The Straight Pipes: $400,000 LUXURY ROCKET! 2023 Bentley Continental GTC S Review

Reading Time: 12 minutes
Posted: 2023-02-14 13:00:08
Author: TheStraightPipes
2023 Bentley GTC S review by The Straight Pipes. The 2023 Bentley Continental GTC S is putting down 542 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque from a 4.0L Twin Turbo V8. At $361,640 USD, would you take it over the BMW M8, AMG S63 Cabriolet, Aston Marin DB11 or a Rolls Royce?

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

Foreign [Applause] [Applause] ER Drive [Applause] [Applause] 2043 Bentley GTC s with launch control oh oh that’s fast horsepower and torque 542 horsepower 568 pound-feet of torque from our 4-liter twin turbo V8 foreign that’s good power good familiar power lots of torque okay wait why isn’t it snowing here and why are we in a

Convertible and why are we in a Bentley because we’re in California right now for our true car trip and this is our first Bentley that we’ve ever driven yes we’ve never driven or reviewed a Bentley but you know who’s driven a Bentley before who somebody who bought a Bentley

Bentega through we have one confirmed sale through our link with discounted price offers so if you’re shopping for a Bentley or any other vehicle go to okay this is sweet and I always like Bentley’s because there’s that one movie that it was like a zombie

Um like Mad Max kind of movie where she steals a Bentley that was in a mountain and drove out a continental so I’ve always liked them since then and it’s cool they’ve got the convertible I always like the Coupes though yeah the coupe I think just has better lines but

This is still gorgeous and then I guess Bentley is a brand that’s luxurious but also very fast because they’ve got fast versions with like big numbers on the grill and everything and like wild looks Wild colors there’s a trim called speed okay so the speed is the w 12 not to be

Confused with the GTC s yes so the S this is the one that we have has the twin turbo V8 and you can’t get the W12 in this and then this is all-wheel drive yes so the 0-60 time is very quick it’s like four seconds and then since this is

The S we’ve got a sportier look than a non-s no Chrome pretty much all blacked out yeah and there’s no more power with the S trim however you do get a louder exhaust so you get the sport exhaust standard let’s take a listen to the outside rev limiter but does sound good yeah

It’s got that very familiar four liter 20 yeah I love the headlights on this yeah the headlights are great I’ve always liked Bentley headlights I know you like old cars with uh four circles at the front and I like how this has got the black outline around so much of it yeah

You got me there but yeah the the jewel-ness of them like they’re gorgeous headlights and then the tail lights are pretty cool too with like the big circle oval kind of things again looks crystallized and then we’ve also got Circle exhaust tips which is pretty sweet and the last major thing with the

S trim is in terms of handling because this is actually the driver’s version of this car so you get the 48 volt Active Body Control standard on this and it really helps like this thing feels really flat in these California Canyons I feel like from the behind angle I did

See you like leaning against the corner and it looked really cool you can see it actually doing stuff they’re really working hard because I mean this is a big car so it weighs a lot and to finish looks we got a little cool carbon fiber spoiler down there carbon fiber on the

Sides black wheels that look nice huge awesome looking red Bentley brakes uh yeah are absolutely massive and black wheels which Jacob and I are we’re kind of over black wheels but it does match the car it makes perfect sense with this Cambrian gray exterior but they are uh

The logo stays facing upright the whole time which is so so sick yeah it’s called the Bentley self-leveling wheel badge for an optional 615 dollars which 100 you should option that and there will be a Content that’ll recommended attire for a Bentley gtcs the extreme contact sport O2 hey Yuri there’s a

Tunnel you know what to do thank you sick yeah it’s good this is a good amount of sound for how classy and fast the car is like it’s not overly obnoxious like an old svr yeah and it still crackles and Pops here and there we are currently driving in sport mode

So if I was to dial you into Comfort are we doing a comfort tunnel send we’ll do a comfort and then I’ll switch it halfway through do a half throttle one foreign opened up a little towards the end there yeah so if you floor it in Comfort

You’re still going to get full gas coming out the back yeah and you do get some crackles and Pops here and there so it’s it’s interesting and then looking at this interior quickly before you drive very nice this is like perfect Jacob spec carbon fiber red and black

Yeah I uh except for the except for the piano black which you don’t like yeah and I mean in these Canyons today it’s very windy it’s really dusty here so not my favorite this car is so expensive that I would personally have somebody detail this if I owned it but I love

This little s badge up here with the carbon fiber inlays and all the stitching it is perfect I love the s’s on the seats I think that’s really cool and I really love that infotainment screen that flips around for you so you can completely hide it and just have

Gauges 100 my favorite part I would just hide it all the time but then you wouldn’t have apple carplay with Google Maps up to help me not get lost in the canyons around Malibu yeah I would just I wouldn’t mind getting lost out here well there’s getting lost and then

There’s not going to the cool turns that you thought you were going to go to and then through the twisty roads like this thing fell like just really good I guess competitor with like an M8 convertible yeah all the big Coupe Cabriolet big Engine things yeah but like an S63 but

The sporty ones yes we haven’t driven an S63 yet no or an SL no but NSL is too small I think yeah I guess because it’s a two-seater yeah and this okay four-seater we’ll talk about that in a second yeah I think I should get behind

The wheel so we could talk about some more stuff I’m not staying here for the review but for the record I do fit and from back here I can move it forward or back with these buttons right here and for the record I don’t fit behind myself launch control Wow uh eight-speed dual clutch shifts Lightning Fast the best part is you don’t have to do anything fancy to get into launch control it’s just like brake gas boom it’s perfect it’s kind of like a Porsche Porsche does very similar stuff and it’s great here it’s like the

Paddles in this do you like shifting this oh my goodness the knurling on the back of the paddles that’s my favorite part all of the knurling in Bentley Interiors from what I’ve seen in pictures of other Bentleys yeah and this one is amazing you feel like Genesis got

Some motivation from Bentley for like their whole lineup because every time I type in Bentley on YouTube too I’m getting Genesis ads I mean they do have the designer the former designer from Bentley so uh yeah and I also like the knurling on the inside of the door

Handle that’s really nice yeah and like on the turn stocks and everything like everything feels very premium do you like touching this shifter uh I do and I don’t it feels nice however you have to press the B to be able to shift from reverse neutral to drive but what I

Found myself doing is that the park button is where your palm kind of rests where you do that so it kind of forces me to press park by accident a lot whenever you put it in reverse yes yeah but uh besides that you get used to it

Pretty quick yeah so then we have our heated and cooled seats down here we also have our air scarf to warm our necks on this slightly coolish day I love how many hard buttons there are down here and then a ton of hard buttons under the infotainment as well with a

Volume knob and everything and I love this clock as well this analog clock is lovely you and your animal clocks I love my analog clocks the digital that’s called digital although this is a watch if I was wearing a clock it’d be flaming oh yeah I guess and then all of our

Events are controlled uh with our hands which is lovely in today’s age and then we also have these buttons to push in and out to actually close or open them yeah it’s it’s good and then the sound system we can’t forget the sound system what is it it’s a name I’ve never heard

Of this before I have but this is the like this is my favorite sound system of all time name is incredible so clear so loud my buddy has a name system at his house and it sounds amazing but let’s listen to this exhaust since I have an open stretch some brakes oh

Yeah yeah that’s great oh also fun fact before I forget to mention it I had a Bentley as my wedding vehicle so that’s the only other Bentley that I’ve been in that I’ve driven nice yeah everyone congratulate Jacob on getting married yes many many years ago years ago almost

I actually don’t remember I’m sorry my wife I’m your other I think it’s actually what six years you and I’ve been married for like seven years at work oh yeah and then we also have our convertible buttons here too the top goes up and down very easily doesn’t take up too

Much room so you can do it like in an underground parking garage and stuff yeah although it’s not the fastest but it’s elegant yeah and like the quality of it on the outside is nice and then inside it just feels like such a car car yeah you can see the amount of sound

Deadening in it so it’s it’s actually really quiet yeah oh dead quiet not great maybe not dead quiet but really quiet but then okay suspension wise in all modes it’s still pretty sporty right yeah I’m actually surprised at how sporty it is I kind of expected it to be

Softer I don’t know why but I guess Bentley’s pretty sporty so this is air suspension we can raise and lower it we do have a raise button thankfully for um parking garage and such but it’s really comfortable it’s just not as comfortable as I expected it to be and in terms of

Drive modes we have sport Bentley mode comfort and Custom Bentley mode is kind of the best mode although it starts in yeah although sport is really good because that just opens the valves right away yeah yeah those modes are nice the thing is easy to use all like the the hard buttons are

Great everywhere and uh do you like the gauge cluster it is all digital I do uh it’s not laggy it’s very simple and you can’t really customize too much yeah it’s it’s just enough and you’ve got like a race timer on there too so if you’re gonna go like in a convertible

Like racing which I guess oh and by the way my Plymouth Prowler is going to be at the Oblivion display with a bunch of other 80s and 90s cars at the Canadian International Auto Show next week from February 17th to the 26th so make sure

You check it out take a picture and send it to me I guess Bentley people will do yeah I mean there’s like the race versions like Bentley does race so they might it’s nice that they add that into all the versions like you know you’ll have this when you get your higher power

Bentley too there’s a lot of Heritage to this car oh and then inside some stuff that’s maybe not Heritage newer stuff we’ve got very cool ambient lighting that you can change and it looks like awesome very very classy not cheesy and over the top like a Mercedes would be

And they actually allow you to customize the type of colors that you’re given so you can go from like vibrant to subtle options yeah but you can’t get like everything and then we got nice floor mats here you guys know we talk about floor mats a lot on this channel we got

Red piping that matches everything they’re very cushy and thick if you want to get nice floor mats for your own personal vehicle hit up straight pipes check out what they have available for your car if you’re wondering why his voice is messed up he’s uh he lost his voice I lost my

Voice it’s sort of slowly coming back yeah oh my God Yuri look at this okay with this view holy crap do you feel like you belong here in this car yes absolutely in this convertible Yuri film this out the window this is or whatever out the convertible top unreal that’s

The ocean by the way you guys in California are very spoiled is this nicer than cliche corner all these turns we’ve been driving on I mean cliche corner is uh three turns and we’ve had probably 150 turns so far so yeah it’s got a lot more work to do when

You’re driving one of these but it’s so nice oh man oh and then the next thing I wanted to talk about is we actually have an Alcantara steering wheel which I also didn’t expect but it’s split with leather which is really interesting yeah and then if it does feel a bit windy

Here on the audio there is a wind cover that we can put back there but we had to move that to our camera car and there’s literally been a wind warning today so yeah they said stay inside because of the wind warning and then we have both

Of our carry-ons in the trunk right now which is great to know that it can fit both just fine yes and the last thing I would like to talk about is how much I love these paddle shifters and how quick the transmission is to shift I know I

Mentioned them already but like this dual clutch that’s really good yeah I like the burbles that come with it too yeah it’s good oh uh things that I want to talk about that I forgot really good 360 camera yes very good yeah and then one more thing actually two things

Oh yeah we keep forgetting I know I know three two one okay it does not pass another thing that does not pass our cup holders will not fit a small cup of Tim Hortons coffee from Toronto but they fit this water yeah it’s a little too deep

But you know you can close it it looks nice another thing I notice is when you pull the door a little bit it completes the close electronically for you and your armrest can slide forward so that your elbow can touch the armrest while your hands on the wheel if

You’ve got smaller arms oh and these seats very comfortable like they’re bolstered but they’re not too bolstered but I’m not flying around in here the little bit of stiffness that you wanted it to be more comfortable from the suspension I feel like you get absorbed by that comfortable seats and we also

Have a massage on the seats as well which is really good yeah it’s a very good mix with the air scarf the massage and if you want to drive top down it’s a little chillier or whatever and I’ve been thinking about who really buys this car but we should probably get to the

Price let’s get to the price and we just turned onto a surprise road if you know what this road is you have to surprise that’s the scribes if you’ve ever been on the Pacific Coast Highway you need to subscribe what he said talking talking drive car hard what he barely says

This one starts at 292 500 us and this one is option to 361 640 American yeah that’s a lot of money but everything that this competes with this is this is a level above because if you’re looking at like Porsches Mercedes BMWs this feels like a like something comparable

But above the closest competitor I can think to this would be an Aston Martin uh db11 convertible because yeah that’s awesome from that yeah yeah but this is just different I don’t like I don’t really get Rolls-Royce vibes from this no at all like back in the day I thought they

Were more comparable but now after driving everything it’s like no this is like a way more sporty different style but they also have a flying spur which would probably be a slightly more comparable so then would you take the convertible or would you go for a coupe

Or then would you take this or would you take the speed I mean I’m having a pretty good time right now in the convertible however I just think the coupe is just that much better looking I would have to go Coupe but I haven’t driven the speed the W12 would be nice

To have but this is there’s no problem with this the W12 has like an extra 100 horsepower but also weighs more and I think this would handle better I totally get this but I am a coupe speed I think would be my preference yeah I could see

That but this is sweet like I’m I was actually shocked at how much fun this is through the Canyons here and like yeah if I lived here I drive wouldn’t mind driving this more often oh for sure so let us know what you guys think of this new bet these our

First Bentley our first real Bentley that we got to review and should we do more TrueCar California trips and drive more cars down here that we don’t get in Canada yes TrueCar are we welcome back again after this trip please let us know the second person needs to buy a vintage

And then we’re good or at least maybe one of these foreign