The Straight Pipes: BEST PORSCHE…OF ALL TIME! 2024 Porsche 911 Dakar Review

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-03 11:59:09
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Porsche 911 Dakar review by The Straight Pipes. The Porsche 911 Dakar is putting down 472 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque from a 3L Twin Turbo 6 cylinder boxer engine. At $293,710 CAD, would you take it over the Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato, Ford F-150 Raptor R, Ram 1500 TRX?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Jacob and we’re going for a [Applause] Drive 2024 Porsche 9911 darar with rally launch control mode in the dirt oh my [Laughter] God go go Go horsepower and charge 473 horsepower 420 lb feet of torque from a 3 l twint turbo 6-cylinder boxer engine I’m surprised you didn’t say Samir you break the car Sami Sami you will wreck the car we will not finish you can’t break this thing I’m going to say it right from the

Beginning of the video this is the best Porsche ever made this is my favorite Porsche of all time I’m going to fight you on that later but let’s get into what this actually is it is a lifted 9911 GTS that you can’t buy because there’s only 2500 made they’ve all been

Allocated for and we got a cool cigarette company Livery on it uh yes so it says rough roads because this is an homage to the 80s version of this car which was sponsored by a rothman’s a cigarette company so Ruff roads is a really good marketing version of Ro and

We got the matching plates so Shadow Porsche Canada they always do cool stuff like that and Shadow Porsche Canada and Porsche in general for having one of these available for us to drive cuz they don’t really need to honestly and I’m so glad that they did because I wasn’t that

Excited about this car I didn’t really care about people Safari their 911s I was like okay why would you do that I fully understand I regret my decision from before I love this carard this is my favorite 911 of all time and I’m going to keep saying that throughout

This video even over a GT3 or GT3 RS cuz like the first thing I did when this rolled up in my driveway drive across my grass I love off-road e car stuff okay cliche corner I’m going put it into sport mode and uh let’s see oh dude this

Does not feel like an off-road it just feels like a normal car it it does under steer just because of these tires I can’t blame it little floaty but it makes it fun like feel like I’m on a rally course like I had a Subaru WX this

Is Peak Subaru WX STI cuz it’s it’s a boxer engine it’s a 9911 it’s a rally version so the reason I was always stoked on this like the Local Motors rally ey or r or whatever rally rally fighter whatever that is that was like one of the the coolest cars I thought

When I was like younger and I always love the off-road stuff I love Matt Faris Safari 911 builds I think that is just cool I know there’s a guy doing like 996 911 there’s tons I love all this stuff and now I do as well this is the best I

Take this over like off-road pickup trucks like Raptor I’m like n off-road car yes that’s why I love this cuz it’s like a raptor IED version of a car for me so I think the most important thing now is to decide between us which is the

Coolest Livery or paint job to get for for the rich guys who already got these the one that we’re driving with Yuri 100% cuz there’s like a martini one there’s a couple other ones that are based off actual cars that raced and then there’s like a black version or

Like a a greenish gray version and like yo if you don’t have a livery that does nothing for me yeah you can get this fully looking like a regular 911 just with the body clading and lift but this is the one to get everyone stares at

This thing by the way it’s like 20,000 B this is a super car I’m just going to say the level of attention that you get driving this for me was a little bit embarrassing at first but I got used to it I’m like hell yeah more than any

Other car I’ve ever driven ever and then would you go roof rack or no roof rack cuz personally I like the clean lines with no roof rack I would go roof rack just because of the integrated LED light bar cuz it’s the coolest thing you press

This button up here and you just shine your brights at everybody which you’re not supposed to do on the road but we’re just we’re showing you what it looks like yeah I think it looks cooler without and then maybe add some big fat mud flaps yeah and Porsche apparently

Does have mud flaps as an option available for this you know why another reason I think this is the best spec what the white Wheels yeah which never stay white by the way I tried already matters dirty white wheels are all so cool I love it I love it love it love it

What would be the Continental regend Tire if you would drive this all winter well we’re getting into winter very soon so the Viking contact 7 cuz yeah you could drive this thing daily throughout the entire year and that is what I would recommend everybody to do cuz this is

The coolest car on planet Earth from Porsche I’m going to say that unless you get the car carbon buckets which case your back is going to kill get the sport get normal seats please for the love of God yes the only fault of this entire spec is just not getting the Comfort

Seats like I’m sure this is great in the desert looks like Matt Farah had a great time but uh and my back is actually feeling really really good uh leg day back day was yesterday so like my back’s really strong so I’m okay with these seats what I like the regular seats

Absolutely yeah my sciatica is not having the best day and then last thing with the looks do you like the wing yes the wing is like a like a turbo Wing sort of it suits it and we got the cool X style headlights when they’re on full

Headlight mode and then the roof rack also has our water and gas canisters and our shovel and whatnot yeah yeah so it’s it’s cool to have that stuff I feel like a bit of a Volkswagen guy though you know like Volkswagen guys always have that stuff on roof racks like I I don’t

Think they have I think they have bicycles not actual stuff yeah and then you can also get an optional Tent Accessory for this as well okay but I love this thing favorite looking 911 perfect spec let’s get into what’s different obviously from a GTS this is

Got a suspension lift and then we also have a further suspension lift if we press this button it’ll also automatically lift in off-road mode and it’s not an air suspension system it’s like Porsche’s nose lift system hydraulic yeah so it’s fully hydraulic but on all four corners so it actually

Lifts pretty quickly it’s really nice and it’s a little bit floaty on the highway in the highest mode for obvious reasons but it’s totally it’s worth it it’s less floaty than steering from Bad BMWs yes that is true uh and then in addition to off-road mode

We also have rally mode so when I launched the car in the beginning of the video that was in rally mode which actually gives you 1,000 RPM less than in sport mode which I hope you’re going to launch it in and then obviously a bunch of suspension changes and we also

Have a GT3 frunk which is a carbon fiber one so overall this actually barely weighs any more than a GTS model yeah that’s the coolest part I guess with the carbon fiber buckets too right if you get like yeah normal seats I you know what I’d rather have a heavier more

Comfortable one though yeah and then there is also an optional carbon roof that you can get for this as well if you get this paint option you probably can’t get the carbon roof I imagine yeah it doesn’t matter cuz they’re all already specked out and sent out and everyone’s

Enjoying them we’re just happy to go along for the ride and have the best job ever this is the best all right Yuri you get in here and launch this thing launch control in sport mode God damn [Applause] Wow yeah every time we stop we l off the throttle dust comes out of like I think exhaust or intake yeah and that’s from when we picked it up not from when we went down that Gravel Road I think it was from the Press event yes baby okay

So you did that in sport mode which is obviously meant for the road rally is meant for gravel roads that’s why the launch RPM is lower because that prioritizes the all-wheel drive system into kind of like a rear biased fun mode for like drifting and it’ll actually

Change what the anti roll bars are doing and then Offroad is for like sand dunes and rock crawling and stuff like that so it’s me for like lower speed stuff and it’s got rear steer as well yeah which is really nice this is like the total

Package you can’t get it in the manual but like I fully understand I’m happy with the gimmicks for how they are and the pdk nice yeah 8speed so quick I feel like just leave it in Auto like the 1 1911 I can leave in Auto and not care but you saying uh

This is your favorite one yes I fight me I okay I’ll fight you with Speedster okay GT2 RS those are very extremely valid points those ones I would have to take over this even though this is like the coolest yes cuz it’s like I could create as much fun for myself with like

One of the companies that makes like Recreations like the 996 one of this yeah but I couldn’t get that out of like any other old 911 see and I couldn’t I wouldn’t want a recreated one because something would just be off about it this from the factory is perfect now if

I was going to nitpick and make my own perfect one it would be a manual with the GT3 in this but that doesn’t exist okay but if it was a GT3 motor you’d have to like rev it all the time it’s so nice just having that power right away

In this this is very torky but I would want the car to be worse have they have they even hooked that up to an all-wheel drive system yet uh I don’t think so actually you’re asking for a lot then for a raise 911 yeah okay cliche Corner

How’s it doing you’re in rally mode just feels like slightly trickier 911 yes but still 911 like it’s like Still Point it nose in it’s still the perfect easy option I know you know the not perfect maybe difficult option Huracan stado we might know about that soon but

We might not yeah so it’s got a V10 and it’s an off-road version of the hercon just like this so it’s its sister and I mean V10 alone I think I might have to go with that one I might have to I’m saying but this okay so the Huracan does

Not have an equival goodl looking Livery like this does that is true so looks wise I still think this is better no Huracan has looked as good as this particular spec yes even the stto like I I still think this is perfect before I do an off-road launch

Find an off-road vehicle you’d love to drive on tsp. discounted price offers cuz you probably won’t find this one there probably not oh that feels so raw oh my God how how does this thing hook up so well on dirt dude it’s amazing like this is such a perfect

Car when I first got in here this interior the white accents blew my mind yeah so this has the extended package as well we’ve got an Alcantara Dash with blue stitching which looks really cool but considering this is like a dirt model this might be kind of difficult to

Clean I would like back seats in this yeah but Porsche says in their marketing materials that you wouldn’t valy with four people which is true I just want to I just want to be able to put stuff back there and like having the nice comfortable soft seats in here oh man

But you know what these seats do hold you in like I get it I get it I get it I get everything okay and then this one’s numbered so you can see 1270 of 2500 or van 2500 let us know whoever buys that eventually um what are you doing with it

And Porsche if you would sell it to us we will buy it yes uh I’ve never wanted to buy a press car as badly as this one before I would think it’s over Z6 think I would do this is so cool okay uh yeah these things three two one oh fail super

Car pass I actually don’t want to buy this anymore and uh it’s a small cup just fine in our barely removable cup hold cuz it it has the really hard grips that pops out the coffee even more of a super car exactly and then we got carbon fiber cuz

We got the carbon fiber buckets we’ve got the carbon fiber GT3 trunk frk super car pass yes and look at this textured uh roof liner like this is interesting I like it I like it and then if this was Yu driving half on gravel half on road

Test oh dude it’s great feels like nothing didn’t feel a thing nothing at all if you blindfolded me I would have thought we were on the smoothest Road ever and then if these interior handles were like a gloss white this would look like a toilet but because they’re like a

Ceramic they’re perfect very not and then we also have the the clock face in white to match like the white face this is such a perfect spec yeah and everything else is normal 911 they just like yeah yo can you just offer this to like normal stuff yes okay Porsche I

Have a we have a proposition for you make a GTS model add maybe $115,000 and make it an off-road model instead of how much this costs and how limited it is make it a regular production car don’t even have adjustable ride height just keep it high exactly come on please please love of

God this is the best that I want everyone to enjoy it it is oh we’re we’re lucky to be able to drive it but we want everyone to and let’s take a listen to the outside for everyone and I assume you’re going to get a lot

Of dust while you’re doing Dar things in this right absolutely D car you’re actually not supposed to pronounce the art okay so you should probably get to set a tuxmat 911 the car go to tuxmat docomo the way let’s get to the price that the 2500 people who are lucky

Enough to buy one already paid so this one starts at $247,200 Canadian and as we drive into the dirt this is $293,700 let me go off-road mode you know cool great price I think totally worth it and I mean it should be half the price which would be the best thing

That Porsche could ever do yeah I me whatever though honestly we’re just happy to drive it yeah this is unbelievable my favorite car from Porsche of all time and I’m going to keep saying from Porsche cuz I do love some other cars a lot this this just it

So feels so weird to be able to just drive on dirt driving exactly we’re going through a field right now and it’s totally fine as the 360 camera comes up thanks for watching we’ll see you guys in the next video I got to avoid that lock I don’t want to try That