The Straight Pipes: ACTUALLY Really Good! 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Review

ACTUALLY Really Good! 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Review

Posted: 2023-08-18 11:58:01
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Mitsubishi Outlander Plug In Hybrid review by The Straight Pipes. The Outlander PHEV is putting down a combined 248 horsepower and 322 lb-ft of torque from a 2.4L 4 cylinder plug in hybrid with 2 electric motors. At $57,948 CAD, would you take it over waiting 4 years for a Rav 4 Prime?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Sorry I’m hearing I’m Jacob and we’re going for a drive 2023 Mitsubishi Outlander plug-in hybrid without launch control your head hit that headrest pretty hard there oh dude couldn’t control my neck it’s probably because we’re in power mode sing CBT sing hey it’s okay it’s not bad [Applause] horsepower and torque a combined 248 horsepower and 322 pound-feet of torque

From a 2.4 liter four-cylinder plug-in hybrid with two electric motors yeah so we got a motor up front motor in the back and I think when you go to power mode you get a little bit more power to the back too so here I’m just gonna chill electric normal mode

It feels extremely EV like okay that was what I put in normal is it going to feel exactly the same oh that’s for sure yeah for sure hey power mode does something wow that’s nice uh this feels like a full EV as you were flooring and doing everything it

Doesn’t feel like it’s being driven by a gas I feel like that gas engine is just like uh generating power for the motors and how far can this go on full EV only 61 kilometers or 38 miles heck yeah and this is a plug-in hybrid and since it’s

The top trim it also has DC fast charging but it’s a chadimo yeah which is getting plugged up with Tesla chargers at IV charging locations and stuff so that’s interesting but this is based off the Rogue it’s got the Rogue infotainment and it’s based off the Rogue platform so that’s cool yeah and

Then it’s a cheater to three row in the most sense of that word because you cannot fit any adults comfortably back there your head back on your headrest bro okay headrest headrest let’s get it in there foreign fits this is not for Jacob’s size at all

I think it’s for dogs I fit behind myself in all three rows but like just barely so yeah it’s a seven seater which is pretty cool yes yes barely but you can reconfigure that rear Row in many different ways yeah and like the middle

Row has got like a lot of room too yeah and that slides back which is really nice but those like rear headrests are like ridiculous they look so funny yeah yeah but even with that rear row all the way up you can actually fit like a bunch

Of carry-ons and stuff in the very back in the trunk which is still cool yeah more than I think and now for the most important part for me for plug-in hybrid vehicles how does all the plug-in hybridness work together we have an EV button when we click that we can go to

Normal EVS you’re going full electric save to hold your charge for later and charge which is amazing a lot of cars don’t have all those options and you can actually use the charge function to charge this car from zero or ten percent to 80 percent while it’s standing still

In like just over 90 minutes yeah that’s pretty sweet and then I think it’s six hours to fully charge it on a level two and 38 minutes to charge to 80 on DC fast yeah so this car kind of Acts sort of similarly to like a Chevy Volt where

Like the gas engine is like a generator mostly okay and then other driving stuff if I let off you know it’s regetting a bit if I hit my left paddle I can go down to B5 five levels of breaking to slow down and then I also have a one pedal button right

Here which puts me in another cool mode so when I let off it slows down so much more but it will not come to a Full Stop So once I get to like this speed then it’s like all right hit the brake yourself yeah because it’ll just like keep kind of coasting

Through I understand not coming to a Full Stop in a plug-in hybrid because I guess if like your battery is full then you can’t come to a full stop because it can’t fully regen that anyways all right and then don’t forget about B mode as

Well well B is just your paddle so when I use my paddle it kicks me into B mode if I’m not into this mode already okay so there’s two ways to get into B mode yes interesting and then what’s cool is say I’m like I got like a heavy heavy

Brake regen or liftoff regen right now right yeah I can push it into neutral and it’ll fully Coast even with one pedal driving on yeah and then I can put it back into drive and we’re back into that okay and then while you’re driving around it’s kind of whiny because we’re in

Charge mode if I put it to EV now it’s nice and quiet it’s the exact same oh there’s the gas engine so much louder it makes a lot more noise when you’re in the charge mode yeah but the actual like the EV Motors are a little whiny but at least

It’s not pumped in electric stuff no it’s like natural kind of like the e-ray Corvette yeah kind of exactly like that sure with the electric stuff you can also change your gauge cluster which is exactly a Nissan gauge cluster yes it is to this and you can see where stuff is

Going but like you never find out if I’m going to gas or not or like if the gas is powering my wheels yo imagine if those are the wheels we had on this car okay okay I want to talk with let’s talk about the looks a bit yeah cause like damn

This I think looks awesome I actually think it looks pretty decent it’s a weird bold looks it looks like the anglesburg concept that we saw in Geneva or whatever I think it’s a good representation looks better than the old Outlander and I like this style of Mitsubishi yeah I mean the amount of

Chrome kind of fits everything the way that they shoved it in places it’s good okay this is two-tone so we got black at the top so that’s like a top trim thing and then the white paint is actually like very reflective it’s nice it’s like got a little bit of pearl or something

To it it’s nice we got 20s on here and I actually do like the wheel design of this and what would be the Continental recommended tire for an Outlander P have the extreme contact dws-06 plus and then we only have buttons on the handles in

The front and on the back and it’s not like proximity touch oh to lock the car yeah not the end of the world and I think I’m used to that from Nissan stuff and I feel like this is just a Nissan kind of saw whatever yes and then the

Back end like kind of bland yes very Bland but like also not offensive but not as cool as looking as the front yeah the front’s where it’s at it looks very crazy from like a wide angle from the front does this look better than a rogue

Or a Pathfinder uh I don’t know if it’s better it’s just different but it doesn’t look bad no it does not okay power mode through cliche corner with traction on oh I’m terrified the amount of things that are happening holy crap this car feels so disconnected it feels disconnected a little bit but

You can still Boogie through it like you can yeah yeah that wasn’t slow but this isn’t like handling cars no no it’s not and I like all of the crazy gimmicks how they were combined I think it’s fun yeah yeah it’s definitely fun it’s cool all

Right it’s your turn to launch it and before you launch it this gauge Mode’s pretty simple right yes and since this is a Nissan we can change the meter mode so I am going to give you a full-on aneurysm while launching this because like those needles are already kind of

Moving in this mode they can move so much more change meter View and then launch it what is happening go go oh my God it looks like someone pulling focus on a camera yeah let it let off now and then we’ll come back on it that is insane

Biggest distraction ever oh my God yeah wow it kind of looks like a compass that’s just like going in circles wow yeah yeah and wow okay oh Focus puller’s dream car yes how do I change that back okay there we go yeah okay so this is much less distracting as

Much as I thought the needles were moving you’re right wow uh whoever designed that there’s Nissan and they just repurposed that they’re like damn I guess this is what we have to work with but it was fluid it was very yes it’s gonna end that statement there okay get

My wheel into my driving position and send it into cliche corner and uh yeah okay body roll like crazy and then you can feel it sneaking exactly you can feel the disconnect because the rear end I believe is just motor only so there’s no drive shaft and and the rear motor

Has as much power I think as the gas motor here okay that’s pretty good you’re in normal mode if you were in power mode then you would have got more kick out because it would have said yeah and when I drove this earlier it did exactly that and it did kick out okay

We’ll go back through you can rip it again it’s a good way yeah okay I’ll try that um but yeah so we do have paddles Which you’ve said uh but we can also do nothing with the right paddle other than get out of the brake regen once we get

Into it with the left paddle yeah uh but the steering wheel feels nice uh the buttons are exactly the same as the Nissan except the uh whatever Pro pilot assist on a Nissan is blue this is It’s a me drive or something I drive they can’t get rid of The imev Branding yeah

It’s green here but the interior is what I want to talk about because it is really nice in here yeah we got quilted much the softest elbows yes I’ve ever felt in like a modern car yeah like unreal actually like if you stop looking at Mitsubishi as like a meme company

Like there is some good stuff here 100 there is and like like you said with this quilting this would match perfectly with a set of tux mat like like literally perfectly and you get a lot more coverage yeah so go to the straight pipes and they’re also having contests so

Definitely follow us and them on Instagram so that you don’t miss out on any free giveaways and these seats are so comfortable they have the right amount of bolstering but they’re so soft and supple up down forward back lumbar which is great hey we got massage which

Is kind of just like stuff moving it’s not like good yeah the massage is it’s yeah they just had to add it as a feature on a checkbox okay uh back to materials piano black I hate it whatever yeah um apparently this is real aluminum yes

That’s what it says it says really it doesn’t really feel like it but they call it real we don’t have an aluminum magnet on us and then we got some fake carbon fiber plasticky stuff right here on the right but like you’ll look at our windows and things they got like the

Diamond thing on there yeah like knurling like a Genesis nearly that was the word I was looking for yeah dude like honestly all the touch points and stuff this is like very impressive it’s more impressive than a rogue yeah I like I think I’m I’m shocked how good this

Was and I’m like kind of disappointed we didn’t get this for embargo when it came out because yeah I would have loved this who knows if anyone’s gonna watch this video because I doubt it yeah yeah Jacob says if this video doesn’t get 300 000 views I’m fired so please send this to

Your friends fired because Yuri wanted to book this not that I didn’t want to drive this it’s just too late in the life cycle but I think it’s just cool card I didn’t want to miss it and then and suspension really good and going into cliche Corner

We got everything off and power mode power mode not gonna use my paddles okay it’s understood this is ease into the power this time no I’m gonna understeer this is crazy to try that’s wild eh it could be much right it could be much worse yeah okay other infotainment stuff

So we have the Nissan infotainment volume knob and a friggin tuning knob hard buttons for all kinds of stuff we have a camera for a really good 360 camera we got rewinding satellite Radars on here Apple carplay Android auto look look at this cable you need that to plug

In your phone right you do USBC or USB a wireless or wired Apple carplay amazing Android auto I don’t know if it’s wired or Wireless but I also don’t care because I’m an apple person you can’t expect me to have an apple and an Android to test out for everything no or

Read the spec sheet and then cupholders I don’t like that they’re not out in front yeah I hate to reach back it actually made me drink my coffee less often yeah it is a bad spot for them for sure uh man this this elbow right that’s

So like the one on the door is especially comfy like everything is such nice materials okay visors like big three two one full pass job okay big moon roof this is considered a moon roof I it’s more than just a sunroof yes it’s massive panoramic panoramic sunroof yeah and

Another thing I love about this car we have AC power 1500 watts you click the button there turn it on I didn’t charge my stuff last night because at the Jays game and I forgot and I managed to plug it all here on the drive here and get it

All fully charged yeah that’s what’s sick about plug-in hybrid and there’s two of them and it says it can plug in your vacuum and household appliances in this like so sick so you should probably just get one of these instead of like a Ford lightning or the power boost thing

To power your whole house not that that’s an advertised solution or anything because it probably won’t work the power’s out in my house and I need to vacuum plug it into the Outlander plug the fridge in here just convert to 240 volts somehow I’m gonna floor it

It’s good Power Man like it’ll get you on the highway the gas engine is now doing stuff with cvting like yeah it’s weird but I like it it feels like technology and it feels electricy like the CVT doesn’t feel like a CVT it feels like I’m driving some

Sort of EV like it’s it’s cool it’s nice it’s like I know Mitsubishi is a meme company because they made their like Eclipse into an SUV but they also made a really sick have Outlander with Nissan’s help yeah but I think the last one was probably had a bunch of cool stuff but

Now it’s like a totally good package yeah because even like that adaptive cruise from the Nissan stuff right and Lane centering worked really well I mean I got a lot of warnings to keep my hands on the wheel even though they were there but it worked really well and then this

Also fit my child seat really well and we got baby Shades back there yeah I saw the baby Shades that is awesome gotta shout out all those peasants because you’re in the top trim so Jacob do you think there’s anything else with this Outlander P have I read a story about

Somebody trying to order a Toyota RAV4 Prime not a not that it’s like a direct competitor to this but it’s also a plug-in hybrid SUV well I think that the wrap it’s like the RAV4 Prime and then the Tucson plug-in and then Sorrento plug-in so they were on a wait list I

Think for eight years which I think the model wouldn’t even be in the life cycle at that point uh and so then they got upset and they walked into a Mitsubishi dealership and bought one of these and we’re very happy with their purchase because they could actually get one yeah

So look them up on instead of waiting forever for like a RAV4 which just actually might be better well especially when you’re considering the markup and I even posted that I’m probably not going to review this on my Instagram the comments were like review review one guy to Mitsubishi dealerships

Like you can come review mine and I asked him if he had evos for us I asked him how quickly could someone buy one he’s like within a week you could usually just get one which is amazing right now exactly so yes that is a weird

Thing to say but it is a realistic thing in this timeline that we’re living in right now and it’s cool because this car doesn’t suck no and you can get it and it honestly feels way more luxurious than a RAV4 Prime does okay so with all

That out of the way let’s get to the price while you go through cliche corner at a moderate Pace okay so this one is the top trim and it is 57 948 Canadian so you can get a lower trim version with the same range if you wanted yeah it’s not the least expensive

But it is also like a cheater through row and it is like surprisingly luxurious with like a ton of cool features in here yeah I think the only feature we’re really missing out on is ventilated eats yes I would really like ventilated we only have heated and today

Is a hot day and yeah the blank buttons is just ready for it yeah oh by the way full touch climate how nice is that it’s all really nice a lot of good stuff they nailed in this yeah so let us know what you think of this would you take it over

A RAV4 if you have to wait eight years and please do Yuri and I a favor and just watch the video even though you’ve already watched it here 300 000 are on Fires that’s it Jacob’s gonna replace me with someone else I’m only gonna do Mirage reviews from now on and Yuri’s

Gonna not be here so