The Straight Pipes: 2023 Hyundai IONIQ 6 vs IONIQ 5 Live!

Reading Time: 8 minutes
Posted: 2023-03-27 19:24:27
Author: TheStraightPipes
23 ioniq 6 live walk around review by The Straight Pipes.

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The Straight Pipes Video Transcript

All right we’re live we’re live hello everyone is this recording we’ve got the Hyundai ioniq 5 and the Hyundai ioniq 6. we are not allowed to talk about driving Impressions on the six yet but we figured we’d do a live walk around show you a bunch of the differences because

We got it what about similarities horsepower and torque horsepower torque 320 horsepower and 446 pound-feet of torque from a 77 kilowatt hour battery which is identical for both these are both all-wheel drive versions this is the top trim uh ultimate slash Limited in America let’s start with the looks of

This okay very round and bubbly compared to the digital Square ionic 5. I prefer this one personally I know Yuri’s a little different opinion on this and then we got Square white daytime running lights come cameraman come closer compared to Amber pixel headlights Amber’s pretty cool but

I do like the five squared off tail okay pop the front let’s see how much front space we got is anyone in the chat is anyone asking questions cameraman no they’re just saying hi what’s up okay ionic five frunk just some guy dropping W’s here we go

So we have a cover first of all and that’s how much front space we have just enough for one iPhone and let’s check out the six over there Yuri foreign but no cover interesting differences and one cool thing I noticed when you close this on the six we have these

Flaps that open when the car’s on and then they close otherwise see these flaps down here they open and close for aerodynamic efficiency let me close the turn off the car go for it Yuri oh look at that right on let’s check out the back come on cameraman put on your daytime running

Lights Jacob are they on mine are on yep okay so this is obviously a hatchback in the inoc 5 because this is actually an SUV that kind of looks like a hatchback pretty damn good space back here and even though this looks like a hatchback

It’s a sedan but it’s got a good amount of room back there which is nice in terms of uh cubic inches this actually has almost more than twice the capacity of that one okay check this out we’ve got the trunk close and lock button right next to it how about the ionic

Five the ionic 5 does not it only has a button to close it but no lock interesting little differences and uh which taillights do you like more Jacob I mean I think I like these ones just this whole retro future modern thing is working for me okay and then

This one pretty cool but look if I hit the brake lights come close and look at the cool Double Wing check this out right here oh that’s pretty cool okay let’s hit him with the side views and the wheels cameraman over to the side please side view please

We got the round bubble eqs slash Coupe CLK style except this Wing really helps kind of differentiate that right here yeah it’s cool like a is it like a 911 future whale tail I think and then we got cool wheels that look pretty awesome when they’re spinning and stuff like that yeah not

The most electricy kind of Sonata n ish yeah yeah and what about the side five ionic 5 is classic 2023 Hyundai yes this just looks like this this just looks like an 80s hatchback that just happens to be massive it’s got the cool wheels and it’s in the correct spec of color I

Like this more than most the other colors I think I don’t mind the uh the mattes but these are nice but these wheels are really nice as well oh charge ports I don’t know if it’ll let me open it right now no because the car is on

But it does pop open motorized and then the one on the six cameraman follow me please it will actually pop open at most times there we go so it’s a little bit different and it actually tells you the battery level right there pretty cool little things okay another cool thing

The key for the ionic six is the H like the Hyundai logo you look at the negative space compared to that boring old key fob and then we have our move forward stuff here I don’t know if I can move it forward right now no because the cars are on it

Won’t last but you can like SmartPak and move it forward and back so that’s pretty neat yeah someone says can you kick flip it like Rob Dyrdek did the Sonic oh Dakota yo what up no not yet we can try but that would be a driving impression and we’re

Not allowed to talk about that because it’s under embargo we can kickflip this one okay I actually can’t kick flip I’ve never landed a kickflip in my life I’ve landed kickflips I used to be able to skateboard pretty decently I’ve landed One 360 flip in my life do you want to

Check out the Interiors because there’s actually some pretty significant differences you’ve landed a tray bomb yeah dude one many kickflips though okay here carefully both doors oh God there we go okay if the one Super Chat says a hundred dollars if you Dent both doors together with each other Jason it’s not

Even worth the hundred dollars the math doesn’t add up all right Yuri check them out check what out they look no just the Interiors oh okay why are you telling me tell the camera man he’s got the camera yeah yeah but you got to point the stuff okay so this

Is the ionic six the first thing I notice is we have a black bezel or is it bevel it’s a bezel around the infotainment engage screen where if you look at the ionic five it’s white and I think Jacob hated it that it was white so it’s nice that the newer

Version has that similar steering wheel and shifting column so if you show the ionic six one you’ll see it’s the same and uh Jacob wants to check out back seat room so let’s here’s Jacob in the back seat of the ionic six uh tons of legs from the side

However one problem is that this angle I don’t love it because of the high floor and then my head actually hits the roof let’s see how you fit in the ionic five in comparison at six for one and out here let me let’s show you guys what a

Normal sized person of five foot eight below average below not in Brazil look tons of room and this is my driving position you can fit like a whole nother person in there but it wouldn’t all right we’ll check out the five I’ve got to unlock it for you here

Come on over here cameraman okay tons of room in the ionic five I will spoil it for you before I even get in look at that less leg room no issue slightly better angle but tons of room for my head and can you recline those

Seats you can you can even do this be very uncomfortable but then you can do this oh baby Shades check this out and then six does not have these and how about the sunroof we have a full massive Panorama we’re not sure how it opens and closes because it’s really cool oh yeah

Party tricks okay let’s show the ionic six sunroof quick and then let’s talk about the front seats hey cameraman are you cold no no okay I’m kind of we’re all freezing wait you’re gonna show them the sunroof yeah that’s it yeah there’s nothing else oh there’s the button for it here oh it

Pops open like that oh and then this one doesn’t pop open so that’s right you get that advantage wait that’s like from the outside okay hang on hang on see how small it is from the inside yeah okay now from the outside see how much moves when you pop

It open well that’s why I expected more of it to be like that the glass is like twice the size of the yeah that’s cool do you want to show the uh Center area in comparison to the ionic five and then sit down because Jacob has an issue

Where he hits his knees on the steering column in the steering wheel not from here all right here we go so I prefer the five to the six because of this issue right here so this is the six and my knees hitting the stock even if I put the steering wheel to its

Highest position then I can’t see the bottom of my gauge cluster and then I still hit the steering column when my foot hits the brake pedal okay let’s do a test put your foot all the way down on the brake it is and now move your seat back

And then tilt your back straighter can you see the bottom of your gauge cluster no okay move your steering wheel down there is that good it’s not great is it better it’s better nice I don’t love it I just solved all of Jacob’s problems no you didn’t okay in the center we’ve got

A uh I think it’s called a Runway thing they called it and sure look at that we have the window switches in the middle yeah unlike the uh five does it pass the small cup test let me get the small cup we should save that for the full video

Because we’re doing a full video with these two okay fine okay we’ll give you guys one it fits here this is damaged from filming although it does not fit here spoiler alert for the full video then we got a cool section down there for bags show them the ionic five and

Difference to this Yuri okay let’s go the ionic five oh oh well Jacob did you take the key with you all right he took the key with him that’s why it’s beeping well I took the key to that too okay I fit fine look my knee is not even close to hitting no

Problems at all and then my elbow can touch the armrest while driving but I can also slide this back cool a and this armrest goes up totally different the wireless charger is down here which is a little awkward to get to especially when you have your

Armrest here and you have to plug in here to get your car plug going so you have a long cable running across okay we should probably get to the range and finish off this video maybe with the price or should we save the price for the final video

Uh yeah we should get to the range okay let’s get to the range so let’s start with the ionic five since I’m standing right here yayong five ranges from 354 kilometers to 488 kilometers let’s check out the six in the background while I’m talking about the six because we have it

The six is 435 kilometers up to 581 kilometers so almost 100 kilometers more in the upper ranges which is actually pretty impressive thanks to its aerodynamics and it weighs about 100 pounds less so you’ll get more range if you have the rear wheel drive and the

Smaller 18 inch wheels and then if you get the rear wheel drive you get more front space interesting pretty cool yeah but these are the top trims with all-wheel drive so these are the lower of the ranges uh we have the American Range do you

Have any miles no no we can’t we’re from Canada I’m sorry we put the conversions on the video here it’s right here click in the top right corner it’s the editor’s job slash cameraman’s job to convert the um mileage but that’s pretty much it that we can talk about right now

Without the driving Impressions there’s a big price difference in Canada can we talk about that I don’t know so we’re just gonna save it for the full video for later thanks for joining us for watching us I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little live we are freezing it is

Cold it’s so cold you’re going to have a great comparison coming up thanks for watching everyone see you guys at the next video and we have a lot of videos for you guys next week lots of embargoes okay that means cut it it’s the X where’s the X yeah