The Straight Pipes: $250,000?! 2024 Maserati GranTurismo Review

Reading Time: 10 minutes
Posted: 2023-10-10 12:00:37
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Maserati GranTurismo Modena review by The Straight Pipes. The Gran Turismo is putting down 483 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque from a Twin Turbo 3.0L V6. At $260,800 CAD, would you take it over a BMW, Mercedes, JAG or Aston Martin?

Big Thanks for Maserati of London for getting us a GranTurismo, if You’re in Toronto just go buy a Maserati there. Its a nice drive out!


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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

I’m Yuri I’m Jacob and we’re going for a Drive 2024 Maserati Grand Turismo Moda without launch control That’s pretty quick still finally driving a Grand Turismo horsepower and torque 483 horsepower 442b feed Torque from a 3 l twin turbo V6 this is not the top trim tropo no this is not the electric F Gore no it is not but big shout out to Maserati of London for

Hooking us up with this yes we also have an mc20 review if that’s not already out definitely watch that one and Jacob has always dreamed of driving a Maserati Gran Turismo but a V8 older one this is six-cylinders only look everybody knows that you’re the Maserati Fanboy but I am

The Gran Turismo Fanboy I have always love that car I think the previous generation of Gran Turismo is the best looking car probably ever made and best sounding V8 from the factory this one we no longer have a V8 it is no longer rear whee drive it is only all-wheel drive

But it is still stunningly gorgeous going to give it a rip before we talk about the Looks and it still sounds good good but not that V8 not even close to that old V8 and no garbage pumped in no and then what does it sound like from the [Applause] outside sounds good it sounds good as a six-cylinder Fanboy it sounds good and

This is a tuned Nuno engine which is the same one that’s in the mc20 and in the tropo version of this car so they’re basically using that motor shoving into their entire lineup duning in making different versions and the Gale tropo 2 is the same motor okay anyways looks

Wise they updated the front and the back to match their new corporate look of everything I don’t think they did anything wrong I think it looks fantastic especially in that 75th Anniversary trim with the really awesome paint and the red trim that they have at

Moera of London yeah when I saw that in the show room I was blown away that car is gorgeous I mean this one is too this gray but it doesn’t pop as hard as that version yeah this is like a nice subtle spec and I think the Maserati Gran

Turismo customer likes their Maserati Gran Turismo for different reasons and I’m sure there’s one who wants a dark one cuz I feel like you know searching tsp. we found a lot of dark Maserati Gran Turismo yes I was specifically cuz when I attempted to buy

One I didn’t really try that hard I really wanted a red one so I could have the Ferrari engineed Maserati in red I’d be the ultimate poser of the Ferrari that’s not a Ferrari okay uh I really like seeing the fanders pop out from when I’m driving yeah that’s my favorite

Part kind of reminds me of an old like 70s Corvette yeah but like the length of this thing is really accentuated by seeing that so nice it’s definitely a grand tour yes as is the name yes grand turiso okay uh the tail lights they are different as well I think it looks much

More modern than the older style and then we got really nice exhaus back there the whole back end the whole shape of this car all the curves gorgeous there’s nothing weird about it we got the nice new Maserati style door handles and then like from exiting on the inside

It’s that perfect button that I love so much and then these wheels are amazing looking they’re the kind of traditional uh multispoke but they’re not like the Trident kind of thing but if you look at certain angles you can mentally kind of visualize a trident yeah it’s like a

Five spoke with hidden Trident and what would be the Continental recommended tire for a Maserati Gran Turismo the extreme contact sport O2 do you like having those little three port holes on the side of and the badge yeah yeah I love it I love it all it doesn’t look

Cheap like in this car I’m just happy to see it like anytime I see a Maserati gr tur on the road it looks cool the old ones the new ones the happiest person I’ve ever seen on the road was a guy with a slickback long hair windows down

Ripping a V8 Grand Turismo smoking a cigar and that was an MC stradal which I was like oh my goodness happiest person I’ve ever seen in my life yeah okay now I got give another rip let’s put it to we’re in automatic mode and going to floor it

Just that was pretty quick and nice and torky that really ripped it was just good the whole time but we not getting as much as we would out of an SUV and to experience a little more G I think it’s your turn to drive okay for

Being out in London some stuff out here smells like poop so yeah well we I don’t want to get the floor mats dirty with the gravel with a set of tux mat exactly cover those up with a set of tux mat protect those carpets go to tuxmat dcom

Thestraightpipes so we do have a drag timer performance page cuz it’s a Maserati but I don’t think we got to use that [Applause] today that’s nice that’s just like good good power and so I did that in sport we’ve been driving in sport because this is not a trao so you don’t get Corsa mode which is the most extreme mode that you find in tro and probably the F Gore

Or however you pronounce that and then in terms of other Drive modes we got comfort and GT and then we still have that lovely suspension adjustment button in the middle of that on our steering wheel do you think this is better power than a previous V8 Gran Turismo I

Wouldn’t doubt that this is faster even as a modana I wouldn’t doubt that this is faster like for sure also it’s all-wheel drive so we’re getting like perfect launches every single time even that launch was a little weak off the line I’m sure if you break break boosted

It that would have been like the real fake launch control that would have done better and this thing’s got crazy low mileage that’s why we’re not launching it or anything like that but this ZF is actually really nice so it’s a zf8 speeed that we’re so used to in every

Other car that we’ve driven it with and it is really nice here like pops off those shifts not the fastest but like fast enough this I’m going to say this is like the perfect mix of Grand Touring and speed yeah although I think the tro for me would be that well I haven’t

Driven it yet I know I know so so far like maybe compared to like an ason Martin or something and like I think like even controlling everything on the inside and the look like this is just a perfect mix and the crazy part about this versus the tropo is that 0 to 60

For this is like 3.7 the tropo is like 3.5 so it’s not that big of a difference from a launch terms of power and with the suspension this being a really great grand tour you got air suspension as standard and it is very comfortable like

Do we have a nose lift system uh we have the suspension control system in our infotainment which can raise it and lower it is this not getting easier to use as you drive more Maserati it is getting easier but I still don’t love it but it is getting easier I will give you

That so it is a thing that you can get used to for sure yeah see I’m being more calm this is hinged you yeah thank you Maserati review it’s plus I also love Grand Turismo Turismo is so common Grand Turismo Jacob’s coming out and with the

Grand Touring esque nature of this uh we do have really comfortable seats they’re like a little bit firm but so comfortable this on the softer side of firm yes like everything about it in the drive is like really comfortable okay let’s do the patented driving half on

Gravel test oh good one this isn’t a safari or a Dar yeah it’s just super comfortable we got a lot of adjustment too still no massage yeah but like maybe that’s just not a Maserati thing yet man it’s kind of crazy that it’s not included like are you sure we press the

Seat button no you’re right no just just a good amount of adjustment and then we do have two back seats I fit behind myself perfectly fine a 5′ 8 and 1/2 and I definitely do not fit very comfortably behind myself at all okay back there we also have two cup holders two cup

Holders up here they’re all very small cup holders maybe for Italian espressos and I got my water over there which definitely does fit in these cup holders and then we do have a ski pass through back there yes but it’s a little bit weird cuz you can actually take off that

Panel and uh like take it with you essentially maybe maybe they did that because like when you have skis they’re going to like scratch on stuff and they don’t want you like scratching your nice armrest other manufacturers have done a better way of just having a plastic panel that just

Sits on top of the armrest maybe so you can remove it cover it in something and then airbrush it like a Corvette waterfall right are Maserati owners the Italian Corvette owners I don’t think so I feel like Ferrari people are the Italian Corvette people I don’t know I

Feel like it’s Gran Turismo owners are the Corvette guys of Europe no maybe there’s a reason I want one so bad exctly what I’m saying oh man dude just like driving this is so nice the smoothness of this whole powertrain and just not having to think about anything

I actually really like this isn’t a hybrid or anything like that like I’m okay with this V6 detuned yeah maybe Nuno yeah yeah yeah whatever it’s all good I like it and then seeing this trident up here which I believe they even uh changed I think they updated the actual design of the

Logo for the future cool cool about it uh one thing if you were actually Grand Touring with this this is probably the most comfortable Grand Tour cuz a lot of people say they could and then with the lane keep the really good Maserati stuff that you just put two fingers on be

Amazing you can listen to all your awesome music with the Santa Faber system which has been good in every single Maserati so far and I think this is even an option cuz I looked into this on a Pagani Santa’s favorite yeah heck yeah cuz it’s Italian they got to go

Full Italian oh and speaking of these seats back to them Sor right we got heated cooled and a heated steering wheel as well which I kind of want the cooled seats right now let’s see if I can do both I can do both heck yeah this

Is ventilated oh but I got it instantly but it’s blue dude it’s blowing okay back this dashboard materials are all nice it looks cool we got Gran Turismo right here an Italian flag and then this little clock you can control it through your bottom screen and even when you put

Your phone on the wireless charger it’s like charging it is a cool little status update SL brake pressure power pressure G meter for for not having a an actual analog clock they used it very well like that space is not wasted but I I still

Want it to be a turn yes exactly but like I I just love seeing that little Italian flag and then down here we’ve got lovely gloss carbon fiber which is my favorite although it’s not kind of lining up in the way I’d like it but that’s still okay with me it’s pretty

Close like I don’t think I could do any better no and then we got it on the doors too like the gloss is nice I’m still a fan of the exposed carbon the rough carbon but for a gray outside Maserati this is a very good safe spec

For somebody to buy which you can buy this exact one if you go to Maserati of London right now if you buy it from Maserati of London I’ll uh I’ll I’ll sign something for you not that I get anything from it I just I like it oh you

Want to devalue someone’s car wow I i’ sign their car I said I would sign something well whatever you’re going to sign is still going to devaluate so well it’s not good you could be a child I could sign a baby worthless baby now Bo boobs we also uh have your favorite

Things we have the steering wheel buttons behind yeah the radio controls behind the steering wheel wheel and then yeah the colum mounted paddles they’re very nice they are very nice and luxurious and driving down the straight road just outside of London has been lovely we’ve been doing zero handling

Out here cuz it’s just all country roads and they’re all dead straight ah what can we do what we say it’s okay it’s not like a handling car anyways I’m sure it would be totally fine it’s just not out here Maserati if you’d like to invite us

To Italy to experience any Maserati we have 1.67 million subscribers we’re viewing cars for 7even years and we’re like the top third top fourth most view channel in North America and I’ve never been to modana and larger than pretty much all written Outlets that’s resum really desperate now it is desperate I would

Love to go drive a Maserati with handling yes but yeah this car is really nice I really like it a lot the only thing I don’t love about it is the price Yuri I got some more stuff that you do love Apple carplay Android auto yes it

All works really well we’ve got our hard stuff on the left so that we can always get to every single menu we got seirus XM it can rewind that’s super nice too and then we’ve got visors and like I don’t know I don’t know if Ma body visors will extend I already see

Something good oh this nice and thick nice and thick nice and thick yeah oh dude yeah they Full Pass all right and then uh that can be your camera that can be a rear camera you can drive this in Winter yeah right all-wheel drive yes I

Think that is it okay let’s get to the price this one starts at $222,500 that’s for the modana right yes Canadian and this one is speced out to $260,800 $0000 that is a lot of money like going with back to the Gale you’re paying more for something that’s rarer maybe not

Better but it’s different and there’s something cool about a Gran Turismo that isn’t cool about an M8 yes that’s not as cool as like an Aston Martin like an Aston Martin is still cool yep but it’s like then you’re just buying a rebadge Mercedes kind of kind of depending on

Which one you get but yeah like this is I still really like this I just have a really hard time justifying that price it is a lot of money but you know who doesn’t have a hard time justifying the price rich people people who buy Maserati Gran Turismo and you know what

They’re probably happy with it yes and maybe I’ll be one of those buying a used one for 50 Grand and then putting 50 Grand into it to then hopefully get it on the road yeah I wouldn’t buy one that’s not certified for own well thanks for watching and definitely watch our

Fc20 review cuz uh that thing’s a little rocket Ship