The Straight Pipes: BEST SELLER! 2024 Kia Seltos Review

Posted: 2023-07-07 12:00:28
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Kia Seltos review by The Straight Pipes. The Kia Seltos SX Turbo is putting down 195 horsepower and 195 lb-ft of torque from a 1.6L Turbo 4 cylinder. At $35,795 CAD, would you take it over the Subaru Crosstrek, Toyota Corolla Cross, Hyundai Kona, Mazda CX-30?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign And we’re going for a drive 2024 Kia salto’s SX turbo all-wheel drive without launch control oh no kidding [Applause] okay it’s closer looks cool yeah yeah it’s pretty decent horsepower and torque 195 horsepower 195 pound-feet of torque from a 1.6 liter turbo four-cylinder there’s no time for you to guess Yuri yeah well that was going to be my guess it’s obviously a woman Kia Hyundai has

Had that 195 195 from a 1.6 turbo for a while which is great this is the appropriate power level for SUVs of this size I think and this is like a small SUV so it competes with like the Kona Crosstrek yes we have a Crosstrek review coming out soon unless that’s already

Out so watch that video I guess Corolla cross yes but not the hybrid one because the hybrid one’s sick actually this probably could be with the hybrid one better power-wise uh yeah and possibly even price wise too how about looks wise do you like the look of this I don’t

Mind it at all so it’s been refreshed this is not an all-new model but they did a pretty significant exterior refresh we’ve got the star map headlight lights or whatever they call drls I don’t see the star map thing but it looks pretty cool I don’t even remember

Really what the old one looks like all I know is the old one was yellow whenever I saw a yellow yes yeah with squiggly headlights yeah it was a celtos all right let’s send it into cliche corner it’s a little scandi flick in there dude

This is not bad at all we got multi-link rear suspension out back this is pretty fun just literally toss around the power’s good does an okay job probably like good cx-30 competitor yeah oh yeah very like that was really fun for driving yeah this would be a pretty good

Equivalent to that but uh back to those looks what were you saying I can’t tell the difference everything about this just looks like Bland to me but all like the individual parts are like kind of all right the only thing I I remember from the looks is the turn signal in the

Front which I like I don’t like the headlights because of the part that lights up at different times so you have to have like full headlights on for the middle part to be lit up so actually seeing the full star map you don’t see it in daytime running light mode which

Is annoying and then Body Lines from this side like it can’t even it just looks like an SUV how about the roof rack uh roof rack looks cool from the back it kind of looks like uh it’s like a wing see it’s got cool little things

But all together it doesn’t do it for me how about the tail lights what’s the exact shape of them I don’t even know it’s just that same like thing that goes across the back from the company that usually has the best headlights and tail lights I guess they put cool stuff but

Like all their best stuff is everywhere else and together this is kind of a how about the exhaust tips uh there are none what does the diffuser look like we don’t need to look at it from the outside I like this motor remember when it was on that cool Elantra sport that sounded

Sick uh that’s a Hyundai but yeah same motor oh like they’re not the same company I thought you were gonna say Forte because it’s this company no that one didn’t have that cool exhaust that orange one at the very beginning yeah yeah that one was sick and manual yeah

That Elantra support was pretty simple but uh they launched a GT too yeah and then these wheels are actually pretty sick I do really like them yeah cool hex is it like stop sign shape hexagonal or pentagonal sure let’s go with that or something I don’t know the guy it’s got

Cool like angles it all matches and won’t be the Continental recommended tire for a kyoceltos the cross contact lx25 and go to the straight pipes to get full details on the 110 rebate June promo right now if it’s June so overall looks wise this

Compared to a Kona uh the new Kona look RoboCop style obviously RoboCop hey this is the new this is the new Salto yeah I also don’t know where the name comes from I assume a mountain range somewhere I was way off I do like it do I love it

Over some of the other competitors obviously don’t love any of the competitors can look cool it can well like Wilderness Edition looks pretty cool even like a normal Crosstrack like I saw an orange Crosstrek you know from a couple years ago yep still looks cool looks cooler than this yeah Corolla

Cross hybrid the hybrid looks sick saying dude this this segment’s all right but back to that 195 195 I’m gonna floor it in not full sport mode I’ll explain that in a second eight speed Auto a little bit slow to downshift and it is apparently all new

But the power is still just fantastic apparently it’s up 20 horsepower from the previous model that we didn’t drive okay so let me explain what I was going to explain with the drive mode stuff so we have a couple different Drive modes normal Sport and smart the gauges change

With each drive mode however we also have S on the shifter so if I were to go into sport mode first and then go into s on the shifter I’ve got like a double sport mode but if I go to S on the shifter first and then I try to go s it

Doesn’t actually let me it says shift to D to use drive mode so I go to shift to D go to Sport and now I go sport shifting so now I have transmission and everything else in sports so it’s like it’s a little weird yeah good thing then

Nobody who buys this is going to do that probably not to any sport whatever who knows but uh that’s one thing that I noticed and then down here we do have a lot of hard buttons we have heated and cooled seats and we also have a heated

Steering wheel so hard buttons whoa yeah K900 that thing looks sick that’s like the second one I’ve ever seen in my life since we interviewed Ted yo Ted we miss you shout out Ted come back to Automotive yeah the Press cars Ted was the uh CEO or VP sorry VP Ted was the

Best shout out Ted Ted Lancaster okay uh hard buttons everywhere this reminds me of why I originally fell in love with Hyundai’s and Kias when we first started reviewing cars and like as of recently they’ve gotten a lot worse with capacitive touch buttons this is the good stuff if you’re looking at getting

A good easy to use car this is the style you want find that car on discounted price offers highly recommended and this is Apparently one of the actually this is their top seller for the entire brand so you probably want to shop for one of

These there but yeah like you said this is a very good layout for all the hard buttons for everything climate getting to your phone projection and all that stuff it’s really good so we got Apple carplay Android auto wired yes only wired correct so that phone projection button gets you there really nicely

Somebody in ttrs video was saying nobody likes apple carplay nobody know uses it like that guy is wrong right he’s completely wrong that’s all people want out of infotainments is Apple carplay yes Apple carplay Android auto just solves everything that the oems do incorrectly which they do a lot in terms

Of like mapping and all that kind of stuff I like the size of these screens they’re not too big they’re just like perfectly sized they really are for this car uh the one thing that I don’t like about all this stuff is that we still do

Have a lot of gloss black we do have some like gloss gray which would have been nice to just kind of put that everywhere else and then we have a bunch of cheap Plastics and stuff down here like all that scratchy kind of stuff cheap as heck I’m a plastic Daddy not

About it but we do have that contrasted with some really cool uh tan or beige whatever you want to call this I like this I really like that I don’t know what it is it definitely doesn’t feel like leather I don’t know what it is but

I think for this kind of car it adds a nice looking like with the seats it looks better than I thought it would exactly and then the one other weird thing that I noticed is that we do actually have a Bose sound system which sounds pretty pretty good but the

Speaker grills depending on where you’re looking at them from the driver’s seat from the passenger seat they just look like somebody took a hammer to them it’s like when you buy a car used 15 years later and stuff like slide around and whatever got smashed that’s how they end

Up like me looking at the driver one right now just looks like it’s dented but I can see the cool pattern on the passenger side leave a comment below if you’ve ever gotten into your friend’s car and like accidentally kicked in their speaker panel or put stuff in the

Trunk of your car took a turn too fast and broke your speaker panel at the back that’s what I’m saying it has happened to the best of us 100 it’s happened and it’s happened to we’ve done it to our friends cars and just haven’t told them

And whatnot but uh other than all that I actually do like this interior the seats are really good the driving position is a little bit high for me and the worst part about that is that we have this stupid head up display that’s like a Plexiglas panel that comes up and

Because of my height where I can’t lower the seat anymore 50 of the display is actually fully cut off and I can’t adjust it yeah I don’t like that either I like when it’s pushed onto the window but I also prefer not use head up displays because my eyes have been

Trained to look at a gauge cluster since I started driving 20 something years ago let’s get those train dies in this driver’s seat Erie launch control that was actually probably better Yeah that’s really good power yeah [Applause] and it’s actually fairly quiet in here I’ve noticed other than when you’re flooring it yeah it’s nice pleasant visor test oh three two one okay I almost went off the road there does this have adaptive cruising Lane keep uh yes it does and it is really

Really good on the highway proper highway driving assist yes highway driving assist what’s up and for daily driving the suspension is also really good really comfortable going over imperfections and stuff it’s really noticeably quiet how about the cup holder uh it’s kind of annoying like it does technically fit this is a medium

But it has room to move around jiggle Jiggles yeah so I’m gonna give that a medium pass okay I got parking buttons so if I click that I can see my 360 camera right incorrect you can see your reverse camera under 10 kilometers per hour dang it okay what about the trunk

Usually cars in this class don’t have a power liftgate this one does Erie all new for 2024. but does it have a lock button no oh you’re so close whatever it’s got a power trunk now which is nice yeah and then the space is pretty good

Too yeah fold all them down how about the space behind the driver Jacob do you fit behind yourself six foot one and a half you know I do actually you don’t it’s it’s a toss-up between cars but I do fit in here which is very nice nice

And putting my feet down on these carpets put a set of tux mat in here and it’ll spice up this interior go to the straight pipes it’ll match the luxury that is the piano black yeah exactly it’ll it’ll Spruce it up take this to uh this is already the top

Trim so you know if only they made a tux mat that had a messed up surface like this like like the the speaker pattern I can’t put my feet still anywhere yo these door handles are weird uh they are a little weird I don’t like them yeah

And also gloss black and shiny silver it’d be fun if car companies like went around they’re like all right let’s make the most normal car ever we’re not going to put any spice into it at all I feel like the Subaru Legacy or something perfectly ergonomic vehicle all right so

We got a little sunroof that’s nice cute I wouldn’t expect like a full one in this no not a panel unless it’s like a small luxury brand version of this from someone else right like when Genesis puts out uh I guess the GV 60 is as

Close as you can get is but it’s an EV maybe gv50 when I that comes out it’ll be an Eevee at this point I think ah yeah I guess right okay yo this um infotainment I realize there’s no bulbs anymore yes uh sorry tubes because people got really angry when we call

Them boobs two bulbs for the radio stations it’s nice normal stuff I think everyone has been updated out of that crabby tube bulb look yep so good job on fixing your mistakes Kia Hyundai Genesis at least they did it right yeah no I’m being very serious oh I should go

Through kochet Corner oh let me lock your uh your differential because yeah there’s a button for that as well yeah I’m gonna unlock it I’m in drive oh yeah this thing kind of kind of boogies that’s body roll if I needed to get onto the highway in front of someone else or

Something I could like I wouldn’t feel sketched out and then this bump dude that was great oh okay so I in the cross track today I did try to pass around a truck felt very very sketchy would not have that issue with this power and I’m stoked on that yes exactly like the

Crosstrek is definitely underpowered and I think that’s about it like this isn’t the wildest car it’s not the wildest segment but it seems like it’s got a lot of good stuff going on for it besides in my opinion the looks okay so speaking of all that I do agree with you I do

Generally really like this car I actually looked at the Kia marketing stuff you give me a couple words that you think Keo marketing would use to describe this vehicle punchy okay excitement okay joyous okay would you like to know what marketing actually says yes here we go distinctive design bold stylish

Innovative upscale characteristics oh so they just got an AI bot to make a press release for them yeah it is chat GPT hey man it’s it’s gonna replace Automotive writers it’s going to replace Automotive PR people but it’s gonna replace us no you you’ve seen the AI I’ve seen Jack

And like Jack could be fully replaced by AI at this point as long as you’re not driving as long as as long as you’re driving a car you will get replaced by AI everyone else who does their stand-ups and stuff they’ll be replaced too okay so let’s get to the price hit

Me with it this one is 35 795 dollars Canadian which for top trim is pretty reasonable these days yeah it’s just like I like this powertrain I just wish it looked cooler everything else besides the look for me is like pretty great with this so let us know

What you guys think of this refreshed celtos is it enough for you or would you just get the