The Straight Pipes: AMERICA! 2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty Review

AMERICA! 2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty Review

Posted: 2023-06-21 10:00:32
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Ford F-250 SUPER DUTY review by The Straight Pipes. The 2023 F250 SUPERDUTY is putting down 405 horsepower and 444 lb-ft of torque from a 6.8L v8. At $78,674 CAD, would you take it over a Chevy or Ram?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign And we’re going for a drive 2023 Ford F-250 Super Duty without launch control for you uh I got this a bit of a burnout [Applause] I feel so close to you right now yeah I wonder why Horse Mountain dark 405 horsepower 444 pound fitted Torque from a 6.8 liter V8 oh Yuri you’ve disappeared from beside

Me and now it’s yelling at me because we have to Stow the passenger work surface which is actually over here so if you push this button over here it actually thinks somebody’s still there okay so we have a work surface which has two levels to it so what one

Right there and then the second one so if you have a laptop and you’re not supposed to do that while driving which is why this thing’s beeping out and it reveals cup holders and extra storage yes so we have two cup holders up front over here you might as well test the

Cups right now and yes it obviously does pass however uh if you wanted to use this work service or anyone at the back wanted to use a cup holder you already slide that forward for me this is the only method to actually have four cups at once and if anyone’s

Actually sitting down then nobody can use cup holders exactly so interesting for a work vehicle okay hey I think we jumped ahead too too much with our two rows because it’s the first time we’ve had like benches yes what is this truck okay so this is the XL this is the base

Model of the new F250 Super Duty AKA super nerdy as everybody calls them so this is base model in here but why isn’t it base model on the outside okay so we have the five thousand dollar STX appearance package which elevates this from like a fleet spec vehicle that

Looks terrible and with steelies to a proper F250 with the nice headlights and nice wheels that is a very good marketing slash design slash compromise choice I would prefer if we had the base outside because I think that looks cool but I understand how Ford probably wants

To be like look you can get the truck stuff we can make it look pretty for this much but you’re not going to get all hilarious stuff inside it’s literally just there for like Fleet Services like this is like a government vehicle without this STS pack STX

Package and like it’s the type of truck that you see uh driving on Rails as like a Sierra train tracks yeah yeah it’s exactly that kind of spec do you like the looks of this like the headlights yeah I do like it the the gaping black

Grille is kind of I don’t love it I wish it had a little bit more Chrome or something which the upper trims do have yeah there’s lots of cool versions of this and lots of cool ways to make it look cool and the Ford logo is absolutely massive it’s I swear it’s the

Size of my head and the taillight’s a pretty standard Ford truck like everything about this is pretty unoffensive in this spec it’s actually surprisingly nice outside compared to the inside which is interesting yes this is very base model spec in here which makes sense but the F250 is like this

Thing people buy for actual real work unlike everything that we’re doing in this video you actually want to tow with this thing you got some payload in here you got to Stow stuff in here like darts and stuff the dart capacity in here is

Holy oh it is we if we move this forward and there’s a dark capacity there if we lift this up secret darts in here secret darts your stash of darts down here you can also put darts over here you could put darts or a cell phone up there uh

Where the Ford logo is above the super duty there’s even a little bit in there you can sneak in oh you can definitely put a little Dart each one has dirt yeah lots of darts in it dirty Dirty Dart we don’t condone that though but you know

Do whatever do whatever your your work truck guy and how many jet skis can we tow with this okay it depends on the configuration since this is the super duty I’m going to give you the maximum of the F450 super duty that can tow with

The fifth wheel up to 40 000 pounds with its craziest configuration normally the F250 with a hitch can tow up to 22 000 pounds with one of the diesel engines and our configuration can tow up to 14 100 pounds which I would approximate at 14 jet skis ish with the trailer kind of

In like a weird uh Human Centipede kind of thing and then also this has a payload of four thousand pounds sweet I’m sure the truck people will appreciate that me as a city slicker I actually need to put some stuff in the bed later I might go pick up this old

School computer desk for my old school computer let’s go delicious built me there you go so uh that’ll be fun and you know what I’ll use I’ll use it the tailgate that drops down no damping zero damping but probably the stairs yes so it does have steps to get into the bed

You also have Pro Power on board in there which is nice you can use the plug in there you can also go over the bed from the sides from the corners they’ve kind of thought of every way that everyone gets into this six and seven point five uh whatever footbed so it’s a

Pretty decent sized bed you can get a longer bed as well and then you can get different cab configurations so we’ve got the crew cab and when I go pick up this desk I can back into the guy’s driveway with the 360 camera right yes you can hopefully you don’t hit anything

Because it’s a fairly small screen in here but we do have a 360 camera very accurate and then you were saying that there’s a mode where a higher trim where if you drop the tailgate there’s a camera that’ll show that as well yeah and parking sensors on the top which is

Like I’ve never seen that and that is genius because the amount of times that I’ve backed up my Raptor just leaving the tailgate open for like little minor things that would be very nice nice but not this one no and this one also this is the base engine so this is the 6.8

Liter you can get a 7.3 liter Godzilla engine for like a couple thousand dollars extra and you definitely need to get that engine that engine everybody on YouTube is shoving that engine that’s the new LS swap like Cletus has in his Fox body with twin turbos Zach from

Hoonigan’s shoving it into his uh Chevy he’s doing a Ford in a Chevy like that is the motor to get now I look forward to driving that yes and then you can also get the 6.7 liter uh Diesel and then the high output diesel which has like 1400 pounds of torque or something

Like that or 1200 something ridiculous that sounds fun yeah and then we’ve got a 10-speed Auto combined with that 6.8 liter so I’m just gonna floor it in normal mode I don’t love the sound that this makes um it’s just this very coarse thing I feel like you should just delete every

Type of muffler on this straight pipeline it’ll sound incredible it’s a very work truck it is very work truck um acceleration is also a very work truck doesn’t feel like anything special uh those numbers are big but this thing also weighs a lot yeah and the transmission’s okay it’s uh slightly

Different than what they put in like the F-150s and all that stuff and there is a different transmission as well that’s also a 10 speed in the Super Duties as well nice that’s a lot of good truck facts next thing they probably appreciate are the visors let’s uh test

These things out uh I look great in my mirror I don’t have a mirror at all too one full pass well I have no cover for my mirror so when I when I’m extended whoever I’m just shining light at people’s eyes maybe yeah so that’s kind of funny actually I can’t believe I

Don’t have a mirror okay we already talked about the cup holders we also have 12 volt like cigarette lighter power and a normal AC power as well yeah and then I Pro Power sister talked about that we’ve got another 12 volt Circle thingy yeah damn okay do you know how

Many darts you could light at once on the scarf truck truck two at least okay uh we do have Apple carplay Android auto and you can optionally have it as Wireless which I was kind of shocked with considering how small this infotainment is that’s actually not even

That small of an infotainment when we started reviewing cars like every Kia Hyundai Genesis we drove had the same size but the size of the vehicle yeah that does not this does not bother it doesn’t bother me either this infotainment’s fine the thing that bothers me is the uh lag in the gauges

Which we have a very small digital cluster which is great because everything else is analog but when you try and cycle through things it’s just very slow so I would just leave it on speedometer or maybe even calm screen yeah none of this stuff bothers me and

Then just like a Rolls-Royce we have blue and red and then we can vary that with our fan and we don’t have anything automatic telling us what number temperature we’re at yeah that’s right just like a Rolls-Royce right and it’s all hard physical buttons just like you’d see on

F-150s and things like that and then we have our two high four high four low we can also lock the rear diff but we don’t have a four Auto which I’ve noticed as well and then we have a couple different Drive modes not too many of them but you

Also don’t really need many in this jacob I want you in this middle seat let’s do it right now I’m just gonna launch it your leg hair is touching my leg hair I can’t not have it do that go faster Yuri oh you gotta stay this close to the

Cliche Corner still work surface it keeps thinking that the work surface is open okay whatever so it’s got a little things to work out whatever I’m trying to Stow it but it’s stowed it’s stowed bro I’ve never seen a more stowed work surface in my life me neither wait maybe it’s Gotta Go

They may have to Stow up okay whatever if it beeps it beeps and driving this thing’s pretty nice pretty nice we’ve got like a lane departure assist so that’s cool but we don’t have like radar Crews and stuff like that while driving yeah no lean centering no blue crews even though it probably

Wouldn’t work for us anyways because it’s never worked for us in Toronto it has not doesn’t sway too much this is a lot easier for me to drive than that previous F250 that I drove to Ottawa on back that was diesel I feel like that had like the biggest gas tank in the

World the only thing is this suspension feels like it’s just like ready for ten thousand pounds to be towed at all times because it’s very bouncy like right here that sounds pretty bouncy good good I’m glad that it’s ready to be made for towing oh you may have nothing to hold on to

Okay let’s go ready we’re gonna be late for work Yuri go to Tim Hortons right now 55 Burgers 55 fries 55 times all right since this is somewhat unsafe we should probably just switch oh yeah in your lap to prevent this from clicking beeping beeping open the door

Still gonna beep we’re good we’re good send it America work surface yes let it go man let it go okay work surface let’s look at this do you mind the cloth seats there uh no because it doesn’t heat up and stuff in the summer it’s actually quite nice the only thing

I miss is having cooled seats or something like that do you fit in the back because I do see your child seat back there I fit totally fine this is the crew cab and yeah my child seat fits behind me and I have total uh ample leg

Room up here it looks like we can lift the seats up and stuff so we can store more stuff back there yeah tons of storage in here are you mad that there’s no sunroof no absolutely not I don’t care about that at all yeah especially when it’s a cloth roof like this dude

You don’t even have a mirror can I yeah yeah you’d like that oh you went too far now you’re still good you’re still good you’re good you’re good you’re good you’re good use your camera look at that oh that’s what your bed looks like hard button 360 camera I

Am liking that yeah except when you’re driving it defaults to the bed camera which I guess kind of makes sense as well oh trailer camera back camera I have a front camera oh because you can add an optional camera oh lots of cool trailer stuff yeah makes sense because we have the pro

Trailer uh power assist whatever it’s called so it’ll actually help you back up but you know if you buy one of these you gotta you gotta be able to do that yourself or else everybody’s gonna make fun of you I cannot back up my trailer

At all every single day and I make fun of you for it I try but it’s my problem is so weird yeah but just like driving it around anyways like I had to do no I can I can back it on normal stuff I just can’t back it into my driveway

We’ll see about that I don’t know how to back up a small trailer then how did I get this here you sure about that oh back to the outside this is the FX 4 appearance package as well which is well slightly the off-road package because you get like um skid plates and stuff

Like that yo I like these big mirrors for like big trucks being able to see everything but they’re not power right and then you also with that FX4 package get different shocks which are off-road tuned so we can take this thing off oh here we go the Yuri test half gravel

Half road with no weight in the bed this will take it no problem a little bumpy than that transition but it’s okay can you off-road this yeah the only thing is can you off-road it with a trailer attached with your Prowler trailer uh the only thing that I find

Weird about this is and I understand why it’s there is this massive air dam at the front which if you have the FX4 package I feel like they should delete the air dam because like your ground clearance is at the front like completely hindered by that who’s off-roading this well someone that gets

The FX4 package unless they just want the sticker which I also get yeah come on I know come on I don’t even know who gets this at all I don’t know anything about anything about all of this stuff can you even buy these on absolutely you can

Discounted price offers you know what would really set off this cloth interior no set of tux matte yes 100 would help this interior so definitely go to the straight pipes because they do have F250 mats does Continental make tires for this absolutely they do the terrain contact at just like my

Raptor it would fit nicely around these cool upgraded Wheels but I would I would suggest steelies I mean I do like these wheels a lot more than the steelies if the steelies had like stance and they’re like flushed out I’d be like right it does look a little narrow body though

Like I see an F250 I’m like you need to fill that up with some Duallys come on yeah yeah like you got to get the 450 dually I agree because every time I was driving this I was looking at my rears just expecting to see a wide body with

An extra set of wheels on it yeah I don’t know man it’s cool it is cool and it looks good we got a key to start the car yes yes we do yes that’s cool too yeah and then to lock and unlock you actually have to use the key as well yo

I’m going to be honest with you I think that’s pretty much everything I think we have a blast in this car what if our truck truck one of my favorite vehicles that I’ve reviewed this year so far this is great oh I’m not gonna U-turn through here

Work let’s get to the price this one is a pretty reasonable 78 674 dollars Canadian although this is the base model with a couple option boxes so like if you wanted to get the most expensive one it’s probably like 150 000 plus all right work truck guys

Let me know in the comments below who buys the base one who buys the higher trim one who buys these and what do they use them for I don’t know anything about truck stuff nobody that’s watching this currently is watching this video because they’re at work dang all right well

Thanks for watching thanks for subscribing see you on the next one yeah hopefully we get a 350 and a 450 because we really want to experience that 450 base with base looks I want to experience a 650.