The Straight Pipes: AMAZING MPG! 2023 Honda Accord Hybrid Review

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-02-07 14:00:21
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring review by The Straight Pipes. The All New Accord Touring is putting down 204 horsepower and 247 lb-ft of torque from a 2L 4 Cylinder Hybrid. At $37,890 USD, would you take it over the Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Camry, Honda Civic or Mazda CX-5?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I feel stressed and depressed [Applause] I’m Jacob I’m here we’re going for a drive California [Applause] the all-new 2023 Honda Accord without launch control hybrid That is smooth it’s definitely not that quick imitating gears sounds kind of okay that’s not bad horsepower and torque 204 combined horsepower and 247 combined pound-feet of torque from a 2-liter four-cylinder hybrid so this is the all-new Honda Accord it is not a refresh this is a brand new model and we are

Driving it around in California because we’re on our true car trip to drive cool cars down here and this being one of the cool cars but we do have a lot of exotic cars so look forward to those videos and fun fact this is the second most sold car from our link first being a Civic third being a CX-5 so we’ll find out if this is going to stay in second or maybe take over first place so hit up that link for discounted price offers now this Accord is fantastic to drive we’ve been pretty spoiled this week with some

Pretty exotic cars however I am currently feeling I’m being spoiled by the luxuriousness of a Honda Accord it is so nice to drive the seats are comfortable the suspension’s great this powertrain is amazing because it’s a hybrid yeah so the new thing is the hybrid powertrain and there’s going to

Be a bigger emphasis on that and then there’s also a sport version with what kind of motor the same one they have ditched the 2-liter turbo you can only get the 1.5 liter turbo or this hybrid and the way that this hybrid system works is actually pretty crazy so the

Gas engine which is a 2-liter four-cylinder actually acts as a gas generator for the electric battery this is like I’m flooring it right now it feels electricy this feels like an electric car yes this feels like an electric car first that just happens to be gas it’s really cool and by the way

There’s a prototype of some kind of BMW BMW over here yeah headlights going down yo California you guys got some crazy stuff out here so then this one is front wheel drive there’s no all-wheel drive you can also drive this in full electric mode if you have enough charge but what

Would be the miles per gallon uh this one is 44 miles per gallon combined but you can get more in a lower trim which is kind of interesting as well and then the 1.5 liter turbo four-cylinder has also been changed although the power numbers are actually the same so it’s

Kind of internal engine changes as well as things for fuel economy and gas emissions CVT yes before we talk about anything else I think we need to discuss the looks because this does kind of look like a Ford Taurus the old Air cord might have looked better but I think this still

Does look really good and it’s much more chilled out and less offensive yeah the looks have been kind of controversial for how boring it looks but at the same time there’s nothing offensive about it but it also doesn’t stand out but it doesn’t look bad I think what looks

Torsey about it or Fusion or I think Taurus Taurus is just that the lights are kind of like a solid line at the front but it’s cool that it’s a strip but when you have your full headlights on you got these two squares there so definitely Ellie the drls look really

Nice yeah they’re very very simple they’ve simplified their entire lineup the front bumper looks pretty good and moving around to the side the wheels are decent however there is a sport trim with like really nice five spokes these are just kind of like interesting hybrid E5 spokes yeah they look nice when they

Pop and what would be the Continental recommended tire for the new Accord that would be the Continental pure contact LS which is a luxury touring all-season Tire with a 70 000 mileage limited warranty that currently qualifies for a 70 Visa prepaid card until February 28 2023. for full details go to the straight pipes The Body Lines very chill just like a subtle line across where the old Accord it was like a lot sharper and like sport back here yeah yeah anglier but yeah that line is like a character line that’s supposed to make it look like

It’s moving when it’s standing still and it kind of helps and then this one has Chrome on it where the sport trim would not and then the sport trim would be blacked out at the front where we have a silvery color for those little like air duct thingies and then what they did

With the new Accord is that they don’t actually have a keyhole anymore and it’s touched to lock you don’t have like a button or anything like that which is really nice and then moving on to the back we have a cool different style LED lights back there they’re not the best

Looking I feel like they kind of cheaped out on that they’re not like super solid like you could tell you could like see the bulbs and stuff there or whatever but I think it looks nice they got away from the lobster claws so you know whatever yeah and then we don’t have any

Exhaust tips we don’t really need to listen to it from yeah of course we do let’s take a listen to the outside and even the sport doesn’t have exhaust tips at the back because it’s still the same Hybrid engine yeah yeah it doesn’t really matter if you want exhaust tips

Go TLX yeah or get a previous gen accord or something like that and what’s cool is that the Honda badge is kind of like recessed into the back where like the tail light bar is it’s also like simplified as well overall I think and then we have uh just like a chill blue

Color there’s like a red color too but like overall it looks alright not offended yeah it matches the rest of the entire Honda lineup now like it doesn’t stand out nothing looks bad except for that it looks too much like a fusion that’s it from certain angles yes or a

Focus or Taurus the Taurus so back to some driving with this hybridness uh we’re currently going downhill we do have paddle shifters they don’t control the transmission although they kind of do because they’re controlling the regen which is through the electric motors so I’m going to use the paddles to now get

Some regen so there’s actually six stages of regen right now and you are apparently supposed to be able to come to a full complete stop although I am going downhill so we’ll see see we’ll see here we go this is the ultimate test downhill are we gonna do it

It’s taking too long no no chilling out okay it’s not as aggressive as I wanted to be when I’m coming out lights although I’ve already fully recharged my battery in that amount of time this is not a plug-in hybrid no but it feels really hyperty like right now it’s dead

Silent like I I don’t think the gas engine is actually running right now until I floor it it smoothly kicks in and then with that we also have a battery button here so if we click that we can be an auto EV and if you hold it then you can go to charge

Mode but it’ll probably tell you you can’t charge it because we’re fully charged unless we already depleted some of it and then you’re in the economy right now we can also go to sport normal and individual where you can change a couple more things I think in sports you

Can’t go full battery mode it that tells you you can’t or something like that yeah yeah that makes sense yeah it makes total sense and I didn’t even launch this in sport mode because this isn’t a sporty car it just isn’t yeah it’s funny how

Like there used to be a suite uh of course speed Accord with the Type R motor detuned and now yeah we’re like yeah it doesn’t have a transmission that’s hiring you know at one point there was an Accord coupe V6 manual so here’s where we are now but I mean from

What this is this is great like the interior has been fully updated the powertrain is completely new like I said the suspension has been re-tuned and the suspension out here on these pothole and just overall crummy La roads is really good yeah it’s not bad and the cabin in

Here so quiet this feels like a luxury car like a kind of boring luxury car in a very good way it’s no Rolls-Royce Phantom no but it’s like keep an eye out for that review kind of close yeah it’s not kind of close at all no The Silence

Of it it is quiet in here yeah considering we’re in a Honda Accord okay we should probably talk about more stuff in here with me you behind the wheel oh Jake thanks I want to talk about the shifter we finish each other’s meals sandwiches [Laughter] sport mode traction control off

We got pumped in audio Yeah interesting it sounds all right yeah okay downshift jury let’s hear some more pumped in audio it doesn’t work like that floor it again okay yeah it’s definitely not fast but it’s like okay yeah Jacob what’s the craziest color for a house you could think of I

Guess probably pink if we pass by a pink house in the next two seconds you have to subscribe oh we did it what a coinky dink wow I didn’t believe there was going to be a pink house there guess it’s time to subscribe subscribe so the shifter has

Been angled five degrees towards the driver to make it easier to access these cup holders do the cup holders pass here yeah they’re great cup holders what about the visors probably three two one good job Honda Full Pass okay I thought this interior was just going

To be a Honda Civic but a cord especially from the pictures right it kind of is it kind of is but our infotainment is definitely not it’s like full Android Google kind of stuff there and that’s only because we have the top touring trim and it’s pretty cool you

Can have Google Maps built in with the car showing on your screen here with satellite you can have Google maps showing navigation in your gauge cluster an actual picture and then you also have the arrows and stuff in your head up display pretty damn nice but we don’t

Have SiriusXM in the Accord anymore they’re live streaming people just want to use like their streaming or whatever so like I’m super bummed about that okay super super bummed I have to use the app instead yeah but we can turn up the volume with this itsy bitsy volume knob

Like it is too small it’s it’s pretty small but it’s nice that we have this like ledge to be able to use it yeah you have the ledge so that you can use your infotainment easier to have somewhere like rest your hands but like that volume knob like how about you put a

Bigger volume knob and some more hard buttons because we have no hard buttons but we do have a bunch of buttons on the left that let us get to pretty much wherever we need to at all times yeah so we can navigate between Apple carplay Android auto or actual Google built in

And non-serious XM FM radio now you can go in the settings change the color of the cars and you only have a reverse camera no 360 camera so that totally sucks we have really nice climate control buttons they are knurled and they they’re tactile as well yeah yeah

Straight out of the Civic and I guess everything else on the Honda lineup and then out of the Civic too we got this cool mesh thing a long dashboard where they hide the grills for the vents yes but what’s not out of the Civic is we actually have cooled seats in here

Heated and cooled that’s pretty sick and no heated steering wheel here but I assume the Canadian one will probably get it I see some blank areas on that steering wheel that might have it okay uh if I put on my cruise control radar cruise and Lane keep we have very good

Lane centering yeah so the badge for the Honda badge now has the uh the radar and then we’ve got more camera stuff up there that’s right I have two presets on the driver’s side how many presets we have on the passenger side zero but it is actually power movement on the uh on

The touring for sure do you mind all this gloss black yes I do Yuri it’s just I know it’s premium everything but at this price it’s just gonna scratch up and then how about the other materials in here like nothing is like wildly good or anything it’s just all like

Acceptable and what dude this leather is real like all this padding and stuff down here this is amazing it’s not like not amazing it’s just like dude this is playing Black chill interior like nothing wrong but nothing like super cool yeah but it’s really comfortable like this is extra padding

Down here that I didn’t expect it to have seats comfortable seats are great how about back seat room for Jacob it’s six foot one and a half tons of room back there if I got picked up on one of these as an Uber I would give them five

Stars or maybe six if I could and then the trunks flap of five star is a good tip yes okay and then the trunk space we actually have a ton of trunk room back there like very usable I feel like you can get away with this as a family car

Instead of an SUV very easily so like if I was reshopping for a CX-5 i instead of considering the Civic I maybe consider this because I could probably fit a stroller back there super easy but the good thing about SUVs are in like the first like two years of a child’s life

Being able to change them in the back yes that is true you don’t want to change a kid in the back of a sedan yeah you’re gonna wreck your back and this is now overall 2.8 inches longer than the outgoing Accord isn’t there wider too by

A little bit uh the rear track is wider oh nice nice so it’ll probably handle these Canyons out here better but that’s not really what we’re here for with this car the Accord is for cliche Corner yeah yeah not for Malibu Canyon Corner that’s when we’ll do but like just normal

Driving around like there’s nothing wrong with the handling we’ve had to do so far taking the uh the PCH what’s that turn called uh the incline incline yeah yeah this handles the incline so well yes and the steering is actually really light and nice all right look at this tournament oh wow

Oh that was a great turn Yuri oh These bolsters are nice too and then uh speaking of bolsters I only have forward and back lumbar no up and down you probably don’t even have any I got nothing over here no I don’t even expect it though that’s the thing okay visibility while looking

Out at the beautiful Coastline driving back to the TrueCar office in Santa Monica lots and lots of visibility yeah this is great um on par with the Civic and while driving there is nothing weird about the brake pedal no it’s not a hybridy feeling brake pedal just totally normal

And I love love love that big Applause to Honda for that other thing wireless charging and we also can do wired or Wireless Apple carplay and we use USBC in this car we are in the future now yes so make sure you bring your new cables along oh and one thing that’s

Interesting about this one with the exterior is they actually don’t have like a bad looking plasticky rubbery rain Channel because they do some kind of crazy new laser welding technology for the roof and it actually is noticeable from the outside if you’re as tall as I am and a little sunroof yeah

And with this interior being pretty luxurious matching the luxuriousness of the Civic and escalating it slightly you want to get yourself a set of tux mat they don’t have them yet for this vehicle but they do have them for the previous gen Accord so it’s only a

Matter of time before they laser scan one of these so go to straight pipes I think that’s everything with the Accord I think you think it’s more luxurious than I think it is but we both think that this whole setup with this drivetrain is Pleasant for like

Chilling if you’re not like trying to go fast if you just want a nice fuel efficient car dude I could fall asleep in here and that’s the best compliment I can give this car from the passenger seat it is pretty quiet so now I think

It’s time we get to the price the lowest price one that you can buy is 27 295 American and this top trim touring Edition is 37 890 American I think that’s a pretty good price okay so then this compared to a Camry Camry still has

That cool uh which one was it with the cool Wing oh the TRD that was pretty sweet yeah yeah they definitely want the sporty root with that one but um but this is so much newer and everything with like the built-in Google like this is a better

Hybrid than the Camry Hybrid yeah but they’ve got the egg mode 360 stuff yeah but that doesn’t make it a better hybrid and SiriusXM there are things to like about their model over this but then how about this compared to a Civic is it like a big jump to this instead of a

Civic like I feel like do we have to redo our comparison from last year I feel like it kind of is yeah don’t forget to watch the video but like now that this is out I’m not as interested in the Civic if I had to get but at the

Same time this is just a bigger Civic so if you don’t need that big of a vehicle the Civic is great already having Google Maps but you gotta get the top trims like top trim to top trim is pretty expensive yeah I don’t know this is a

Great car but if you don’t need the size just get the Civic because the civic’s already great but if you do need the size this is great as well yeah so uh thanks for watching this concludes the filming of our TrueCar California trip head of if you’re

Looking for any cars but don’t worry there’s plenty of video still coming from this trip and thank you for watching Foreign