The Straight Pipes: 2024 Mazda CX-90 vs Hyundai Palisade – Worth the $10k Difference?

2024 Mazda CX-90 vs Hyundai Palisade - Worth the $10k Difference?

Posted: 2023-04-25 11:59:51
Author: TheStraightPipes
2024 Mazda CX-90 vs Hyundai Palisade review by The Straight Pipes. The Mazda CX-90 Turbo S Premium Plus (Turbo Signature in Canada) is putting down 340 horsepower 369 lb-ft torque from a mild hybrid 3.3L Turbo Inline 6 cylinder (319 hp on regular). The Hyundai Palisade Urban has 291 horsepower 262 lb-ft torque from a 3.8L V6. At $63,950 CAD for the Mazda and $53,199 for the Hyundai, which one would you take?

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0:00 We’re going for a drive
0:31 Horsepower & Torque
1:00 Transmissions
1:26 Engines
1:55 Launch Control?
2:25 Interior is it a BMW or a Mazda?
2:46 Exterior looks
5:22 3 Row Test
6:26 Interior space with trunks
7:00 Fuel economy
7:45 Seat comfort
8:30 Car seats for kids
9:06 Highway driving assistance
10:04 Driver / car switch
10:24 Ride comfort / harshness
10:44 Infotainments
11:31 1 weird trick!!!
11:58 Back to infotainments
12:44 Gauge clusters and drive modes
13:50 Towing
14:00 Door handles
14:27 Wow we are so noble
14:39 More Interior details
15:00 Cup holders
15:20 Visor Test
15:42 Heated steering wheels
16:06 Interior button controls
16:49 Staredown vs car
17:04 Drive mode detail
17:23 MORE interior details
17:44 Clunky transmission
17:56 Cliche corner handling test
19:38 PRICES and our choices

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

We’re going for a drive 2024 Mazda cx-90 against the Hyundai Palisade Urban Edition we think that these are the most luxurious SUVs from budget Brands so we wanted to see how they stacked up against each other so let’s start them off with the horsepower and torque the cx90 has 340 horsepower

And 369 pound-feet of torque from a mild hybrid 3.3 liter turbo inline six-cylinder and that Palisade has 291 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque from a 3.8 liter naturally aspirated V6 so we got a pair of six cylinders foreign oh this took forever to downshift uh but

Then you’re gone yeah so sometimes this transmission because it is an all-new eight-speed kind of takes a while to downshift It’s relatively smooth here and there but I’ve noticed it not being smooth from a stop sometimes and this Hyundai is familiar old Hyundai nothing weird the same stuff you’re used to

Forever yeah which is also an 8-speed traditional automatic the Mazda has a traditional automatic but it’s like a wet multi-plate clutch it’s an all-new transmission it’s very interesting now obviously the inline six cylinder is also all new that is the talking point for this car and it is really good I

Love this engine yeah this Hyundai is definitely slower than the Mazda but with these big cars like I don’t think it really matters and there is a slower detuned version of the same engine available as well which would be closer match to that Hyundai and there’s also a

Hybrid like a full plug-in hybrid which is also very similar even closer to that one as well but Hyundai does not offer a plug-in hybrid or even a mild hybrid at this point all right let’s see if any of these cars have launch control first that a Hyundai and Brake boost

That’s got all right it’s got all right Auto hold just gonna floor it oh that’s pretty good especially once you get going straight up looks like a BMW when you’re ripping away man uh yeah there’s a lot of BMW in this especially in the interior it feels very premium whereas

The Hyundai doesn’t feel quite as premium but also doesn’t feel cheap the Mazda interior looks so awesome like I feel like once somebody sees that in a showroom they’re automatically gonna just buy it that’s how impressive it is it is Thoroughly impressive uh what about the exteriors though so there’s a

Couple things going on especially with the Mazda the rear end not my favorite yeah it’s got that Mazda 3 kind of like big hump at the back where this Palisade just kind of looks like a Tahoe yeah the Palisade looks really good and we have it in the urban trim that’s why there’s

Blackout on the grill and blacked out wheels as well yeah I do like the blacked out Grille the last Palisade we drove was the one with like the chromie grill or the Silvery Grill this looks freaking awesome like it looks really good black wheels to go with it like

Kind of like a boring choice but it’s all right it’s great as a whole package and this Mazda definitely looks more pretty premium definitely more BMW like I really like the front end yeah they did a good job of just stylizing the same old Mazda stuff that they’ve been

Doing in every single model because that’s kind of to replace the CX-9 but also they say it’s not to replace the CX-9 but it’s replacing the CX-9 yeah and the headlights kind of go into the grill a little bit I think just overall the package wise this looks great the

One thing is we’ve got the new Mazda paint which is like their I guess more luxurious crystal soul Red Metallic it is hard to get that paint to pop during the middle of the day it might be one of those things where it’s got to really

Pop at sunset or Sunrise yeah so they went with this Artisan red and yeah it kind of just looks black most of the time like this dark cherry red it’s it’s not the greatest paint I’ll be honest I really like crystal soul Red Metallic much more and they do have like that

Swirl in there like they do on the Mazda 3 and I swear sometimes when that thing is driving around the paint and the body lines are just yelling at me it feels like I’m looking at a hypnotic umbrella spun by The Penguin in Batman or something than like chill out body lines

But I do like it because not many cars have that kind of effect yeah there’s a lot going on with the body lines on this the wheels are also really nice on this they’re kind of that typical uh what machine cut diamond cut black they do look good though yeah the Mazda Wheels

Look better and what would be the Continental recommended tire for these SUVs the cross contact LX sport for the Mazda and the cross contact lx25 for the Hyundai so between these two which one do you like the looks of more honestly I’m not really sure I think the Mazda

Mazda sorry Americans Canadians I’m going to use those interchangeably I think it does look more premium but I think I’m still more of a fan of the Palisade I think the palisade’s better looking but it’s a different style and like a different taste for the Mazda and

Since I already have a CX-5 and I love it I think I will go Mazda looks like I’m I’m more used to that I’m ready for it and if you are shopping for either of these two vehicles or even a CX-5 go to discounted price offers

And see what they have in stock stock so then I guess the next or maybe the most important thing about these two SUVs is that they are three row let’s find out if we fit in each of the rows and which one has more room okay in your room’s

Good headroom’s good it’s comfortable back here even for myself at six foot one and a half and we even have peasant blockers in the second row all right third row tolerable for me but I need to keep my feet together and I can’t really use the armrest I would never want to

Sit back here for longer than this video takes to make Loop both your feet together back there or no no you can fit a third no you no you there’s no seat belt seat belt no this is terrible back here for myself at six foot one of that it’s okay I’ve been in

Worse way more room in the Palisade I have so much knee room tons of Headroom and peasant blockers as well my arm rest works but there’s no center console for some reason this one is currently broken we move these seats slightly forward now we have ample leg room back here and we

Can lean back with these buttons oh yeah this this wins and my toes aren’t next to each other yeah this is so much better back here Palisade for the win third row so it turns out the Palisade has more room in every single row including the trunk while the entire vehicle is

Slightly shorter in length than this Mazda but what’s nice about the Mazda is in the trunk we’ve got AC power back there three prong grocery bag hangers and we got two buttons one to close the trunk and one to lock it where this Palisade only has the trunk close button

And there is a ton of space back there once you fold all the seats down but still more overall in the Palisade and now the Box test just kidding we threw out all the boxes Yeah we actually recycled them sorry about that and the next thing high up on the list on

People’s priorities these days probably fuel economy between these two cars your guess which one is more fuel efficient this turbo mild hybrid six cylinder or that uh Na V6 the mild hybrid one always you are correct the Mazda is 28 miles per gallon combined and the Hyundai is

21 miles per gallon combined but that Hyundai runs on regular fuel where you have to put in premium to get these advertised as horsepower numbers in the Mazda and we are not sure what fuel is in there right now we have no way of for sure knowing and I did actually ask

Mazda what the horsepower number was if you didn’t put in premium fuel it’s 319 horsepower same torque in this one so it’s still faster than if you’ve got the detuned version of it and then front seat Comfort I think the Palisade is a little bit softer the Mazdas got firmer

Seats but I’m used to those firm Mazda seats for my CX-5 so I kind of like that more or if not just as much yeah I’m not too comfortable in these Mazda seats they’re just a little too firm for me I sat in traffic for like an hour hour and

A half and my butt hurt after so unless you’re that guy on Instagram with that big bud I find the Hyundai seats way more comfortable and we do have Napa leather in here whereas you can get Napa leather in the Hyundai in the upper trim I think it’s the calligraphy that we

Previously drove and this Hyundai’s got up and down lumbar to go with the forward and back where the Mazda only has forward and back but I feel like Mazda does a pretty good job with their forward and back and along the lines of the material on the seat it’s the same

Material that would be in the middle row and with a rear-facing child seat which fits nicely in both of them I feel like my kids muddy feet would screw up the Mazda interior a little more even though it’s just so impressive and I would much rather like have it and risk it maybe

Put a cover down or something yeah this interior in the Mazda is so impressive I’m not the biggest fan of this suede like material on the dash it looks really really nice I’m just really worried about cleaning it especially with kid boogers and stuff yeah I mean

Keep your kid out of the front seat I’m sure these car companies build the things with materials that are easily cleanable unless your Rolls Royce or something like that well Ferrari is known for their sticky button situations and the Maseratis and stuff so who knows these days and then like you said

Earlier sitting in traffic this has highway driving assist it worked great with the adaptive cruise and Lane centering great time how was your time adaptive cruising and Lane centering in the Mazda it wasn’t the best although this is one of the better Mazda systems because it does have Lane centering that

Works pretty good it’s not great on like long sweeper turns ones that the Hyundai would be be able to take however the adaptive cruise is kind of aggressive in the safety way whereas it thinks that cars in the other lane are the ones that are in front of me sometimes so it

Breaks more than I think it should as well as cars approaching me or me making Lane changes it always thinks that I’m going to hit someone and it always is warning me in the gauge cluster with really loud beeps but it has slowed down a whole bunch since I turned all your

Warnings from normal down to late yeah I would recommend late as being the default option in this car because you even saw me back up at a slight angle still not enough to like hit a car and it like slammed on the brakes it was

Going it was going a lot alright so I want to get behind the wheel of that Mazda before we talk about the infotainments and stuff because I am a rotary control Fanboy and I want to prove to you that the Mazda infotainment is better than this Palisade

Infotainment you can attempt to prove it to me because I do not like this Mazda infotainment because I can’t touch it while driving but let’s switch up drivers hey this is pretty comfortable I don’t feel like it’s too bumpy right now yeah that one’s definitely way stiffer

Than the Palisade this Palisade is the softness That I Want from a three-row SUV that one’s just a little too stiff probably better for handling which we’ll test out soon yeah it’s a cliche Corner because the mask is all like about that stuff right they want you to be one with

The car one with the whatever one with Ryder Jin Bai Thai okay infotainment we’ve got the big infotainment screen everything is controlled by this rotary dial we got Apple carplay Android auto you can go Wireless as well and when you’re parked you can touch your Apple carplay and that’s the part that bothers

Me the most I wish you could just touch the screen all the time like you can in this Palisade and the distance from me to the screen in the Palisade is perfect for that and while the Mazda is better to me is that you can get to everything

You need to with like one click of a button or one hold of a button and you can rotate the dial until it shows up where it needs to be in your Apple carplay it keeps your eyes on the road much more while driving than reaching

And looking at a screen and since I don’t own Amazon I don’t live with one I actually found it more distracting because I’m constantly looking at the screen rather than just being able to touch where I want to go so there is actually a way to make the touchscreen function at all time

Trick then go over here enable this get a warning click accept now I’m able to use apple carplay while driving Drive really use the touch screen now the car is in motion wow look at that but then there’s another thing about this Mazda which is

Weird that I like more is the 360 camera the stitching has lines between it which actually gives you more of an accurate representation of where everything is while parking and it’s very high-res cameras or the Palisade they just kind of blend it together and sometimes you’ll get curbs that are like from the

Front camera super big and then from the side camera super narrow and you just don’t fully know and I prefer the Palisades ones they just look way better to me and the fact that you can rotate it around 360 just looks even more impressive I love it yeah but impressive

Doesn’t mean you won’t scratch your rims with the Palisade does have that this doesn’t have is a camera that’ll show just your rear tire where the Mazda will only show just the front tire and then that Palisade does not have automatic parking and smart Park but a higher trim

That’s more equivalent to this would have that but a cool thing that this Palisade has in this trim is I actually have cameras for my turn signals in my gauge cluster here how many times have you actually used that in real life every time that shows up I’m like oh

This stupid feature like I don’t use that I just want blind spot monitoring on my mirrors I’m gonna say I’ve used it a handful of times over the years in many different Hyundai’s that I’ve driven it just shows up I don’t use it I’m never like oh thank God this bubble

Is clear okay whatever I can I can see why you’re trying to defend that for your car but this gauge cluster in the Mazda full digital so awesome so fluid everything looks great and when you turn on your adaptive cruise Lane centering it completely changes to focus on that

Which is amazing yeah the Mazda gauge display is 10 out of 10 they killed it even when you change the drive modes the animations between them are very fluid very cool and then in the Mazda I’ve only got normal Sport and off-road which I think is perfect you don’t really need

More modes than that do you unless you’re a palisade owner and you have like uh basically unlimited amount of Drive modes including a towing mode which is totally separate and both of these can tow up to 5 000 pounds depending on how they are equipped but

Back to this gauge cluster I don’t like it as much as I like the one in the Mazda you know what I also like about this Mazda is that you can get into the car through the door handle just by putting your hand there where the Palisades you actually have to click

That button to get the doors to unlock and lock it definitely does feel much more premium in the Mazda budget we haven’t even got to the price yet I I don’t even care like I’ve known like invested interest in either of these whittak I don’t know I just because I

Feel like I’m in the Mazda I gotta defend it or something yeah yeah yeah like I have I have no stock in Mazda the company just because I have a CX-5 not one of those crooked car reviewers that has stock and Tesla and blow it up yeah

For the record none of us have a stock in any car companies let’s just put that out there and next to the drive modes in the Hyundai I actually have a very nice touch button system for prnd and I don’t like the one that’s in the Mazda I just

Can’t get used to going from left to right to get into reverse it’s just weird it’s it’s yeah from Park you have to go left I got used to that pretty quick I don’t mind it but it definitely is a little bit strange but it leaves it

For a lot of room for your cup holders which seem to fit a small cup absolutely perfectly in the Mazda and it’s to the right of the shifter not behind so it’s easier for you to get the Cups than it would be in my CX-5 and in the Palisade

The cup holders are that kind of impressive push button thing although they don’t really fit cups that well there’s still a lot of Wiggle rooms so I’m actually going to give it a fail compared to the Mazda okay how about the visors three two one pass we’ll pass fun fact the reason we

Have sliding visors in this Mazda cx-90 is because of our visor test compilation video from a few years back they saw and they’re like why don’t we have that in ours look how many do have it and that worked now one thing that this Mazda doesn’t have that that Palisade has is a

Heated steering wheel that heats the whole wheel yeah so Mazda that would be greatly appreciated the next generation of vehicles if you could just heat the entire wheel not just the left and right parts where your hands are most of the time but if you’re going through a

Roundabout or something you’re doing a little hand Shuffle it’s kind of annoying in the winter not gonna lie my wife did complain about that in our CX-5 in the winter but we do have heated and cooled seats in both of these and very easy to operate in both of these with

Hard buttons the amount of hard buttons in both of these cars is very much appreciated in 2023 and then we can control our rear climate both easily in both vehicles I love it yeah we also have uh presets for our seats and everything like that just normal good

Stuff not missing anything that maybe some new electric cars like you know a Volkswagen ID would probably get completely wrong although this particular Hyundai is missing one thing with the seat preset is that the steering wheel doesn’t move because it’s a manual adjustment whereas yours is a power adjustment luxury I don’t even

Think it’s a automatic adjustment in the higher trim is it in the Palisades I don’t remember actually also every time I look away I get a distracted driver detected so if you hear that that’s what it is look here it is yeah no it does that a lot in that car

Uh not now now obviously obviously oh there it goes back okay another weird thing that you pointed out in this Mazda cx-90 is that when you change your drive modes to sport it doesn’t actually activate sport mode until the animation is done animating yeah I noticed it

Right away because my foot was down at the same throttle position I changed the drive mode and all of a sudden I’m accelerating faster once the animation switches okay what other little things can we chat about before we get to glitchy corner I got one the level of

Luxury could be elevated in your Mazda cx-90 and every other vehicle if you go to the straight pipes and see what they have available for your car and the tux mad my CX-5 has been working great I did clean them off recently and

It was very easy to do and also I have been noticing that like with this transmission it feels like it’s a little clunky like constantly every time I get on and off the gas yeah because it’s got the start stop feature because the 48 volt mild hybrid and then it’s kind of a

Dual clutch but like officially not so yeah there’s a lot going on with that transmission so into cliche corner I’m actually going to use my paddle shifters in the Hyundai paddles paddle stage paddle Sade and downshift and they’re not responding very quickly at all and let’s see these paddles Did not downshift okay yeah yeah not the not the paddliest car here either all right Jacob go fast I’m gonna stay on your butt I’m gonna do uh best I can downshift downshift here we go uh lots of understeer lots of body roll oh my God I’m on winter tires it’s not great

Are you a front wheel drive system because it sure looks like that compared to my rear wheel driveness uh yeah so we’re both all-wheel drive but yours is rear biased mine is definitely not and it shows dude this is gonna eat Palisades for breakfast yeah this isn’t the handliest SUVs

Especially not on Winters but uh I think I actually want to switch cars because yours actually kind of look fun in my rear view it is very fun all right I guess it’s my turn to try to not understeer off cliche Corner in the Palisade hey you’ll be pretty

Comfortable uh so whatever this Mazda gives up in terms of suspension Comfort on the road I can already feel that this is gonna rip through cliche Corner oh yeah good luck Yuri oh this is amazing the Turning is incredible I cannot oh my God this is amazing dude okay this is actually fun

Good job ahead of me yeah this was amazing wow okay so you’re gonna give up a little bit of comfort for stiffness but at least you’ll be able to take cliche Corner in a lot better fashion yeah I see what they did there good job Mazda and then I guess if you want

Comfort because most people aren’t going to be ripping through corners good job Hyundai too exactly so I think it’s finally time that we get to the price and see which one we pick Let’s get to the price this Mazda in top trim costs 63 950 Canadian and that Hyundai in urban trim

Is 53 199 a full ten thousand dollars cheaper there is a more expensive comparable version so you can actually get these pretty similarly priced yeah so uh which one would you go for Jacob honestly there’s a lot of value in that Hyundai I think it’s the more

Comfortable car I love so much more about this Mazda but at the end of the day I kind of just want to be in that Palisade and just chill as some one who’s already in the Mazda ecosystem of cars I love the rotary dial controller I love the 360 camera I love how

Everything is set up how it works better fuel economy would be nice and I love the looks of that and that cool paint when it hits just right so I would go Mazda I think Mazda really knocked it out of the park in terms of making a very premium vehicle that’s still

Affordable so good job Mazda but also good job Hyundai because that’s not a brand new car it’s just a refresh and I would really really like to know how the plug-in hybrid cx90 is because I’m starting to think that might even be the better choice over the inline six for me

I’m kind of thinking that too as great of a car this is It’s not like trackhawk or Hellcat fast so that’s why for a three row I kind of want it to just be chill unless it’s one of those where it’s like over the top Escalade V style

Tune in subscribe so you find out what we think of the plug-in hybrid when we review it thanks for watching we’ll see you at the next video also shout out some of the cast of Love is Blind season four watches our car reviews and at the end of the day isn’t

That all that really matters yes Elder celebrities are they celebrities I guess they are yeah shout out Marshall