The Straight Pipes: ALL NEW… BUT BETTER? 2024 Subaru Crosstrek review

Posted: 2023-07-19 12:12:04
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Subaru Cross Trek review by The Straight Pipes. The 2024 Crosstrek is putting down 182 horsepower and 178 lb-ft of torque from a 2.5L 4 Cylinder boxer engine. At $33,995CAD, would you take it over an older Crosstrek?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Drive The all-new 2024 Subaru Crosstrek without launch control oh that’s pretty good off the line was it though [Applause] and then then now it’s it’s oh that CBT is singing and that was with no traction off yeah horsepower and torque 182 horsepower 178 pound-feet of torque from a 2.5 liter four-cylinder boxer engine

Yo I had to pass someone on the highway today and I was a little bit scared for my life I I wouldn’t doubt it it happens a lot in Subarus doesn’t it yes because they’re pretty underpowered I would say there is a lower powered version of this

Model as well so if you step up to the Onyx slash sport which is what we’re driving you finally get this lovely powertrain especially I Photoshop some yellow do hickeys on the bumper and the sides you don’t even have to we’re in the Canadian version and this doesn’t

Have any just show The Press footage from the American one so we’re in the Onyx which is the equivalent of the American sport so we get yellow accents on our fog lights whereas the Americans get like eyebrows and stuff and then down the sides and also on the rear

Bumper I think the Americans have a cooler version than are like fog light I don’t know why they did that but I also agree I guess Canada just wanted to have some input on something it’s nice that they have something different for once yeah yeah we want heated steering wheel

Oh dull fog light covers yeah fog light covers I’m not giving up I’m not leaving this meeting until we have yellow fog light covers we want the color green no damn it fog light covers all right we’ll take it so it looks pretty cool it does yeah yeah all updated looks and everything

Um it’s now got a grill that kind of goes into the headlights and stuff everything looks very similar but also slightly different it still is unmistakably a cross track yes it’s been like sleekened up and ruggedized slightly yo there’s like vents on the plastic wheel arches just like a WRX yo

There’s going to be a Wilderness version and I saw the footage and it’s like Towing stuff up a mountain that’s what everybody’s gonna do with these except I looked at that Mountain Road and it looked like a very smooth road that was just intermounted yeah it’s straight up

Going to be that Scarface meme printing money with the wilderness probably every Edition people eat these up my neighbor literally just ordered one of these okay he’s coming in on Monday and my other neighbor had bought a cross track like five months ago so they have the 2023 and before I continue

On with the looks we got the big tablet infotainment in this one I kind of prefer that old one remember there was like that perfect yes with the volume knob tuning knob and then all buttons for climate so if you do want that older one go to discounted

Price offers or this new one because this is actually Subaru’s best-selling model so do you know what I like more about the older one than this current one I mean probably a couple things okay the wheels remember like the first version of the wheels the five spokes

They’re like big five spoke things with the black accents yeah they’ve got a lot of cool wheels for this one but nothing as cool as that yeah those were cool and I think people put them on wrx’s or something I’ve seen some stuff and it did look cool and combined with the

Color orange like that was perfect but what would be the Continental recommended tire for these wheels on this model the cross contact lx25 and then other looks uh the headlights will not stay in DRL mode while driving which sucks yes so then I was playing with the fog lights to make

The car look a little bit cooler but I’m not really sure if it did that I just want the drls to be DRL yes like just the outlines in the LEDs at the back we got lobster claws yes shout out Honda Accord they’ve adopted that and it looks

All right no exhaust tip at the back let’s listen to it from the outside should we yes okay it’s a good spot for the automatic YouTube ads that place also it does bounce off the limiter because it’s a CVT I think so it’s just like I like the

Look from the back how tall and raised it is you can see all the suspension and stuff it’s very very cool it’s very kind of like baja-ish like off-roady because I feel like like half the body’s been cut off because you can see so much Tire

You can see the suspension you can even see the exhaust pipe what’s fun about it is like it’s one of those cars that you can back into a spot where there’s a curb and you’re like yeah I’ll be fine like I haven’t been able to do that in a

Long long time you’ve got the Raptor but for a lot of cars you’re just like I am going to scratch something it’s going to rip my bumper off but this is so nice and high that you probably have a good chance of being fine yeah you could

Probably do that in the prowler too that’s why there’s a scratch at the bottom I tried that other look stuff I don’t know is that kind of it that’s literally it dude just waiting for the Wilderness to come out so it looks super super cool so we had more yellow

Ruggedized accents and whatnot great job with the looks you didn’t screw it up yeah like the Legacy which I think you did screw up yeah and the ascent which I didn’t really like unless it was Photoshop clicking STI and the WRX which we’ve now kind of grown fully obviously

Used to it but back to the ascent video we’re still reading your comments that you post there even though you can’t see it and if you don’t understand what that was we turned off comments but then made them private so that we only we can read

Them so one thing I want to complain about before you drive the Apple carplay only has Wireless carplay I want wired carplay I don’t like Wireless carplay just give the option it would have been nice and people living with this probably will like Wireless I’m pretty

Sure this logo here at the USB thing is the logo for if you plug into here it’s going to connect where it’s just like an electrical thing if it’s not that correct but in the back where we do actually have USB plugs it’s the same thing where it tells you the actual amps

But it also has a charge indicator yeah ah it’s like whatever you could you can get wired carplay with the smaller screen and the bottom trim which is probably missing out on a bunch of other cool stuff like the eyesight right okay I’ll talk about that before you drive

We’ve got three cameras now instead of two and there’s one that has a wider view I think it’s called the mono something I don’t know and when you say eyesight you’re talking about 360 cameras the eyesight adaptive cruise Lane Central it worked really well on the highway all the way here kept like

My speed and everything and I like obviously didn’t speed up too quickly into anyone so what you’re saying is it’s an adaptive cruise and Lane keep assist system it works fantastic fantastic in this I love that in the wilderness and I love it in this sure I guess it’s my turn to drive

Dude you got the the floor mats all all sandy yeah so it’s an off-road vehicle oh yeah you probably want to set a tux mat for this go to straight pipes so you can clean them out even easier than these ones you’re gonna pop in slowly wait wait wait wait wait wait

CVT this thing you didn’t break boost it so I’m going to attempt to brake boost it not leave it in manual or anything like that Sports sharp is attraction on traction is on I’m going to oh it’s through the infotainment isn’t it car info oh here car vehicle Dynamics control off

Auto Stop start I actually hit my head that is so slow What’s it gonna do yes it is singing at least it is cvting so like it is doing the thing it’s meant to do and we still do have paddle shifters so I can simulate these fake gears if I wanted to

If you downshift will it stay uh no it just upshifted me well it didn’t even do anything it just stayed there there second and then once I hit it oh God this is so slow up the hill how about cliche Corner uh cliche Corners are right it feels so soft through here

The suspension’s like very body really very soft the steering is also really soft like I don’t love it through here but it’s okay this would have been great through cliche Corner in 2009 when the original Google Street View went here before it was fully renovated but it was

Still a wooden bridge yes if this was like an off-roady Gravelly or wintry oh that was a V10 M5 sounded good I really want one of those it was a gravel cliche Corner that would be sweet yes this would have been great through there we do have that symmetrical Subaru famous

All-wheel drive although I think that was like a really big thing for Subaru for the longest time but now that basically every car is all-wheel drive I don’t know how big of a thing that is anymore for buyers once symmetrical just take away from fuel economy because it

Can like disconnect potentially you know I had a buddy and he was asking he’s like I want to get a soltera it’s all-wheel drive I need to get up to my Cottage and I’m like is there a normal road to your college or do you have to like like seriously

Off-road he’s like oh it’s a normal Road I’m like okay you’re not gonna get to your cottage because you can’t charge it anywhere there’s a wait list that’s like they don’t have them like don’t get an electric car definitely don’t get the soltera get I don’t like just get a

Civic yeah front wheel drive you’ll be fine there’s more room yeah it turns out it saved a bunch of money and got a better car I actually I think he just stuck with his CX-5 and he’s going to hold it oh that’s even smarter yeah okay

But back to drive modes for this thing we’ve got sport we don’t have sports sharp and then we have intelligent and then in the infotainment we also have our X modes which also have two different or three different modes I guess when you’re like under 35 kilometers an hour or something yeah and

You’re getting into your uh Millennial parents Cottage or whatever if you remember I tried to use x mode in the wilderness and like a full snowy parking lot and like I I didn’t even need it at all no it was like good that damn symmetrical all-wheel drive yeah it

Turns out it is a thing yeah but anyways uh same thing that this had in the previous uh Subarus that we’ve driven is this really garbage writers right no it’s not it’s dimmer look so you know it’s probably because your head’s too tall for the angle of the steering wheel

I’ve tried to angle it and like it doesn’t help I could barely tell when the heated steering wheel is on or off I think they they cheaped out on these semiconductors for the LEDs or whatever it is but please Subaru just add a brighter uh heated steering wheel

Americans let us know if that’s even a problem for you because I don’t even know if you guys get a heated steering wheel I genuinely don’t know if it’s on or off right now like I’ll let you know in five minutes uh do we have heated or

Cooled seats here heated both we got the click buttons where’s my cooled oh I don’t know because this is not the top trim there’s a limited above this so maybe that and you can control a bunch of stuff from the my Subaru app ah yes I don’t know if you can control these

Since they’re hard buttons right like we definitely can’t but maybe it’s got like an override probably not I I don’t think so but what else we got we got carbon fiber-ish throughout the whole interior yeah the plastic and it’s like super fake yes but it’s also touching cloth

Which I don’t think I’ve seen carbon fiber touch cloth in a car before even though it’s fake carbon fiber right and then we also have this cut carbon fiber-ish around the shift boot I I am I’m very okay with that because at this point it’s kind of just like a joke yes

Yeah let’s make everything carbon fiber ish and then we have the yellow stitching as well and then the yellow accents which to both of us all look gold but um all the Subaru stuff it says yellow uh but the seats are also really comfortable no they’re not leather or

Anything like that so they won’t get hot so maybe that’s why you don’t need your cooled seat they look cool I love the look of the seats a little pattern cool material and apparently they engineered some stuff for this gen so that the seats are softer and uh okay there’s a

Vibration damping so that you don’t get a frequency in your head so it’s smoother while driving and doesn’t make you feel nauseous so I read the full Subaru stuff and apparently they kind of took the full Mazda approach Mazda approach to um vehicle Dynamics so basically what

They did is they used the Motions of the human body and how the human body perceives things rather than chassis rigidity strictly so they kind of prioritize your mind and your brain over the chat oh I read that they put the bolt holes yes here instead of on an

Angle because that improves it too because there’s no more uh adapter plate that’s bolted directly to the frame and then there’s like additional sound deadening it is honestly pretty quiet in here it’s pretty good oh and then as a passenger you know it’s something you didn’t complain about what’s that your

Knee room considering there is a child seat behind you here look at that look at that look how much room I have oh yeah you are bright I did have pretty good leg room there I I could have been slightly more comfortable but I was not uncomfortable and then sitting behind

Myself I’m actually comfortable height six foot one and a half here you just like my boy engineering explained who also has a Crosstrack trunk space trunk space is pretty good but it’s not as good as the celtos that we’re also reviewing so I think that’s a knock

Against the Crosstrek yeah man it’s just like how much room can you expect to have like it’s still pretty good yeah but you fit let me fit the whole Gardena what’s it called the lunar Leaf pruner for tree pruner yeah by the way I am the Gardena spokesperson for Gardena Canada

And USA yes here he is kind of but actually sort of yeah here he makes videos here and there I’m a gardening expert yes and how about the visors oh let’s find out Yuri I see a flap three two one fail an extra flap and then how

About the cup holders do they fail Jacob uh do you have any conflicting opinions conflicting okay Subaru I have invented this way long ago I think it was like maybe two or three years ago maybe even a year ago we have cup holder risers which allow you to have smaller cups in

Here which is a great solution to I guess poorly designed cup holders so I did that in one video where Yuri told me to design a the straight pipes cup holder Riser and now Subaru look at this they’re shipping it with it yes this is all Jacob’s opinion Subaru might have

Invented this a long time ago and patented it or maybe somebody else did so if it’s a smaller cup all right yeah that’s a Full Pass my McDonald’s Cup today wiggled a lot because it’s you know thinner so it’s a medium pass oh and there’s two cup holders in the trunk

In the trunk in the truck and the trunk is not power liftgate like the celtos you believe it I can’t can you believe it because this is actually less money let’s get to the price this one not top trim thirty three thousand nine nine five Canadian which is pretty damn good

These days 30 000 Canadian is nice especially when you need to get to your cottage and all that stuff and off-road in the winter the thing is if you are getting this make sure you get winter tires for the winter because just because you have an all-wheel drive car

Does not mean you don’t need winter tires absolutely all-wheel drive does not affect your braking that is the the trick to everybody’s oh I got super all-wheel drive no you still need to stop yeah anyways come on guys anyways do you like it I do like it would you I

Don’t love it Kona saltos CRV or the Corolla cross I actually don’t think I take this over any of those not that this is bad I just kind of like all those a little bit more Corolla cross I’m thinking of the hybrid if it was the regular one I

Would 100 take this over the base curl across I’m thinking I maybe find a four-year-old orange cross track with those cool Wheels I like manual transmission the infotainment I like find that on and I would be so so happy let us know what you guys

Would do would you do what Yuri would do or would you take this over anything else that we mentioned before let us know but also good job on not ruining the Crosstrek yeah it’s not bad it’s just like it exists yeah it’s a solid like yeah it’s a cool car yeah foreign