the meter modes we don’t have like all the crazy modes from the other Nissans but if we click it we can have it like

All laid out this way where you can see your regen differently it is a good amount of like change for an electric car but I love that you just have like the two meter displays oh no it looks like attack yeah and then our infotainment if we click home like we’ve

Got these like weird icons it’s kind of laggy and it’s like not like the best and it’s not like the best graphic design like it’s kind of cluttery and hard to read yeah that’s where the real Nissan stuff comes through yeah yeah and I can’t find a thing that like shows my

Distribution and how much like voltage I mean or how much energy I’m using at a certain time and even while charging I couldn’t find anywhere that told me how much like kilowatt I’m actually pulling at a certain time right you’d probably have to get that through the app or

Something like that yeah so it’s like a little cluttery and like confusing it’s not like the best graphic design but they are like carrying over stuff from normal Nissan they’re not like fully redoing right the whole thing so you can’t really blame them there’s probably like a huge conflict internally trying

To do whatever they wanted but the cool thing is and they made it so simple is that you can actually see the battery percentage at all times in your gauge display as well as the remaining kilometers they don’t make it confusing or just don’t have a battery percentage

Like some other manufacturers yeah like 100 easy to understand for that should we talk about charging real quick so it turns out in Canada they still charge you by the minute instead of by the kilowatt hour because they haven’t switched over that because it makes them

More money so I charged on a 350 and a 150 and to get the same amount of power in like the same amount of minutes one cost me like 2.80 the other cost me a dollar and like eight cents right which you were charging at the exact same rate

Around 30 kilowatts yeah but because the other one was charging you more because the station was working correctly you’ve got builds higher and then while we were doing that we realized that it doesn’t charge you until the first minute happens yeah so we unplugged it at 50

Seconds and it charged zero so all you have to do is it you know until they switch to kilowatt hour which they’re never going to do because they know they can make more money until now is you plug in on plug after 50 seconds then plug in and unplug after 50 seconds do

That 10 times and you got 10 minutes of free electric charging well less than 10 minutes because all of all the hassle probably 20 minutes because you have to enable it do that nine minutes worth of kilowatts and you actually theoretically make money because we got minus 18 cents but

We didn’t get that back in our bank account shout out election five America for working for once and actually not charging us for free electricity yeah gotcha there you go here I am Hamilton at a Canadian Tire nine in the morning on the long weekend and we got another

Guy charging already what the heck yo good thing he bought the tycon or the whatever he Tron so you can get 72. at a 350 and I’m about to slow him down even more let’s go baby let’s get those numbers down okay I guess it’s free today I’m rocking 110 right now

And the guy who was charging at 71 is still at 75 on the 350. well I’m on the 150 what but uh this isn’t like a super fast charge kind of car no it’s not 800 Volt or anything like that so it’s uh it’s it’s Medium charge fast at this point

And unlike a leaf it’s on the side it’s on the front yeah okay and it’s not your demo all right pizza demo rip all right Jacob’s turn to drive and we’ll talk about some handling and handling Comfort horsepowers torques launch controls seat room launch control EV system hot power reduced Drive slowly

Okay let off see what happens okay I feel like that was exactly the same as yeah oh you can interrupt the voice prompt and give a command to me why does this do this every time we launch it we didn’t even say Nissan yeah I don’t know hang on let’s just try and

Launch it again and see if it won’t talk this time canceling voice recognition okay I probably said Nissan no see I didn’t hit it with my hands anyways power is okay uh totally fine for a car like this I don’t really need more in an EV oh it’s great I’m totally fine with

This amount of power it doesn’t feel slow like the id4 did this is actually just great like no pumped in audio either which is nice nothing it’s relatively quiet in here other than a lot of wind noise that I’ve noticed yeah well I mean it’s still Nissan yeah yeah

I mean it is it definitely is a Nissan but now that I’m in the driver’s seat I do want to mention when I was in the passenger seat I actually had ample leg room with your car seat behind me yo shout out the Britax click tight yeah so

Uh this is actually a pretty big car in here I have no complaints about the interior space I fit behind myself in the back as well yeah and front seats are nice and comfortable and then there’s like a ton of room in the trunk as well like you probably fit a big

Stroller in there and we got the clothes and lock buttons up there yeah so I mean ergonomically and functionally this thing’s actually pretty good yeah I was I was surprised yeah I know because like that bolt euv I’m like this isn’t really a UV but this is like totally and I can

Show or someone would like pick this over maybe an ionic which I think has less room in the trunk yeah but I personally wouldn’t but I would take this over an id4 because look we have four window switches for four Windows wow not two window switches for four

Windows it’s revolutionary isn’t it a little volume knob what yo I bet you our climate’s illuminated at night too it’s illuminated during the day that’s crazy mind-blowing okay so let’s get into these Drive modes I gotta reach back here unless I move the center console All the Way Forward which

Actually does help me reach the drive mode button so the drive mode this has is standard Eco and Sport and no matter what you leave it in it’s always going to start back in standard so it won’t just start in Eco again and I really like standard because it feels the most

Natural in terms of an EV slash gas car because it gives you that kind of when you let off the gas or what accelerator you kind of get like a little bit of regen not much yeah and then you can get a little bit more if you put it to your

Your drive mode to be but if you put your well your shifter your shifter mode but if you put your drive mode to Eco then you get no regen it’s just coasting yeah so I’m gonna put into Eco right now and I’m just coasting it actually feels pretty nice and then

Say you’re coming up to a red light you could go like this you and then this is like instead of having a paddle yeah slow down with this this is not going to break every time no no no and I definitely wouldn’t use it for anything

Like that and then there’s also a third Mode called well fourth mode e-step where e-step is kind of one pedal driving but not actually coming to a complete stop for some reason which is really weird so here you step on and the pedal moves itself and if you hit the

Gas the gas the brake pedal will remove itself I can already see a lifting yeah which is weird because it won’t come to a full stop and lifting yeah because you’ve gotten to the point where it’s not going to come to a full stop and the reason it does that is because they

Wanted this to be like a transition for people to get out of gas cars into this and they think that full coming to a stop might be too confusing for those people you know what I find more confusing my brake pedal varying how much braking I’m getting without me

Knowing that it’s varying my braking but here’s the thing is with this system it only does that when you’re letting off the the throttle so your your foot’s never on the brake pedal and then it starts doing that like barely ever right well this brake pedal feels like trash

To me because it’s very spongy and I never know how much braking I’m gonna get like this is a deal breaker for me yeah when it comes to garbage okay come to a full stop I did oh yeah that yeah now they’re doing like a little it’s just a little softer okay

It moves like this a whole bunch the car literally it it feels like we’re in a boat like it it just it rocks back and forth non-stop yeah but it is like a soft ride it’s like nice and bouncy yeah I’ll get to that through cliche corner but overall daily driving it’s actually

Acceptable uh it’s pretty soft it’s not as bouncy as some EVS have been and then for Drive modes like if you’re buying this for a family member who like isn’t techy and doesn’t want to figure all this stuff out I would suggest keeping it in standard mode keep it getting

Drive keeping e-step off and then it’ll just be the most normal version of this car possible so literally the mode that it starts in as long as the last person didn’t have Estep on when they turned on oh because e-step stays on with I think so okay

We’re gonna find out right now e-step is on we’re in normal standard okay go to Eco shut the car off get out or should we have to we have to like Locker that’s a full reset that’s full yes he steps back on standard e-step yeah so just don’t touch e-step yeah

That is my professional opinion okay uh next thing I’d like to talk about is the steering wheel the steering feel is very light like this thing moves like crazy it’s good and bad because it’s nice and light but this the smallest amount of input does give you an actual output it’s too

Light yes in my opinion it’s definitely heavily over boosted uh and not my favorite but what’s cool is you get the cool adaptive cruise and all that stuff which works really well on the highway the Nissan 360 stuff or whatever yeah yeah the one the one with the blue

Circles around it the blue button Pro pilot assist okay bump into cliche corner totally fine obviously no adaptive dampers or anything like that turn in is you’ve got traction right now I think yeah that’s fine I needed to reel me in here he’s got so much power oh yeah just

Toss it in like a front wheel drive car just staying on throttle it’s actually not bad it’s actually it rotates well with the trash on would you have traction off you can get it to like like nothing everyone would do that yeah it’ll just it’ll understeer but you can

Like do liftoff over steer and it’ll like pull itself around like it is not the worst but I think every electric car is good through cliche corner so like whatever they’re all just like mediocre but not in a bad way it’s just like okay

Yeah so now a few more things to top it off we’ve got two glove boxes here very impressive we’ve got two cup holders which will fit a small cup just fine and then we’ve got these two things to block the sun three two one full pass it says

Sliding visor on it and we got a nice big moon roof I think that’s pretty much everything with it right I think so time to get to the price 65 900 and 48 dollars okay that’s kind of a lot that is a lot and that’s where this car

Completely falls apart for me because you can get a Hyundai ionic top trim all-wheel drive for that amount of money and actually I think slightly less I do have a friend who has one and he was complaining about getting stranded and he’s trying to get rid of his ionic five

Because he hates it oh because that they have a 12 volt battery issue or whatever he says he’s trying to figure out some 12 volt battery this is not for sure they don’t know yet everyone’s in the forums okay so there’s one person in the forums messaging who was stopped at the

Side of the road stranded try to figure it out for other people too well I guess all EVS have their uh problems because they’re all new I don’t know what the what the actual thing is but he was telling me he’s sick of his ionic five

So if you are shopping for an ionic 5 or one of these or maybe an id4 go to for discounted price offers yeah do you think this is like middle of the road current electric car like it’s not the worst it’s not the best yeah but I would put it like near

The bottom but not because it has done anything wrong it’s just not anything like that great yeah you know what I would like is if they got rid of all the fanciness in here made it like a regular normal like Pathfinder interior or Rogue interior and then made it cheaper so

Like a leaf maybe maybe thanks for watching guys don’t forget to subscribe we do electric car reviews fast car reviews comparisons all kinds of good stuff yes and follow us on Instagram because it’s fun yeah that’s where we post lawn content yes and car content and barbecue content and

Watch content but mostly lawn content and mostly car content I don’t post mostly car cuts