The Straight Pipes: BEST Subaru to BUY! 2024 Subaru Outback Wilderness Review

BEST Subaru to BUY! 2024 Subaru Outback Wilderness Review

Posted: 2023-09-06 11:58:15
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Subaru Outback Wilderness review by The Straight Pipes. The 24 Outback Wilderness is putting down 260 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque from a 2.4L 4Cyl Turbo Boxer engine. At $44,795 CAD, would you take it over the Rav 4 Trail?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign we’re going for a drive 2024 Subaru Outback Wilderness without launch control it’s gonna hold the RPMs will it oh yeah here comes the Boost come on it’s taking a while to get there the gearing a lot faster than that Impreza let’s get to the horsepower and torque 260

Horsepower 277 pound-feet of torque from a 2.4 liter turbo 4-cylinder boxer engine we’re in the two two hundreds of a horsepower and torque bro we got boost we have Boost this car is genuinely not slow like this is the lowest level of power that every Subaru should have that any car should

Have in North America yeah with a CVT transmission so what is this it looks lifted it looks higher it’s got a lot of stuff on it it’s got an orange badge yeah it’s a Wilderness you can take this out into the bush and deserts and

Whatever you do and I don’t know if you don’t live on in Ontario you probably use this for off-roading in actual places like Arizona and you can go camping and do stuff and if it’s snow you can get through stuff because it’s got X modes which are great but if you

Do live in a city center or Southwestern Ontario where there are no real off-road trails then you just look cool driving around on the road it’s a it’s a fashion fashion SUV no fashion wagon yes well it’s like an SUV wagon thing because it’s like it’s still quite big it’s got

The wagonist shape and that’s what kind of makes this my favorite Subaru other than a WRX or a BRZ well I mean I had the Wilderness last year the Forester Forester Wilderness sorry and I mean I think I kind of like the looks and proportions of that more than this

Because even though this is like wagging and wagons cool like I don’t know I I don’t mind the extra room from an SUV This Is My Jam although it kind of looks like it’s up high on stilts where the proportions of the Forester Wilderness do look better but this is just like

Funnier and like all the plastic panels and stuff it just looks ridiculous and there’s no more competition for this really than like a normal price like a golf all road was like the or whatever off track this competes with like SUVs like a like a RAV4 TRD off-road or it

Doesn’t compete with wagons because there are no more and I guess there’s like the Audi and Mercedes wagon but they’re like luxury Brands yeah exactly so paying extra for the Wilderness Edition gets you multiple Wilderness badges throughout the interior and exterior as well as different bumpers on the outside way more plastic cladding

Along the sides you get all-terrain tires and the Continental recommended tire would be the terrain contact at because you want to take this thing off-road I guess this would take truck tires because we’ll truck and suv tires but this isn’t an SUV or a truck it’s a

Wagon yeah but it takes SUV tires they’re slash truck tires I feel like they can’t Market this as a wagon because nobody would buy it so I think they’re marketing this as yeah hey look we got Wilderness tags not badges on the inside yes that’s right I

Mean I like orange badges for off-roady versions well these are like there’s no Trails way trail sport is that the Honda that’s Honda there’s more like comparable like off-roady trail sport yeah we’re gonna argue to the death over what color this actually is and I think I feel like it changes

Between Subarus like some of them actually have yellow some of them actually have gold but the Wilderness has this like coppery gold thing yellowish gold yeah that’s what it is uh and then you also get some skid plates underneath the car and you get a suspension lift and you get these cool

Wheels as well which are kind of like knock off te37 sort of yeah I mean I like I like that yeah I like them they’re in black but very simple design you made them in white it would look stupid on this yeah and they’d just always be dirty yeah but who cares stuff

Is dirty this is literally an off-road car like yeah it’s supposed to be dirty by the way I like this paint color I think more than that blue that I had on the uh Forester I really like that blue but like this also really works for this

Kind of car the metallickiness of it is really good and I like I like brown cars gold cars beige cars the older I get the more I want that that beige gold Corolla Camry my first Camaro that was brown I painted lime green as an adult now I’d

Be like I want a brown I saw Brown Camaro same color had like a Camaro show and I was like that is perfect brown should have bought it he wouldn’t sell it to me those damn Boomers I asked thinking it’s a hundred thousand dollar car he’s at forty thousand ah it’s still

Too much yeah way too much yeah I like how we got Wilderness in the headrests yeah yeah and then and the Wendy’s neoprene seats yeah so you can like repel water and uh go scuba diving and whatever you do in this thing but no ventilated yeah that would be nice we

Only have heated and then the last thing at least for me Wilderness wise is we have a different roof rack which has a larger static load so you can actually go roof camping or uh over Landing as they like to say yeah I mean that makes

Sense though if you don’t want to have like pull a trailer or somewhere you could camp on your roof yeah the attachments for that it was like 700 pounds or something 700 pounds yeah so you can support it you can’t do 700 pounds while driving because correct

When you hit the brakes it’ll pop it Forward probably it’s a static load not a dynamic I do like how we got like yellow uh little arrows and panels covering all like the tow hook areas on the front and the back and then also where you want to mount them on the top

I think that’s a cool touch yeah oh and then we also have the uh the black uh stickers on the hood to apparently Shield your eyes from the reflections of the sun yeah but uh you know it’s just a matte black yeah but uh that’s it like you’re having like

A 80s sports car or something exactly I think this thing looks great for what it is like Wilderness Edition Subaru go nuts do the Wilderness on the WRX do it on the BRZ I don’t care yeah they’re like make a Baja BRZ at this point they’re not gonna do that yeah but

Porsche did it would be cool and the BRZ is the budget Porsche didn’t speed Academy do that I don’t know if they lifted theirs they built the one for dove oh yeah that’s right I forgot about that there it’s already done all right well thanks beat Academy you guys did

Subaru’s job for them okay and at the back we got these exhaust tips that look like they were put on by the uh most budget muffler shop in the world and just cut which I guess is fine because if you you bang it up off-roading with the crazy approach and departure angles

Like you may not want to ruin some nice exhaust tips yeah and you want ground clearance on this right so we should probably listen to it from the outside probably probably sounds sick it probably doesn’t put it in neutral and Rev damn dude that’s sick it is sick

Uh and the suspension is amazing it is so soft so Supple I love driving this it’s like basically Rolls-Royce Yury uh it’s a little bumpy dude I took I took uh okay so the reason I think you would use this in Toronto is there’s this Tim

Hortons and a lot of people drive around the speed bumps and with this car I was able to drive right through the speed bumps and it was a little like bumpy when I landed like there are softer cars yeah it’s not over his bench over this stuff when you’re not flying over speed

Bumps but this is this is built for Speed bumps well apparently it’s not because you said it isn’t yeah but I mean the car doesn’t get damaged but it’s not comfortable and also when I left my house this morning instead of driving off my driveway onto the road

Like an adult I cut the curb and drove over my grass because I have that extra ground clearance and I find this exceptionally comfortable the only thing I don’t like is the steering at all and I also through cliche Corner which I’m gonna drive in a second uh it also kind

Of Body Rolls a lot because of how lifted it up it is I would expect that and I’m happy that it does that I kind of forget that when I’m in it and it’s until I’m trying to turn and do things and I’m like oh yeah I’m actually 40

Feet in the air and then we also have paddles to simulate all of our fake Gears of our CBT and again this powertrain this engine is really good for what it is oh yeah full brakes does it have the brake problem like the other cars with the Crosstrek and Impreza uh

Yeah the the first initial pedal travel is really tight okay cliche Corner tons of body roll it’s rotating it is it is easily enough it is coming around it feels like it’s it’s gonna turn around on me dirt on dirt that’s probably sick

Oh yeah I I think it a lot of that has to do with these off-roading tires and uh yeah but I mean over that bump like it’s so soft this is this is really nice to drive so let’s get you into this soft supple seat because these seats are

Really cool you say Supple too many times I’m saying it on purpose it makes me feel uncomfortable good what about moist moist is fine Supple is just like good because I left the seat moist for you manual shifting oh nailed that I think it down in third now it’s really Supple shift

Not nothing nothing Supple nothing subtle about it uh so yeah this power is decent uh a lot better than the impressive like I’m happy with this yeah having a manual would be cool they probably have one in the past and nobody bought it so they got rid of it

Yep hey check this out View you probably got to go a lot slower hey check this out View sick yeah you got a front camera very low res and then I also have a reverse camera but do I have a 360 camera no obviously no you know whatever I mean like you could

Have just put one in considering the massive screen that we have that we both still don’t love because uh all the climate controls are buried into it yeah not my favorite infotainment gauge cluster nice and simple I like this Subaru gauge poster I like analog tax

I’m going to be upset when they go digital I was just going to say because we both like it you probably find a way to ruin it yeah they’re gonna make it they’re going to make it vertically tall instead of horizontal digital and laggy and who knows and I realized something I

Really don’t like about this infotainment and I think it’s the graphic design so the fonts to make everything fit they squish them together because the words are so long so like driving assistance each letter is narrower than each letter from vehicle control I see that and then they change

The size of the fonts a lot it’s like they want to use full words but because of that everything changes and looks kind of weird like if they wanted it to fit with the same font size and stuff they would just have to put like vehicle and then assistance and settings but

What I do like is we have X modes and it’s a nice hot summer day so there is no us getting stuck anywhere we don’t feel like mudding or anything because there’s really no mud around here either because not here Southern Ontario but in Winter on the Forester it worked really

Really well so I love X modes I would live by X modes if I ever thought I was going to get stuck I would feel confident with X modes everywhere the only thing that sucks is that they are buried in the infotainment well not buried they are at the top but they are

In the infotainment they’re not you can have it always visible and it’s fine they only work at low speeds I’m not upset about that at all because like because other Subarus have like the SI buttons on the steering wheel so what about X mode buttons are never on the

Steering wheel there’d be a button right here yeah so it would have been nice if they just did that but there’s no room make room get rid of this view button you can’t even see the camera unless you’re going like two the hard button for camera over hard button for X modes

For a year because when you’re in X mode you’re already stopped and stuck this you might actually need to okay and in front of that we got a wireless charger because we have only Wireless carplay which sucks because there’s a delay when you’re watching videos on your phone or you’re connected

To the thing and then you have to disconnect to do that and then reconnect flexing five little ducks get out your five little ducks and then blocking your wireless charger almost is your USB plugs yeah because they’re at like the wrong angle to each other even

If you wanted to correct that yeah and then like if you have your car in park and you’re trying to plug in your USB cables for the first time it’s like what the heck like yeah put it into drive the plug-in just like you know the little

Things little things which I guess you plug it in once and but where else you’re gonna put your phone your cup holder you kind of have to which brings me to an epic fail not only are they behind the shifter which makes it more Awkward to grab they’re so deep and even

With the little extension we have here you still probably couldn’t fit a small there you know you do need two extensions I could steal them from the other Subaru put them in here and then technically they’re still owned by Subaru yeah they’re just in a different Subaru of the stack extensions Alex I’ll

Stack all three up here yeah and I’ll get like a small espresso cup or whatever exactly uh and then the rest of this interior is actually not bad the materials and stuff are pretty cool all the uh the elbow rests are nice and soft

And so cool and then uh up here we have this cool texturized pattern right in front of me where you can also put a passenger phone or a map actually it wouldn’t fit a map I’m sorry what you can do in the back seat though is charge

Your phone heat your seats and they got little Cubbies for your phone in the seat back and they’re like leather or whatever so they’re not going to scratch up your lens and stuff and you said you as in me because I actually fit back there very comfortably which is really

Nice yeah we got a whole bunch of trunk space and then we got cool floor mats everywhere with cool designs I’ll admit okay the designs look cool they got the badge but the coverage is not very good especially going off and mudding and getting snow on it what are you going to

Need a set of Tuck smack go to the straight pipes to see what they have for your car because they have maximum coverage especially compared to the mats that come with this vehicle and you know what I had fun using today on the way here what’s that

The adaptive cruise with Lane centering uh the eyesight stuff through the eyesight system and I feel like this is an older eyesight system than the most recent cross Trek and Impreza that we drove okay this this year as well yeah which I think works better I really

Loved it in the Forester I know a lot I’m saying that but like a lot of the Forester is this yep and it worked really well so that’s like my ideal and then just like the impressive we got a great field of view with the mirrors

Back and the little Gap in front you could probably use these mirrors to you do a lot of Towing because this can tow up to 3 500 pounds nice and now let’s do a visor test three two one yes it’s very very sticky yeah yeah it needs

A little grease and like always Jacob complains that the button for the heated steering wheel is too dim yes the LED needs to be brighter honestly whoever did that whoever source that part should be fired it goes on brighter if you when you hold back but that’s at your like

Head level it’s not even working anymore well it is you just can’t see no trust me it’s that dim oh my God that’s what I’m this is what I’ve been complaining it’s so much brighter in the Impreza whoa are they using different parts that’s what I’ve been complaining right you’re right I

Know I’m right it’s been like so many students is so much brighter maybe they fixed it in this old text though so good job Subaru enjoy your new job at whatever company you’re at after this video so I think that’s it with this car let’s get to the price

44795. Canadian and if you wanted to buy one in America you go to for discounted price offers yeah I mean that’s a good chunk above the cross track and the Impreza that we recently drove but you get better motor it looks cool more ground clearance like

I would just Pony up and just get like the cool version I honestly would too I would recommend this over those if you can spring for this so would you take this over a RAV4 Prime if you could get either without a delay at the dealership

I mean this to me rides nicer uh I really don’t like this infotainment but it just I don’t know this car just kind of works and I like the look of it I think I’d take this over RAV4 Prime yeah it’s super is a little cooler even though I don’t need the symmetrical

Full-time all-wheel drive yeah but it’s a nice fashion car and I want to look top and off roads when I roll up to the ice rink to play hockey yeah we all tarmac the whole way yeah yeah I don’t know which one I’d pick honestly but I do really like this foreign