The Straight Pipes: $800,000! 2023 Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II Review

Reading Time: 14 minutes
Posted: 2023-02-10 13:00:06
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Rolls-Royce Phantom review by The Straight Pipes. The Rolls-Royce Phantom is putting down 563 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque from a Twin Turbo 6 3/4 Liter V12. At $628,300 USD (direct conversion approximately $845,000 CAD), would you take it over the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Rolls-Royce Cullinan, an older Rolls-Royce Phantom, or a small yacht?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign we’re going for a drive 2023 Rolls-Royce Phantom Series 2 with no launch control wow that was smooth so nice horsepower and dork 563 horsepower 664 pound-feet of torque from a twin turbo six and three quarter liter V12 and if you can’t tell Jacob lost his voice a little bit while we’re down here in California on

Our TrueCar trip to drive some cars where it’s nice weather for once yeah so shout out TrueCar for hosting us down here we’ve previously driven several iterations of rolls royces with the cullinan being the first one and then we drove two different ghosts this is our

First Phantom and this is the big boy in the lineup full-size four-door except there is an extended wheelbase version of this as well and this being a 2023 is a series 2 which is not a refresh no but it kind of is but Rolls-Royce doesn’t call it one yeah they changed slight

Things but not too much because their customers didn’t want too many changes and I kind of get it because I like the way the Phantom 8 looks and like there’s little changes for series two just make it look similar but slightly different the biggest change for me are the

Headlights yes the drls are now aligned instead of wrapping all the way around and then I think the Grille is changed as well yes slightly to I believe allow the spirit of ecstasy to present itself slightly more and this is the first Phantom with a light up Grille yes which

Was first shown on The Ghost and then we’ve got the starry light headliner which is now also matching the starry lights in the headlights that is the coolest part because I think I liked the previous drls more but because we have starry lights in the headlights I think

These are my favorite ones now and then we’ve got this in a nice blue color which looks really nice and then we have some kind of different Hood what is it called because it’s not called matte black it’s iced Yuri that’s what that’s what it’s called and then this paint is

Called Iguazu blue I like the red pinstripe a lot unless that red has oh it’s definitely not called red it’s got a really fancy name but I like it I think this looks really nice and probably my favorite part is the wheels for the looks okay I do like these

Wheels however Rolls Royce offers the disc wheels for the first time on this series too and I love those Wheels I affectionately refer to them as dinner plates those are the best but these are awesome and then we’ve got the anti-spinners the Rolls-Royce logo always stays upright yeah I think

Sure whatever what do you want me to call them I don’t know they look cool and then the Rolls-Royce rep told us that when they were looking for the tire for the Phantom 8 series 2 they needed to have the best tire with like the best driving and the quietest because if you

Listen in here freaking silent and this tire is so special that it lowers the volume in here by nine decibels they told us they went through a ton of tires a ton of tires and the one that was on this tire was the very last Tire they tested and

Were happy with and what tire would that be for the Rolls-Royce Phantom 8 series 2 the Continental Conti sport contact 5. yo how sweet is that that’s pretty sweet because they also have an inner layer of foam and that’s what really does it so that’s what makes these stand out from

The contact fives that I have on my Prowler and my challenge for all of you is to go to and find your favorite Rolls-Royce on there let us know which one it is and make sure you leave one for Jacob because that’s his dream car that he’s gonna buy one

Day and since we are in California there’s actually a lot of rolls royces used ones within a hundred miles of where we currently are of the only zip code that we know as Canadians 90210 yes thanks for that show in the 90s which one 90210 and now to change Pace a

Little bit let’s talk about driving we’ve already said how quiet it is the next thing is how comfortable it is the suspension is unreal it doesn’t have the suspension for the suspension like the ghost but it doesn’t need it this still has a camera that does Road preview so

It’ll see all the potholes and whatever you’re driving around in these Malibu canyons and it also has air suspension so we can raise or lower it this is the most comfortable car I’ve ever sat in yeah and people complain about La potholes and stuff and they complain

About LA traffic and we got stuck in some of it they are kind of right but how well did this handle like bad roads up here oh man you don’t even think about it you’re so cocooned in here it’s just so relaxing but how relaxing is it

In the back seat while you’re being driven is it still comfortable handling wise of course yeah yeah because this also has like active anti-roll bars so there’s not that much body roll considering how big this thing is oh yeah okay we’re coming up to a tunnel

I’m gonna roll down the window we got a tunnel send we got to try we have to since we’re here and the quietest V12 sound ever silent it might as well be electric and I should point out that the Specter is coming out and that is going to be full

EV and I believe this is the last Phantom that is going to have a gas motor wow probably probably be around for a while though yeah yeah oh yeah you can still you’ll still be able to go buy one okay so now another tunnel send but with

The windows up you’ll see how quiet it is floored and that’s pinned so this is a ZF eight speed and you can feel the gears when you really floor it but when you’re just cruising around you don’t feel the gear changes like it’s exactly what you want

And it’s not like Lightning Fast right no because it doesn’t need to it’s just built for smoothness so even though it’s a huge motor with a bunch of power it’s mostly just cruise but you can get up to a high speed it just it’s constant and

Like not as like Snappy it’s the classic line of it pulls like a freight train because it’s just it’s so smooth it’s got torque and you don’t really want this to be fast like you said so the 0-60 is like in the five seconds but it’s also in the who cares seconds yeah

I mean you don’t even have a attack for your RPM you just have a power Reserve yeah you know percentage you’re on which is really cool and driving this down the PCH I fit right in I did not feel like I was standing out everyone was staring at

Me but at the same time I didn’t care I was just like yeah I’m good this makes sense here you’re passing a lot of luxury cars and everything too yeah so this makes total sense out here and I believe Toronto is actually a really hot market for rolls royces probably one of

The best in the world so it also makes sense back home yeah even though we don’t see them as much where we are in Toronto yeah maybe that’s like a downtown thing yeah exactly and we did see a bunch of them driving down Ocean Avenue when we were at the TrueCar

Office yeah it’s pretty sick they fit right in there yeah it makes total sense out here I love driving this thing it is ridiculously comfortable the steering is as Rolls Royce says effortless and they are 100 right it almost feels like car driving simulator because you’re like

There’s no way this can be this smooth like what kind of magic are you doing yeah it’s really fun to drive and then seeing the spirit of ecstasy up there which is amazing and then Rolls Royce always from the factory Maps your number eight hard button to raise or lower that

But maybe we could talk about some of the Interior with me behind the wheel that would be a good thing because there’s lots to talk about of here but I think I’m gonna stay in the passenger seat and not go in the back before they drive yeah I’ve already experienced that

But we’ll describe it later almost reach for the door handle ah nobody knew to the rolls royces Yuri very now my fourth very neutral rolls royces and for everyone who subscribes to our Channel Jacob’s voice will get one percent better we need 100 of you to fully fill them up please subscribe

Please subscribe definitely not first thing I notice these floor mats so cushy so thick and the driver one it’s got like leather in the middle it kind of looks like a gorilla chest to me but in like in like a good way I love it yeah these uh floor

Mats I mean they’re carpets they’re unreal they’re so thick and speaking of floor mats there are no tux mat for this vehicle however if you buy a set of tux mat for your vehicle that’s probably the nicest thing you can get for your vehicle to almost turn it into a

Rolls-Royce so go to the straight pipes to see what they have available for your vehicle we’ll ask them to start making carpeted tux mats and the coolest thing about this Phantom 8 series 2 is the gallery Jacob can you please explain what the gallery is so

First of all I’m going to attempt to touch it and I’m going to fail why it is art that is sealed behind hermetically is that the word hermetic her medical sealed glass so the glass stretches from the passenger side one pane all the way to the driver’s side it is so cool then

You can get different art you can also get your own art made as long as it’s approved by Rolls Royce that they could have sealed in there like you probably can’t have your kid like Scribble like a drawing of like dada and me and then have that put in there probably like no

I’ll get Banksy to do it instead and then we’ll seal it yeah so they have like pre-arranged ones that you can just select from but I mean if you have enough money you can kind of get them to do basically anything and this is called

Regatta sales yeah I like it it look it looks really impressive and I the glass just looks so see through and I keep trying to touch it and you can also not touch this infotainment you’d have to control it from this little rotary dial that pops out and you know I love rotary

Dials that you don’t let you touch the screen yeah and we have apple carplay no Android auto yeah because Rolls Royce users are cool with apple carplay that’s apparently what their customer base is yeah so that’s good that you got a Apple phone to prepare yourself for when you

Buy it for my used old Rolls-Royce that won’t have anything probably whatever man wait this rotor down school it’s got the spirit of ecstasy in there too and it’s got all the buttons for raising lowering your cameras it’s got a very similar to BMW infotainment so it’s a

Lot of familiar stuff like the 360 camera the way all that’s set up the radar cruise and then we also have the one to eight buttons which we can program to a lot of different stuff yeah I just love leaving the eight to the spirit of ecstasy raising and lowering

Yeah and it’s one of those things obviously if you try to steal it’ll like pop down and just hit the button and then when you park the car and lock it it’ll actually go down and then back up when you start it okay this is such a

Nice shot that not no one else can see right now but it’s me driving down to the ocean in through Malibu let me try and film this with my phone do it do it quick do it quick okay this is what we’re looking at right now this is the

Richest I’ve ever felt in my life wow just the spirit of ecstasy sitting there and there’s the ocean flexing on Malibu who also probably all have oh yeah that’s why this fits right in and then I guess another thing they’re doing with this model as well is allowing you to do

So much customization from the factory so you don’t have to go out and do different things with it like you can get it done from Rolls Royce and this interior you have white with black and red stitching I did see some videos where it was like white with green which

For me like that’s that’s kind of what I would go for and then they like to do this teal and all the door handles because I’ve also seen it on the ghost yeah yeah and then I also noticed this purple on your uh Park stock whatever

You want to call it your drive Stock Drive stock yeah what’s it called yeah I don’t know what to call it and everything is like handmade hand stitched you can see it matching up on the dash that pinstripe on the exterior is hand laid Yeah it’s it’s super sweet

And I like that we don’t have piano black we have this other cool material that pops super hard along everything on the inside and on the back of the seats in the back too you can see it yeah and these seats are so comfortable especially while we’re getting massages

In the back they’re even more comfortable it’s like feeder seating you’re higher above the driver and in the back we do have the tray and entertainment back there yeah so if you press the button on the side of the seat you get your tray if you press the

Button in your center console then you get your TV but if you just press that button you will also get both at the same time and we don’t have it folded down right now it can be a seat but when you fold it down you do have your what

Kind of glasses are there champagne flutes and we actually have the real ones now that we’re in California so that’s sweet those are probably very expensive okay and then back to the entertainment we can do HDMI and Blu-rays which I feel is right like you don’t need a full entertainment system

In here and I feel like Rolls-Royce owners aren’t probably going to watch movies no but if they wanted to they could they’re going to watch business meetings I don’t know I feel like I’d watch movies back there yeah but you also don’t own one yeah that’s true that’s true and there

Are no privacy Shades back there what I think is like I’d expect them in a phantom yeah I mean you can option them get your peasant blockers yeah they’re not baby Shades in this at all they’re definitely peasant blocks however you can put a baby seat in here and I did

Have my son in the back of a ghost in his baby seat at the ghost event for the black badge so there’s that so back there we can open the doors obviously but then we have a button to close the doors automatically yes of course and

Then we can also do that from the exterior by just touching the buttons on the outside and then you do have the umbrellas that pop out which cost a ton of money which is super cool to have yep but then sitting back in there again you also have volume buttons for the

Infotainment and then you also have buttons to adjust your foot rests which is obviously an additional option and adjusting the foot rest is cooler because like At first I thought okay it’s gonna be one of those that comes down but this isn’t the long wheelbase so you can’t fully stretch out but you

Don’t really need to but the 4S just changes the angle where your feet are and it’s that’s like I’ve never experienced that and it’s so luxurious it’s like that plane thing in I think business class where sometimes that little thing drops down yeah yeah that’s good and then like all other rolls

Royces rollers rollers rollers to control your fan speed it’s off soft medium high Max you don’t get like numbers or anything and then your temperature you don’t see what the actual temperature is you just move the blue and red which is so so cool it’s so

Simple and nice and we also have hard buttons for heated and cooled seats and our heated steering wheel and everything’s a hard button in here everything that you want I like that it’s still all hard button stuff yep and then trunk space real quick there’s a

Ton of room which I guess is necessary because you’ll be driving around a lot of luggage yes and then you also have a little bit of luggage space taken away by your fridge yeah I mean there’s still enough to not really care about that and

Then we do have the but then sorry you can also say to someone sorry my fridge got in the way and you can also click the trunk close button or the lock button which may not be that important to the owner but for the chauffeur they would really appreciate that absolutely

Something else the chauffeur and actually the rear occupants or any occupants would appreciate this is the first Rolls Royce with rear wheel steering oh yeah but it’s not like double digits like Mercedes has been doing so it’s not like weird subtle it’s subtle and it makes sense and it does

Make this car a lot more maneuverable in small parking lots okay uh cup holder for your water bottle it is holding your water bottle right it looks like it’d be good for small cups of coffee and since none of this white material is fabric I would risk drinking a coffee in here yes

This leather is second to none it is unreal so comfortable everything is so nice and soft what about these visors which are leather three two one oh I was so gentle with it uh so was I if I was a full pass by the way I was gonna customize my own Rolls

Royce I think I would see if I could get starry night at it to the visors yes I like visor so much yes and then our headliner is actually level perforated leather so you can see the Starry Night headliner it’s a white headliner and you

Can see the stars during the day yeah so you can actually dim it or brighten it here or you can also turn it off and then there’s also a shooting star very randomly still haven’t caught the shooting star yeah I saw it once in the ghost what constellation would you have

Up here I mean the one that Rolls Royce likes to say is you can get whatever the star orientation was from the day that you were born I think I’d like a big fat big dipper right in the middle yeah it’s like the only constellation I could find

So you know yeah throw back to my astronomy skills big dipper this luxurious clock in the dash looks amazing and it fits perfectly and obviously it is very expensive and what I love love love is the sound system in this oh my goodness this Rolls Royce bespoke audio system is crystal clear

And really loud yeah I was blasting my uh 90s on nine Sirius XM using some time shifts your Enrique Iglesias currently and I feel like that’s pretty much everything that we can talk about right now with this Rolls-Royce in California but having a great time it’s super comfortable and I think it’s time

We get to the price is this the most expensive car we’ve ever driven I think so or at least it’s very close it starts at 475 thousand dollars U.S this one with about 150 000 in options is 628 300 and they’re going to be presenting other Phantoms that have even more add-ons yes

Add-ons options options so optimization and their customers apparently have been customizing the heck out of these things lately so this is actually like kind of a reasonable spec so to sum this car up I absolutely love it this is my absolute dream car and I I would take this over a

Lamborghini because at my stage in life I’m just I want to be comfortable okay but you can’t afford one of these no I can’t afford one of these if you try your hardest maybe maybe you can afford a ghost would you be happy with a ghost

As well yes yes I actually would that’s and like yeah that’s cool too I wasn’t sure I thought it was always like I want to go the biggest one or nothing but they’re actually all like really really awesome yeah this is a unreal and uh yeah look forward to the rest of the

Videos from our TrueCar trip TrueCar California trip I mean self-explanatory at this point where we’re mostly just chilling in Malibu yeah this is sick so let us know what you think of this Rolls-Royce video do you like our videos from California should we come down to the TrueCar head office a couple more

Times and do more of these and if you’re shopping for one of these you can buy a new one Oregon let us know let us know we’ll make it classy I swear